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Everyone's a critic, even with porn. Alice Vaughn and co-hosts, discuss the holes and the plot holes of your favorite porn. They're joined by comedians, porn stars, scientists, authors to review films, discuss the industry, and topics that are porn/sex adjacent. Support


#52- Porno Bootcamp

Drop and give us 20...pumps that is. This week Samantha Mac (@TheSamanthaMack), founder of Porno Bootcamp whips Alice and Yvette into shape on all topics bootcamp related, fidget spinner buttplugs, dresses banned on social media, voar, body positivity, and washing your junk. 

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Yvette d'Entremont 0:09
Welcome to two girls one Mic the porn cast that once you're addicted, get down and give us 20 of your cover. See that dawn Travon, here's my lovely fabulous co host who is having a fantastic hair day Alice Vaughn Alice, how the fuck are you doing today? Baby?

Alice Vaughn 0:24
I feel like I'm having a fantastic like cleavage day too, because even though Can you

Yvette d'Entremont 0:28
stand up a bit, I need to I need to evaluate this as your co host and lesbian life partner if we were lesbians. That is a good cleavage day.

Alice Vaughn 0:38
I'll give you we will sell mine Louie says but without the

Yvette d'Entremont 0:41
death into the sunset. It's hetero life, mate. We're each other's Jay and Silent Bob. Except it's more like occasionally you interrupt me more than once to say no ticket. Oh, but uh, yeah, I mean, even though I'm part of the itty bitty titty club. I find that what's nice about having the top of a 12 year old ballerina girl, my boobs are gonna be working till I'm like 40. Right? I want to say maybe I am likewise, like now that with the amount of weight loss, they're like, they're not quite filling up my big cups anymore. But I'm like, you know what, they're not going to be in my socks. But there are advantages to all size movies and all movies that I've seen in my life. They're just all different flowers of joy. But they're just, they're wonderful. I have never had a complaint about a boob that I have seen in my life.

Alice Vaughn 1:27
I've never heard someone complain about boobs. What kind of person is now don't have that person in your life.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:33
You know what, here's the thing. I think I went until like my late 20s being uncomfortable with my boobs. I know it's hard on women like that. Like we see certain sizes and shapes to them. And we're told these are the good boobs. And then something something magical happens that eventually you realize, oh, there's not a boob type that men like, it's just boobs. They are good. They're all what it's you see enough of them and you go I like those. I also like that they are very different. I like them exactly. And then you realize eventually I have good boobs too.

Alice Vaughn 2:01
So we have a guest today who has voluptuous breasts, though who

Yvette d'Entremont 2:04
has amazing boobs speaking of boobs, she has enough boobs for the three of us combined, but it's pretty amazing to watch them on her herself. We have a legend on today and I was so excited when I watched a brief documentary and her advice about her porno boot cab Alice, let's introduce our guest today.

Alice Vaughn 2:24
Today on the show we have Samantha Mack and Samantha actually, the porno boot camp is exactly how I heard about you. I think Tommy retweeted it. It was shot by Vice Canada. Yep, sure was. So how did this whole thing come about? Well, a long

Samantha Mac 2:40
time ago. I was working with a director called Anna Lee. She's not called Emily, her name is Emily. And she she needed

Yvette d'Entremont 2:50
new to never tell with porn. It might be a porn name. Actually.

Samantha Mac 2:55
She needed a new talent and we have a lot of people applying who didn't have a lot of experience and She kind of voluntold me that I was doing porno boot camp so she sent a couple to me. She's like, go see Sam. She works with amateurs. She runs like a porno boot camp and she'll help you get the skills you need to get hired. And so I didn't want to make her out to be a liar. So I was like, Yeah, come on over.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:19
Interesting thing for a friend to wholeheartedly trust you with she will make your dick better. That is it. I

Samantha Mac 3:28
didn't want to make her a liar. So I had to be true so she is

Unknown Speaker 3:31
the dick better upper like who is a whisper?

Yvette d'Entremont 3:38
You need business cards that say that right, Sam back tech whisperer.

Alice Vaughn 3:42
I will make you those business cards. Just send me your Actually I have your mailing address. I'll send you just like 500 a day.

Yvette d'Entremont 3:51
Yes, just to clarify, we're saying this all because we love what you do. This is just incredible to us and we dig it so much.

Alice Vaughn 3:58
Yeah, cuz we review porn. All the time. But you know, we've always kind of wanted to know a little bit more behind the scenes of what training is involved why certain men are cut out for the job and some men just aren't. And you know, watching the porno boot camp which will absolutely link in the show notes for all of

Yvette d'Entremont 4:19
us have to watch this. It's like I want to see more behind the scenes on this like this has made me have so many more questions. Yeah, these guys just at one point, there's just kind of a challenge like the big thing of a video is there's a challenge of getting through eight minutes of being blown without coming and you know, getting through all the distraction like it's like you're getting blown by the best women in the industry. Can you handle it? I'm like, this is a reality show waiting to happen. How is rupert murdoch not jumped on this. I'm a horrible person that I know

Alice Vaughn 4:50
it. Okay. Well, I mean, if that roger ailes jumped on it, that's how all the Fox News women were hired. Let's be

Yvette d'Entremont 4:57
honest, if hell exists They're all right. But I will have friends

Alice Vaughn 5:02
if the Fox News headquarters exists this challenge also exists there too.

Unknown Speaker 5:07
Oh my god.

Yvette d'Entremont 5:11
I'm gonna get a phone call from Fox info two girls one Mike is where you should send all hate mail By the way, where we will totally respond to it as though we care.

Alice Vaughn 5:21
So, Sam, how hard is it for a guy while getting blown to come to the as close to the eight minute mark as possible.

