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Real wedding vendors share their tips and tricks for surviving and thriving in this one of a kind industry. Hosted by Megan Gillikin of A Southern Soiree Wedding Planning, you'll hear guests share their secrets on marketing, the client experience, networking, community, sales, and more - and you mig… read more

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211. Live Interviews: Inside the (Buying) Mind of Engaged Couples

February 1st, 2023


A couple weeks ago, we went to The Merrimon Wynne Winter Wedding Showcase. The Merrimon Wynne is a historic home in downtown Raleigh that’s been converted into a gorgeous wedding venue. Inside the house and in the …

210. Money While You Sleep (even in the events industry), with Kawania Wooten

January 25th, 2023


As much as we all love the events industry, one major challenge is that we’re service based. We need to physically be doing something to make money. Planning the wedding, DJ’ing the bat mitzvah, taking the headshots. …

209. TikTok Ads - An Intimidating but Untapped Market for Wedding Pros, with Mark Chapman

January 18th, 2023


TikTok is a platform I have not invested my time in outside creating my profile because it’s yet another app that I feel like I have to check, and to be honest, TikTok just feels like one more thing I have to do.   But …

208. Unraveling, with Brian Green

January 11th, 2023


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

207. Stepping into CEO Mode in 2023, with Tara Melvin

January 9th, 2023


Many of you are running your own business, and that’s something you should be extremely proud of. It takes a lot of guts to step out on your own and …

206. 2022 Wins, Failures, and Goal-Setting: Megan and Jason's End-of-Year Reflection

December 28th, 2022


Megan and Jason Gillikin talk about their wins for 2022, their failures, word-of-the-year, and goals for 2023.  Tune in and reflect along. Share your 2022 reflections on social media @weddingsforreal.

This episode is …

202. Navigating Education Overwhelm for Wedding Pros

December 7th, 2022


I've heard you loud and clear - you're overwhelmed by all the wedding pro educators out there, and you're not sure who to listen to and what to do. …

201. The Secret Language of Brand Archetypes to Attract Your Ideal Clients, with Kaye Putnam

December 7th, 2022


Let me ask you a couple tough questions - What is your innate brand advantage over your competition?  Are you unique, or are you swimming in a sea of sameness? If you’re just starting your business, you might not really …

200. Wedding MBA Recap + Craziest Wedding Stories on Episode 200!

November 16th, 2022


Last week, we were at Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, and it was memorable to say the least - and at some points it felt like an out-of-body experience. I had two presentations this time, with one of them on the main stage …

199. Fear, Fundraising, and Finding a Niche: The Merri Story, with CEO Randi Bushell

November 2nd, 2022


Starting a small business is not for the faint of heart. There’s fear that you’re not the right person to lead a company. There’s uncertainty that you’ll ever be able to make as much money as you did in your corporate …

198. Unpopular wedding industry opinions, with Shean Strong

October 26th, 2022


We all have some opinions about the wedding industry that might be considered unpopular. But as I say in the intro, this podcast is a safe space to …

197. Unraveling, with Sandra Cassios

October 19th, 2022


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

196. Stop settling for less and get to the life you want, with Tony Chatman

October 12th, 2022


Ever since I got into podcasts (and believe it or not, it actually took me a while), I’ve been focused on growth: getting to the life that I want and not settling for less. If you’re listening to this podcast, I’m …

195. Business Therapy and Mindset Transformations for Wedding CEOs, with Kelly Ruta

October 5th, 2022


One of the reasons we started the weddings for real podcast and and then formed The Planner’s Vault is because we want to create a community of …

194. Ask Me Anything (About Burnout, Selling My Business, New Market, and More)

September 28th, 2022


A couple weeks ago, I asked you the listeners for any questions you've been wanting to ask, and I received some truly thought-provoking submissions …

193. Unraveling, with Rachel DeAlto

September 21st, 2022


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

192. Entrepreneurship- Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned, and Mindset Shifts with Eddie Babbage of Timeline Genius

September 14th, 2022


You may have heard of Timeline Genius, the platform that creates beautiful, detailed wedding day timelines, saving you hours in the process. But have …

191. Is Luxury Stealing Your Joy? with Laura Ritchie of Grit & Grace

September 9th, 2022


As we gain experience and raise our prices, we start to get into the luxury market. It’s something many of us strive for because it means we’ve made it - we beat out the competition for the best weddings, they become …

190. Unraveling, with Slice Pie's Kristen Mullins

August 31st, 2022


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

189. Rainmakers, Dream Teams, and How They Make You More Money, with Veronica Romney

August 24th, 2022


If you’re looking to grow your business, a hard realization is that you can only go so far if you do it alone. If you’re a wedding planner, maybe you can do 25-30 weddings a year by yourself. If you’re a DJ, maybe 50 …

188. Unraveling, with Ashlyn Carter

August 10th, 2022


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

187. Conquer Your Hot Mess Canva Account, with Brenda Cadman

August 3rd, 2022


You probably use Canva almost every day, but if you're just using it to create social media graphics, you're barely scratching the surface of what it can offer. Today, Verified Global Canva Expert (one of 26 in the …

186. How to use empathy, authority, and authenticity to set yourself apart (Megan Gillikin Solo)

July 27th, 2022


According to the WeddingWire Newlywed Report, the most common sentiments couples feel when planning their wedding right now are stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm that my friends. That is why we're gonna talk about how …

185. Client conflict resolution tips: Using your influence for good, with Jen Trotter

July 20th, 2022


When you feel your phone buzzing, and you look down to see your client's name, what do you think?  Are you worried it’s something bad? What about when you KNOW it’s something bad? The client isn’t happy for whatever …

184. Unraveling, with Andrea Eppolito

July 13th, 2022


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

183. Money Mindset for Wedding Pros, with Denise Duffield-Thomas

July 6th, 2022


Do you have money mindset blocks that are preventing your business from growing and preventing you from leading your best life?  Maybe you believe that you don't deserve to charge more yet. Or maybe you believe you …

182. How to marry aesthetics and logistics, with Becca Rose Atchison

June 29th, 2022


What makes an amazing wedding experience for our clients and their guests?  Is it the design elements that make them stop in their tracks when they first see the ballroom or the tent, plus the small little details that …

