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Each week, Neil unmasks the journey of people who are using their faith to impact lives and bring hope and encouragement to the world - whether it is through overcoming addictions or building ministries. Everyone has a story to unmask. What's yours?

76 Episodes | 2022 - 2023

Episode 76: Unmasking Fred Stoeker and Every Man's Battle

September 18th, 2023



We are one month away from Run To Stop It. This is a movement that raises money for organizations that are fighting directly against sex trafficking and providing resources for women looking to …

Episode 75: Unmasking Amy's Interview with Neil Matthews and Other People's Shoes

September 7th, 2023


Today's show is a little bit different as I share a recent interview that my wife, Amy, did with Neil Matthews on the Other People's Shoes podcast.

You know my story but you’ve never heard Amy’s story like she shares …

Episode 74: Unmasking the Journey of Leah Stanley: A Caregivers Long Goodbye

September 1st, 2023


Today's interview focuses on a topic that's very personal to my family. Alzheimer's Disease.

My Mom has been suffering with Alzheimer's for the past three years. That's why I am so blessed to talk with caregiver and …

Episode 73: Unmasking Andrea Heinz and Sex Exploitation

August 24th, 2023


This week, I am honored to welcome back Andrea Heinz to the Unmasked podcast. Andrea is now 10 years out of the sex trafficking and exploitation industry and is an activist and advocate for women in Canada.

You can …

Episode 72: Unmasking the Journey of Dan Scott and March Madness

August 10th, 2023


I went to school to be a sports broadcaster and actually had a chance to call some basketball and football games at the University of Kansas on …

Episode 71: Unmasking Tim Reigle and Into the Wilderness

August 4th, 2023


This week, I am blessed to interview Tim Reigle. Tim is the founder of Into The Wilderness ministry. His mission is about leading men to overcome sexual addiction and transform their lives by renewing their faith, …

Episode 70: Unmasking Sterling Harris and How to Hear God

July 28th, 2023


This week on Unmasked, the very first NFL player to appear on the show. I'm blessed to be joined by former NFL player Sterling Harris. Sterling …

Episode 69: Unmasking Neil Matthews and Other Peoples Shoes

July 19th, 2023


This week, I have the honor of talking to another Neil, Neil Matthews. Neil is the host of the podcast, Other Peoples Shoes. Neil created this show as a space that allows people to hear each other's points of view – …

Episode 68: Unmasking the journey of Jordan Daniel Chitwoood and Will I Always Feel This Way

July 10th, 2023


This week, I start the show spending a few minutes talking the new phone I purchased (don’t worry, it ties into today’s episode) that simply lets me text and call people. A brave new world for me in my attempt to defeat …

Episode 67: Unmasking Dan Nash and The Human Trafficking Training Center

June 27th, 2023


$200,000 a year. That’s how much one sex trafficked woman can bring in for her trafficker. On this week’s Unmasked, we talk to Dan Nash. Dan is the co-founder of the Human Trafficking Training Center and a retired …

Episode 66: Unmasking the Journey of Matt Turner - Twice Resurrected

June 20th, 2023


On today’s UNMASKED, I talk to new author Matt Turner. Matt is a successful businessman with a $20 million per year construction business. And he has …

Episode 65: Unmasking Jen Morgan and Bring it On

June 6th, 2023


Today’s guest is Jen Morgan. Jen is author of the book Bring it On. We actually met at the NRB Convention in 2021 when we were both releasing our books at the same time. We have a great conversation about having a Godly …

Episode 64: What is the level of intensity of your relationship with Jesus?

