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Yass, Jesus! is a faith and sexuality affirming comedy podcast that believes you don't have to pick between gay and God. Each week, Actor and comedian Daniel Franzese (Mean Girls, Looking) and his former televangelist bestie, Azariah Southworth (The Remix on TBN) meet to Yassify your faith. ​New epi… read more

130 Episodes | 2020 - 2022

Discipling is Hard!

September 25th, 2022


What does it take to be a Disciple of Jesus? You have to be disciplined, dedicated, and maybe a little bit cocky.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producers are Ross Murray and

More Bad B*tches: Deborah and Jael (A Baked Bible Story)

September 18th, 2022


The Bible doesn’t tell a lot of stories about women, but when it does you can be assured they are LADYBOSSES. This Baked Bible Story’s bad bitches can be found in the book of Judges; it’s Deborah and Jael, y’all!

Yass, …

All Time Favorites: The Queer Gospel of Saint Dolly Parton (S2 E22)

September 11th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re ending our summer at church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to be back soon with new Baked Bible Stories, more superstar guests, and new segments. …

All Time Favorites: Poppin' Off About Poppers with Leo Herrera (S2 E31)

September 4th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re ending our summer at church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to be back soon with new Baked Bible Stories, more superstar guests, and new segments. …

All Time Favorites: Song of Solomon with Semler (S2 21)

August 21st, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re ending our summer at church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to be back soon with new Baked Bible Stories, more superstar guests, and new segments. …

All Time Favorites: Name Changes In the Bible (S2 E9)

August 21st, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away. So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: Penises Everywhere! (S2 E8)

August 7th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away. So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: Sodom & Gomorrah (S1 E14)

July 31st, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away. So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: 1946 - The Mistranslation That Shifted a Culture (S1 E34)

July 24th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away. So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: Genderqueer Joseph (S1 E16)

July 17th, 2022


Genderqueer Joseph and his iconic coat help us explore how it feels to be ostracized for being our true selves - colorful, FABULOUS, and authentic. …

All Time Favorites: Tamar is a Badass B*tch (S2 E13)

July 10th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away. So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: Leviticus Ridiculous (S2 E17)

July 3rd, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project! We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away. So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: David & Jonathan (S1 E12)

June 26th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project!  We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away.  So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

All Time Favorites: Lord Have Mercy with Silky Nutmeg Ganache (S1 E8)

June 19th, 2022


Dear Mama Bears and Zaddies,

We’re so excited for summer church camp with the Freakin’ Deacon and The Naming Project!  We promise to make you a rainbow lanyard while we’re away.  So you don’t miss us too much, we’re …

Asses of the Bible

June 12th, 2022


Is your ass a symbol of peace, industry, and wealth? Gurl, believe it! The Bible has over 90 stories about asses – one of our favorite things!

Yass, …

Reading the Rainbow with Colors of Hope

June 5th, 2022


This Pride month we’re taking a proud and faithful look at the Rainbow Flag with the devotional Colors of Hope from Chalice Press! Using Gilbert …

Kitschy Jesus

May 29th, 2022


Pastor Jane Voigts joins us to talk about the Brand of Jesus and to walk us through her kitschy collection of memorabilia.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by …

Changing Hearts & Minds

May 22nd, 2022


Challenging beliefs can feel intimidating or downright impossible, but sometimes simply living your truth can be enough to change hearts and minds.

O, Tanenbaum!