181. Personalizing your automated client check-ins to surprise and delight, with Charlotte Isaac

June 15th, 2022


Hi (First Name), Welcome to the (insert podcast here) Podcast! Are you wondering how to personalize some of your automated touch points with your (insert industry here) clients to make them feel more natural so you can …

180. Inside Scoop on Selling My Wedding Business + BTS Fun Reflections

June 8th, 2022


In some exciting news, after 12 years of running A Southern Soiree Wedding and Event Planning, Megan has passed the torch to the next owner. There have been tears of joy, tears of overwhelm, tears of sadness, and tears …

179. 5 ways to build connection with new inquiries, with The Big Wedding Planning Podcast's Michelle Martinez

May 25th, 2022


Let’s think about the couples who fill out an inquiry form. They’re interested in the specifics of your services and your price point of course, but …

178. 6 projects for your intern, with Gina Johnston

May 18th, 2022


What are some ways to effectively work with an intern (and not just give them busy work)?  Megan and Gina Annab Johnston offer 6 projects you can …

177. Unraveling, with Honeyfund's Sara Margulis

May 11th, 2022


The Unraveling series, where amazing and inspiring entrepreneurs share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds us back, and the rebirth …

Happy Mother's Day! (Emma and Molly unauthorized takeover)

May 8th, 2022


Emma and Molly Gillikin have taken over the podcast to wish all the moms (especially Megan) Happy Mother's Day!

176. Successful wedding pros understand these 6 things, with Brandee Gaar

May 4th, 2022


When you’re running a business, it can feel pretty overwhelming -  like you need to do all the things and do them all really well. And even if you’re at the point in your business where you can outsource some, being …

175. 9 tips for being a better wedding pro during busy season (Megan Gillikin solo)

April 20th, 2022


Let's face it, this is one of the busiest seasons of your career.  It feels like you don't have time for anything other than your clients, but in …

174. Does your brand need a redesign or refresh? Branding expert Lisa Aihara explains

April 6th, 2022


Let’s talk about your brand. Does it reflect who you are as a person and as a company - and does it attract your ideal clients?  Is it something …

173: 10 AHA! Moments from 4 Years of Podcasting

March 30th, 2022


It’s been 4 years since Weddings for Real came to be. Over the last 4 years we’ve evolved and grown in a lot of ways and today, we’ll share some of …

172. How to create a culture within your wedding business, with Jonathan Aymin

March 16th, 2022


On last week’s episode, Ashley Ebert gave us the inside scoop on WHY we need to build a team, even though it can be pretty scary.  But what happens …

171. 3 Myths of Building a Team, with Ashley Ebert

March 9th, 2022


When you think about building a team around you, what comes to mind? Is it that your company will be able to work more weddings and you’ll be able to make more money because of it?  Or is it that more team members means …

170: Energy management 101: Serve couples better by taking care of yourself, with Kara Ghassabeh

March 2nd, 2022


As a wedding planner, I’ve found that our jobs are 30% logistics, 30% vision and decor, and about 40% therapy.  If you’re a planner - or wedding vendor who works with couples - you know that there’s stress, …

No excuses, no avoidance: Know your finances, with Danielle Hayden

February 23rd, 2022


One of my least favorite topics in the world to talk about is money. Don’t get me wrong, I love money and all the things money can buy for me and my family. And I love to see that what I’m charging for weddings - and …

168. How to get on a wedding venue's preferred list, with Shannon Tarrant

February 9th, 2022


One of the most frequent questions we get in The Planners Vault is, How can I get on the preferred vendor list at the best wedding venue in my …

167: 5 ways to get more referrals from wedding pros (Megan Gillikin solo)

January 26th, 2022


"Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, 'Make me feel important.' Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life." - Mary Kay Ash

Keep that quote in mind …

166. Professional Etiquette Tips for Wedding Pros, with Lisa Lyons

January 19th, 2022


Lisa Lyons has been in the wedding industry for 19 years, but she has been drawn to etiquette her entire life. And in 2020 she got the certification to help wedding pros take their etiquette to the next level. But in …

165. 5 Hacks to Maximize Your Productivity (Megan Gillikin Solo)

January 12th, 2022


"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." - James Clear, Atomic Habits

It's time to get serious about your business goals for this year and how you plan to achieve them. I'm …

164: Should wedding vendors require couples to use a planner? Photographer Jillian Knight does

January 5th, 2022


Back in 2019, photographer Jillian Knight asked me to coffee to talk about an idea she had for her business - requiring a planner at ALL of her events. What this meant was that if couples didn’t have a planner or want …

163: Wrapping up 2021, and setting goals for 2022

December 29th, 2021


Megan is joined by her husband Jason Gillikin to discuss their word of the 2021, successes and failures (both personal and professional), and goals …

162: Imposter Syndrome in the Wedding Industry

December 15th, 2021


I'm not good enough. Everything I have is from luck, and when people find out, they'll know I'm a fraud.  Sound familiar?  

Today we're talking all about imposter syndrome, and 3 tips to quiet your inner critic.

This …

161: Unraveling, with Aleya Harris

December 8th, 2021


Welcome to The Unraveling, where we share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds you back, and the rebirth of new. Today's guest is …

(Encore) 140: Daily Routines and Personal Growth for Wedding Pros, with Gurminder Banga

December 1st, 2021


Do you ever find yourself working your butt off, just go go go, working weddings, fixing problems, moving the business forward...and then you never stop to think why you’re doing all these things?  Is it because you …

160: Behind the Scenes at Wedding MBA

November 23rd, 2021


This episode is a special behind-the-scenes look at Wedding MBA from its first in person live event since 2019.  Megan spoke on imposter syndrome - and what happened to her in Vegas did NOT help with her own imposter …

159: Emotional Marketing, with Renee Sabo

November 17th, 2021


When a couple is considering which vendors to go with, they look at a lot of different factors. Weddings you’ve worked before, website, social media, reviews, price point, the call you had with them. Ultimately, they …

158: Using research to better understand your couples, with Jordan Kentris

November 3rd, 2021


Think back to the last 5 weddings you worked. How did they find you?  Did you enjoy working with them? Would they recommend you to a friend?  What …