June 1st, 2023


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. So before the calendar flips to June, I wanted to share what's on my heart around anxiety and provide an update on how I am dealing with my own mental health three years after …

Episode 63: Unmasking the Journey of Pastor Gale Kragt and God Moments

May 23rd, 2023


This week, it was my honor to interview Pastor Gale Kragt. Gale is co-founder of Spiritual Care Consultants and has over twenty years of experience …

Episode 62: Unmasking the Journey of Nadia Porter / Finding Jasper

May 15th, 2023


On this week's episode, we talk to Nadia Porter, co-founder of Finding Jasper. Nadia leveraged many years of experience with counter sex trafficking operations to start Finding Jasper - an organization that does …

Episode 61: Unmasking the journey of Kent Dickerson - The Remade Preacher

May 2nd, 2023


This week, we have the honor of talking to Kent Dickerson, the "Remade Preacher." Kent is a Christian writer, teacher, singer and lecturer. He calls …

Episode 60: Unmasking the journey of Craig Martin and The Good Road

April 26th, 2023


This week, I have the honor of talking to Craig Martin. Craig is co-host and co-producer of The Good Road TV show on national public TV - now filming its fourth season. Craig has spent the past 30 years filming in war …

Episode 59: Unmasking Three Years of Freedom

April 14th, 2023


April 14, 2020. That day was the first day I prayed. That was the day I asked God and Amy for forgiveness. And that was the day I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Three years later, the freedom I have from my addictions …

Unmasked Episode 58: Unmasking A Perfect Storm / Sarah Nelson

April 7th, 2023


What do you do when God delivers a perfect storm into your life? On today’s episode, I talk with author Sarah Nelson. Sarah is author of “A Perfect Storm: Devotions During a Crisis.” This is a 28-day devotional that was …

Episode 57: Unmasking Into the Light Ministries

March 31st, 2023


There are a ton of great books out today on defeating porn. But if you needed to read one, would you avoid it because of the shame associated with …

Episode 56: Unmasking the Journey of Heidi Olson / Sexual Assault Pediatric Nurse

March 22nd, 2023


Welcome to the show and the first week of Spring! My annual tradition of having my March Madness brackets busted early continued this year. Check out this video I did about March Sadness here:

Episode 55: Unmasking Truckers Against Trafficking / Kylla Lanier

March 15th, 2023


After a brief one-week hiatus, UNMASKED is back for episode 55. 

This week, we are unmasking the journey of Kylla Lanier. Kyla is co-founder of Truckers Against Trafficking. Through TAT, Kylla and her team are raising …

Episode 54: Three Years Post-Unmasking with Amy Getzlow

March 3rd, 2023


This is the first episode of year two of Unmasked! Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me over the past 12 months and welcome to all the new listeners (and now viewers). 

This week marks the 3rd …

Episode 53: Unmasking Healing Marriages and Building Trust After Adultery / Christy Neal

February 23rd, 2023


This week, we are talking with author, podcaster and future media empire giant Christy Neal. Christy appeared on Unmasked last fall to talk about her book, "Don't Ever Tell." 

As we close out the first year of the …

Episode 52: Unmasking Godly marriage with Curt and Brook Vignery

February 16th, 2023


It's Valentine's Week and if I am being honest, I don't like this holiday. It's a made up day to remind us to love our spouses and buy them stuff …

Episode 51: Unmasking David Bennett / The EPIK Project

February 8th, 2023


It’s Super Bowl week here in Kansas City. This town is fired up for the game and the city is expecting record crowds for a watch party in the downtown entertainment district. 
Obviously, there are a lot of fans headed to …

Episode 50: Unmasking Miracle Sims / God, Sex, Love

February 2nd, 2023


We have officially entered the month of February. Of course, that means Valentine's Day is coming up soon and this seems like the one time a year we talk about sex, love, relationships. Frankly, I don’t think we as …

Episode 49: Unmasking Forgiveness / Psalm 51

January 26th, 2023


This week's episode focuses on forgiveness and Psalm 51. David asks God for forgiveness and comes to him with a broken heart. Today, I'm reaching out to some people who don't know the new Neil asking for forgiveness. 