May 15th, 2022


No, we're not talking about Christmas (although our Christmas episodes ARE epic).  Today Reverend Mark Fowler, CEO of Tanenbaum, joins us to speak about the organization’s goal of combating religious prejudice by …

Dusty Ray Bottoms Talks About That Bitch Who Just Won’t Die

May 8th, 2022


Drag superstar Dusty Ray Bottoms talks about their new film "Conversion" and how they healed their own trauma experienced at the hands of that old …

Touching Your Clothes

May 1st, 2022


What do the tales of King David and Jesus have in common? Bodily functions and grabbing clothes, oddly enough. Join us as we spark up this touching installment of Baked Bible Stories.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny …

Christian Universities Are REAPing What They Sow

April 24th, 2022


What happens at Walsh doesn’t stay at Walsh; it’s happening everywhere. Erin Green, campus and alumni organizer for the Religious Exemption Accountability Project, joins us to discuss what REAPis doing to combat …

The Queer Messy Drama of Easter

April 17th, 2022


We love Easter about as much as we love good drama. So what better way to celebrate the second anniversary of Yass, Jesus than with a Baked Bible Story about the chaotic mess caused by the resurrection?

Yass, Jesus! is …

Secular Songs Serving Up God

April 10th, 2022


Here at Yass, Jesus! we believe that God loves a good banger, even if it isn't a Christian headbanger. Today we’re talking about secular songs, old …

Rally the Allies!

April 3rd, 2022


Do you want to be an LGBTQIA+ ally and you just don’t know how? Today we discuss the importance of straight allies, especially when discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community is still so common.

Yass, Jesus! is …

Queer Saint Lonnie Frisbee

March 26th, 2022


Introducing our newest Queer Saint, the original hippie preacher himself Saint Lonnie Frisbee. Shunned by his fellow ministers for being gay, this artist, missionary and evangelist transformed the Jesus Movement through …

Who’s In Your House: Finding and Forming Chosen Family

March 19th, 2022


We’ve talked about the importance of Chosen Family (especially when we aren’t accepted by our biological families), but how do you find a family that …

Queer Judaism with Dana Aliya Levinson

March 13th, 2022


What’s it like for queer people in other faiths? Actor, writer, transgender media consultant, and Jewish advocate Dana Aliya Levinson talks today …

Daniel and the Lion's Den

March 6th, 2022


This Baked Bible Story is less about sleeping with the lions (we prefer bears) and more about corrupt politics written to disenfranchise and …

The Prayer Power Hour

February 27th, 2022


Prayer is intimate, personal, and often public. The Bible tells us to pray ceaselessly, which can feel a little overwhelming! There are small ways to incorporate prayer into daily life to keep your conversation with God …

Queer Saint Betty White

February 20th, 2022


Since her death in January 2022, the tributes have been pouring in for Betty White. Here at Yass, Jesus! we believe Betty – racial justice advocate, …

Matthew Scott Montgomery Knows Conversion Therapy is Still a Thing

February 13th, 2022


If y’all follow the TOK, you probably saw the amazing share by Matthew Scott Montgomery about his experience with conversion therapy. Yes, it’s still …

Conversion Therapy Is Still a Thing

February 6th, 2022


Following the release of the Netflix documentary Pray Away (with contributions from our very own Freakin’ Deacon Ross Murray) we’re sitting down to …

Blessed to Be Out of the Cursed Closet

January 30th, 2022


We are given the choice by God to choose the blessing of life. Although some things can feel familiar and comforting, what if they’re holding us …

Making Your Church Affirming AF

January 23rd, 2022


You’ve heard our episode on finding affirming churches, but what about making them? If your church isn’t welcoming of LGBTQIA+ members, you’ve got a few choices. First, you can GTFO. This may help you feel safe in the …

Romans 1

January 16th, 2022


Romans 1 has long been used as a weapon against the LGBTQIA+ community, so we’re giving it the Yass, Jesus! treatment! Let’s just start here: Paul …

Hot for Gospel Bill

January 9th, 2022


You know how some things forever imprint themselves on your memory and no matter how long ago they came out you always feel warm/fuzzy or just a little tingly when you think of them? (HELLOOO Goblin King). Today we talk …

Dr. Obery Hendricks on Christians Against Christianity

January 2nd, 2022


We speak with Dr. Obery Hendricks, a Biblical scholar at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary. His new book Christians Against …

Coming Together for NYE

December 26th, 2021


POP THA CORK IT’S NEW YEAR’S EVE! We talk about where the concept of masturbation as a sin came from and release the notion that loving yourself is a bad thing. Let the fireworks explode and celebrate the body God gave …

