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Every day, stories unfold that have no resolution. Unresolved is an investigative and immersive look at those stories, as host Micheal Whelan tries to determine why these stories - unsolved crimes and other unexplained phenomena - have no ending.This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if yo… read more

321 Episodes | 2015 - 2023

'The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel'

October 1st, 2023


On this bonus episode, Micheal chats with New York Times bestselling author Douglas Brunt about his first nonfiction book, The Mysterious Case of …

Bardstown (Update)

September 27th, 2023


There has been an update in the story of Crystal Rogers from Bardstown, Kentucky (episode #8 from 2016 and episode #88 from 2019). On Wednesday, 27 September 2023, FBI Louisville announced that Crystal's longtime …


September 26th, 2023


An end-of-season announcement and a personal note from Micheal

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Listen Now: 48 Hours

September 25th, 2023


One of television's most popular true-crime series is now adapted for your ears with the “48 Hours” podcast. Every week, award-winning CBS News …

Listen Now: Generation Why

September 19th, 2023


The Generation Why Podcast released its first episode in 2012 and pioneered the true crime genre in the podcasting world. Two friends, Aaron & …

Hannah Rose Walker

September 11th, 2023


"It's been a process of seeing how ineffective our system is."

On the afternoon of October 12th, 2022, 31-year-old Hannah Walker went swimming in a …

The Circleville Letters (Part Two)

August 28th, 2023


"I thought whoever this person was, you know, certainly they wouldn't go to the extent of putting a real gun in there just to scare me."

For several …

Listen Now - Over My Dead Body: Gone Hunting

August 21st, 2023


When Mike Williams vanishes on a hunting trip, the authorities suspect he was eaten by alligators but the true predators who took Mike may lurk much closer to home. The mystery of Mike’s disappearance might have faded …

The Circleville Letters (Part One)

August 21st, 2023


"This is your last chance to report him. I know you are a pig and will prove it and shame you out of Ohio. How is your little girl? Will she grow up to be like you?"

There are hundreds of cities in the American Midwest …

Eastbound Strangler (Part Two)

August 7th, 2023


"This fits the FBI definition of a serial killer. From the facts gathered during the investigation, it could have been a local person or it could …

Eastbound Strangler (Part One)

July 24th, 2023


"We had a bond. We were all one woman, trying to get ourselves together when we were lost... I believe that the person who got these girls out here was a person that they trusted."

On 20 November 2006, two women were …

Preview: He Said, She Said (Resolved)

July 19th, 2023


This is a brief preview for the newest episode of my Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, available now for all $5+ supporters. To learn more about this …

Listen Now: Suspect "Five Shots in the Dark"

July 17th, 2023


Leon Benson spent 24 years in an Indiana state prison for the 1998 murder of a young man named Kasey Schoen. His conviction hinged on the testimony of two eyewitnesses – but what if their memories turned out to be …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Update: Arrest)

July 17th, 2023


There has been an update in the Long Island Serial Killer case (episodes #14-16 from 2016). On Friday, 14 July 2023, police officials announced the …

The Ashley Madison Hack

July 10th, 2023


"Whoever's responsible - no doubt they know that there are now lots of people wanting to put a bullet in their head. If it were me, if I was going to …

Ken Rex McElroy

June 26th, 2023


"When a person is set loose by the courts to go back to the community they have been preying on, what recourse do the citizens of that community have …

Susan & Jeffrey Klungness

June 12th, 2023


"I don't know what's happened to the kid. I don't know if he's a victim. I don't know if he's a suspect. I don't know what he is."

On the afternoon of 2 March 1996, Ronald Klungness returned to his home in Bonney Lake, …

Laetitia Toureaux

May 29th, 2023


"It's no use. She's beyond aid. She can't speak. Don't touch her. The thing to do is call the police."

On 16 May 1937, 29-year-old Laetitia Toureaux …

Heather Teague

May 22nd, 2023


"I can't describe what the look on her face did to me; it made me sick to my stomach. It was a look of sheer terror."

On 26 August 1995, 23-year-old …

Waco (Epilogue)

May 8th, 2023


Some random thoughts of mine following the conclusion of our seven-part Waco series

This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are …

Waco (Part Seven: April 19, 1993)

May 1st, 2023


"They do not see themselves as martyrs. They see themselves as agents of God's wrath on Earth."

In the days leading up to April 19, 1993, high-ranking figures grew increasingly concerned that the Branch Davidians in …

Waco (Part Six: Flames Await)

April 17th, 2023


"They were trying to have sleep disturbance and they were trying to take someone that they viewed as unstable to start with, and they were trying to drive him crazy. And then they got mad 'cos he does something that …

Waco (Part Five: Showtime)

March 27th, 2023


"We fell right into the hands of Koresh and all those nuts. This is what he wanted, to make it appear that the government was going to kill his people. He wanted Armageddon. Our biggest mistake was that we made it so …

Waco (Interlude: Ruby Ridge)

March 20th, 2023


"If any adult in the area around the cabin is observed with a weapon after the surrender announcement had been made, deadly force could and should be …

Waco (Part Four: The Sinful Messiah)

March 13th, 2023


"We're doing what we're doing and nobody's going to stop us."

In 1988, David Koresh and his followers returned to their old home just outside of Waco, …

Waco (Part Three: Rodenville)

February 27th, 2023


"When they sent that letter out, I knew they were coming. They sent an article removing me as trustee, now they've come to finish the job and remove me from the land."

In 1985, Vernon Howell left Mount Carmel with his …

Waco (Part Two: The Serpent's Root)

February 20th, 2023


"In his younger years, he had a hard time. He was always looking for something. He had his rock-and-roll; he had his women. But it was never enough."

Waco (Part One: The Shepherd's Rod)

February 13th, 2023


"Our prayers for such an undertaking on behalf of God's people will be answered by whatever the results to this call might be."

More than a century …

Waco (Prelude: Interview with Jeff Guinn)

January 30th, 2023


"There are no heroes or villains in this story, but neither are there saints or martyrs."

Today's episode features an interview with author Jeff Guinn, author of the new book "Waco: David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, …

Linda Malcom

January 23rd, 2023


"There are a lot of actions this killer took. Stabbing her 18 times, setting the house on fire.... They took additional measures that weren't necessary to kill her, a level of overkill."

In the early morning hours of 30 …

Preview: The Bunker (Resolved)

January 20th, 2023


This is a brief preview for the newest episode of my Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, available now for all $5+ supporters. To learn more about this …

"Omar m'a tuer"

January 9th, 2023


"The dying woman who points at her own killer - it was like a bad novel by Agatha Christie."

On Monday, 24 June 1991, 65-year-old Ghislaine Marchal …

The University of Idaho Murders (Update)

December 31st, 2022


There has been an update in the University of Idaho Murders (episode #226 from just a few weeks ago). Earlier today, authorities announced that they …

GirlsDoPorn (Update)

December 24th, 2022


There has been an update in the GirlsDoPorn story (episode #156 from 2020). Earlier this week, officials in Spain arrested Michael James Pratt, the founder of GirlsDoPorn who became a fugitive back in 2019...

To learn …

Maggie Long

December 19th, 2022


"It takes a certain mentality, and a certain personality type, to commit an act like this. To burn a woman alive is not something many people are capable of doing."

Early on the evening of 1 December 2017, authorities in …

The University of Idaho Murders

December 12th, 2022


"Someone did this with a purpose of doing this. Not once, not twice, not three times but four. I don't know anything scarier than that."

Early on the …

Toyah Cordingley & The Delphi Murders (Double Update)

December 4th, 2022


This week has seen significant updates for two stories previously covered on Unresolved:

- Toyah Cordingley (episode #169 from 2021)

- The Delphi …

Douglas Cleaves

November 21st, 2022


"Hey, don't shoot, I understand what's going on, don't shoot. We can work this out."

