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04: Building Financial Confidence with Apollo Lupescu

Episode description

We all want to be financially educated and invest in companies we believe will be the most impactful in regards to what we believe in, all while reaching our financial goals. In order to do this, it’s vital for you to reach out to a knowledgeable financial advisor and to set realistic financial goals.

Today’s guest, Apollo Lupescu, is the Vice President and “secretary of explaining stuff” at Dimensional (the 7th largest mutual fund company). He talks about how to determine which companies to invest in, how to evaluate funds, and gives helpful tips on building financial competence. Tune into this episode of Your Best Financial Life with Scott Malbasa to start making better and smarter financial decisions. 

Show Highlights: 

  • Distilling concepts without jeopardizing their complexity 
  • Financial competence 
  • Equity and buying ownership in public companies 
  • How to evaluate whether you’re on or off track 
  • Why the MPR and the yardstick is pushed 
  • How people should benchmark 
  • Being on track with financial goals 
  • Understanding risks and potential outcomes of financial plans 
  • Using a sensitivity analysis 
  • The benefits of going beyond the limited models 
  • Why people should be corporally diversified 
  • Investing in companies you believe in 
  • Dictating the best countries to invest in 
  • Benefits of diversification
  • Being aware of the currency exchange rate 
  • Distinction between active and index funds 
  • Market timing 
  • Betting your opinion against the market 
  • Managing odds 



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