The Queer Christmas Nativity

December 19th, 2021


It’s hard to top (or bottom) last year’s Queerest Christmas Pageant Ever without the help of some incredibly talented friends. This Christmas, we’ve rounded up an all-star cast to help us depict one of our favorite …

Queer Covid Stories with Robert Blackmon

December 12th, 2021


We’re joined by Robert Blackmon to talk about pandemic passion projects and his new book COURAGE BEHIND THE MASK. Just like we started Yass, Jesus! to find joy and community during quarantine, Robert started creating …

World AIDS Day 2021

December 5th, 2021


This episode is in honor of World AIDS Day, which takes place annually on December 1st. Unite with us in the fight against HIV as we show support to people living with HIV and commemorate those who have died from an …

Queer Bishops

November 28th, 2021


It’s a Big Queer Religious Roundup! We chat with the Freakin’ Deacon Ross Murray about his recent participation in Megan Rohrer’s installation as the first transgender bishop in the Lutheran Church. Join us while we …


November 21st, 2021


Here at Yass, Jesus! we are thankful for YOU, our listeners. (Yes, we’re still thankful for blow jobs, too – a la 2020.) This year we wanted to take …

Masc vs. Femme

November 14th, 2021


When we look at characters from the Bible who fit the “masc” ideal, we discover that a lot of them are just kind of… gross. Whatever you’re into, there’s no denying the joy of rooting for an underdog. This episode …

Special Guest Szymon Niemiec

November 7th, 2021


Our Freakin’ Deacon Ross Murray joins Azariah for a chat with Szymon Niemiec, an Activist and Priest living in Poland - a place where both Church and …

Revelations, the Scariest Book in the Bible

October 31st, 2021


Child-eating dragons? Jesus with flaming eyes and a sword shooting from his mouth? That’s some scary stuff and it can all be found in the spookiest book of the Bible! We’re getting creepy (and blazed) this Halloween …


October 24th, 2021


Miracles in The Bible are defined by Divine Intervention and probably one of the most recognized miracles is the parting of the Red Sea. Or the miracle of Jesus' conception! (We save that miracle for our Christmas …

Who Do YOU Say I Am?

October 17th, 2021


When you ask Chris to ask Sharon to find out what Richard said about you after you left the party, you’re in good company! Jesus also cared what people thought about him, and today we recap Bible stories where he does a …


October 10th, 2021


Homecoming can be a joyous occasion (marching bands and hot jocks – YASS, PLEASE) but for those of us who struggle to have our adult selves accepted …

Queer Saint Tammy Faye

October 3rd, 2021


We've already talked about SAINT Dolly Parton and how much she has done to support LGBTQIA+ rights, but now it's time to talk about SAINT Tammy Faye! …

Cain, Abel... and Seth?

September 26th, 2021


Adam and Eve may have been the first nuclear family, and just like most families there are a whole bunch of black sheep hiding behind that white …

Gettin' Crafty with Mr. Domestic

September 19th, 2021


Have you ever heard a story and thought, “YASS, JESUS!”? That is exactly what happened when we heard about a quilt documenting the legality of (and progression away from) conversion therapy across the United States. An …


September 12th, 2021


This episode is brought to you by YOU, our listeners! After receiving a listener request to do a snippet on Eunuchs, we consider how this group is treated differently across many bible stories simply because of a …

Baptism - Gettin' Dunked

September 5th, 2021


How do you wash your sins away if your church considers your lifestyle a sin? We welcome Danny’s sister Diana on the show to discuss how an emotional family conversation about baptism inspired a Yass, Jesus! deep dive …

RUDEMPTION with Silky Ganache

August 29th, 2021


If you follow Ru Paul’s Drag Race (you do), you know about Silky Ganache’s recent RUDEMPTION. In honor of Silky’s magnificent moment, we’re re-airing …

Poppin' Off About Poppers

August 22nd, 2021


Guest Leo Herrera “pops off” about Popper-shaming and tackles the recent FDA statements against the use of Poppers – which have long been a part of queer… “recreation”.