Just after midnight on 19 October 1985, Douglas Cleaves was relaxing with his sister and two of his friends at his home in Anchorage, …

Toyah Cordingley (Update)

November 17th, 2022


There has been a small update in the story of Toyah Cordingley (episode #169 from 2021). Just recently, Queensland officials announced a $1,000,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Rajwinder Singh, who is …

The Little Rock Slasher

November 14th, 2022


"There is a strong possibility the person who did this continues to work and/or live in our community. He likely has familiarity with the area in which the victims were attacked."

Between August 2020 and April 2021, four …

Estrella Carrera

November 7th, 2022


"She said that he was crying and he was really nervous. He said they had a really bad fight and he had left her bleeding."

On 11 May 2012, 26-year-old …

The Delphi Murders (Update)

October 31st, 2022


There has been an update in the story of the Delphi Murders (episode #100 from back in May of 2019). On Friday, 28 October 2022, authorities announced a press conference to be held earlier today. In it, they withheld a …

Gary Sudbrink

October 31st, 2022


"You're being impersonated by the other voice."

On the evening of 8 February 1993, Gary Sudbrink was at his parent's home in New York, located on Long …

Mary Anne Holmes

October 24th, 2022


"Whoever did this couldn't be human."

On the afternoon of 9 July 1995, the four-year-old daughter of Mary Anne Holmes ran to a neighbor's home in the …

Avi Keys

October 17th, 2022


"Are you dead yet?"

On 13 May 2004, four men drove out from Fairbanks, Alaska along the Steese Highway. High on methamphetamine, three of the men had …

Loni Kai

October 10th, 2022


"Fingertips cut off, face smashed in - whoever did it, there certainly was a violent rage."

In the early morning hours of 26 August 2001, Loni Kai was …

The Castration Murders

October 3rd, 2022


"We found drag marks and blood spatters leading from the highway to the trees. It looks like someone just drove up, dragged the body out of the car, dumped it and then drove away."

In June of 1982, the body of …

Joshua Maddux

September 11th, 2022


"Sometimes in life, our stories don't have happy endings. I'm sorry to say that this is one of those stories..."

On the morning of May 8th, 2008, …

Kimberley Lockyer & Dale Worthman

August 28th, 2022


“Shannon, you killed both of them... you're just one cold-hearted bastard. You're the one that done that, not me."

Kimberley Lockyer and Dale Worthman …

Eddie Politelli

August 22nd, 2022


"I don't think it will turn out to be someone who lives here. I think it was just a crime of opportunity."

On the morning of 12 June 2006, Anthony Sposato arrived at his pizza shop, Mama Mia N.Y. Style Pizza and Pasta in …

Jeannette "Charlie" Atwater

August 7th, 2022


"One of the theories is that it was somebody passing through and she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have been …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Update - Extended)

July 31st, 2022


This update episode features a discussion about the LISK case with author and filmmaker Jesse Pollack, and picks up from where Jesse and I left off …

Point Pleasant (Revisited)

July 27th, 2022


"Have no fear. We come from a country that is not nearly as powerful as yours. We mean you no harm."

Throughout 1966 and 1967, weird encounters were …

Ray Gricar

July 10th, 2022


"The state police used a helicopter to search for two hours along the banks of the Susquehanna River, near where his car was found, for any signs.... …

Trevor Deely

June 26th, 2022


"Hi, Glen, I've missed you there. Just on my way home, all going good. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

In the early morning hours of 8 December 2000, Trevor Deely was walking back to his flat in Dublin's Ballsbridge …

Lenoria Jones

June 19th, 2022


"It's a difficult case. You've got no crime scene, no body, no witnesses. You basically have nothing but the hope somebody is going to talk."

At …

The Careaga Family (Update)

June 7th, 2022


There has been an update in the story of the Careaga family (episode #207 from just a few weeks ago). Yesterday, on 6 June 2022, authorities announced the arrest of three men associated with the Bandidos Motorcycle …

Danielle Imbo & Richard Petrone Jr.

June 5th, 2022


"Tips throughout time have indicated logically that this is not a kidnapping case. We're looking very closely at a murder-for-hire scenario."

On the evening of 19 February 2005, Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone Jr. met …

The Careaga Family

May 22nd, 2022


"I'm dying right now. My family's shot. Hurry."

On the evening of 27 January 2017, dispatchers in Kitsap County, Washington received a 911 call from …

The Pennsylvania Serial Bomber?

May 15th, 2022


"We remain committed to keeping the community safe and urge the public if they see these devices on the street or see them being sold to call 911."

On …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Update)

May 15th, 2022


There has been an update in the story of Shannan Gilbert, the woman whose disappearance led to the discovery of the Long Island Serial Killer victims …

Matthew "Jed" Hall (Update)

May 2nd, 2022


There has been an update in the story of Matthew "Jed" Hall (episode #138 from 2020). Authorities from Idaho Falls - along with the organization Adventures With Purpose - have announced the discovery of Jed's vehicle …

The I-70 Killer

May 1st, 2022


"I think we are definitely dealing with a serial killer. He's not really getting much money out of the shops. We don't know why he's killing people."

Between April and May of 1992, a series of shooting deaths took place …

The Dayton Strangler

April 17th, 2022


"The further the investigation is conducted the deeper the mystery becomes..."

Almost exactly two years after the attacks in Cumminsville, Ohio came …

The Cumminsville Ripper

April 10th, 2022


"The girl's head rested in a big pool of blood. Her eyes were wide open. The teeth were missing, and her face completely covered with blood. In one …

The I-65 Killer (Update)

April 5th, 2022


There has been an update in the story of the I-65 Killer (episodes #125 & #126 from 2020). Police have announced the usage of genealogical …

MV Joyita

March 20th, 2022


"The vessel would never sink unless she broke up... I just can't understand why everybody would have abandoned her."

On 10 November 1955, Captain …

The Enfield Monster

March 14th, 2022


“Nothing I know of is in season now, especially monsters. Anybody we know of out hunting monsters, especially with guns, will be put in jail. We’re afraid they’ll kill somebody.”

Throughout 1973, residents in and near …

Dana Chisholm

March 6th, 2022


"She lived two very separate lives. We all think about the small-town girl who comes to the big city, meets predators who prey on her and that leads to her demise. But that is not the case here. Dana was very savvy."

In …

Katie Janness

February 20th, 2022


"There is a monster on the loose in the city of Atlanta."

On the evening of 27 July 2021, 40-year-old Katie Janness set off on a walk with her dog, …


February 12th, 2022


It finally happened... I caught COVID. Been sick for the past couple of weeks, but hope to have a new episode out soon. Take care!

This show is part of the Spreaker Prime Network, if you are interested in advertising on …

William Fenzau (Interview)

February 6th, 2022


An interview with Lori Grande, sister of William Fenzau. If you have not already listened to the original episode, I recommend you do so before listening to this conversation, which touches and expands upon several …

William Fenzau

January 23rd, 2022


"William stood strong in who he was. If the world didn't like that he was queer, fuck the world."

On 7 June 2005, the body of William Fenzau was discovered in his Miami, Florida home. Having been stabbed dozens of times …

The Annecy Shootings & Beatriz Mota (Double Update)

January 13th, 2022


This week has seen significant updates for two stories previously covered on Unresolved:

- The Annecy Shootings (episode #196 from December 2021)

- …

The Morningside Murders

January 9th, 2022


"The things they were involved with at the time... their problems could have come from anywhere."

On the morning of 3 December 1974, Harriet Isom …

The Annecy Shootings

December 26th, 2021


"I won't say it was professional, what I will say is it was tremendous savagery. And what is certain is that somebody wanted to kill."

On the afternoon of 5 September 2012, an attack took place just off of the Route …

Preview: Resolved #16

December 15th, 2021


This is a brief preview for the 16th episode of my Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, which is available now for all $5+ supporters. To learn more …

"Clay the Serial Killer"

December 12th, 2021


"I never sent the clues, I never left anything, you know, I wanted to add my little signature."

On the morning of 13 August 1997, a mysterious man …

The San Fernando Massacres (Part Two)

December 5th, 2021


"(Tamaulipas) is one of the places where clearly state, federal, and local authorities are not in control. It's tragic, it's unfortunate, but it's a …

The San Fernando Massacres (Part One)

November 21st, 2021


"Now there is fear for everything you do. The fear of going out, to drive, to get out of the car, to go to a party. We no longer trust anyone."