Episode 48: Unmasking the Journey of Paul Ahnert / The Metal Mission

January 19th, 2023


Today, we’re unmasking the journey of Paul Ahnert and the Metal Mission of Knoxville, TN. Paul started his ministry after visiting a punk rock flea …

Episode 47: Unmasking the Journey of Pastor Phillip O'Reilly / Run To Stop It

January 10th, 2023


January 11 is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. And you’ve heard me talk about the fight against human sex trafficking through Run To Stop It in many previous episodes of UNMASKED. Today, I get a chance to talk …

Episode 46: Unmasking the journey of Anita Cordell / I Will Rise

January 3rd, 2023


Happy New Year! We kick off 2023 talking to Kansas City filmmaker Anita Cordell. Anita is founder of the I Will Rise Project. I Will Rise is a movement to encourage all of us to rise up through films that educate about …

Episode 45: Unmasking Ephesians 5:15-17

December 28th, 2022


The last episode of 2022! Thanks to all of you for faithfully listening this year. I'm excited for where God is going to lead us next year. I'm …

Episode 44: Unmasking the Journey of Devon Hampson / Praising the Goodness of God in the Middle of a Storm

December 20th, 2022


If you need encouragement today, this episode is for you. This week, we are unmasking the journey of Devon Hampson. Now, unless you go to The Rock of KC church in Kansas City, you likely don’t know Devon. That’s why I …

Episode 43: Unmasking the Journey of Karolyn Schrage / Regional Intervention of Sexual Exploitation

December 15th, 2022


This week, I am so honored to share the journey of Karolyn Schrage. Karolyn is a victim response team coordinate for RISE - Regional Intervention of …

Episode 42: Unmasking the Journey of Ed Lane / Lawyer Turned Street Preacher

December 6th, 2022


Would you have the courage to give up the security of a high-paying job if God called you to share the Gospel with strangers in the parking lots of …

Episode 41: Unmasking the Journey of Alison Phillips / Human Trafficking Training Center

December 1st, 2022


Welcome to December! We're starting off the last month of 2022 unmasking the journey of Alison Phillips. Alison is co-founder of the Human Trafficking Training Center - an organization providing resources and education …

Episode 40: Unmasking my thankfulness for God

November 23rd, 2022


It's Thanksgiving Week! That means I'm going to give you a list of what I'm most thankful for - with a twist. This week I talk about my thankfulness …

Episode 39: Unmasking the journey of Elly Arrow

November 15th, 2022


It's not often that a self-described radical feminist joins forces with a Christian conservative on the same side of the cultural battlefield but …

Episode 38: Unmasking the arrival of a new season

November 7th, 2022


Genesis 50:20: As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are …

Episode 37: Unmasking the journey of Sarah Geringer

November 1st, 2022


Welcome to November! Here in the Midwest, we've got a week of 70 degrees to start the month. That means my dog is getting a lot of outdoor time this week. Enjoying walks with her dog during the pandemic is what inspired …

Episode 36: Unmasking the journey of Slone and Drew Adkins

October 25th, 2022


I am so honored and blessed to share this week's episode that features Slone and Drew Adkins. I consider them not only friends but they now part of my family. Slone has been dealing with cancer for a large portion of …

Episode 35: Unmasking Hilarie Barry and Surviving Infidelity

October 20th, 2022


This week’s episode is another example of how Jesus brings healing to broken relationships and marriages. Hilarie Barry came to faith during her marriage crisis when a simple text message helped her discover that her …

Episode 34: Unmasking Dr. Rob Anthony and the Infinite Truth of God

October 14th, 2022


This week, we are unmasking the journey of Dr. Rob Anthony. God continues to put such encouraging people in my path on this journey I'm on and Rob is certainly no exception. He recently published his first book, Finite …

Episode 33: Unmasking Relentless Pursuit Outreach and Recovery

October 6th, 2022


This week, we are unmasking the journey of Lee Gibson and Candice Spangler from Relentless Pursuit Outreach and Recovery. This is an organization based in Kansas City that’s made up of former military Special Operation, …

Episode 32: Unmasking Daisy Paige’s Journey

September 27th, 2022


This week’s episode is a great reminder that the “trials” we feel like we are going through are truly light when compared to what others are …

Episode 31: Unmasking Melissa and Mike Huray’s marriage journey

September 20th, 2022


On this week’s episode, I give a quick update on Amy and I sharing our testimony in front of our entire church this past week. You can watch it here:

Our guests …

Episode 30: Unmasking Christine McDonald’s Journey – Part 2

September 15th, 2022


Today is part two of Christine’s incredible story as she shares how she was able to escape a life of sexual exploitation – thanks to the power of Jesus – to become an author and advocate for victims of sex trafficking. 