Samantha Mac 5:30
So what you see in the vice documentary is what we consider level two. There's like 13 courses, but what you saw was level two he's

Yvette d'Entremont 5:38
like beat the first boss. He's on to the next castle.

Samantha Mac 5:41
Yes. And then in the end you have to fight Kim Koopa

Yvette d'Entremont 5:46
right, what's King Koopa I got it. It's my vagina. I would have thought like more that not that your vagina is not sufficient. I would have thought like it would have been a triple Angel thing or something like that. But like, but you know what? That is a tall mountain to climb. I am impressed.

Samantha Mac 6:01
I'm only half joking on that,

Alice Vaughn 6:02
that when you just rename it King fuba

Samantha Mac 6:08
I'm stealing that you're allowed. I love it. That is perfect. But ya know, we, we start off with the guys coming in and just doing like a solo interview with us. And then we do a timed like a one on one timed handjob to see if they can come at the eight minute mark and the eight minute mark is less than half of what's actually required. So we start them off really easy because what we've noticed is a lot of guys last but fastest guy was 35 seconds. The average is between three and six minutes. Or we get the opposite end of the spectrum where a guy cannot come in like an hour they get a one hour time slot to ask all their questions, fill out all the paperwork and if they cannot finish within one hour, then we're like you need to go home and practice like watch some porn

Yvette d'Entremont 6:54
figure out what will get you there mentally and then they

Samantha Mac 6:57
get to go to what we call musical decks which was what was In the vice documentary was a musical dexis session, and the vice documentary was the first time we allowed talent to give oral pleasure. It used to only be handjobs. But for the vice documentary, we wanted to spice it up a little bit. So we allowed girls to use their mouths or everyone was tested so they could use any parts of their bodies to distract the

Yvette d'Entremont 7:22
audience's sake. Explain a little bit what musical Dix entails. Oh, yeah.

Samantha Mac 7:28
Okay, so if you guys haven't seen the video musical Dix is really fun, enticed them

Yvette d'Entremont 7:31
into wanting to see this video, which is you guys have to see this even with a description you have to see this. Here's

Alice Vaughn 7:36
a kicker, you still play the musical song Pop goes the weasel.

Samantha Mac 7:42
So musical dicks evolved because Okay, we've been doing this for three years. So all the different versions of partner bootcamp have evolved because we've seen either problems or areas where we can get better and we've changed it. So musical dicks started. Because a lot of guys were coming to partner bootcamp just because they wanted to get their dinkytown Not because they want to be performers. And so by putting a bunch of naked men in the room side by side, you we know who wants to perform and who's actually trying hard versus who just wants to drink touched. So that's where musical dicks came from. It was just me like, I don't want to be naked in a room with another guy. And we're like, well, then get out, get

Yvette d'Entremont 8:18
out. Because

Samantha Mac 8:19
there are gonna be men in the room. When you get to a porn set. There's a boom mic and a camera person, a director and somebody running around making sure there's enough lube for everyone and you know, you're probably at somebody else's location. So the owners usually there or there's a manager like it's there's a lot of people behind the scenes somebody holding up a reflector to make sure the light is right on the table. You really got to get in there. Oh, yeah. And if we're shooting multiple scenes a day, the other talents usually sitting in the background watching, like silently cheering you on. So there can be 10 people behind the scenes for a three person scene. So that's why we created musical decks. You have to be comfortable in a room with other people, both men and women. There's no room for homophobia whatsoever. So the guys lined up, and you usually have more guys than girls. That's the trick. And girl picks a partner. And for one minute you do whatever you can to your partner to get them to ejaculate. And their job is to wait until they hear the buzzer to ejaculate. So no

Unknown Speaker 9:14
matter what you do, no matter how in the men have consented to this, of course, yes.

Samantha Mac 9:18
Oh, yeah, we have a 90 minute consent talk beforehand. We fill out a code of conduct form. We have huge interviews that you see beforehand,

Yvette d'Entremont 9:26
do they have things they can sign off that are off limits for them? Yes,

Samantha Mac 9:29
everybody. Okay, everybody goes through a giant consent talk. So that's not in the vice documentary because it's boring. Yeah. But it's very important

Yvette d'Entremont 9:36
things. It's good for our audience to know that Yeah, consent

Samantha Mac 9:38
and Code of Conduct are the two main things like the bulk of our time is talking about, like what you're okay with, and we always ask, Does your wife or girlfriend know you're here?

Yvette d'Entremont 9:48
Get the fuck out? I wouldn't even have thought to ask that. But it makes total sense. Yeah, you're trying to keep an ethical group there, which is have you ever had a wife or girlfriend show up screaming?

Samantha Mac 9:58
Not Through porno boot camp in previous years, like going back 10 years, I would have wives or girlfriends or boyfriends or husbands call me and be like, I want that video taken down. I don't want my boyfriend to have done this. And I'm like, Whoa, like he didn't even tell me like he applied, or he paid for the position or, like, that's why we bring it up right away. And I was like, if you have any secrets, if it is important for you to have no one know that you had your bits touched by me or anyone in my production, then you should not be here because the internet will tell them. Yeah, so we're very upfront.

Alice Vaughn 10:33
Oh, the internet has no secrets.

Yvette d'Entremont 10:34
No, your junk is forever. Yeah, I did a tiny little bit of latex modeling and the pictures were online and years later, I went into writing about science for a living and people who didn't like one of my articles, but lasted those pictures and eventually I was just like, fuck it. I looked great. Yeah, but like people attach a meeting and what they want onto that and you're forevermore that person who had their dick out

Alice Vaughn 10:57
8 million people have seen me Come on a motor bunny. So Proud of you, including my dad.

Yvette d'Entremont 11:02
Hey, that was a great orgasm and they enjoyed it and so did you. My parents were so not proud of me, but

Samantha Mac 11:09
it's okay. Oh my God, my parents are my biggest fan. Is that weird? I don't wish my parents like help me decorate the studio.

