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A curated list of episodes about big change and growing up from Death, Sex & Money's listeners.

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  • "Love yourself and the small things in life. I've listened probably six times and each time I take away something different." - Lorraine
  • 12:04

    The Shorts--Commit Fully

    The Dirtbag Diaries

    "This provides a beautiful perspective on changing priorities and balance." - Leah
  • 1:40:50

    Mac Power Users 318: Backing Up

    Mac Power Users

    "No modern adult life is complete without a plan to back up your technology and precious photos!" - Katherine
  • 38:23

    The List

    Love + Radio

    "This is about losing someone you love inexplicably and far too early. Most of us don't go through adulthood untouched by death." - Emma
  • "It's crucial to hear stories of happy and successful LGBT people. Shane's episode highlighted the struggle and the other side." - Mike
  • 35:59

    True You


    "A constant struggle to define ourselves makes us afraid of change, but without change we can't see our true selves." - Alyssa
  • "Everyone gets stuck. Sometimes it's harder once you've just entered adulthood because you're still figuring everything out." - Christina
  • "This talks about the struggles of adulthood and jobs, finding your passion and treating life as a performance." - Bonnie
  • 39:56

    What Is A Stock?

    Bad With Money With Gaby Dunn

    "I've always felt at the kid stage of life when it comes to investing. Now I feel more like I can make investment decisions." - Nicole
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