157: Unraveling, with Adrienna McDermott

October 27th, 2021


Welcome to The Unraveling, where we share the unraveling of old habits and mindset that holds you back, and the rebirth of new. Today's guest is …

156: The Unraveling Series

October 20th, 2021


Once a month moving forward, we're bringing you a new series - The Unraveling.  These episodes shine a light on the pivotal  moments and ensuing decisions that industry leaders have encountered that changed everything.  …

155: Crushing Content: Wash, Rise, Repeat, with Angela Proffitt

October 13th, 2021


One of the biggest challenges I hear every single week is that there’s not enough time to build content. Or you’re not sure what to post. Or you’re worried that what you do post won’t be received very well - or worse, …

154: How to shift your business to meet Amazon-addicted couples, with Michelle Loretta

October 6th, 2021


When I need something for my house or for my business, I order it on my phone and get it literally the next day. And if I have to wait two days, fine I guess, but I’m not too happy about it. We all want it right away. …

153: Wedding Planner Series: Live Coaching Call with The Productionista (Part 2)

September 16th, 2021


Join Megan for an inside look at her one-on-one coaching session with Alisha Freeman, The Productionista. Alisha is a member of The Planner's Vault, …

153: Wedding Planner Series: Live Coaching Call with Blue Poppy Events (Part 1)

September 14th, 2021


Join Megan for an inside look at her one-on-one coaching session with Carrie Gillard from Blue Poppy Events.  Carrie is a member of The Planner's …

152: Wedding Planner Series: 5 Tips to Grow Your Business

September 8th, 2021


In this solo episode, Megan Gillikin answers 5 questions from the Weddings for Real Facebook Group, including how to hire your #2, how to raise your …

151: All About Your Welcome Guide: My Top 5 Tips

September 1st, 2021


In this solo episode, Megan Gillikin gives her 5 tips on how to set boundaries, ease anxiety, and build trust with new clients through a killer …

150: Turn your service into a money-making digital product, with Christina Scalera

August 25th, 2021


As a wedding pro, you are the expert in your field. You have a knack for creating the most beautiful floral arrangements. You can run through a …

149: Wedding Pros - Do You Have a Market Niche?

August 18th, 2021


When a couple finds your website or your social media presence, do they know right away why you’re unique?  Do they know what makes you special and different from all of the other vendors they’re looking at?  Or are you …

148: 3 Sales Tips to Book More Weddings

August 11th, 2021


In this solo episode, Megan Gillikin gives 3 actionable sales tips for incoming inquiries that you can try right now.  The wedding industry is …

147: Managing Wedding Day Stress from Event Planner (and Former Olympian!) Jess Gelder

August 4th, 2021


As wedding pros, we’re dealing with a lot of stressful situations, and we need to be at our best when dealing with all of them. In some respects, …

146: 11 years of business advice in less than 20 minutes

July 28th, 2021


The release of this episode marks the 11-year anniversary of Megan running her wedding planning business, A Southern Soiree. She's made every mistake and learned every lesson in those 11 years, and today she gives tips …

145: How Facebook Groups Can Help You Book More Couples, with Margaux Fraise

July 21st, 2021


When you think about marketing your business with Facebook, most of us look at what kind of content we should be posting, whether or not to boost, …

144: Tips for Handling Difficult Conversations in the Wedding Industry, with Beth Kramer

July 14th, 2021


According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, before we can experience love, we need to feel safe and secure.  But with racial unrest, homophobia, a pandemic, and the "do we only invite guests who are vaccinated?" debates, …

143: Do You Need a Workcation? Yes, You Do!

July 7th, 2021


On this solo episode, Megan Gillikin dives into all things workcations - what it is, who you should go with, what you can accomplish, and next steps …

142: Avoid These Business Mistakes, from Lawyer and Accidental Entrepreneur Kunbi Odubogun

June 30th, 2021


You probably started your business because you had a special passion or a superpower. Maybe you were amazing at logistics so you became a wedding planner. Or you knew how to get people on the dance floor so you became a …

141: The client experience starts before the couple books - tips for adding value, with Lynne Reznick

June 23rd, 2021


If you’re in the wedding industry, there's a high probability that you're a people pleaser. But as much as we want to take care of our clients 24/7, we also want to take care of our kids, our partners, our friends, and …

140: Daily Routines and Personal Growth for Wedding Pros, with Gurminder Banga

June 9th, 2021


Do you ever find yourself working your butt off, just go go go, working weddings, fixing problems, moving the business forward...and then you never stop to think why you’re doing all these things?  Is it because you …

139: How to Deal with Pride and Ego in Weddings, with Leah Weinberg

June 2nd, 2021


We've all seen it happen - ego and pride get in the way of the best wedding experience. And it's not just from the couples or their parents. As wedding vendors, sometimes we think we know what's best for the couples …

138: 3 Tips to Change Your Mindset for More Sales, with Maria Bayer

May 26th, 2021


Do you feel like you’re on the way to achieving your goals and making the money you deserve? there something holding you back?

Maria Bayer

137: Using Enneagram for Your Business Strategy, with Kristen Edwards

May 12th, 2021


Enneagram. For a better understanding of people we work with, people we're in relationships with, and most importantly, a better understanding of ourselves. We've covered the basics before on episode 87, but today, …

136: Book More Weddings with these Marketing Tips, with Heidi Thompson

May 5th, 2021


What are some of the challenges you're running into when marketing your business? For many of the wedding pros I talk to, it’s that there are just so …

135: How you can leverage podcasting (even without having one)

April 28th, 2021


We have been podcasting for over 3 years now! Crazy but true, we dropped our first 5 episodes on April 4th, 2018. Over the years, we get asked a lot of questions around podcasting, all related to how can someone …

134: Building a Business Exit Strategy, with Donald Thompson

April 21st, 2021


Take a moment to reflect on your business - are you working a job that pays your bills? Or are you building a company? Either answer is ok, but for those of you who want to scale your company to one day have the option …

133: Selling Styles for Wedding Pros, with Ideaction's Sam Jacobson

April 7th, 2021


We all have different sales styles - what works for one wedding pro might be different than what works best for you. And it’s those different selling styles that we need to lean into so we can turn our baseline …