Yvette d'Entremont 11:15
Nice. Awesome. My mom knows I swear Fred people for a living and she could not be prouder. Yes, you took what you were good at naturally it worked it into a thing that you could make you money.

Unknown Speaker 11:27

Yvette d'Entremont 11:29
It took that for my relatives in Nova Scotia to be okay with me swearing. Oh, you're

Samantha Mac 11:34
from Nova Scotia.

Yvette d'Entremont 11:36
That's just a little bit of the accident day. Oh, it's so cute. I can't tell if that's Minnesota or if that's like Nova Scotia. It just has a little bit of the Abood are kind of the same. It's a little bit of the aboot. But they're also friends. They have like the word Acadian like they're almost genetically the same as the occasions slightly different accent but back to set that's not about genealogy

Alice Vaughn 11:57
for hot second I have to ask So Sam You're in Canada. I was not aware there was a Canadian hotspot for porn,

Samantha Mac 12:05
right? Well, a long, long time ago, on a day just like this, we were a Canadian hotspot for porn. And some people didn't do paperwork properly, and some things went sideways. And the industry out here got shut down. And we're going back decades now. So companies like browsers and Pornhub. And I believe I want clips are Canadian companies that started in Canada, but now they all run out of the states. And I'm finding that there's a lot of people up here in Canada who want to be important, who thinks exciting, but we all think it has to be in LA. And right now, it kind of does for the most part, and I want to change that. I want companies to come shoot here, we've shot with five or six different big name companies up here. And it's been a lot of fun, and they're like, hey, if you have a roster of talent, I'm going to come up, you're more we're gonna shoot with you more. So that's where Barbie came came from, was I was training people to get on this roster of talent. So We could shoot up here in Vancouver more often. And it was if you go to Mac you can see there's a link called as seen on and you can see some of the amazing talent we've worked with. We've worked so some some superstars and we're so so so lucky. But I was like this could be a regular thing, if we have what they need and what they need is a roster of capable talents. So how did we get that point? Oh, boot camp.

Alice Vaughn 13:23
Love the segue. Nice, so much easier on my own. You mentioned it's like a 12 step program so it's already sounds way better than a first is admitting that you have a problem.

Samantha Mac 13:34
Yes. Versus admitting that you have a boner.

Alice Vaughn 13:37
Second is finding Jesus specifically Hey, Zeus,

Yvette d'Entremont 13:41
essentially is admitting that you are powerless to your boner.

Samantha Mac 13:44
That's some dominatrix stuff right there. seeking out

Alice Vaughn 13:47
a higher powers. Yeah, your boner seat so that you were just someone's higher power. Your boner. Jesus. That's my business card. There you go. Voter Jesus. There we go. You know the road. just killed Jesus because they didn't want him competing with the wine industry. That's all I'm saying.

Unknown Speaker 14:04

Alice Vaughn 14:07
no, too dark. Sorry Christians. Oh,

Samantha Mac 14:09
he's not sorry.

Yvette d'Entremont 14:10
I'm really not know she makes crayons that are offensive. So not sorry,

Alice Vaughn 14:16
Sam we're gonna get along. So

Unknown Speaker 14:19
I'm learning so much about you.

Yvette d'Entremont 14:21
When we're all in the same part of the universe hanging out will occur.

Alice Vaughn 14:25
So by the way, do you only train men talent or males and females, so I

Samantha Mac 14:29
trained men and women and vice actually filmed a female session. It just hasn't come out yet. you've only seen the men's level two you haven't seen at all. We've just slightly lifted the veil. So excited. Yeah, I work with women a lot. And we also help them in like open their own websites and clips, sites and fan sites so that they can profit off their own butts instead of being owned and operated by somebody else

Yvette d'Entremont 14:54
to their vagina is an LLC. I like that.

Samantha Mac 14:57
But yeah, we do a whole class like our 13th class. Our final class is about opening your own sites running yourself as a business or what you need, what different colored backgrounds and font on your website will evoke different feelings from people and what your audience is more attracted to, and how to do search engine optimization like all that. Wow. So we get down to like the nitty gritty like how to do record keeping, or skip the

Yvette d'Entremont 15:22
porn classes and comment and get the SEO stuff like, Can I just drop it you can come to

Samantha Mac 15:26
anything you want, you can come every day.

Yvette d'Entremont 15:29
Well, I try to come every day. But Could I just drop in for the SEO? Yes,

Samantha Mac 15:34
weighing on by the Canada because of the vice documentary, we realized that there's a lot of people from a lot of different areas that are either really interested or maybe kind of interested. So we want to make it more inclusive. So that's why we broke it down to 13 different classes and people can sign up for just one all 13 It doesn't matter out of those classes or kind of handpicking who we want to work with more to get on our roster to do work. So if a couple wants to just come For one class and just laugh at each other while we're talking about dildos, that's okay. If they want to perform and go further, we can discuss that. But it's not. You don't take more bootcamp because you want to be a porn star. You take part in boot camp because maybe you just want to talk about stretching your asshole for a day,

Yvette d'Entremont 16:15
which I'm just saying, I'm getting their movie. I'm picturing this ending up on the app masterclass. Yeah, actually, oh my god. I hope so. I want a TED talk as well. A picture this ending is going to be like, you know, here's Neil Gaiman on writing. here's here's Gordon Ramsay teaches cooking here. Samantha Mack on maintaining a boner with a guy next to you. I think people need to see all these things.

Alice Vaughn 16:38
Yeah. Do we request master classes? Can our entire audience just email the master class people? Yeah,

Samantha Mac 16:44
yes. That's how you do it.

Yvette d'Entremont 16:46
I download master class. If I had this on there, I need to see this. This is amazing.