Leo Herrera is a Mexican activist/filmmaker and …

From Porn to Preacher

August 15th, 2021


It’s no secret that Yass, Jesus! is a sex-positive show; sex work is work! We believe that God loves sex, and that you can go from porn star to preacher (and back again) without losing your love of or your love from God.

Paul Got a Little Thorny

August 8th, 2021


You know those people who pick up a new belief or adopt a new lifestyle and suddenly they get real vocal about their expertise in it? Girl, you know you’re never gonna be able to live up to those standards you’re …

Malynda Hale: Evolution of an Ally

August 1st, 2021


Today we welcome a true ally: Malynda Hale is an actress, singer/songwriter, director, activist, and host of the podcast #WeNeedToTalk, a table talk …

Chosen Family

July 25th, 2021


Today we give thanks for the family that supports us - whether we are blessed to have a nuclear family that loves us for who we are, or blessed to have a chosen family lifting us up.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny …

The Trinity is Super Queer

July 18th, 2021


We recognize many different identities as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, with the understanding and appreciation that we are all a little queer. You …

Confession and Forgiveness

July 11th, 2021


While we don’t always confess our wrongdoing to the people who are hurt by it, just acknowledging our behavior can be a powerful step.  Forgiveness …

Woman at the Well

July 4th, 2021


Today we give thanks to the brutally honest, strong women who teach us what it means to honor Jesus. Have you met Gladys?

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producer is Ross Murray. …

Coming Out as Christian

June 27th, 2021


Coming out as LGBTQIA+ can be really hard. Opening up about your faith can be just as difficult, especially as Christianity becomes more stigmatized …

The Queer Gospel of Saint Dolly Parton

June 20th, 2021


Singer. Musician. Christian. LGBTQIA+ Ally. SAINT. Join us as we sit down with someone who knows Saint Dolly Parton better than most – Truvy Trollop, …

Song of Solomon (with special guest Semler)

June 13th, 2021


We welcome Semler back as we indulge in some deep Bible smut – the Song of Solomon! This Baked Bible Story is dripping with innuendo and we dive …

Montero (Call Me by Your Name)

May 30th, 2021


Lil Nas X’s video for the song Montero (Call Me by Your Name) is full of Biblical imagery. You could even argue it’s a queer retelling of the story …

God Loves Good Sex

May 23rd, 2021


Is yours a sexy Bible? Today we tackle that taboo topic we love to talk about here at Yass, Jesus! and explore all those stories about Bible humping.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our …


May 16th, 2021


Nothing shuts down a fool like a good clapback, and the Bible is FULL of ‘em! Today we revel in the best Biblical clapbacks that SHUT. IT. DOWN.

Leviticus Ridiculous

May 9th, 2021


The book of Leviticus has some of the Bible verses most quoted by Christians seeking to condemn homosexuality, but do you know how many other …

Oh, Happy Day! When Jesus Walshed My Sins Away

May 2nd, 2021


This   whole episode is some Gay Christian News! It all started when Danny landed himself in hot water with a Catholic University and has grown into …

Won't Anyone Think of the Children?!?

April 25th, 2021


What impact would it have had for you to find a pastor or youth minister who was open, accepting, and helped you grow up as an out and proud LGBTQIA+ …

The Baked Bible

April 18th, 2021


God created the land and every vegetation on it and called it good. Today we talk about places in the Bible that talk about God’s gift of a good Seed, or Grass, or Plant, or Oil… and that sticky icky celebrated in …

Tamar's a Bad B*tch

April 11th, 2021


So many Bible stories are about men, and those about women usually don’t call them by name. When you read about a woman by name in the Bible, you KNOW she’s a bad-ass b*tch! Today we dive into another Baked Bible Story …

Jesus is Risen!