132: 3 Pinterest Myths and Misconceptions, with Gabby Pinkerton

March 31st, 2021


You all know the reasons why to focus on Pinterest - it’s great to generate traffic to your website, it’s another platform to get in front of potential couples, and it’s a way to network with other vendors when you’re …

131: Relationship Marketing and #StopTheDoubleTap

March 17th, 2021


Over the past year, with the wedding industry in shambles, Don Mamone has come up with a new outlook on his professional life - People First, Then Profit. Today on the show, Don talks about what relationship marketing …

Introducing Hustle + Gather, with Courtney and Dana

March 15th, 2021


Today we're sharing a few minutes of a new podcast, Hustle + Gather, with my friends Courtney Hopper and Dana Kadwell. It’s about the realness of running a business - how no one understands you except other …

130: Marriage or Mortgage? Meet the hosts of Netflix's new show

March 10th, 2021


Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes are the hosts of Netflix's new show, Marriage or Mortgage, where couples have to choose whether they want to spend …

129: 3 Step SEO Checklist, with Sara Dunn

March 3rd, 2021


We all want to know - how can I have better rankings on Google so more couples come visit my website?  The answer of course is a little SEO (search engine optimization), but that seems complicated - unless Sara Dunn …

128: 5 Tips to Avoid Being a Website Horror Story, with Brenda Cadman

February 18th, 2021


Have you ever woken up to find your website gone?  Every other site on the web works except for yours, and then you realize - you have absolutely no …

127: Is Community Over Competition for Real?

January 27th, 2021

Kinsey Roberts (She Creates Business Podcast) and I first heard about community over competition from Natalie Franke of the Rising Tide Society. In theory, it makes a lot of sense. if we can all help each other - in …

126: Wedding Planners: Why do venues refer you (or not)?

January 20th, 2021

Wedding venue coordinators are likely to be your number one source for referral business.  So why aren't they referring you right now?  Megan asked venue coordinators throughout the country why they refer planners (or …

125: Protecting Yourself Legally from the Next Disaster, with Girija Patel

January 13th, 2021


As an industry in 2020, we had some pretty major legal issues. With events being delayed, we all had to look back at our contracts and wonder:

  • Are …

124: Wedding Planner Series: What's Your Superpower?

January 8th, 2021

Any wedding planner - including your competition - can put together an amazing event if they have enough budget to work with. So what sets you apart? What makes you special?  Today, Megan gives 6 potential superpowers …

Weddings for Real Trailer

December 30th, 2020


Hey there, I’m Megan Gillikin, and this podcast is for fellow wedding pros that know what it really takes to thrive as a professional in the wedding industry, because it’s NOT what they show you in the movies. spoiler …

123: 2020 Recap: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

December 22nd, 2020

2020 was a year like none other, but there were many silver linings and hidden blessings throughout the chaos.  Today, Megan and Jason Gillikin talk about wins, fails, and goals for 2021.   This episode is brought to …

122: Collaboration Tips for Business and Creative Growth, with James and Schulze

December 16th, 2020


You know that competitor in your market you just can't stand? The one that you're always up against, and you take business away from each other? …

121: Daily Habits to Build Trust in Yourself, with Kim Montoya

December 2nd, 2020

What are your daily habits?  Do you wake up early? Do you read? Do you journal? Unless you pressed the wrong button, I’m guessing you might listen to podcasts? Well, I’m trying to improve myself every day, and daily …

120: The 4 People You Need in Your Circle of Trust

November 23rd, 2020

Do you have a circle of trust?  A proverbial board of advisors?  I do and it’s made up of a diverse group of people from my life who each know me in a different way and who I trust and respect their voice as someone I …

119: Preventing Squirrel Brain: Time Blocking and Productivity Tips from Brandee Gaar

November 11th, 2020

Do you suffer from squirrel brain?  Symptoms include not being able to get $h!t done because your mind is wandering off in so many different directions on calls you need to make or emails you need to send or big picture …

118: 3 Cash Flow and Tax Mistakes You're Making in Your Wedding Business, with Braden Drake

November 4th, 2020


Today we're talking to Braden Drake, who describes himself as "your gay best friend, but also an attorney who's going to help you with your taxes." Braden somehow manages to make a boring (yet super-important) topic …

117: 8 Quick Tips to Audit Your Website for Booking Season

October 28th, 2020

Join me on this solo episode where I give you 8 quick and easy (yet important and impactful) tips to audit your website, just in time for engagement …

116: Words Matter: Inclusive Language in the Wedding Industry, with Taylor Griffith from Lemon Tree Editorial

October 9th, 2020


Today we’re talking all about inclusive language - what to say and what not to say in what has historically been a very bride centric, straight, thin, pretty, white, and rich industry. As Taylor Griffith from Lemon …

115: Tips for Improving Your Wedding Consultations, with Sam Jacobson

September 23rd, 2020

Today we’re talking to Sam Jacobson from Ideaction Consulting about the sales process, how to empathize with your clients right now and what you …

114: Is Work/Life Balance Possible in the Wedding Industry?

September 10th, 2020

Join me on this solo episode where I give you 7 tips for balancing it all - life, business, family, personal pursuits. We're all works in progress, …

113: What is Entrepreneurship Costing You? (She Creates Business Podcast with Kinsey Roberts)

August 20th, 2020


Today we're sharing an episode previously published on the She Creates Business Podcast with Kinsey Roberts.

From SCB:

I'm honored to welcome back to the podcast, my friend and fellow podcaster, Megan Gillikin.

Megan …

112: How are You Diversifying to Survive 2020 and Thrive in 2021?