Alice Vaughn 16:51
I love hearing though that you have specific classes for men specific classes for women and it kind of wraps up in a nice industry oriented way on how to promote us

Yvette d'Entremont 17:00
Yeah cuz it's a harder industry to to maintain your finances and then I use a different industry now than it used to be installed

Samantha Mac 17:06
on that a little bit. Well the industry has changed thanks to free sharing sites the way that we make money is different we're not just selling holes doing things anymore we're selling intimacy and interaction. Fans are now following one specific performer who they feel is attractive or arousing or has that thing that they like and they follow everything that person does you can go on Twitter and you can talk to brock obama tomorrow if you really really want to. So not that he's a porn performers just the first thing that came to my mind

Alice Vaughn 17:33
but if you want it to be of no such

Samantha Mac 17:36
powerful black man comes to mind.

Alice Vaughn 17:39
I would so watch Brock porn

Yvette d'Entremont 17:41
if there was a brock obama look alike who's doing porn? I would tune into that hard light bulb.

Alice Vaughn 17:48
Oh, yeah. Michelle Obama's arms. Yes. Oh, yeah.

Yvette d'Entremont 17:52
If there are doppelgangers, right, because I'm just saying I don't think a sex tape of them is coming out. They seem to have their shit together. But if their doppelgangers were to Do porn

Samantha Mac 18:00
I would tune in. I have no words and only moans for that. Ah.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
So good.

Samantha Mac 18:08
But yeah, we're selling intimacy interaction because the internet chain social media changed. And so now, people will follow me because they liked me and they'll follow anything I do. They're not just following one company. You're not just finding your porn on browsers anymore. And now you're going all over the place. And what's fun about girls and while men used to be just girls who like, if a girl had a website, you would follow her, but now it's men. It's women. It's couples. It's transgender. It's everything. If you have a niche, it is on the internet. If you get off on sucking the farts of somebody's asshole, you can find that on the internet and you will find a whole group of

Yvette d'Entremont 18:43
people who like it, there's someone making fart sucking specifically from a step sibling. Like there's every single category of porn in step family for this is 2019 it's all step family

Samantha Mac 18:55
step family is one of the things I don't touch on. I did two step family videos and I was like You know what, I don't want to encourage this behavior and someone's realized fan mail that was pretty disturbing. And I was like, I will not do tabular incest videos of any kind anymore. It just does not sit well with me. You're the unsung hero.

Yvette d'Entremont 19:13
You don't real MVP.

Samantha Mac 19:15
Thank you. I also don't like doing cheating wife.

Alice Vaughn 19:17
Cheating wife. Yes. stepbrother. stepsister pass.

Samantha Mac 19:21
Yeah. Well, I also like my mom dad are still married, so I can't really relate to finding a stepmom attractive I don't have one. So if you want to be my stepmom and change my mind, you can call me at one 800

Alice Vaughn 19:32
Well, I mean in porn universe, who knows? Maybe I will be your stepmom.

Unknown Speaker 19:37
You're younger than me.

Yvette d'Entremont 19:39
Exactly. As far as anything can happen. The right extensions and costumes on and who knows?

Alice Vaughn 19:47
We become Mills back after we're 29 right?

Yvette d'Entremont 19:50
I thought was 45 I'm 36 I'm a gilf at this point in the porn universe. As I like to say I am past age preventative Botox. I I'm old. I've accepted it. All right, I'm all right with it. I'm just old.

Alice Vaughn 20:05
Sam, other than the marketing seems like you have classes on anal. It seems like you have some classes pertaining to toys and erections. Any other snippets of some other classes you could share with us?

Samantha Mac 20:17
Yes, I have the list in front of me. Now, I don't necessarily teach these classes some of these I bring in experts because I don't know everything. Shocking, I know. So we start off really simple with a class called do it yourself, which is about solo xX xX performances. So it's just you and a camera, what do you do? And so you'll see that in our advice, coverage of the girl session, or girl sitting from the camera, they're from a VR camera, they go Okay, go and the girls are like, Hi, my name is Samantha and I'm so happy you're here. And I don't know what to say and they just lose it. And it's very nerve racking being from a camera, I'm being told to just go perform. So we have a class on that how to move in from the camera and we do it For both men and women, and everything in between, we cater to all colors of the rainbow, whatever your kink or fetish is, we try to be as inclusive as possible. So our solar performance class is just you in front of camera by yourself, how do you keep their attention? And so that was really, really fun and we laugh a lot. It's super embarrassing, and it is a journey. But what I like about this is if you are on a boot camp, and you're willing to be on the website, we show your beginning your middle and your end so we show the progression and we try to lift you up as somebody who has learned and become good instead of someone who's like Oh, the cavemen 35 seconds they're useless by it's like a boner montage.

Yvette d'Entremont 21:38
I'm picturing the rocky theme song in the background, like climbing up the steps with like a proud Boehner and then like spring like that could be the commercial for it. There's like to someone like you know, up the stairs and at the end, just you know, there I need my creative team. Oh my goodness. This is Alice and I we do silly things for fun and for profit. So if you ever new thing give us a call.

Alice Vaughn 22:01
All I'm hearing is you need to include more. I have the tiger montages. So,

Yvette d'Entremont 22:05
Tiger montage with Dick.

That's there has to be a rocky parody out there somewhere.

