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Episode 14: Fields of Dreams with Scott Kingsley Clark

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Show Takeaways

Pods has over 30,000+ active installs and is actively maintained.

Developing a Fields API for WordPress is hard because so many plugins and developers have created their own custom fields APIs.

Having a WordPress mentor like Helen Hou-Sandi is very beneficial for Scott and this Feature Plugin.

You should test and give feedback for the WordPress Fields API.

On this episode we hangout with Scott Kingsley Clark who works for 10up. Scott’s been maintaining and championing the WordPress plugin Pods and also leading the WordPress Fields API feature plugin for possible inclusion in WordPress core.

Show Notes
  • Scott tells us about his history and how he got into WordPress.
  • Scott tells us about the WordPress plugin Pods and how the Drupal CCK that started the plugin.
  • Plans for Pods Version 3 and integrating it with CMB2.
  • We talk about the WordPress Fields API project and how a mentor helps with Feature Plugins for WordPress core.
  • Scott talks about the goals that need to be meet to make Core Fields a success.
  • We talk about repeatable fields and various ways to store this meta in a performant way.
  • Scott wants your feedback on the WordPress Fields API project.
Get In Touch With Scott

You can find Scott on Twitter.

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