August 9th, 2020


It’s August 2020, five months removed from our two-week pause that we were supposed to have in March.  That’s about half of your year that has probably gone up in flames, and let’s be honest, you’re probably not going …

Bonus: Come Join The Planner's Vault - Free Survival Guide Training August 5th

August 4th, 2020


The Planner's Vault Reopen Webinar

Have your wedding planning goals gone up in flames in 2020? Come join me Wednesday, Aug 5th at 8:30 pm EST for a …

111: 10 Lessons from 10 Years in Business

July 28th, 2020


Megan and Jason Gillikin celebrate the 10-year anniversary of A Southern Soiree, and Megan shares her top ten lessons learned over the past decade - …

110: 3 Things You Can Change Right Now for More Bookings

July 22nd, 2020


This pandemic has caused delays, cancellations, stress, tears, more delays, unanswerable questions, really sucks to be in the wedding industry right now. But here's what it can't change - couples getting …

109: Finding Your #2 Employee, with Julie Bunkley and Courtney Wolf from Invision Events

July 10th, 2020


In 2012, Julie Bunkley had run Invision Events in Birmingham Alabama for 7 years, and the business was doing...fine. But it wasn't growing. She knew …

108: Networking Tips in a Pandemic

July 3rd, 2020


How can you network and build vendor relationships when there are no weddings and no networking events?  Megan gives her top three tips that you can …

107: Sustainability in Weddings, with Aaron Shook

June 18th, 2020


Aaron Shook has been in the hospitality industry for 30+ years in restaurants, catering, and now in wedding planning at Perfect Storm Moments. Through it all, he's seen a lot of weddings - and a lot of waste. And his …

106: Racism, Inclusion, and The Keys to Change, with Terrica

June 3rd, 2020


It's time to talk about racism in the United States, (the lack of) diversity and inclusion in the wedding industry, and how to have open and honest conversations. 

Terrica Inc

Cocktails and Details

Upcoming Webinars …

105: How to Work with a Virtual Assistant, with Julie Painter from Dallas Girl Friday

May 27th, 2020


Julie Painter (aka Dallas Girl Friday) is a virtual assistant who specializes in the wedding industry, and today she gives the inside scoop on what a …

104: Defining Luxury on Your Own Terms, with The Flower Guy Bron

May 20th, 2020


Have you ever felt the pressure of keeping up with what looks "elegant" or "luxurious" on Instagram? Why? Why do we care about matching what we see on the cover of The Knot or Martha Stewart Weddings? Isn’t it more …

102: Bringing Your Clients, Vendors, and Team Into the Digital Age, with Nora Shiels

May 6th, 2020


Today we’re talking all about how to get your clients, your vendors, and your team on board with the digital age. Sometimes it’s super frustrating when clients can’t figure out how to sign a contract, or a vendor is …

101: Building Business Stability through Email Marketing, with Aleya Harris

April 23rd, 2020


So be honest. Is email marketing something you do for your business? Are you bringing future clients into your sales funnel and giving them content every week?  (Do you really even know what a sales funnel is?) If …

100th Episode Awards Show Extravaganza

April 15th, 2020

Welcome to the Weddings for Real 100th Episode Extravaganza! On this special episode, you'll hear who won the awards for:   Toughest Interview Easiest Interview Funniest Episode Best One-Liner Most Referenced Episode …

99: Multicultural Wedding Do's and Don'ts, with Petronella Lugemwa

April 1st, 2020


Some of the most lavish and exciting weddings to work are the ones where culture plays a big part in the wedding. And today we talk to someone who …

98: Finding Your Way through the Chaos of COVID-19 in the Wedding Industry

March 24th, 2020


What a crazy, chaotic, noisy, tearful, and stressful week. In a world that's completely upside down because of COVID-19, what can we do to make it …

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Weddings - Now What Do We Do?

March 15th, 2020


With the Coronavirus causing chaos throughout the world, it has taken its toll on the wedding industry as well. Gatherings are being limited, some …

97: Offboarding Your Clients: Tips for a Lasting Impression with Renee Dalo

March 11th, 2020


Do you ever meet a new friend, and things are going great. You feel like you’ve made a solid connection, and then one day, BAM, she ghosts you? It …

What is The Planner's Vault?

March 3rd, 2020


On February 27, 2020, Megan launched The Planner's Vault, a membership site for wedding planners who are hungry to grow, ready to hustle, and …

96: Top 5 Reasons You SHOULD Be Working More Corporate Events, with Roar Events' Caryl Lyons

February 26th, 2020


How many of you are REALLY going after corporate events?  You probably can work a corporate event just fine, and maybe you’ve done some, but are you really making an effort to show your market that you’re available …

95. Carving Out Your Own Niche, with Venue Consultant Lindsay Lucas

February 12th, 2020

Lindsay Lucas is THE wedding venue consultant.  She's a former wedding planner who now helps venue owners (and those aspiring to be) to create …

94. What Engaged Couples Want 2.0, Interviews from the Merrimon Wynne House Bridal Showcase

January 29th, 2020


Weddings for Real had the opportunity to interview engaged couples at The Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh NC Bridal Showcase, so that vendors could …

93: Working Together, Living Together, and Liking Each Other (Most Days), with Steve and Jenn Van Elk

January 15th, 2020


Do you work with your wife or husband? Or do you spend so much time with your work wife or work husband that it basically feels like you’re married?  Well, working together for so many hours – and possibly living …

92: You Down with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)? With Morgan Montgomery!

January 1st, 2020


If you’re a solopreneur or you run a small team, and you’re thinking about growing, but you haven’t quite figured out how to clone yourself yet, …

91: 2019 Year in Review: Wins, Fails, and Goals for 2020

December 18th, 2019

How was 2019 for you?  What were your wins and losses?  Did you hit your goals?  What are your plans for 2020?   On today's episode, Megan and Jason Gillikin talk all about chaos, transitions, wins, fails, goals, and …

90: Impactful Gifting Strategies for 2020, with Margaux Fraise

December 11th, 2019

Today's guest is Margaux Fraise from Harmony Creative Studio in Los Angeles. Margaux has been planning weddings and events for 8 years. She's also a cancer survivor, which in 2014 knocked her out of running her business …

89: Shared Values and Different Personalities: Building an A-Team with Aneesa Glines

December 4th, 2019

Aneesa Glines can best be described as a force of nature with a huge smile and even bigger laugh, whose kind nature is matched by her business drive and desire to grow professionally.  She's the owner and lead …

88: A Kick in the Pants from Cindy Novotny, The Radical Mentor

November 27th, 2019


Cindy Novotny has been called "The Radical Mentor" for good reason. She is a no-nonsense, call-it-like-it-is, whether-you-want-to-hear-it-or-not …

87: The Power of Enneagram: How to Grow Professionally and Personally by Knowing Your Number, with Joanna Kenney