In …

RERELEASE: The Acid King

November 7th, 2021


In July of 1984, a story originating from Long Island, New York began to make headlines throughout the world.

The body of 17-year-old Gary Lauwers was …

The Gatton Murders

October 31st, 2021


"I thought they were sleeping in the sun. After I got a bit closer I saw the clothing of the girls was disarranged, and then I could see the ants …

The Dupont de Ligonnès Affair

October 17th, 2021


“He’s vain, proud. He doesn’t want to lose face. He doesn’t want his children to find out he’s got no money, that he’s ruined.”

On 7 April 2011, the patriarch of the aristocratic Dupont de Ligonnès family, Xavier, packed …

Therese Vanderheiden-Walsh

October 3rd, 2021


"Don't look anything like yourself. We'll meet you at the station. Leave everything behind that might remind you of your past life, including pictures and credit cards and your driver's license. Forget who you are."

On …

The Burger Chef Murders

September 19th, 2021


1978 was a challenging year for the Indianapolis, Indiana enclave of Speedway.

In a town that boasted less than two homicides in collective memory, a …

Henryk Siwiak

September 12th, 2021


"Bad people attacked and killed many people in New York on this day. Other bad people killed your father this same day. He wasn't alone."

On the …

The Silent Twins (June & Jennifer Gibbons)

August 29th, 2021


“We said we weren’t going to speak to anybody. We stopped talking altogether—only us two, in our bedroom upstairs.”

Born in April of 1963, June and Jennifer Gibbons were twins born to a pair of immigrants that relocated …

The Short Family

August 15th, 2021


"We presume that she was kidnapped, abducted from her own home after her parents were killed and taken against her will."

On 15 August 2002, the …

PFC LaVena Johnson

August 1st, 2021


“Women serving in the U.S. military are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.”

On 19 July 2005, Private First …

"Fallen Angel"

July 25th, 2021


In the waning days of 2003, a mysterious entity would begin a short-lived campaign of terror.

Using the name "Fallen Angel," this mysterious group or …

Robert Wone

July 18th, 2021


On the evening of 2 August 2006, a 32-year-old lawyer named Robert Wone was finishing up work at his office at Radio Free Asia in Washington D.C.

The Cleveland Torso Murders

July 11th, 2021


Between 1934 and 1938, at least 13 men and women were murdered in or around Cleveland’s Kingsbury Run.

Dubbed “the Cleveland Torso Killer,” “the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run,” and less commonly “The Headhunter,” the …

Preview: Resolved #15

July 8th, 2021


This is a brief preview for the 15th episode of my Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, which is available now for all $5+ supporters. To learn more …

Linda Pikuritz

May 30th, 2021


"In my 10 years in law enforcement, never have I see a slaying of this type nor has anyone on my staff... This was a brutal slaying done by a very …

"Mary Anderson"

May 16th, 2021


"The ritual of her death is probably not too different from how she lived her life. She is very careful, methodical. She goes to great lengths to …

Paul Skiba, Sarah Skiba, and Lorenzo Chivers

May 9th, 2021


"I know he's not coming home. I know something horrible has happened to him."

On 7 February 1999 in Westminster, Colorado, 38-year old Paul Skiba, his …

Annette Sagers & Korrina Malinoski

May 2nd, 2021


"Dad, mom came back. Give the boys lots of kisses and hugs, and also you too - Love, Annette."

On the morning of 4 October 1988, 11-year-old Annette …

Shelton Sanders

April 18th, 2021


"How do I explain getting rid of a body?"

On 19 June 2001, 25-year-old Shelton Sanders disappeared en route to his family's home in Rembert, South …

Short Stories #3 (Gloria Ramirez & The Street of Dreams Murders)

April 11th, 2021


This episode contains two separate, unrelated stories from the Patreon archive.

In February of 1994, 31-year-old Gloria Ramirez was admitted to the …

The Alaskan Avenger

April 4th, 2021


"My silent understanding that I was worthless, a throw away... The foundations laid in my youth never went away."

In June of 2016, 41-year-old Jason …

The Wade Boggs Challenge (Holiday Special)

April 1st, 2021


In honor of April Fool's Day and MLB Opening Day I bring you a very special bonus episode about the man, the myth, and the legend... Wade Boggs.

Music …

Rachanda Pickle

March 28th, 2021


"At this point, we're hoping that she did run away and that she's safe and sound somewhere. What we're afraid of is that someone came up to the …

The South County Bomber

March 21st, 2021


"I would not consider him a sociopath because the thing he is doing is almost bizarre, and on a psychotic level..."

Between October and November of …

Rev. Carol Daniels

March 7th, 2021


"I've prosecuted over 50 murders. This is the most horrific crime scene I've ever witnessed."

On 23 August 2009, pastor Carol Daniels drove from her …

Elizabeth Barraza

February 28th, 2021


"It was very quick, it was very calculated, very cold-blooded (in) how it was done... I do believe that more than one person was involved in this..."

The Unknown Person

February 21st, 2021


"...the Unknown Person considers himself to be the director of a play and Canadian authorities are but actors subject to his direction."

In April of …

Toyah Cordingley

February 14th, 2021


"Finding her body has burnt an indelible image in my mind. It is something a father should never have to suffer."

On the morning of 22 October 2018, …

The Metcalf Sniper Attack

February 7th, 2021


"... the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the (power) grid that has ever occurred."

In the early morning hours of April 16th, …

Preview: Resolved #14

February 5th, 2021


This is a brief preview for the fourteenth episode of my Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, which is available now for all $5+ supporters. To learn …

The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders (Part Five)

January 24th, 2021


Between 1972 and 1973, at least seven women were murdered in California's Sonoma County.

The discovery of three bodies in July of 1979 - after years …

The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders (Part Four)

January 17th, 2021


"We had no crime scene, just a body. What are you going to do?"

In July of 1979 - more than four years after the hitchhiker murders from Sonoma County …

The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders (Part Three)

January 10th, 2021


"The only way to connect this is if we have some kind of freak who travels the whole city."

In 1975, a confidential FBI report - which was published …

The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders (Part Two)

December 27th, 2020


"There are plenty of places to hide a body and I've no doubt there are some around we haven't found."

Throughout 1973, detectives from California's …

The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker Murders (Part One)

December 20th, 2020


In the final days of 1972, a spotlight would begin to shine upon California's Sonoma County.

That year, a handful of young women had gone missing or …

The Acid King

December 13th, 2020


In July of 1984, a story originating from Long Island, New York began to make headlines throughout the world.

The body of 17-year-old Gary Lauwers …

Diane Augat

December 6th, 2020


"Did someone cut her up, piece by piece? That's what I think about."

On April 10th, 1998, 40-year-old Diane Augat walked away from her sister's home …

The Con Queen of Hollywood (Update)

December 3rd, 2020


There has been an update in the Hollywood Con Queen story (episode #137 of Unresolved). Hargobind Tahilramani was taken into British custody on …

The Volga Maniac (Update)

December 1st, 2020


There has been an update in the Volga Maniac case (episode #139 of the podcast). Russian authorities have taken 38-year-old Radik Tagirov into …

Preview: Resolved #13

November 30th, 2020


This is a brief preview for the thirteenth episode of my new Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, which is available now for all $5+ supporters. To …

The Waverly Stranglings

November 29th, 2020


"Whoever this person or persons are that killed these girls, you know, they've had to have told somebody..."

Known primarily as the seat of Bremer …

Teekah Lewis

November 22nd, 2020


"I turned my head for less than a minute and she was gone. Someone had to pick her up and run out the door."

