Voyage to the Stars

25 EpisodesProduced by Earwolf & Colton Dunn, Felicia Day, Janet Varney, & Steve Berg

Space: It’s big. Like, really big. These are the misadventures of a group of misfits that accidentally found themselves on the wrong side of a wormhole, trying not to blow up the galaxy in their attempts to make the long journey home. Join us on a voyage to the stars with the wholly unqualified Capt… read more

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LIVE - San Francisco Sketchfest, Part 2

July 16th, 2019


In part two of the first LIVE Voyage to the Stars, the crew finds themselves on a lizard planet with very strange customs. They are joined by special guests Tom Lenk and Kirsten Vangsness. 

LIVE - San Francisco Sketchfest, Part 1

July 9th, 2019


In the first LIVE Voyage to the Stars, the crew finds themselves on a lizard planet with very strange customs. They are joined by special guests Tom Lenk and Kirsten Vangsness.

Introducing Wolverine: The Lost Trail

July 8th, 2019


A special preview of season 2 of Marvel’s award-winning podcast, Wolverine: The Lost Trail. Episodes 1 and 2 are out now for free, wherever you get …

Season 2 Coming This Fall!

July 2nd, 2019


What up Voyagers?! Did you think the genociding was over? Think again! We're coming back for Season Two this fall with new crew member Kirsten Vangsness (Criminal Minds) and a slew of amazing guest stars. Stay tuned!

It All Returns To Nothing, Part 2

June 25th, 2019


In part 2 of our season finale, the crew have been captured by Zell and the other disciples of the Nothing. Now they need to escape before this …

It All Returns To Nothing, Part 1

June 18th, 2019


In part one of the season finale, Tucker and the crew arrive at the planet Rankart, home to a civilization of highly advanced aliens whom they believe can help find Earth. However, a dangerous surprise is waiting for …

How to Lose a Captain in 10 Days, Part 2

June 11th, 2019


Elsa does her best as the new Captain of the anomalous ship, while Tucker gets ready to tie the knot with Sylpheed. However, Sorry reveals some information to Stew about the planet Adara that reveals things might not be …

How to Lose a Captain in 10 Days, Part 1

June 4th, 2019


Reeling from his rejection by Elsa, Tucker contemplates whether he belongs on the ship. The crew arrive on the planet Adara, known for its beautiful …

So Far Beyond Good and Evil, Part 2

May 28th, 2019


As time runs out for the crew, Tucker and Elsa drown their sorrows and find themselves in a... surprising situation.

So Far Beyond Good and Evil, Part 1

May 21st, 2019


Tucker and the others have to prove they're capable of more than just mayhem and genocide when Sorry finds a loophole in her programming that allows …

Sorry Not Sorry (feat. Jake Johnson)

May 14th, 2019


In this special episode, Sorry and Stew have launched their own podcast appropriately titled Sorry Not Sorry! In their premiere episode, the duo interview a hitchhiker (Jake Johnson) who tries to insert himself between …

Stewtopia, Part 2

May 7th, 2019


Tucker and the crew close in on information at The Collectorium that might show them the way home. Meanwhile, it's clear that the Zookeeper has taken …

Stewtopia, Part 1

April 30th, 2019


Tucker and the crew head for a planet called The Collectorium, which features exhibits on alien cultures from around the universe, after hearing they …

Once More With Feeling, Part 2

April 23rd, 2019


Something strange is going on on the ship, and it might just be up to Stew to save the day. What could go wrong? Featuring special guest Tom Lenk.

Once More With Feeling, Part 1

April 16th, 2019


The long journey is starting to wear down the crew. With her birthday just around the corner, Elsa is feeling pangs of homesickness. Tucker rescues a very empathetic alien named Dmitri, who agrees to counsel the …

Love in the A.I.r, Part 2

April 9th, 2019


Sorry invites babe into her system which causes more issues for Tucker and the others on the ship. As things escalate with Mi.RA, Stew might need help from the others to save himself - and the ship! Featuring special …

Love in the A.I.r, Part 1

April 2nd, 2019


Tucker worries that Sorry is being overtaxed as things keep going awry with the ship. The crew discovers something very surprising about their A.I.'s …

What’s the Good Word, Part 2

March 26th, 2019


Things are quickly going from bad to worse on the planet Vox. Can Stew and Sorry undo the damage caused by Tucker and Elsa’s feuding? Find out now!

What’s the Good Word, Part 1

March 19th, 2019


Tucker and his crew encounter the planet Vox in their search for Earth, where they encounter Palom (Hal Lublin), a follower of something they call …

Macabra and Me, Part 2

March 12th, 2019


The ship has become a non-stop party ever since Arnold staged a mutiny against Tucker and took over as captain. Tucker tries to make friends with his …

Macabra and Me, Part 1

March 5th, 2019


As our intrepid explorers search for Earth, Tucker struggles to earn the respect of his new crew, particularly the lackadaisical Arnold (Cole …

Worst Contact, Part 2

February 26th, 2019


The crew returns to Chronos in an attempt to find fuel for their ship, but they quickly discover that Blake, and the Hodie, are harboring a dangerous secret. Will our intrepid adventurers get their Chromium? Will Elsa …

Worst Contact, Part 1

February 19th, 2019


After leaving the Wormhole, Tucker, Elsa, Stew and the other crew realize the anomaly has vanished without a trace. Now they're stuck in some unknown …

To Space... But Further!

February 12th, 2019


The year is 2263. Tucker Lentz (Colton Dunn), an inept insurance salesman with dreams of being a space captain finally gets a chance to leave Earth …

Sneak Peek: Voyage To The Stars

February 5th, 2019


Subscribe to Voyage To The Stars today, and stay tuned the series premiere is coming to Earwolf February 12th!

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