November 20th, 2019

If you're anything like Megan, 2019 has been all about personal and professional growth - how to be a better boss, friend, partner, and mom. And one of the most fascinating ways that she has found to analyze how she can …

86: Does Working With a Wedding Planner Make Your Job More Difficult? Danielle Pasternak from the Put A Ring On It Podcast Has Opinions

November 13th, 2019


If you’re a member of the Rising Tide Society Facebook Group, you might have seen a post (since deleted) a few months ago from a photographer who …

85: What My Children Have Taught ME About Business, with Single Dad Jose Rolon

November 6th, 2019

Jose Rolon is the lead wedding planner at Jose Rolon Events in New York City.  Jose is a single father of 3 children, a 6 year-old and 5 year-old …

84: Brand Building Through Mentorship, with 42 North's Francie Dorman and Britt Cole

October 30th, 2019

Among other incredible accolades, Francie Dorman and Britt Cole of 42 North Weddings in New England have been named one of the top planning companies …

83: On the Couples' Therapy Couch with Christian Charette, Part 2: Tips for Better Communication

October 22nd, 2019


Megan and Jason went onto the couples' therapy couch and got some amazing advice from their own therapist, Christian Charette from Couple Forward in Raleigh NC. This episode is part two of a two-parter. Last week, …

82: On the Couples' Therapy Couch with Christian Charette, Part 1: Roadblocks in Relationships

October 16th, 2019


Megan and Jason went onto the couples' therapy couch and got some amazing advice from their own therapist, Christian Charette from Couple Forward in Raleigh NC. This episode is a two-parter, and today Christian shares …

81: Creating a Cozy Courtship with Your Clients, with Alisha Chadee

October 9th, 2019


Alisha Chadee is the co-owner of Events by Whim Event Planning in Toronto Ontario, and she comes on the show today to talk about how to make your clients feel like they're the only ones you're working with.  It takes …

80: Time to Stop Neglecting Pinterest, with The Bridal Theory's Amanda Writesman

October 2nd, 2019


Amanda Writesman is screaming from the rooftop that - if you're a wedding vendor - you need to get your Pinterest game back on point!  Will you listen to her?  If you want an easy way to put content out there that you …

79: Going the Extra Mile for Your Clients, with Entertainer Artem Lomaz

September 25th, 2019


Artem Lomaz is DJ Times' Entertainer of the Year two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019!  Today he talks about what he does to go the extra mile for his clients, from sentimental cards, to trying (and still trying!) to …

78: Check Yo' Site: 3 Easy Audit Tips Before Engagement Season

September 18th, 2019

Engagement season is right around the corner, and you don't want a website that repels your ideal client right? On this episode, Megan and Jason Gillikin give 3 easy tips to audit your website so you can book more …

77: Diversifying Your Business to Reach Different Clientele, with Sapphire Events' Valerie Gernhauser

September 11th, 2019


Valerie Gernhauser runs two wedding planning companies - Sapphire Events and Ruby and Pearl Events - in the same market (New Orleans). Why did she decide to do that? She wanted to diversify her business to reach …

76: The 100% Definitive Guide to Mastering Motherhood (JK!), with Rachel May

September 4th, 2019


Wedding photographer Rachel May talks to Megan about motherhood, and they come up with the definitive guide to how to be an amazing mother, be ever-present with your kids, run your business well, be always put-together, …

75: How to Get on Preferred Vendor Lists, with International WIPA President Kevin Dennis

August 28th, 2019


Kevin Dennis has been in the wedding industry for 30 years (!!) as the owner of Fantasy Sound Event Services near San Francisco and the Napa Valley. He's also the international president of WIPA, the Wedding …

74: Imposter Syndrome, with Fancy This Photography's Nikki Whitt Belch

August 21st, 2019


Imposter Syndrome: a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being …

73: Relator, Analyzer, Boss, and Dreamer: How to Sell To and Work With the 4 Types of Wedding Clients, with Ideaction's Sam Jacobson

August 14th, 2019


Sam Jacobson, founder of Ideaction Consulting, has found that there are 4 types of buyers in the wedding market - The Relator, the Analyzer, the …

72: YouTube Videos to Market Your Business, with Wedding Photographer Cavin Elizabeth

August 7th, 2019


When Cavin Elizabeth moved to the San Diego market, she was wondering if making educational videos and sharing them on YouTube would be a way to …

71: Toxic Stress and How It's Killing Your Business, with Therapist and Executive Coach Andy Maurer

July 31st, 2019


At the Engage Luxury Wedding Summit in June, therapist and entrepreneurial coach Andy Maurer gave the most impactful and self-reflective speech at a …

70: Do's and Don'ts of Styled Shoots, with Color Pop Events' Leah Weinberg

July 24th, 2019


Styled Shoots.  You get your friendors together and create a completely unique pretend wedding that you don't have to plan out for months.  They seem easy right? Well, not exactly. Styled shoots can cost money, time, …

WWD13: Back in the Closet with Megan and Jason

July 20th, 2019


Weekend Wine Down Time! Megan and Jason talk about the live show coming up in August, where to spend a long weekend, and 9 years of A Southern Soiree!

The host of Weddings for Real is Megan Gillikin, owner and lead …

69: Individuality in a Saturated Wedding Market, with Photographer Julia Wade

July 17th, 2019

In a wedding market already filled with planners, photographers, videographers, DJs, florists....every wedding vendor you can possibly imagine, how …

68: How to Weigh the Financial Risks of Your Big Business Decision, with Michelle Loretta from Sage Wedding Pros

July 10th, 2019

  Michelle Loretta from Sage Wedding Pros is a wedding business consultant with a mind for numbers and a passion for business plans! Today she comes …

67: Opening a Wedding Venue 101, with Kinsey Roberts from the She Creates Business Podcast

June 26th, 2019

  Kinsey Roberts is the owner Vista View Events on Open Heart Ranch in Colorado, but you probably know her best as the fabulous host of the She …

66: Top Ten Takeaways from Engage! Luxury Wedding Business Summit

June 19th, 2019

  The latest Engage! Summit was June 10-13th in the Bahamas, and Megan was there for the full luxury wedding and event education experience!  And …

65: Marketing to Generation Z, with Analytics and Wedding Marketing Expert Christie Osborne

