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Introducing Wildfire

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Introducing Wildfire, a podcast presented by REI Co-op. This 6-part investigative series explores the past, present and future of wildfires by examining the devastating and controversial Eagle Creek Wildfire outside of Portland, Oregon. Hosts Graham Zimmerman and Jim Aikman, both Oregon residents, investigate the fire and what impacts it had, and continues to have, on the community as well as asking the question: what role do wildfires play in our lives?

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Trapped by Fire

May 28th, 2019


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On September 2, 2017, 150 hikers in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge were suddenly and terrifyingly trapped near Punch Bowl Falls by the …

A Natural Phenomenon?

June 4th, 2019


Are wildfires natural? And, if so, what purpose do they serve within the ecology of our forests? Has our recent history of suppressing and combating …

Incident Command

June 11th, 2019


After the 15-year-old threw a lit smoke bomb that caused the Eagle Creek Fire to erupt almost immediately during Oregon’s record dry summer of 2017, …

A Retrospective

June 18th, 2019


Only a few days after it started, the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge was only seven percent contained, so a sudden increase in the wind …

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