On the evening of January 23rd, 1999, …

The Phantom Marine

November 15th, 2020


William Willard Langston was declared dead on Iwo Jima. His wife and son moved on without him... then a man claiming to be him appeared in his hometown. The people who knew William his entire life were certain it was …

Preview: Resolved #12

November 14th, 2020


This is a brief preview for the twelfth episode of my new Patreon-exclusive show, Resolved, which is available now for all $5+ supporters. To learn …

Nonnie Dotson

November 8th, 2020


On the afternoon of November 19th, 2006, Nonnie Dotson would disappear into thin air.

The 33-year-old single mother of one, who was a First Lieutenant …

Alan Berg

November 1st, 2020


On June 18th, 1984, a prominent talk-show host was gunned down in front of his Colorado home.

Alan Harrison Berg was a 50-year-old radio host from …


October 25th, 2020


In 2013, a website featuring amateur pornography began making headlines across the United States - and later, the world.

Founded by New Zealander Michael Pratt in 2006, GirlsDoPorn was billed early on as "a reality …

Short Stories #2 (Tony Harrelson & Robert Pillsen-Rahier)

October 18th, 2020


This episode contains two separate, unrelated stories that haven't been reported on much in the past.

In October of 2009, 46-year-old Tony Harrelson …

Matt Stewart

October 11th, 2020


In the early morning hours of June 9th, 2009, a violent home invasion would take place in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Just after midnight, Matt and …

The Northern Bank Robbery

October 4th, 2020


Some listeners told me that they had trouble with some of the volume levels in this episode, so I have uploaded a different audio file which - …

The Investor Murders (Part Two: Trials & Tribulations)

September 27th, 2020


On September 10th, 1984 - two years after Alaska's largest unsolved murder - authorities announced that they had a suspect in custody.

John Kenneth …

The Investor Murders (Part One: A Tragedy In Craig, AK)

September 20th, 2020


On the afternoon of September 7th, 1982, it was discovered that a ship - anchored in a lonely harbor about one mile outside of Craig, Alaska - had caught fire.

Hours later, after the flames had been extinguished, …

The Colonial Parkway Murders

August 30th, 2020


The Colonial Parkway is a historic and scenic road that links together the three points of Virginia's Historic Triangle: Jamestown, Williamsburg, and …

True Crime Movie Club - D.C. Sniper

August 23rd, 2020


As you probably guessed from the episode title, this is not a new episode of Unresolved. I'm taking this weekend off to finish up the Unresolved …

"Adam" (Torso In The Thames)

August 16th, 2020


On 21st September 2001, a man discovered the dismembered remains of a young boy floating in the River Thames.

Investigators would begin the lengthy …

Preview: Resolved #11

August 14th, 2020


This is a brief preview for the eleventh episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

The OKC Butcher

August 2nd, 2020


In April of 1976, three men would wander into an abandoned building, which they soon discovered to be a house of horrors.

Inside of the home were the …

The Con

July 29th, 2020


This bonus episode is an interview with producer Patrick Lovell, who has been working on his new true crime docu-series "The Con" for the better part of the last decade.

"The Con" is centered around the 2007-2008 …

Beatriz Mota

July 26th, 2020


In December of 2015, a graduation ceremony was being held at the Colégio Nossa Senhora Maria Auxiliadora in Petrolina.

7-year-old Beatriz Mota …

Preview: Resolved #10

July 17th, 2020


This is a brief preview for the tenth episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

The National Hotel Epidemic

July 12th, 2020


In January and March of 1857, President-elect James Buchanan stayed at the National Hotel in Washington D.C.

Located along the National Mall, the National - formerly known as "Gadsby's Hotel" - was the most regal lodging …

Arpana Jinaga

July 5th, 2020


On November 3rd, 2008, the body of a young woman was found inside of her Redmond, WA apartment.

Arpana Jinaga was a 24-year-old computer programmer, …

Snohomish County Jane Doe (Update)

June 26th, 2020


There has been an update in the Snohomish County "Precious" Jane Doe case (episode #66 of the podcast). Police have identified her as 17-year-old …

The Night Watcher

June 21st, 2020


Armed with a shotgun, a violent home invader has instilled terror throughout southern England.

Emerging from the area around London, a burglar began …

Darren Rainey

June 14th, 2020


In 2012, a Florida prisoner died after being locked in a shower for two hours.

Darren Rainey, a 50-year-old inmate at the Dade Correctional …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Live-Stream)

June 7th, 2020


This week, in lieu of a new episode, I'm posting the audio from June 4th's live-stream. I was joined by my good friend Jesse Pollack (The Acid King, …

The Main Line Murders (Part Three: Polaroid)

May 31st, 2020


Following the arrest of Bill Bradfield in April of 1983, his fate began to look grim.

In the ensuing trial, prosecutors would manage to successfully …

The Main Line Murders (Part Two: Jay & Bill)

May 24th, 2020


In the years after Susan Reinert's body was discovered, investigators would struggle to latch on to available leads.

Early on, investigators had …

The Main Line Murders (Part One: Susan, Karen & Michael)

May 17th, 2020


On the morning of June 25th, 1979, an anonymous caller would alert police to the discovery of a female body in Swatara Township, Pennsylvania.

The …

The Volga Maniac

May 3rd, 2020


Between 2011 and 2012, a Russian serial killer would target elderly women that lived alone.

Beginning his spree in the early months of 2011, this …

Preview: Resolved #9

April 24th, 2020


This is a brief preview for the ninth episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

Matthew "Jed" Hall

April 23rd, 2020


In January of 2018, a teenager ran away from his family's home in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

Leaving behind a suicide note, 16-year-old Jed Hall seemed to …

The Con Queen of Hollywood

April 19th, 2020


Since 2013, an intricate scheme has plagued the entertainment industry.

Posing as high-level executives (primarily female producers and directors), a single scam artist has been luring writers, stunt people, make-up …

Henry Every

April 12th, 2020


The Golden Age of Piracy - which spanned from the 1650s through the 1730s - would give rise to many notorious figures.

Among them was an individual …

The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders (Part Three: Guilt)

April 5th, 2020


On October 6th, 1999, police in Austin announced the arrest of four suspects in the area's most high-profile cold case.

Maurice Pierce and Forrest …

The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders (Part Two: Confidence)

March 29th, 2020


"On December 6th, 1991, we - as a city - lost our innocence. Today, we regain our confidence."

Those were the words spoken by Austin's mayor Kirk Watson, at a press conference held in October of 1999. In the nearly eight …

Robert Levinson (Final Update)

March 26th, 2020


This is an update for episode #93, which detailed the story of Robert Levinson, an American that disappeared while visiting Kish Island (off the …

The Austin Yogurt Shop Murders (Part One: Innocence)

March 22nd, 2020


On the evening of December 6th, 1991, tragedy would strike the capital of Texas.

APD Sgt. John Jones Jr. signed onto duty, well aware that he was the …

Kyron Horman

March 15th, 2020


On June 4th, 2010, a 7-year-old disappeared after attending a science fair at his school.

Kyron Horman was a second-grader at Portland, Oregon's …

The Family Murders (Part Two: The Family)

March 8th, 2020


As the families of five young men mourned, investigators began to circle around their top suspect, Bevan Spencer von Einem.

From the outside looking in, von Einem was incredibly average: a middle-aged accountant for a …

Short Stories #1 (The Val Johnson Incident & The Area 51 Caller)

March 1st, 2020


Due to some unfortunate setbacks, I am unable to record part two of the Family Murders. So, this week, I'll be releasing two short stories from the Patreon archive: the Val Johnson Incident and the Area 51 Caller.

The Family Murders (Part One: The Murders)

February 23rd, 2020


Between 1979 and 1983, a series of heinous murders shocked Adelaide.

The victims were all young men, who had gone missing in or near the northern section of town. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 25, and most were …

Olivia Thorndike

February 16th, 2020


Throughout 2019, bizarre classified ads started to appear in the Virginia-based Rappahannock Record, which were centered around a cold case four …

"Grave Robbing for Morons"

February 9th, 2020


For years, sleuths have tried to figure out the secrets behind a bizarre home movie.