June 12th, 2019

Generation Z is the next generation of consumers and (wedding) clients.  Christie Osborne from Mountainside Media is an expert on analytics and marketing, specifically for the wedding industry. And today she comes on to …

64: The House of Creativity, with Wedding Photographer Perry Vaile

June 5th, 2019

Some believe the creative path is a winding road from zero to (one-day) reaching your full creative potential.  But for destination wedding …

63: LGBTQ Weddings and Equality-Minded Content, with Brittny Drye (Love Inc) and Sha'Quitta Brown

May 29th, 2019

  Brittny Drye started Love Inc Magazine in October 2013 as the first equality-minded wedding publication. And although the wedding industry has come a long way, we still have so much further to go to make sure that …

62: How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

May 22nd, 2019


If you've been in business long enough, you've probably had a negative online review (or several). Whether the review was fair or not, you NEED to respond. Not so much to the person who wrote the review, but for the …

61: Pricing for Profitability, with Lindsay Longacre from LVL Academy

May 15th, 2019


Lindsay Longacre from LVL Events (Southern California) and LVL Academy comes on the show today to talk all about pricing for profitability, a vision for creating pricing standardization, whether or not she takes on …

WWD12: Happy Mother's Day! Interviews with Megan and Megan's Mom, plus Invisible Pants?

May 11th, 2019


On this Mother's Day Weekend Wine Down, we have interviews with Megan, Megan's mom, and oldest daughter Emma.

Happy Mother's Day!


The host of …

60: Moms for Real - A Vulnerable and Hilarious Look at Balancing Business and Motherhood, with 5 Entrepreneur Moms

May 8th, 2019



Happy Mother's Day! Today we give a real, honest, vulnerable, and hilarious look at the balancing act of being a mom and a business owner. Our …

59: How to Promote Your Wedding Business, with PR Expert Meghan Ely of OFD Consulting

May 1st, 2019


Meghan Ely, Wedding PR and Marketing Expert at OFD Consulting comes on to share the best ways to promote your business. Most of us creatives have …

58: Mental Health Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs, with Root & Restore's Catrina Ballard

April 24th, 2019


Life is stressful. Owning a business is stressful. Clients are stressful. Parenting is stressful. Relationships are stressful. As a creative …

57: Creative Dining in Weddings, with Snap Pea's Jacob Boehm

April 17th, 2019


Jacob Boehm, owner and head chef of Snap Pea Creative Dining, doesn't run a typical catering company. He caters a few weddings, but not many. He doesn't do menu tastings. In fact, if you're working with him for your …

56: Eva Clark on Compassion in Weddings

April 10th, 2019


International Wedding Planner Eva Clark from Eva Clark Events has planned over 400 events. Some of those clients have been more difficult to work …

WWD11: IndyWeek Best Local Podcast Nomination, One-Year Anniversary, Weddings on Mars, and More!

April 8th, 2019


Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us over the past year plus! And we're so excited to announce that we've been nominated for Best Local Podcast on IndyWeek! Even though we have very little chance to win, …

55: Rachel Sheerin on Preventing Burnout and the 80-20 Rule

April 3rd, 2019


Rachel Sheerin is a keynote speaker and trainer focused on helping hospitality professionals sell more and be happy! Featured in Inc. Magazine for her unorthodox, high energy style,  Rachel has been an advocate for …

54: SEO for Wedding Vendors, with Jason Gillikin

March 27th, 2019

  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about making sure your website is found instead of your competitors' websites, when people are searching on Google for your service or product. In today's episode, digital …

53: How to Prevent (or Manage) Difficult Clients, with Wedding Planner Erin McLean

March 20th, 2019


Nightmare Clients. If you've been in the wedding industry long enough, no matter what vendor category you're in, you've had them! So what do you do?  …

51: Diversifying Your Wedding Business with Maddy K

March 6th, 2019


Madeleine Kojakian, better known as Maddy K, is a wedding planner and serial entrepreneur.  She has had many successes (and many failures) in …

50: Peace Out! Exiting the Wedding Industry, with Sam Dockery

February 27th, 2019


Sam Dockery is the former owner of Bliss by Sam, wedding planning company in both Raleigh and Chicago, until she abruptly left the industry altogether in October 2018.  Why did she do it?  Sam has her reasons, both …

49: What Startups Can Teach Wedding Vendors, with Mayflower Venues' Veronica Armstrong

February 20th, 2019


Support our Sponsor:

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Veronica Armstrong, …

48: What Do Engaged Couples Want From Wedding Vendors? We Asked Them!

February 13th, 2019


At the Carolina Inn (Chapel Hill NC) Event Showcase on January 27th, Megan and Jason Gillikin walked around and interviewed 15 couples to get their …

47: From Side Hustle to Full-Time, with HMUA Nina McCaskey from Wedded Kiss

February 6th, 2019


Support our Sponsors:

If you're a wedding vendor, you should be using Honeybook! And you can use promo code "WeddingsForReal" for 50% off your first …

46: Hurricanes and Wedding Plan B's with Kickstand Events

January 30th, 2019


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Wilmington NC wedding planners Sally Lindroos and …

45: 16 Years of Wedding Planning with Ivy Robinson

January 23rd, 2019


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Visit for Vendor Gifts and Hotel Welcome Boxes!

Ivy Robinson is the …

43: Wedding Industry Hiring and Onboarding with A Southern Soiree's Gina Johnston

January 8th, 2019

Finding the right employee in any business is challenging, but it's a unique challenge in the wedding industry because it's "so glamorous". And they …

42: Inside the Barn of Chapel Hill with Kara Brewer and Jennifer Wood

January 2nd, 2019

The Barn of Chapel Hill on Wild Flora Farm is one of the hottest new venues in the Triangle area of North Carolina, opening up in 2017. Kara Brewer, …

WWD 10: Reflecting on 2018 and Goals for 2019

December 30th, 2018


Megan and Jason Gillikin are back for a Weekend Wine Down, where we reflect on the chaos that was 2018 and put some goals out there for 2019!  

We hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend, and Happy New Year!


The host …

Megan Gillikin on the Holderness Family Podcast, "Our Wedding was NOT the best day in my life!"