Alice Vaughn 22:13
Is there a rocky parody? I'm sure there is. And we'll review it eventually. Okay, sorry. Anyways, classic. Let's

Samantha Mac 22:19
say we have classes on stills. One of the big things that you do on a porn set is, you know, you show up, you go through your script, you go through your staging, and they'll tell you, the director was like, I want you and missionary then flip to doggy, then you're gonna do this line, I want you to say this, I want you to do that. And so we run through it. And then once you know which positions you're going to be and you map it out on whichever furniture you're using, we then take stills so the pictures that you see on the box cover are not taken during the action. They are set up photos and how to do that. And it gets even more difficult. So you put three people in a room of like, Okay, give me a sec still. You have to learn how to turn your body out how to face the camera but still look like you're your partner how to stack your finger. And push against the base of the clock so the deck looks as long as possible. So you showing them a shaft as possible. Just grab it, like cover it because he looks like he's got a tiny little Wiener doesn't make anyone want to buy the video. So we teach you like all these little techniques or

Unknown Speaker 23:14
little things that I've never thought about

Samantha Mac 23:17
Yeah, at how to like, you get partnered with somebody that you might not know or maybe that you like, aren't really good friends with and you have to make them look good enough to make you look good. You know how to put your arms around a woman's waist without giving her a muffin top. So we do a whole class with professional photographers. Oh, I want that class. It's a good class for like anybody who wants to be like next level Instagram like, here's how to pose with people next level sex tape.

Yvette d'Entremont 23:41
Yes, I want my sex tape to get rid of my backfat

Samantha Mac 23:46
and like these positions that we teach you like if a girl lies on her back and it hits her natural and they fall into her armpits, how to like scooper and hold her in a way that her body is most elegantly framed. During the sax. Yes, we care about you looking good on camera. We don't care about Feels good. We don't care if you have an orgasm unless you're the guy. We only care that you look good. And we make a beautiful product.

Yvette d'Entremont 24:06
You're a legend. This is this is fascinating. I feel like if we were like so Middle East piece and just handed it to you, you'd be like, Well, someone said I was good at it, so I should do it.

Samantha Mac 24:19
Everything. I mean, that's my next challenge.

I mean, after for boot camp has been conquered. I'll have to be honest, making peace in the Middle East. I'm sure I can you

Yvette d'Entremont 24:28
know, Syria is a kind of a clusterfuck. But we can sort it out between like six different arguing camps. We can do this.

Alice Vaughn 24:35
I mean, Trump thought Kushner could do it. Samantha Mac better

Yvette d'Entremont 24:40
way better. Make your tits look good during missionary she can sort out Syria tasks. I'm just saying if you have any women have tried. Samantha Mac has mastered it. I think Syria is next. I'm going

Samantha Mac 24:55
to end up with like a weird phone call tomorrow from

Yvette d'Entremont 24:58
Fox hate mail. info to girls when Mike duck

Samantha Mac 25:02
house Mathematica single handedly solving

Yvette d'Entremont 25:07
they're gonna be like so do your support Trump's recent comments. Oh god,

Samantha Mac 25:11
this is gonna be really really bad or really, really well for me.

Yvette d'Entremont 25:14
We have gotten far less hate mail on ridiculous things we've said that have touched on politics that I would have expected I think because our audience understands that their jokes how Samantha Mac redrew the Israeli Palestinian border. What it's actually supposed to look like. This is a giant. You're welcome. Next, they have Samantha Mack is actually added by something like that'll be like the next accusation just because like the word Palestine was said that'll be the accusation. Oh my goodness. Don't worry. I can handle anything. It's fine. Hashtag Samantha Matt canceled. We were canceled for having this podcasts. Everything is canceled to I'm canceled. Cancel us now.

Samantha Mac 25:54
Don't do it.

Yvette d'Entremont 25:55
Alice is already determined she's gonna be cancelled for offensive crayons. I've decided. I'm going to cancelled for all the stuff I ever wrote about agriculture.

Alice Vaughn 26:03
Well, so within a span of a week I went viral and was banned off of Facebook. So why did you go viral? I went viral because of this little contraption. I am holding a fidget spinner bud plug.

Yvette d'Entremont 26:17
I have a theory that that could help someone keep their erection for longer because it would distract them but they'd still be in a vagina.

Alice Vaughn 26:24
I have a theory that this is a great toy during orgies. And if you don't have anything to do play with the fidget spinner, but

Yvette d'Entremont 26:32
if you have an uneven number of men who have holes available, just you know, plug that in there for a little while. How about just

Samantha Mac 26:38
Okay, so wait, why did that make you go viral? I don't

Alice Vaughn 26:41
think many people have seen a fidget spinner bud plug and I think that's what surprised me more. This little guy and I'll again link it in the show notes only cost me 25 bucks. I decided to post it on both Facebook and Instagram on our Facebook. It got I think 18,000 shares and

Yvette d'Entremont 26:59
yeah, that's it. Sokka some shares but I must have not clicked for the page for like a day.

Alice Vaughn 27:04
And then on my Twitter I think I got like 17,000 shares, which I would say is a decent number nowadays.

Yvette d'Entremont 27:11
Yeah, that's not bad for a shiny butt plug.

Alice Vaughn 27:15
But I'm more furious about why Facebook decided to ban me for a week. I had nothing to do with about blog. Nothing, nothing to do.

Yvette d'Entremont 27:22
Okay, I just posted a link right?

Alice Vaughn 27:25
So what I did was so vise put out an article about a photographer who photographs couples who are simulating blow jobs for their wedding photos

Yvette d'Entremont 27:35
wedding photo blowjobs Was it a hoax

Alice Vaughn 27:38
or was it well all the couples say that they're not actual blowjobs but you could see like the pants are off on the guy. Yeah, it's just so

Yvette d'Entremont 27:46
it's you know, in position of doing apologia Haha, very funny, but exactly posted

Alice Vaughn 27:52
the link, didn't you? That's all I did. All I did was just post the link on our Facebook page on the To on podcast page, and within a day I'm gone I'm canceled on Facebook

Yvette d'Entremont 28:05
you're banned for posting an article that like

Alice Vaughn 28:08
about fake blowjobs

Yvette d'Entremont 28:10
vise face nothing for that everyone else who posted this face nothing What the hell are you just In Facebook Jail Are you banned Facebook Jail

Alice Vaughn 28:19
Facebook Jail for seven days but Facebook Jail is the worst because if you haven't been in it before you can even message your friends

Samantha Mac 28:26
that you can see your messages though.

