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04 Christopher | Because of the Money

November 29th, 2016

Episode description

Growing up in The Dominican Republic, Christopher was always embarrassed by his family’s financial situation. He often felt as though people were looking down him because of all his family didn’t have. Through the process of writing his essay, Christopher not only discovers what’s really important to him but where exactly the judgment is coming from.

Special Thanks to: Christopher for sharing his story. Everyone at Manhattan International High School, especially Ms. Susan and Ms. Cinzia. Miriam Bader, Director of Education at The Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Chris McLeod for producing the show and for creating the theme song for the series. Murray Nossel, the executive producer of the show, for the series concept and guidance along the way. Terence Mickey, Kerrianne Thomas and Jerome Deroy. Artist Caitlin Watkins for the episode illustration. A production of The Listening Booth.

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