December 26th, 2018

Megan Gillikin was the guest on the Holdermess Podcast with Kim and Penn Holderness, on their episode, "Our Wedding was NOT the best day of my life". …

Megan Gillikin on the Day in the Life Podcast

December 19th, 2018


It's the Day in the Life Podcast on the Weddings for Real feed!  If you don't know Day in the Life with Brittney Lynn, go check it out! She interviews people that have interesting jobs - counterterrorism expert, pastry …

41: Lessons Learned from My 5 Biggest Business Mistakes

December 12th, 2018

Megan Gillikin, host of the podcast, has been a wedding planner in the Raleigh NC market since 2010. Over the last 8+ years, she has made some mistakes in her business. And today she opens up and talks about those, with …

40: Vendor Communication = The Key to a Stress-Free Wedding Day, with Harrison Wedding Films

December 5th, 2018


Deanna and Grant of Harrison Wedding Films in Washington DC came on the show to talk lessons they've learned in their first year of business, …

39: Are You Ready for Engagement Season?

November 28th, 2018

Did you know that 40% of engagements occur between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day?!?!  Wedding Vendors, is your business ready for engagement season?  Megan Gillikin, qualified industry veteran, host of this show, …

38: 5 Tips for Submitting to Wedding Publications, with Brklyn View Photography's Jaine Kershner

November 21st, 2018

Jaine Kershner, owner of Brklyn View Photography, has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, The Knot, Style Me Pretty, and many more, and she was even named by BRIDES Magazine as one of NYC's best wedding …

37: Laura Wasser on Prenups: Celeb Divorce Attorney on why they're not about pre-planning for divorce

November 14th, 2018

Laura Wasser, Celebrity Divorce Attorney, comes on the show to talk prenuptial agreements. What can and cannot be included in a prenup? How do …

WWD9: Live at the Forest Hall at Chatham Mills Open House!

November 10th, 2018


Megan and Jason walked around with a microphone at the Forest Hall at Chatham Mills Open House on Sunday, talking to wedding vendors and some engaged couples, and it was such a fun experience!  Thank you Aneesa for …

WWD 8: Instagram Marketing Follow-Up and More of Megan's Instagram No-No List

November 3rd, 2018


Weekend Wine Down 8! Megan and Jason follow up on this week's episode on Next-Level Instagram with Tyler J McCall, and Megan shares more of her …

35: Next Level Instagram for Wedding Professionals with Tyler J McCall

October 31st, 2018

Tyler J McCall is a social media strategist and coach...actually that's selling him way short...Tyler is THE Instagram Guru, and he comes on to share some of his Instagram tips and tricks for wedding vendors!   Hear his …

WWD 7: Rocky Horror at Booth Theatre in Cary Review & Yes, the Cat Story

October 28th, 2018


Megan and Jason just came back from the Rocky Horror Show at Booth Theatre in Cary NC, and it was amazing!  

Plus Megan shares her "dead cat as a groomsman story"!

Last week we had Katie and David from Overlook Barn, …

34: On Top of Beech Mountain: Overlook Barn Owners Katie Elder and David Schumann

October 24th, 2018


The Overlook Barn on Beech Mountain (North Carolina) is an absolutely stunning wedding venue both inside and out, with views for miles and so many …

33: Kim and Penn Holderness on Tips for a Healthy Marriage and How to be a Great Guest at a Wedding

October 17th, 2018


Kim and Penn Holderness are known for their viral videos on YouTube where they sing and dance, sometimes in their Christmas Jammies. But Kim and Penn …

Weekend Wine Down 6: Advice to our 20-year-old selves, plus a preview of the Holderness episode

October 14th, 2018


Megan and Jason give advice to their 20-year-old selves, Megan on kissing frogs and Jason on traveling more.

Coming up on Wednesday's episode, Megan …

32: Day-Of Wedding Coordination with Erin McCauley with Chestnut and Vine

October 10th, 2018


Day-Of Wedding Coordination, sometimes called month-of wedding coordination, can actually be more difficult than full-service planning - or at least …

Weekend Wine Down 5: Purple Feet, Throwing Lettuce, and It's Epsom with an M

October 7th, 2018


In this weekend wine down, Megan just got back from a wedding, so she talked about that - why she has purple feet, and did the best man really throw a head of lettuce at the groom during his speech? 

Plus unpacking the …

31A: Van Eure on the Angus Barn History, Commitment to Service, and Opening the Wedding Pavilion

October 2nd, 2018


The Angus Barn Way, their commitment to unparalleled service, is legendary in the local hospitality industry. The owner of the Angus Barn, Van Eure, sat down with Megan to talk about the history of the Barn (her father …

Weekend Wine Down 4: Not Sharing the "Dead Cat as a Groomsman" Story Yet

October 1st, 2018


In this weekend wine down, we talk about the new intro where Megan mentions a dead cat as a groomsman. It's true, and we'll share it...when we get to 60 reviews on Apple Podcasts. We also talk about our seminars on …

Weekend Wine Down 3: Stoned Speed, The Big Fake Wedding, and Alan Berg The Speakingest Speaker

September 22nd, 2018


Thanks for listening! On this Weekend Wine Down, Megan and Jason talked about 2 seminars coming up on October 22nd, what happens when you play a podcast on half speed, attending The Big Fake Wedding in Raleigh, last …

Weekend Wine Down 2: Hurricane Florence and the Instagram No-No List

September 16th, 2018


Megan and Jason talk about what a weird week that was because of the Hurricane, and the new seminar Brunch and Learn: Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business, coming October 22nd at The Umstead.  …

28: Inside the Bridal Suite with Makeup Artist Michelle Clark

September 12th, 2018

Makeup Artist and all-around hilarious and amazing person Michelle Clark came on the show today, not so much to talk about makeup - although we get to that in the lightning round - but more so about what goes on in the …

Weekend Wine Down: Cookie Dough, Beer, and What Happened This Week

September 8th, 2018


Happy Weekend!  It was a big week here, and Megan and Jason talked about it.  We had our "Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business" seminar, and we're already planning another one for next month!

27: Moms and Daughters Planning a Wedding Together in Peace, with Megan's Mom

September 5th, 2018


I brought my mom onto my podcast, and you'll hear all about our arguments from my wedding, which included cake, videography, photography, and invitations. And believe it or not, we both admit that the other one was …

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