Alice Vaughn 28:28
Yeah, it's the worst torture so and if you don't have someone's number, you can contact them for however long whether it's 24 hours a week or 30 days and I've had a 30 day ban too.

Yvette d'Entremont 28:37
We are far too dependent on Facebook Like I saw a video a few days ago saying there's an argument for shutting down the entire internet I'm like no, no, no. Just shut down Facebook for like a week and see how people adapt to life about Facebook and I I say this thinking that tomorrow my Facebook overlords will shut down sigh babe and be like, Oh, you likes those 300,000 followers, didn't you? By, I think that the company has a little too much power now just because we got dependent on it. We liked the service they had. But now, what would happen if it just went away? I think would be all right. Eventually,

Samantha Mac 29:13
I'm kind of on this boat. I think if Facebook went away, we would actually connect with each other again, we would go to the scammers and contact each other. I went In Facebook Jail, right before a Mexico trip and all of my information was in those messages. So I didn't know who to like meet on the other side in Mexico, I was at the airport and I got shut down. So I had to open a second account and try to recontact all these people again. So now I bounced between two accounts so I can afford to be in jail on what

Yvette d'Entremont 29:41
yeah, it's just annoying, you know,

Samantha Mac 29:43
and I have my mom is like a moderator on all of my pages. In case I get shut down. My mom can still go in the back end and posts for me.

Yvette d'Entremont 29:51
Yeah, it's having a handful of people who you know, no matter what, someone won't be banned at any given time. And none of these people will ever go nuclear on me. Some important thing,

Samantha Mac 30:01
we run an event here in Vancouver called SimCity. It's a fetish club. And we do tons of crazy events. I mean, like whatever you think is happening, like time's up by 10

Unknown Speaker 30:10
Patreon content. There's 36

Samantha Mac 30:13
different moderators on that account just because of the likelihood of us getting shut down for a poster we made or for having Oh, yeah, the wrong word in our poster image or linking directly if you're moving a link, but you just have the text up, you're less likely to get put in Facebook Jail. Wow, it's when the direct link bubble pops up and click that it could click to anything that could get you in trouble. Pro tip.

Yvette d'Entremont 30:36
I still don't know how I've never landed In Facebook Jail. Like I know saying this means tomorrow I'll enter Facebook Jail, just the energies out there. It's gonna happen but like, I feel like I've just kept one foot on the don't put me in jail side of the line. I've just managed to skate by it, but it feels like I should have by now.

Samantha Mac 30:53
Well, you're very lucky. I'm very experienced In Facebook Jail unfortunately. at Instagram jail Thema

Yvette d'Entremont 30:59
People I've said should fuck off and that we should have a guillotine for the rich at this point somebody should have thrown me in the face no

Samantha Mac 31:06
violence, okay? You can yell at somebody violence is okay, but if you have boobs, yeah, okay shut down in a heartbeat I was completely removed for wearing a dress on a red carpet so that they thought was inappropriate.

Unknown Speaker 31:17

Samantha Mac 31:18
Yeah, no sexual content and it was me in a custom made gown on a red carpet.

Alice Vaughn 31:23
Okay, I need to see this gown first off because you probably looked hot in it. Yeah.

Samantha Mac 31:27
Now it was custom made. It wasn't necessary. Now. We

Yvette d'Entremont 31:31
should have that picture for like the featured image for the show.

Samantha Mac 31:34
I bet you I can find this. I just I can't

Yvette d'Entremont 31:36
believe that. I mean, I can because fuck everything. But I was exaggerating a little bit talking about the guillotine. Just a little

Samantha Mac 31:43
My husband has the same picture posted because it's a red carpet image. And his is still up but my god has banned

Alice Vaughn 31:49
what Yeah, you're too voluptuous for Facebook to handle? Yes. Oh, you look absurdly good.

Unknown Speaker 31:57
Oh wow.

Alice Vaughn 31:58
I've seen that image but For I love it. It's on images as well. I'm linking to this in the show notes. That custom dress is perfect.

Yvette d'Entremont 32:08
So I'm just saying I've seen Beyonce in a thing that covers a similar amount. I'm curious why that was all right. And yet, and yet so that covers more than a bikini but because it was a dress it was too sexual.

Unknown Speaker 32:22
Yeah, fun times with boobs.

Alice Vaughn 32:26
bikini versus lingerie. I mean, both lead to sex ones, just coarser, but it

Samantha Mac 32:32
also is like if you have more followers, they're more likely to be strict on you. If you ask followers, they're less

Yvette d'Entremont 32:38
likely more followers means there's gonna be like the sensitivity level you're you have a bigger net eventually. It also means you're going to be more people that are gonna be like, I just don't like this click report. Yeah, it depends on the following. When my page started, I realized like early on, like I forget where the following was, but like I went from like 30,000 to about 100,000 overnight. From an article going viral, and the whole tone of the page changed, like people, I had to get used to people being like, I don't like this unfollow, and like, luckily, it wasn't a lot of reporting, but the bigger the audience is, the more people are gonna be like, I fucking hate your report for nothing. Mm hmm. Why with boobs though? Why would people be anti boobs? And if you guys can see this guy, so this is a skeleton sitting in a chair holding a dildo with a bottle of lube next to him.

Samantha Mac 33:28
And that was to advertise like our Halloween film sets and mine got removed immediately. But that's on my husband's Instagram. It's I experiment happy with it. They think it's funny. What the hell is a dude posting a dick is okay, but a girl No, no,

Alice Vaughn 33:43
a skeleton with a dildo and lube. Oh my god, how dare it.