April 4th, 2021


We launched Yass, Jesus! on Easter Sunday exactly one year ago! Why? Because Easter is the main event for Christians; Jesus rising again after death …

King James Was a Homo

March 28th, 2021


We’ve spent previous episodes talking about the importance of translations in the Bible, and today we look at how translations play a role in the …

PK Means "Preacher's Kid" with Special Guest Semler

March 21st, 2021


Today we look at the different types of Preacher’s Kids with one of our fave PK’s Semler! Join us while we talk about the perfect model-child PK’s …

Name Changes in the Bible

March 14th, 2021


Names are personal and powerful. They wrap up your identity into a single word (or a selected few.) The Bible has some pretty wild naming stories; …

Penises Everywhere

March 7th, 2021


God made penises and God loves everything He makes, so it goes to reason that God loves penises! (What’s not to love?) We take a long, hard look at stories in the bible that discuss penises – often dripping in euphemism.

Finding Hope in a Hopeless Time

February 28th, 2021


Hope is recognizing that sometimes there is more beyond what we can see. Join us as we discover how to find hope during hopeless moments.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producer is …

Jesus Didn't Stay A Baby

February 21st, 2021


There’s plenty of detail surrounding Jesus’ birth in the bible, as well as his life as an adult - but what about all those years in between? There …

The Bible's Gay Soldier Boy

February 14th, 2021


Who doesn’t love a man in uniform?! For this Baked Bible Story, we cover the tale of the Roman Centurion as told in Matthew and Luke.

Yass, Jesus! is …

Biblical Fashion

February 7th, 2021


It’s fashion week here at Yass, Jesus! That’s right, we are checking out the hottest lewks from the Old Testament and the New Testament.

Yass, Jesus! is hosted by Danny Franzese and Azariah Southworth. Our producer is …

We Gotta Talk About Satan

January 31st, 2021


Did the Devil really make you do it? In the Bible Satan is a tempter or an accuser, but YOU have the power to control your life and your choices; the …

Queers Can Prevent Cringy Ministry!

January 24th, 2021


“Is your church into PNP?” Probably not, but sometimes people with the best intentions don’t understand the message they may be sending. On this …

Gayest Moments in the Bible

January 17th, 2021


We’ve already covered a lot of queer stories in our baked bible series, but there are STILL SO MANY. Get baked with us and join the conversation …

Best of Season One Recap!

January 10th, 2021


A lot of us would love to sweep 2020 deep under the carpet, but we’re looking back at many of the fabulous moments that happened right here on Yass, …

believer Presents: Dating In the Queer Christian Crowd

January 3rd, 2021


In this sponsored episode, we discuss dating in the digital age! We've all been on apps that foster cheap connection, but Believr wants to be different. Believr is a place for LGBTQ+ Christians to find belonging, …

New Year, Who 'Dis?

December 27th, 2020


Resolutions are often misguided by false idols and false ideals. As we ring in a new year here at Yass, Jesus! we resolve to put our faith into God …

The Queerest Christmas Pageant Ever!

December 20th, 2020


Remember the homespun Christmas Pageants of your youth? We’re taking the Christmas Story to a whole new level of exxtra, so grab your eggnog-tini or …

Queer Space is Sacred Space

December 13th, 2020


We’re working to make Yass, Jesus! a virtual, queer sacred space. What are some other sacred spaces that have a sense of God? For many of us in the LGBTQIA+ community, a sense of God can be found in queer safe spaces, …

Jesus, Mary, Martha, and Lazarus!

December 6th, 2020


Did y’all know there’s a queer family in the Bible? Not just any family, either – Jesus’ family! We’re talking about two sisters and a brother all …

What Does God Think About Greed?

November 29th, 2020


We all know Greed is one of the Seven Deadly Sins; there are more warnings about greed in the Bible than there are mentions of LGBTQIA+ people. While the livelihood of so many depends on commerce, we break down the …

Can You Thank God for a Good Blowjob?