The video - which was eventually titled "Grave Robbing for Morons" and released as a part of a longer compilation - shows a young man …

Preview: Resolved #8

February 7th, 2020


This is a brief preview for the eighth episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

The I-65 Killer (Part Two: The Bearded Man)

February 2nd, 2020


Throughout the early 1990's, investigators with the Indiana State Police attempted to solve the Days Inn Murders.

Unbeknownst to investigators at the …

The I-65 Killer (Part One: The Days Inn Murders)

January 26th, 2020


On March 3rd, 1989, two women were found to have been murdered 50 miles away from one another.

24-year-old Peggy Gill & 34-year-old Jeanne …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Update)

January 17th, 2020


This is an update for episodes #14-16, which detailed the crimes committed by the Long Island Serial Killer, who buried the bodies of sex workers …

The Waltham Triple Murder

January 12th, 2020


In September of 2011, a morbid saga began to play out in a suburb of Boston named Waltham.

The bodies of 37-year-old Raphael "Rafi" Teken, 31-year-old …

The Setagaya Murders (Revisited)

January 5th, 2020


On the evening of December 30th, 2000, a family home in Tokyo's Setagaya district would become a house of horrors.

Mikio and Yasuko Miyazawa had moved …

12 Days of Updates (#12: The Original Night Stalker)

December 27th, 2019


This is an update for episodes #1-3 of the podcast, which detailed the crime spree of the infamous Golden State Killer, who has been also known by …

12 Days of Updates (#11: The Millbrook Twins)

December 26th, 2019


This is an update for episodes #39-41, which covered the 1990 disappearance of twin sisters Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook. The sisters, who lived in Augusta, Georgia, have been missing for almost three decades, and a …

12 Days of Updates (#10: Tiffany Nelson)

December 25th, 2019


This is an update for episode #42, which detailed the disappearance and death of 9-year-old Tiffany Nelson from Augusta, Georgia. Tiffany disappeared …

12 Days of Updates (#9: Andrya DeGhelder)

December 24th, 2019


This is an update for episode #62 of the podcast, which covered the life and mysterious death of 39-year-old Andrya DeGhelder. Andrya - a divorcee …

12 Days of Updates (#8: The Daytona Beach Killer)

December 23rd, 2019


This is an update for episode #94, which detailed the murders of LaQuetta Gunther, Julie Green, Iwana Patton, and Stacey Gage. In the months since my …

12 Days of Updates (#7: Ashley Freeman & Lauria Bible)

December 22nd, 2019


This is an update for episode #37 of the podcast, which covered the grisly murders of Danny and Kathy Freeman, as well as the related disappearances of their teenage daughter, Ashley, and her friend, Lauria Bible. I …

12 Days of Updates (#6: Oakey "Al" Kite)

December 21st, 2019


This is an update for episode #54, which detailed the life and death of 53-year-old Oakey "Al" Kite, a Colorado man who was tortured and murdered in …

12 Days of Updates (#5: Brittany Phillips)

December 20th, 2019


This is an update for episode #105, which covered the tragic story of 18-year-old Brittany Phillips, whose body was found in her Tulsa, …

12 Days of Updates (#4: Chase Massner)

December 19th, 2019


This is an update for episode #21, which detailed the 2014 disappearance of an Army veteran. 26-year-old Chase Massner went missing in March of that …

12 Days of Updates (#3: Carina Saunders)

December 18th, 2019


This is an update for episode #80, which detailed the tragically misguided investigation into the death of 19-year-old Carina Saunders. The remains …

12 Days of Updates (#2: Robert Levinson)

December 17th, 2019


This is an update for episode #93 of the podcast, which was centered around intelligence contractor Robert Levinson. Levinson, who disappeared while visiting Iran's Kish Island, has become the longest-held captive in …

12 Days of Updates (#1: Quadriga)

December 16th, 2019


This is an update for episode #96 of the podcast, Quadriga, which was originally published in April of 2019. I cover what we've learned in the months since, and discuss the current petition to have Quadriga founder …

Philando Castile

December 8th, 2019


In the summer of 2016, a police shooting would spark protests all across America.

Philando Divall Castile was a 32-year-old African American man that …

Kimberly Riley & Jeremy Britt-Bayinthavong

November 28th, 2019


17 years ago, two lives were lost in a tragic holiday shooting in Tacoma, Washington.

On November 28th, 2002, the paths of 19-year-old Kimberly Riley …

The Lane Bryant Shooting

November 24th, 2019


In 2008, an unknown gunman would commit one of the few unsolved mass shootings in U.S. history.

February 2nd of that year was a cold and blustery day …

Jaidyn Leskie

November 17th, 2019


The disappearance of a child would kick off one of Australia's most scandalous chapters.

On June 14th, 1997, Greg Domaszewicz offered to babysit for …

Jeffrey Gebhardt

November 10th, 2019


On the morning of September 23rd, 2012, officials were dispatched to a patch of woods in northern Georgia to find a lost hunter.

35-year-old Jeffrey …

Preview: Resolved #7

November 5th, 2019


This is a brief preview for the seventh episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

Rodney Marks

November 3rd, 2019


A mysterious death at the South Pole would spark a nearly decade-long international investigation.

Rodney Marks was a 32-year-old astrophysicist, who …

The Keddie Murders

October 27th, 2019


In April of 1981, a violent crime would tear apart a quiet town in northern California.

Keddie is a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains, located …

Angela Brooks & Nancy Cushman

October 20th, 2019


In the early morning hours of November 25th, 2010, the bodies of two teenage girls would be found in an abandoned lot in Augusta, Georgia.

Spring-Heeled Jack

October 13th, 2019


Through the latter half of the 1830's, an urban legend began to take shape on the rooftops and in the foggy alleyways of London.

First came rumors of …

The Shadow Brokers (Part Two: Execute)

October 6th, 2019


The enigmatic Shadow Brokers, who seemingly disappeared in January of 2017, would break their silence just three months later.

Following the …

Preview: Resolved #6

October 3rd, 2019


This is a brief preview for the sixth episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

The Shadow Brokers (Part One: Auction)

September 29th, 2019


In August of 2016, a mysterious hacker collective began releasing files and folders stolen directly from the NSA.

Many of the programs this person or …

The Daytona Beach Killer (Update)

September 16th, 2019


Between 2005 and 2007, a serial killer targeted sex workers in the Daytona Beach region. Laquetta Gunther, Julie Green, and Iwana Patton all fell …

West Mesa Bone Collector (Part Three: 118th Street Homicides)

September 15th, 2019


In the decade since eleven bodies were found in Albuquerque, a task force has worked to identify the mysterious West Mesa Bone Collector.

The 118th …

West Mesa Bone Collector (Part Two: The War Zone)

September 8th, 2019


Through 2009, police would continue to unearth a mass grave along the western edge of Albuquerque.

Following the discovery of eleven female bodies, …

West Mesa Bone Collector (Part One: The Pit)

September 1st, 2019


On February 2nd, 2009, a woman walking her dog would stumble upon the largest crime scene in Albuquerque history.

In the years prior, this …

Larry Chism

August 18th, 2019


In July of 1974, a young college student from Memphis State University was sentenced to 40 years in state prison for his involvement in an illegal …

Judy Weichert

August 11th, 2019


On the morning of July 28th, 1984, Judy Weichert set off on a jog, unaware that it would be her last.

Judy, a 33-year-old Oklahoma native, had been …

Preview: Resolved #5

July 31st, 2019


This is a brief preview for the fifth episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

The Assassination of Philip Barton Key

June 30th, 2019


A love triangle between a Congressman, his wife, and a U.S. Attorney turns violent when a mysterious letter is received.

Daniel Sickles was a young …

Preview: Resolved #4

June 20th, 2019


This is a brief preview for the fourth episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

Brittany Phillips

June 16th, 2019


In the summer of 2004, an 18-year-old moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She had actually grown up in Tulsa and gone to high school there, but had moved …

Cyle Van Komen & Kevin Nelson

June 9th, 2019


In December of 2016, a home invasion turned violent in South Ogden, Utah.