Yvette d'Entremont 33:48
I hate everything. Instagram What the fuck is my third account now? And they're not the first person we've had on that's told us this. We've had a few people tell us their Instagram accounts are there friend's Instagram accounts have been shut down.

Samantha Mac 34:02
Yes. So luckily there's an organization in LA of adult performers. They actually spoke to the heads of Instagram and was like, hey, people are being banned for the wrong reasons. And a lot of BB w women are getting banned because the amount of skin percentage that they're showing, even though they could be completely covered in the important areas wearing a sports bra and like yoga pants, the amount of skin showing is more than a thin girl. Therefore she gets brought down for being showing too much skin

Yvette d'Entremont 34:29
that's not okay and it

Samantha Mac 34:32
comes down to not sexual being sexual or sexually explicit. It comes down to just body shaming. She has more square inches of skin than the other girl therefore it's not okay.

Yvette d'Entremont 34:42
And that sucks. What the hell for my highest weight I've lost about 95 pounds and I look isolations you know what I it's weird accepting congratulations on just you know, being smaller. It's like I'm healthier I guess but you know, same human being just different eating habits but like I look at it and go, people treat you differently. It's weird that some clothes are acceptable now that weren't then and I don't think that's okay. I don't think it's okay to treat people like, we treat fat women terribly in the society and like I grew up fat and people treat me differently now like I'm a better nicer human being who's more worthy of love. And that's not cool. Oh, it's it's

Samantha Mac 35:23
totally true that what you experience is 100% real

Yvette d'Entremont 35:26
people treat conventionally attractive, skinny women differently. And I'd since I moved to San Francisco for two years, moved back to LA and since I've gotten back, I've been thinner. I've been treated differently. It's very strange. But yeah, that's just seeing it manifested in how people are treating your body. On Instagram. It's like, it's just it's disgusting.

Alice Vaughn 35:47
Well, here's a question how much of it is part of the algorithm and how much of it is a person reviewing it because there are people who are content moderators who are reviewing the content and censoring this which is a problem problem, but I'm sure there could probably be algorithms who are figuring this out. But as I say that I'm glad it still doesn't make any sense compared to if like a skinny bitches wearing a fucking bikini. It doesn't make any sense.

Yvette d'Entremont 36:13
There shouldn't be a problem for wearing a bikini at any size.

Alice Vaughn 36:16
By the way, if you're a skinny bitch, I hate you. It's just because I can't be a size two. I enjoy pizza a lot.

Samantha Mac 36:21
One thing I did is in my in my 10 years of being naked on the internet, I have been both 140 pounds and 240 pounds. And I have made I wouldn't say the equivalent amount of money but the size doesn't matter. Your fan base just changes interesting people like all sorts of sizes. I never lost fans because I was heavier or lost fans because I was thinner. The audience just changed. And both have been exceptionally profitable. Yeah, people like a little bit of everything. It's just who you're advertising to, which is why is it is always a place for everybody. Exactly. So there's that guy out there who just wants to suck your farts. He doesn't care how big grass is. But it's is your your level of comfort with your body is what's going to be the positive reaction other people, if you're upset about being heavy, then they're going to be like, yeah, you're heavy. That's bad. But if you're like, Yeah, I got a big bottom you like this? And they're like, yeah, like that. You really start the conversation. So people are treating you differently. Maybe because you're treating yourself differently.

Alice Vaughn 37:17
This is a very good point. Unfortunately, as women, we're kind of shamed at a young age when it comes to our body. And I feel like a lot of men don't necessarily experience it the same way. I mean, yes, don't get me wrong. There are advertisements were constantly you'll see like an attractive or muscular guy, but not never. I feel like growing up to the same extent, as you've always seen the same type of woman on all the different types of advertisements and if you just have a little extra men in most advertisements aren't really told to lose weight. However, for women, it's a problem.

Samantha Mac 37:53
You know, what's funny about that is that's where the internet changed. It comes to porn, because of clip sites and fan sites and cash sights. We have now opened up the idea of the perfect woman from being the thin size to big fake boobs. blond hair. Blue Eyes doesn't have a thought in her brain. What wants to suck your dick? Oh, yeah, that was what was higher. You're welcome. That's why now it can be a tattooed girl a girl with a big fat.

Yvette d'Entremont 38:20
have at least one thought in your brain, Alice.

Unknown Speaker 38:22
Oh, it's true. I thought it was

Alice Vaughn 38:26
Yeah, I'm sure as I'm going down on the guy. He's like, I love you for your brain. Alright, sorry, Sam.

Yvette d'Entremont 38:32
So going back loves it for how fast it's ranting against his cock. That's what he loves about it at that moment.

Samantha Mac 38:38
He should just stop halfway and ask him.

Yvette d'Entremont 38:40
Do you love me for my brain honey? Yeah, sure, just get back to slogging that thing against your tonsil holes. Okay, please. I just want it good and sloppy. Just get in there. Don't forget the balls. I

Alice Vaughn 38:51
don't care about your brain right now as long as your brain is functioning in a way that tells it how to blow a thing. So Sam, do you think that the body positivity moves Could have even just stemmed from more clips sites coming onto the scene and because we all know that porn when it comes to change whether it comes to a lot of technological advances I mean porn kind of does it first you know whether it's VHS DVD is when it comes to doing webcams. Hell cryptocurrency, VR, you know porn always at the front of everything. Do you think the body positivity movement kind of started with porn?