Episode 29: Unmasking Christine McDonald’s Journey – Part 1

September 12th, 2022


On today’s episode, we unmask the journey of my friend, Christine McDonald. The fact that we are friends today is truly the work of God. There is no …

Episode 28: What’s your calling?

September 5th, 2022


Happy Labor Day! As has become a tradition on UNMASKED, we have a solo episode to share this holiday week. I’ve been thinking and praying a lot …

Episode 27: Unmasking Hope in the Mourning with Jordan Chitwood

August 29th, 2022


This week, I am blessed to share this awesome conversation with Jordan Chitwood. Jordan is an online and teaching pastor in Indiana and the author of a new book, Hope in the Mourning. Jordan’s calling is to help hurting …

Episode 26: Unmasking sexual sin with Damon Covert and Principle 8 ministries

August 22nd, 2022


I’m always so amazed at who God brings in to my life to bring encouragement. This week, He brought Damon Covert, founder of Principle 8 ministry, to the Unmasked podcast. Damon and I have both overcome pornography …

Episode 25: Unmasking sports gambling addiction with Patrick Chester

August 17th, 2022


Football season is almost back! And that means sports gambling is going to start to fire up again. For some people, the excitement and thrill of gambling on their favorite teams leads to addiction and broken bank …

Episode 24: Unmasking the Reverend Jimmie Bratcher

August 9th, 2022


On this week’s episode, we unmask the journey of Jimmie Bratcher. Jimmie has been “preaching the gospel and playing the blues” ministering in churches and non-church venues as bars, clubs, music festivals, motorcycle …

Episode 23: Unmasking Dave Ebert and using comedy to share the gospel

August 1st, 2022


On this week’s episode, we unmask the journey of Dave Ebert. Dave is a former pro wrestler who is now using his God-given talents to serve the …

Episode 22: Unmasking Christy Neal and the journey to overcoming adultery

July 25th, 2022


Episode 22: Unmasking Christy Neal and the journey to overcoming adultery

On this week’s episode, we unmask the journey of Christy Neal. Christy is …

Episode 21: Unmasking the marriage journey of Randal and Tracy Dowdy

July 18th, 2022


On this week’s  episode, I talk with Randal and Tracy Dowdy, authors of Beyond  Impossible: How a Divine Visitation Brought New Life to a Marriage.  Randal and Tracy are living examples of the goodness of God,  both …

Episode 20: Unmasking Andrea Heinz and the Sex Worker Ideology

July 11th, 2022


We made it to another milestone episode – number 20! 

On this week’s episode, we unmask the journey of Andrea Heinz. Andrea is a former sex worker and brothel owner in Canada. Andrea talks about her experience in the …

Episode 19: Is Chris Pratt right about religion?

July 5th, 2022


Today's episode is a Neil solo show! I do a quick breakdown of Chris Pratt's recent interview with Men's Health. Is the actor right about religion? 