24-year-old Cyle Van Komen lived in a home along the 3600 block of Ogden …

The Monster With 21 Faces

June 2nd, 2019


Through 1984 and 1985, a mysterious group calling itself "The Monster With 21 Faces" waged an extortion and blackmail campaign against numerous Japanese companies.

This bizarre vendetta began on March 18th, 1984, when …

The Abduction of Violet Ripken

May 26th, 2019


On July 24th, 2012, Violet Ripken was abducted at gunpoint.

That morning, 74-year-old Violet had set off on her morning routine, and was abducted from …

Preview: Resolved #3

May 15th, 2019


This is a brief preview for the third episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

Danniella Vian

May 12th, 2019


On July 17th, 2018, Danniella Vian disappeared in Mobile, Alabama.

Danniella, a 24-year-old mother of one, had spent months trying to get her life …

The Delphi Murders

May 5th, 2019


On February 13th, 2017, two teenage girls were murdered in Delphi, Indiana.

Liberty German and Abigail Williams - "Libby" and "Abby" for short - were …

Philip Fraser

April 28th, 2019


While driving from Alaska to Washington, a young man would meet a tragic and horrifying end.

On June 14th, 1988, 23-year old Philip Fraser set out …

Dwayne Jones (Gully Queen)

April 21st, 2019


On July 22nd, 2013, a Jamaican teenager was brutally murdered by a homophobic mob.

Dwayne Jones was a 16-year old that had been banished from his …

Preview: Resolved #2

April 15th, 2019


This is a brief preview for the second episode in my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and …

The Evansdale Murders

April 14th, 2019


In July of 2012, tragedy struck the small town of Evansdale, Iowa.

Lyric Cook-Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins were two cousins that lived in this …


April 7th, 2019


What happens when more than $100 million in cryptocurrency disappears?

In 2013, Ontario-born Gerald Cotten co-founded the cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX. A recent graduate from York University, Cotten had become …

The Winds of Winter (Holiday Special)

April 1st, 2019


For years, the existence of a highly-sought manuscript has sparked intense debate online and in-person. Even now, as we reach a major milestone in Westerosi history, the debate continues...

Written, hosted, and produced …

The Burrowing Burglars

March 31st, 2019


On the morning of June 9th, 1986, employees at Hollywood's First Interstate Bank showed up for work, preparing for the long week ahead. However, they …

The Daytona Beach Killer

March 24th, 2019


Between December of 2005 and December of 2007, a serial killer terrorized sex workers in Daytona Beach, Florida.

45-year old LaQuetta Gunther was the …

Robert Levinson

March 17th, 2019


For more than two decades, Robert Levinson served as a law enforcement agent specializing in money laundering and other financial crimes. Originally a member of the DEA, Levinson took his talents to the FBI, where he …

Preview: Resolved #1

March 15th, 2019


This is a brief preview for my new series, Resolved, which is available now on Patreon. To learn more about this series - and how you can listen - …

The Brabant Killers (Update #2)

March 10th, 2019


Between 1982 and 1985, a group of three gunmen terrorized the Brabant region of Belgium. Now, police have begun to focus their attention on a group …

Bardstown - Revisited (Part Five: Daniel Cahoe)

March 3rd, 2019


From 2013 to 2016, a series of high-profile crimes shook the region of Bardstown, Kentucky. But predating all of them was a mysterious murder.

Daniel …

Bardstown - Revisited (Interlude: The Mayors)

February 27th, 2019


Many continue to believe that there is corruption running amok throughout Bardstown, and that it starts all the way at the top; in positions like Mayor, where seemingly small changes can have long-term ramifications.

Bardstown - Revisited (Part Four: Tommy Ballard)

February 24th, 2019


Through 2015 and 2016, the region of Bardstown was marshaled behind one family as they fought to find their missing loved one: Crystal Rogers.

The …

Bardstown - Revisited (Interlude: Sherry Ballard Barnes)

February 20th, 2019


Several decades before the disappearance of Crystal Rogers, her family went through an eerily-identical tragedy. On January 19th, 1979, Sherry …

Bardstown - Revisited (Part Three: Crystal Rogers)

February 17th, 2019


On July 3rd, 2015, Crystal Rogers was last seen by anyone. She had been planning to spend the evening with her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, and had …

Bardstown - Revisited (Interlude: Tony Satterly)

February 13th, 2019


Through the first half of 2014, rumors continued to proliferate the region of Bardstown. Many believed that the Bardstown Police Department was …

Bardstown - Revisited (Part Two: Kathy & Samantha Netherland)

February 10th, 2019


On April 22nd, 2014 a mother and daughter from Bardstown, Kentucky are noticeably absent from work/school. 48-year old Kathy and 16-year old Samantha …

Bardstown - Revisited (Part One: Officer Jason Ellis)

February 10th, 2019


In the early morning hours of May 25th, 2013, an officer in the small town of Bardstown, Kentucky was headed home.

That officer - Jason Ellis - was a Cincinnati native who had moved to the region a little less than ten …

Daniel Shaver

February 3rd, 2019


On the evening of January 18th, 2016, a young man named Daniel Shaver was checked into a hotel room in Mesa, Arizona. He was in-town for business, having left his wife and two daughters behind at their home in Granbury, …

The Brabant Killers (Update)

January 28th, 2019


This is an update for episodes 31 - 35 of the podcast, which detailed Belgium's infamous Brabant Killers: a trio of gunmen that terrorized residents in the region surrounding Brussels. They killed 28 and wounded dozens …

The Max Headroom Incident

January 27th, 2019


On November 22nd, 1987, Chicago's channel 9 (WGN) was briefly interrupted. During the Sunday evening news, viewers were greeted by a bizarre masked man, who came upon their screen for a little under 20 seconds before …

Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre

January 20th, 2019


On February 10th, 1990, a bowling alley in Las Cruces, New Mexico was stirring. Four people - two staff members and and a pair of teenagers that were going to work in the building's day care - were inside the building, …

Lake City Quiet Pills

January 13th, 2019


On July 17th, 2009, a Reddit user named /u/2-6 announced that their friend - another Reddit user named /u/ReligionOfPeace - had passed away.

This …

Carina Saunders

January 6th, 2019


On October 13th, 2011, an animal rescue group in Bethany, Oklahoma made a startling discovery: two bags, which contained the dismembered human …

The North Augusta Huddle House Shooting

December 30th, 2018


Every morning, a group of retirees - who jokingly referred to themselves as the "Board of Directors" - met up at a Huddle House in North Augusta, …

The Warminster "Thing"

December 23rd, 2018


On December 25th, 1964 - Christmas Day - a housewife living just outside of the English town of Warminster reported an odd experience. She claimed to have heard an odd sound that reverberated across the countryside, …

The Freeway Phantom

December 16th, 2018


Between April and November of 1971, five young black women were abducted and murdered along the Washington Beltway. All had been killed by an enigma nicknamed "The Freeway Phantom," who had become known for leaving the …

Tristan Brübach

December 9th, 2018


On March 26th, 1998, thirteen-year-old Tristan Brübach went to school (in the Höchst district of Frankfurt). He had tried to skip class, telling both …

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot (Part Three: The Devil's Butcher Shop)

December 2nd, 2018


On February 3rd, 1980, the riot at the New Mexico State Pen carried on into its second full day. Negotiations continued, but with a handful of prison …

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot (Part Two: The Hate Factory)

November 28th, 2018


In the early morning hours of February 2nd, 1980, a dozen inmates at New Mexico's State Penitentiary took four prison guards hostage. Within an hour, …

New Mexico State Penitentiary Riot (Part One: Powder Keg)

November 25th, 2018


Throughout the 20th century, the New Mexico State Penitentiary earned a reputation of being, ironically, a lawless place - where violent and …

Sunset Limited Derailment

November 11th, 2018


In the early morning hours of October 9th, 1995, Amtrak's Sunset Limited - which regularly traveled between coasts - slipped off of the tracks in …

The Wolfs

November 4th, 2018


Between 2004 and 2006, a married couple took the Florida real estate market by storm.