November 22nd, 2020


We’re feeling an attitude of gratitude, and this Thanksgiving we take time to appreciate the things that don’t normally get shared at the dinner …

1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture

November 15th, 2020


What if the word “homosexual” was never meant to be in the bible? This is the question being asked by our guest Sharon “Rocky” Roggio, Producer and …

Addiction and Recovery

November 8th, 2020


This week we get real about addiction with Kathleen Murphy M.A., LMFT, LPC and the Executive Clinical Director from Breathe Life Healing Centers. Kathleen’s career is built on more than 30 years of experience working …

LGBTQIA+ Global Update

November 1st, 2020


As the US focuses on the American political atmosphere before Election Day, we take a moment to discuss the LGBTQIA+ global atmosphere. Let’s look at …

Jesus the OG Zombie

October 25th, 2020


God wants you to let your freak flag fly this Halloween! We invite all witches, warlocks, and slutty nuns to grab your flashlights and hit the lights as we review Stories to Tell in the Dark: Bible Edition. Happy …

Queer Politics

October 18th, 2020


LGBTQIA+ rights are impacted by politics on a daily basis. How you vote should never be something dictated by anyone other than YOU and what aligns …

Play This for Your Parents When You're Ready to Come Out

October 11th, 2020


It can be so hard to find the right words to say to your loved ones when coming out. While you focus on speaking your truth, we’ve put this segment together for you to play to your loved ones when you come out. We talk …

Esther, the Coming Out Queen

October 11th, 2020


It’s National Coming Out Day! We’re celebrating being out and proud by discussing what it means to come out as LGBTQIA+ and exploring the Bible’s own coming out story. Join us and learn about Esther, the Coming Out …

Psalm 139

October 4th, 2020


YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made. For queer people, who have been told we are a corruption of God’s creation, Psalm 139 is a reminder that we …

Your Body Is a Queer Temple

September 27th, 2020


God loves every single body - so why don’t we? Don’t let body standards set by anyone other than God impact how you love your body; it’s your temple and deserves worship! We explore how to turn body expectations into …


September 20th, 2020


For a long time, the Church has used the threat of heaven and hell to control people’s behavior. But God, in infinite love for us, has poured out …

Slut Shaming

September 13th, 2020


Mary Magdalene wasn’t the hussy she’s made out to be - and even if she was, GET IT GURL! When did she first get such a sordid reputation and how? We explore how male fragility may have played a part in shaming this …

Jonah, The Petty Prophet

September 6th, 2020


Most of us know the story of Jonah and the belly of the whale, but we dig into the deeper story of how he questioned his call from God. Where did all that petty pouting get him? Join us and find out more about this …


August 30th, 2020


Tithing originated as giving 10% of one’s wealth, but it doesn’t have to be money-based! Pledge a portion of any of the blessings God has given to you; there’s power in giving time and energy. This week we talk about …

Noah & Ham

August 23rd, 2020


This week we discuss rainbows - the promise of God and an icon of the LGBTQIA+ community. We also talk about stories that propagate biases and learn how to recognize and challenge them with a deep dive into the story of …


August 16th, 2020


This week we get a little bit Mafia Jesus on one of the largest Christian youth organizations in America, discussing again how vital it is to create affirming spaces for LGBT+ in the Christian community. Kent Thomas …

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

August 13th, 2020


This week is all funny business, where we explore bible humor on the set of Apostle Paul’s Bible Space, and Danny reminisces about laughing at/with …

Ruth & Naomi - A Baked Bible Story

August 2nd, 2020


Ruth & Naomi weren’t a lesbian couple, but they were two outsiders who can teach us what love and commitment looks like! Their relationship closely mirrors the strength and support found within the lesbian …

Affirming Churches

July 26th, 2020


Don’t settle for “good enough,” find a church that feeds your soul AND affirms the LGBTQIA+ community. This week, we talk about how to find an …

Spilling Tea on Casting Stones

July 19th, 2020


The Zakar Twins are back to help us feel our love even when others are throwing hate.

