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10. Garbage Gab 1: How Taiwan solved waste


Episode description

This week N8 goes on “Taiwan Insider” to explain how Taiwan turned a 70% waste collection rate into a 60% recycling rate in less than a generation. Starting with an explanation in 60 seconds of how Taiwan fixed its trash problem, N8 and “Taiwan Insider” host Andrew Ryan then go on to talk about garbage trucks, podcasts, and WNWN itself. You can view N8's segment on video here.

This is a podcast about how NOT to save the environment. Hosted by Nature N8 (Nate Maynard), an environmental researcher working on energy, ocean, and waste issues. You can view show notes here. Or visit our website here.

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Producer / Editing - Emily Y. Wu (@emilyywu)
Host - Nate Maynard (@N8MAY)
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