Victor and Natalia Wolf, who had immigrated to the U.S. a few …

San Francisco John Doe #60

October 28th, 2018


On June 15th, 1985, the body of a young man was found in San Francisco's SoMa district.

Despite being unable to learn the man's identity, police …

LeRoy Carter Jr.

October 27th, 2018


LeRoy Carter Jr. was a Vietnam veteran, who returned to the states and struggled to get his life back on-track. He became a transient, who spent several years trying to stay out of jail for a litany of petty crimes.

On …

AMA (Ask Me Anything)

October 21st, 2018


To celebrate the three-year mark of Unresolved, I decided to field some questions and do an impromptu "Ask Me Anything."

I would like to thank …

Philip Onyancha

October 14th, 2018


On June 5th, 2010, Kenyan authorities reported that a 32-year old man living in Nairobi - named Philip Onyancha - had been taken into custody.

Snohomish County Jane Doe

October 7th, 2018


On August 14th, 1977, a pair of blackberry pickers were walking in a wooded area of Everett, Washington - nearby Mariner High School and Paine Field. …

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders (Part Two: The Town That Dreaded Sundown)

September 30th, 2018


In May of 1946, a violent crime unfolds just outside of Texarkana. A farm owner and his wife are shot multiple times by a mysterious attacker, who …

The Texarkana Moonlight Murders (Part One: The Phantom)

September 30th, 2018


Texarkana is a metropolitan area that is split between Texas and Arkansas. In the 1940's, as World War Two began raging overseas, the area became a …


September 9th, 2018


Starting in 1987, villagers in the central African nations of Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) began to float rumors of a vicious crocodile haunting the Ruzizi River. 

This crocodile - a …

Andrya DeGhelder

August 26th, 2018


On the evening of July 24th, 2018 - a Wednesday - 39-year old Andrya DeGhelder was a no-show for her shift at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center. …

The Zip Gun Bomber

August 19th, 2018


On May 7th, 1982, 54-year old Joan Kipp returned home from her job as a guidance counselor. She was planning to spend the weekend away with her …

Satoshi Nakamoto

August 12th, 2018


On November 1st, 2008, a 9-page whitepaper found its way online. Titled "Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System," the whitepaper's author …

Siriyakorn "Bung" Siriboon

July 22nd, 2018


In the mid-2000's, an Australian man named Fred Pattison moved to Thailand. He had recently fallen in love with a Thai woman named Vanidda, who had two daughters from a prior marriage: Siri ("Pang") and Siriyakorn …

The Mississippi Hangings

July 15th, 2018


In October of 1990, a man named David Scott Campbell was arrested in Philadelphia, Mississippi... the same city where, 30 years prior, three civil rights workers had been abducted and murdered by members of the KKK. On …

The Florence Salon Murders

July 8th, 2018


On the morning of November 6th, 2001, a customer walked into a Florence, Montana hair salon. Just inside, she would make a shocking discovery.

Inside …

Arlis Perry (Update)

June 29th, 2018


In October of 1974, a young woman named Arlis Perry was brutally murdered in the Stanford Memorial Church. Over the years, her case has been bandied …


June 24th, 2018


On September 11th, 2001, a massive attack brought America to a screeching halt. 

In the immediate aftermath - while everyone was trying to figure out …

Oakey "Al" Kite

June 16th, 2018


In 2004, 53-year old Oakey "Al" Kite was a middle-aged bachelor living in Aurora, Colorado. He had been living in the area for six years, working for …

Mike Emert

June 10th, 2018


On January 4th, 2001, a Seattle-area real estate agent met up with a potential client in a parking lot. This client, who had contacted the realtor directly, was described as both "odd" and "weird."

While viewing a home …

The Zodiac (Part Three: Legacy)

June 2nd, 2018


Between December of 1968 and October of 1969, four separate attacks left the San Francisco Bay Area shaking. Two attacks happened in the area of Vallejo, another took place along scenic Lake Berryessa, and the final …

The Zodiac (Part Two: This Is The Zodiac)

May 27th, 2018


Three weeks after the Fourth of July shooting incident at Blue Rock Springs Park - in Vallejo, California - a mysterious series of letters were …

The Zodiac (Part One: Vallejo)

May 26th, 2018


On December 20th, 1968, two teenagers - David Faraday and Betty Lou Jensen - were going out on their first date. The two were natives to the Vallejo area of California, and spent their evening driving around, before …

Bethany Deaton

May 16th, 2018


In 2005, Bethany Ann Leidlein left for Southwestern University. She was a bright young student, whose writing had earned her a scholarship to this …

The Morgan County Three

May 9th, 2018


Over a four-year period (1967 - 1970), three women fell prey to violent crimes that plagued an area of northern Alabama: 

- Mary Faye Hunter (who …

The Original Night Stalker (Update)

April 26th, 2018


This is an update regarding the first story I tackled on "Unresolved," that of the serial offender that went by several names: Original Night …

Sgt. Patrick Rust (Part Two: Found)

April 25th, 2018


In September of 2007, the skeletal remains of Sergeant Patrick Rust were found in a field outside of Watertown, New York. Immediately, the Army CID changed the course of their investigation, steering their focus away …

Freeman & Bible (Update)

April 23rd, 2018


This is an update regarding an episode I released in January of 2018, titled "Freeman/Bible."


In December of 1999, the bodies of Danny and Kathy Freeman were found in their burned trailer home, outside of Welch, …

Sgt. Patrick Rust (Part One: Lost)

April 19th, 2018


In 2007, Patrick Rust was a 24-year old Sergeant in the U.S. Army, who had just recently returned from his second deployment. A native New Yorker, …

Phantom Social Workers

April 11th, 2018


In February of 2018, a woman in the Australian city of Queanbeyan claimed that a stranger had visited her home. This mysterious woman, who was unknown to the young mother, had come to inspect her house and her two …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Update)

April 5th, 2018


This is a brief update for episodes 14 - 16 of the podcast, addressing some recent news regarding Shannan Gilbert and the drama unfolding in Suffolk …

The Shaw Creek Killer

March 18th, 2018


On the morning of November 16th, 1987, a pair of hunters discovered the skeletonized remains of a young woman just a stone's throw away from Shaw …

The Millbrook Twins (Update)

March 14th, 2018


A few weeks ago, I brought you the story of twins Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook - missing teenagers that had disappeared into thin air in March of 1990. 

Since those episodes, there have been some behind-the-scenes …

Malakia Logan

March 7th, 2018


Two years before the disappearance of the Millbrook Twins, and six years before Tiffany Nelson went missing, another African American girl went missing about an hour north - in a small town called Greenwood, South …

Tiffany Nelson

February 28th, 2018


In June of 1994, a nine-year old girl was preparing to live out her summer dreams. Tiffany Elizabeth Nelson, a native of Augusta, Georgia, was a …

The Millbrook Twins (Part Three: The Now)

February 21st, 2018


In March of 1990, two teenagers disappeared from Augusta, Georgia. Their names are Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook. Early on, the lead detective - who handled all of Augusta's missing teenager cases - zeroed in on the …

The Millbrook Twins (Part Two: The Unknown)

February 12th, 2018


On the approximate date of April 8th, 1991, the family of missing teenagers Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook were met by one of the investigators …

The Millbrook Twins (Part One: The Known)

February 12th, 2018


In March of 1990, a pair of twins - named Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook - disappeared from their hometown of Augusta, GA. 

By all indications, they …

Jack Robinson

January 21st, 2018


In August of 1996, newly-retired Jack L. Robinson was prepared to start the next chapter of his life. After spending twenty-five years in the United States Air Force (including a stint in Vietnam) and an additional …

Freeman & Bible

January 14th, 2018


On December 29th, 1999, a teenager named Lauria Bible was spending the night with her friend, Ashley Freeman. They were celebrating Ashley's 16th birthday, and it was the first time that Lauria had been allowed over to …

Die Hard (Holiday Special)

December 24th, 2017


On this holiday special, I try to address one of the bigger Christmas mysteries: IS Die Hard a Christmas movie?