Also, this week we pray with Kevin Garcia, a digital pastor, …

Genderqueer Joseph & the Technicolor Dream... Garment

July 12th, 2020


Genderqueer Joseph and his iconic coat help us explore how it feels to be ostracized for being our true selves - colorful, FABULOUS, and authentic. …

Queer Saints

July 5th, 2020


On this episode, Lazaro Mancilla walks us through iconic Queer Saints, and we all decide to join the House of Assisi. Yass, Mother!

Learn more about Lazaro at:

Centered Space LA



Sodom & Gomorrah

June 28th, 2020


One of the stories used against the LGBTQIA+ community is waaaaay more f*ked up than you may realize.  This week, we’re dissecting the story of Sodom and Gommorah and showing you where to look for the truth!

Who's Your Daddy?

June 21st, 2020


Some of us have a father, but we all need a DADDY. Even Jesus had a Daddy (Abba). We’re talking about those saviors/angels who guide and mentor us …

David and Jonathan, Two Very "Special Friends"

June 14th, 2020


Most things written about David and Jonathan talk about their “friendship” - PUH-LEASE! It's hard to say what their exact relationship was, but the two met in secret after David pissed off Jonathan's father and their …

The Podcast of the Sacred Inclusion

June 7th, 2020


This week, rather than airing a new episode of Yass Jesus, we have decided to use our platform to lift voices from members of the Black Christian community.

It’s our duty as allies AND Christians to support our brothers …

Jesus was Poly AF with Brian G. Murphy

May 31st, 2020


We are delighted to be joined this week by the founder of Queer Theology (and our dear friend), Brian G. Murphy! Brian is one of the most …

Living Out Loud with the Zakar Twins

May 24th, 2020


Heads up: Danny's mom makes an appearance in this episode, so there's some (a lot) of bleeped curse words

This week, we're joined by the internet's favorite sons, the Zakar Twins! Danny's mom also stops by to check in …

Lord Have Mercy with Silky Nutmeg Ganache

May 17th, 2020


Munch-munch, crunch-crunch. Silky Ganache is here to eat the lunch... and pray! We are so thrilled to have our dear friend, Silky Nutmeg Ganache on the show to talk about mercy, finding your calling, and Azariah's …

Mother's Day with Danny's IRL Italian Mom!

May 10th, 2020


Heads Up: We've got Danny's mom on this episode so there's definitely some swearing.

We are SO excited for this week's Mother's Day episode because …

Call the Freakin' Deacon with Ross Murray!

May 3rd, 2020


In uncertain times, it helps to turn to your spiritual leaders. For us here atYass, Jesus! , that's Ross Murray. Ross has guided us through so much and we hope that you can take some comfort from him, too.

About Ross …

Safe Sects and Safe Words with Lee Harrington

April 26th, 2020


Heads up: this week's episode is all about kink, so yeah, we talk about sex.

We've got our favorite author, educator, and kinkster, Lee Harrington here to talk about Azariah's favorite subject (no, not 98°, his other …

Showing Up and Showing Off with Jonathan Bennett

April 18th, 2020


It's a mini Mean Girls reunion, y'all! We've got our dear friend, Jonathan Bennett on the show today and we are SO excited to talk about the two main things we have in common: loving the Lord and being almost too gay to …

Feminist Christian Dispatches from the Apocalypse with Jacob Tobia!

April 12th, 2020


Heads up:this episode contains some (okay, a lot) of cursing.

Happy Easter, y'all, and welcome to another episode of Yass, Jesus: Quarantine Edition! On this week's show, we've got writer, producer, activist, and …

Serving Up Quarantine Realness with Ginger Minj

April 4th, 2020


In our second episode, we catch up with RuPaul's Drag race ICON, Miss Ginger Minj (from a social distance, obviously).

More Ginger Here!

Hiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee, World!

April 2nd, 2020


Welcome to Yass, Jesus! We are a faith and sexuality affirming podcast that believes you don't have to choose between gay and God. Join us for our first episode and meet our hosts, Azariah Southworth and Danny Franzese.

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