Episode 18: Unmasking Jake Gutierrez’s Journey

June 27th, 2022


As producer of The Border Patrol on 810  WHB, Jake Gutierrez was the engine behind one of the most popular sports  radio shows in Kansas City. Even …

Episode 17: Unmasking The Book of Joel

June 20th, 2022


Today, I had the  honor to talk to author Joel Carroll. As a young man, Joel faced many  adversities while struggling through a brutal nineteen-year …

Episode 16: Unmasking Samantha and Dustin Drake’s journey to Reboot Recovery

June 13th, 2022


On this week’s show, I am honored to unmask the journey of another incredible  couple from my church – Samantha and  Dustin Drake. After serving in …

Episode 15: Unmasking the Stop Trafficking Project

June 6th, 2022


We need you to share this episode far and  wide. This week, we are joined by Russ Tuttle, president and founder of  The Stop Trafficking Project. Russ is using his strengths of  communication and compassion to  end …

Episode 14: Unmasking my first Jesus conference

May 30th, 2022


Episode 14: Unmasking my first Jesus conference 

When God is working in your life, that’s when the distractions of the enemy get louder. That's the key message Neil took away from attending the Stronger Men's …

Episode 13: Unmasking Melissa’s Journey

May 23rd, 2022


This week, we are blessed to talk with someone who is part of the  inspiration behind this podcast, Melissa Huray. Growing up in Duluth,  Minnesota, …

Episode 12: Unmasking 10 years of marriage (and 2 years of being married)

May 16th, 2022


We’re so excited to share this episode with you. This week marks Neil  and Amy’s 10 year wedding anniversary. But in reality, it’s a  celebration of two years of having a real marriage. On this week’s  episode, Neil and …

Episode 11: Unmasking Kristian’s Random Journey

May 9th, 2022


You will usually find Kristian Madsen  behind the microphone, interviewing some pretty cool guests on one of  the top Indie Comedy podcasts in the US …

Episode 10: Corey Hall

May 3rd, 2022


We did it! We made it to 10 episodes. Thanks for coming on this journey with us.

Today, Neil talks with Corey Hall, Sr. Pastor at First Baptist Church in Bluford, IL. Corey’s faith journey started at an early age and …

Episode 9: Unmasking Isaac’s Dream

April 25th, 2022


Today, Neil sits down with Joe Neuerburg, co-founder of Isaac’s Dream. The roots of Isaac’s Dream were first planted when Joe’s wife,  and foundation co-founder Robyn, went on a medical mission trip to  Ghana, Africa in …

Episode 8: Unmasking Amy’s Journey, Part 2

April 18th, 2022


On this week's episode, Neil continues his  conversation with his wife Amy to talk about how she was able to  leverage her faith to save their marriage from  the evil Neil brought to  it.

Learn more about Neil, his …

Episode 7: Unmasking Two-Years Porn Free

April 11th, 2022


On today’s episode, Neil  reflects on reaching two-years porn free, thanks to the healing power of  Jesus, and what his life looks like today with God at the center.

Learn more about Neil, his journey, and how to get a …

Episode 6: Unmasking Norman's Journey to Building Bridges

April 4th, 2022


Today, we unmask the journey of Norman Murray. This was an awesome conversation as Norman shares his faith journey and how it led him to preaching the word of God and to launching the Building Bridges podcast.

Learn …

Episode 5: Unmasking March Sadness

March 28th, 2022


Have your brackets busted this March? Is your mood wrecked this week  because your team lost? Join Neil and Producer Ben as they discuss how  to overcome March Sadness.

Check out to learn more about …

Episode 4 : Unmasking Movita's Journey

March 21st, 2022


On today's episode, we unmask the journey of Movita Johnson.

Movita  experienced the violent loss of her father, cousin, and brother,  leading to a …

Episode 3: Unmasking Amy's Journey, Part 1

March 14th, 2022


On this week's episode, Neil sits down with his wife Amy to talk  about how she was able to leverage her faith to save their marriage from  the evil Neil brought to it.

This Show Is Produced and Edited …

Episode 2 - Unmasking My Journey, Part 2

March 7th, 2022


On this episode, Neil continues to unmask his journey on how God was able to help him free from a 40-year porn addiction. Using a very unique  intervention.

This podcast is produced and edited by Ben …

Episode 1 - Unmasking My Journey

March 1st, 2022


On this episode, Neil unmasks his journey on how God was able to help him free from a 40-year porn addiction. Using a very unique intervention.

This podcast is co produced and edited by Ben Shrewsbury

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