I am joined by some of my true crime …

Chip Campbell

December 21st, 2017


In March of 2016, a man by the name of Chip Campbell was picked up on the security cameras of a Circle K gas station in Milton, Florida. This would …

The Brabant Killers (Part Five: Theories & Suspects II)

December 10th, 2017


Following the final attack by the Brabant Killers, the police investigation struggled to find any real progress. Suspects like Madani Bouhouche and …

The Brabant Killers (Part Four: Theories & Suspects I)

December 4th, 2017


On November 9th, 1985, the Brabant Killers struck for the last time. This attack - which was the bloodiest yet - resulted in eight people dead, seven …

The Brabant Killers (Part Three: 1985)

November 27th, 2017


Throughout 1982 and 1983, three criminals terrorized the area of Brussels. Starting off with nothing more than ski masks and a single rifle, the three quickly armed themselves with military-grade equipment and became …

The Brabant Killers (Part Two: 1983)

November 19th, 2017


Throughout 1982, Belgian police were concerned over a rash of strange attacks plaguing the Brussels area. All involved criminals matching the same …

The Brabant Killers (Part One: 1982)

November 13th, 2017


In 1982, a group of offenders began striking the Brussels area of Belgium. It began with a series of small robberies, but - by the end of the year - …

Bible John

September 24th, 2017


In February of 1968, 25-year old Patricia Docker visited the Barrowland Ballroom on a Thursday evening, leaving her son in the care of her parents. …

Chase Massner (Update #2)

August 31st, 2017


In March of 2014, 26-year old Chase Massner disappeared. Chase, an Iraqi war veteran who was married with two kids, was last seen at the home of his …

The Alcasser Girls (Part Five: The Trial)

August 20th, 2017


By 1997, Miguel Ricart had been a prisoner of the Spanish Civil Guard for over four years. He had been in their custody since January of 1993, awaiting trial for the murder of three teenage girls from Alcasser. 

Ricart …

The Alcasser Girls (Part Four: The Truth)

August 14th, 2017


It has now been weeks since the bodies of Toni Gomez Rodriguez, Desiree Hernandez Folch, and Miriam Garcia Iborra were found in the Spanish hills of …

The Alcasser Girls (Part Three: The Fugitive)

August 6th, 2017


On January 27th, 1993, the bodies of Toni Gomez Rodriguez, Desiree Hernandez Folch, and Miriam Garcia Iborra were found. The Spanish teens, from a …

Chase Massner (Update)

August 1st, 2017


In 2014, 26-year old Iraqi War Veteran Chase Massner disappeared while visiting a friend in Kennesaw, Georgia. He has not been seen since. I …

The Alcasser Girls (Part Two: The Investigation)

July 23rd, 2017


On January 27th, 1993, the bodies of three teenage girls were found in the mountainous region of La Romana, Spain. Investigators quickly surmised that these were the missing girls that had disappeared from Alcasser …

The Alcasser Girls (Part One: The Discovery)

July 16th, 2017


On November 13th, 1992, three girls from a small Spanish town called Alcasser set off in the early evening. Their names were Toni Gomez Rodriguez, …

Chase Massner

May 29th, 2017


In March of 2014, 26-year old Chase Massner disappeared from a friend's home. Chase, an Iraqi war veteran who lived in Canton, Georgia. Struggling to …

The Family Murders (Part Two: The Family)

April 11th, 2017


In the early 1980s, Adelaide police were struggling to find a suspect after the bodies of five young men were found - each showing signs of sexually …

Ellen Ripley (Holiday Special)

April 1st, 2017


In 2122, the USCSS Nostromo was on a regular, run-of-the-mill freight run when it picked up a distress call from a nearby planet, catalogued as …

The Family Murders (Part One: The Murders)

March 18th, 2017


From 1979 to 1983, the bodies of five young men were found in the area around Adelaide. All of them showed signs of sexual wounds, and led police to …

The Hill Abduction

February 20th, 2017


On September 19th, 1961, Betty and Barney Hill - an interracial couple from Portsmouth, New Hampshire - were returning from a vacation when they spotted an odd sight in the sky. After pursuing the odd light for a time, …

The Setagaya Murders

December 10th, 2016


On December 31st, the mother of Yasuko Miyazawa opened the door to her daughter's family home, only to discover a house of horrors. This idyllic, four-piece family had been butchered overnight, for seemingly no reason …

Bardstown (Update)

November 23rd, 2016


This is a brief update about episodes 7 & 8 of the podcast, centered on the area of Bardstown, Kentucky. This goes into some of the changes to the original stories, the town itself, and recent murder that took …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Part Three: Suffolk County)

November 22nd, 2016


In December of 2010, a Suffolk County police officer would discover the first of nearly a dozen bodies in the Gilgo Beach area, along the southern …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Part Two: Lost Girls)

November 14th, 2016


On December 10th, 2010, Suffolk County police officer John Mallia was taking his canine partner for a bit of training off of the Ocean Parkway. …

The Long Island Serial Killer (Part One: Shannon Gilbert)

November 7th, 2016


On the morning of May 1st, 2010, sex worker Shannan Gilbert ran through the neighborhood of Oak Beach, NY, pounding on strangers' doors and screaming …

Misty Copsey (Part Two: Missing)

July 20th, 2016


On September 17th, 1992, fourteen-year old Misty Copsey went to her hometown fair with her best friend. After splitting up from her best friend, she …

Misty Copsey (Part One: Runaway)

June 20th, 2016


On September 17th, 1992, fourteen-year old Misty Copsey went to her hometown fair with her best friend. At roughly 9:00 that night, her and her …

The Beaumont Children (Part Two: Theories)

June 8th, 2016


This episode is the continuation of episode ten, and the second half of the story of the Beaumont Children and their disappearance. This half of the story focuses less on the Beaumont trio themselves, and more on a …

The Beaumont Children (Part One: Disappeared)

June 6th, 2016


Jane, Grant, and Arnna were three children who disappeared from an Adelaide-area beach in 1966. Witnesses spotted them talking to a strange man, and …

The Skywalker Conspiracy (Holiday Special)

April 1st, 2016


They are a family built on the graves of innocents. Born with unknown power, the Skywalkers have been behind the scenes of the galaxy's ever-changing power struggle, and always find themselves coming out on top. But …

Arlis Perry

March 25th, 2016


Episode nine of the Unresolved Podcast focuses on Arlis Perry, a conservative young woman that met a grisly fate in the California Fall of 1974. Was …

Bardstown (Part Two: "America's Most Beautiful Small Town")

February 18th, 2016


After the murder of Officer Jason Ellis, the relatively small area of Bardstown, Kentucky was on-edge. However, their fears were not soothed with the introduction of a troubled group of young men, who called themselves …

Bardstown (Part One: Officer Jason Ellis)

January 31st, 2016


In 2013, Officer Jason Ellis lived out his life as if it was any other. He was a family man, with a wife and two young sons - one of which was special needs. He was a local hero, having played baseball for the …

Mr. Cruel

January 7th, 2016


In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a name would become synonymous with the boogeyman in areas of Australia. His name was Mr. Cruel, and he was a …

Point Pleasant

November 27th, 2015


On this episode of the Unresolved Podcast, I take a look at the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and the weird events that happened in the …

Israel Keyes

November 13th, 2015


On this episode of the Unresolved Podcast, I take a look at Israel Keyes, a man that many investigators have labelled "one of the most methodical …

The Original Night Stalker (Part Three: Golden State Killer)

October 30th, 2015


The unidentified criminal, once called the East Area Rapist, has seemingly disappeared. However, a criminal carrying the same traits and brutal …

The Original Night Stalker (Part Two: Original Night Stalker)

October 16th, 2015


The criminal known as the East Area Rapist continues his assault upon women in the Sacramento area, but over time, his modus operandi begins to …

The Original Night Stalker (Part One: East Area Rapist)

October 7th, 2015


In the mid-1970s, a mysterious intruder known as the Visalia Ransacker began to terrorize families in Visalia, California. Eventually, his crimes …

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