Samantha Mac 39:28
Oh, you know what, I would not be surprised in the least I think that that's a very real scenario. We saw a huge influx in tattooed girls when suicide girls became a thing Wow. When all of a sudden that was something that was lusted after and was made for your spank made material burning Angel made punk porn, a thing tattooed girls, pink hairs shaved head we just had Joanna Angel on and she was wonderful. Joanna angel is one of the first big name people I've ever worked with. She's Super fun. But I think she had a lot to do with changing the porn cultures mind of what sexy is. And I think that that opened the door for a lot. A lot more variety of women you know you if you can be a pumpkin you can be sexy, you can be a nerd and you can be sexy. You can be a cupcake chef and be sexy like this not just one idea anymore. And people like Joanna Angel were the forefront of that.

Yvette d'Entremont 40:24
I require my cupcake chefs to be sexy,

Samantha Mac 40:27
as you should.

Yvette d'Entremont 40:29
Just just saying, but I think if you're making me a cupcake, you're automatically sexy. So

Alice Vaughn 40:33
So speaking of cupcakes, I have a business idea. And if you're a listener of this podcast, you're not allowed. You're contractually obligated to never steal this business idea because you're listening to this podcast and I'm telling you, so

Yvette d'Entremont 40:48
it's already trademarked it there's a website like she's partnered with Monsanto auto or something. Who knows?

Alice Vaughn 40:53
Okay, so the idea is, it's a bakery and it's a strip club. It's called Shake and Bake.

Yvette d'Entremont 41:01
Oh, no. Oh yes, we're doing this. And and wait, it's a dispensary to shake and bake. Oh, come on, come on. Now this is a good idea.

Alice Vaughn 41:14
Look, all I'm saying is, if you're already going to call a girl cupcake, why not bring you a cupcake?

Samantha Mac 41:19
We actually fired a girl to a strip club for smashing a cupcake during a strip show. Because it was a chocolate cupcake and it looked like poop smeared down her tits. And it left any oil based product is not your friend at the strip club. And I mean like a slick

Yvette d'Entremont 41:36
Yeah, so you're saying vanilla with like marang frosting would have been acceptable. It's just

Samantha Mac 41:41
not poo colors and preferably not oil based products. We want you to swing around the pole. We don't use something off of it.

Yvette d'Entremont 41:50
So if you're listening and you dance, please no chocolate cupcakes,

Samantha Mac 41:54
at least not myclub that'll get you in trouble.

Yvette d'Entremont 41:57
Stick to the normal foods for that are used for dancing like sardines, obviously.

Alice Vaughn 42:03
Pineapple on pizza. Yes. No.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
Yes. doesn't belong

Yvette d'Entremont 42:08
on pizza. Yes, yes. Thank you. I knew I liked you.

Samantha Mac 42:13
Don't you take my pineapple away.

Yvette d'Entremont 42:15
People who don't like pineapple on pizza are truly why the terrorists are gonna win.

Samantha Mac 42:19
I believe I had sex in a burning Angel film because there was pineapple on a pizza.

Yvette d'Entremont 42:25
There has to be a story of this and I needed

Samantha Mac 42:27
one of the first burning Angel videos I did for joining Angel was I was a pizza delivery girl. And using the pizza delivery box like the thermal case, from my father in law from when he was a delivery boy so you know, there was some heirlooms in that video. But no, I brought I brought an American Oh in gray leaves his name. I brought him a Canadian pizza and had pineapple on it. And it had maybe in badian bacon and he was like, This isn't bacon and we argued about it. And I was like There's pineapple amount make your taste good. He's like, well why would you want that? And I was like, Oh well, welcome to Canada and I sucked his dick.

Unknown Speaker 43:07
Because porn logic

Yvette d'Entremont 43:08
that's how Canadian pizza delivery people treat you when you come to Canada we give you a Canadian pizza and suck your dick. I'm just saying that never happened to Nova Scotia and I feel robbed but given that it was Politico and I'm related to everyone there maybe that's why that's a policy in Politico that they don't do it.

Samantha Mac 43:26
Perhaps I didn't Vancouver, so maybe you need to come to Vancouver. And then have me deliver your pizza. I want that delivery service. You actually need to watch the pizza delivery burning Angel porno video that I did because I tried to do a nova scotia accent the whole time. Oh my god, I'm so excited. It comes out a little in Minnesota. But wait,

Alice Vaughn 43:46
what is a nova scotia accent Nova Scotia

Yvette d'Entremont 43:48
but your a and a booton? Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Don't you know

Samantha Mac 43:52
it's a lot of don't Shinola stone shadow. I just at that point. I loved being a character in all my films like I love I love the silly Have it and that's one of the reasons I like so much is because they did really silly parodies

Yvette d'Entremont 44:04
these are the ports we like to review are the ones that get there's an actual plot and we dig when people stay in character during the fucking

Samantha Mac 44:12
show Anna got mad at me not to get mad at me because halfway through she's like stop it cuz he was like fucking me and I was like, oh gosh darn sorry.

Alice Vaughn 44:21
She's like stomping his mouth. I'm like, okay.

It's not Canadian porn unless you're saying sorry, constantly. Sorry, sorry.

Samantha Mac 44:32
Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry. Don't you know

Unknown Speaker 44:33
sorry. Or maple syrup?

Alice Vaughn 44:37
Give me the maple syrup, baby. Oh, yeah.

Samantha Mac 44:45
Yeah, I give you permission to criticize my Nova Scotia accent in that entire porno. Sorry,

Yvette d'Entremont 44:50
it's probably better than then whatever I can do. We have this thing for a while the horrid challenge and to listeners who have heard this every time just click 30 seconds ahead. So you Don't have to hear it again. So from watching Tommy pistol doing the bar at parody horror at and he stayed in character the whole time. I just want someone to like in that moment when they are their partners about to come to call out very nice and see if they can hold their erection so that was why we loved the vice documentary right here so much I'm like, Oh my god, this is like the horror at challenge over and over again, to see if people can keep erection during you know, extreme conditions.

Alice Vaughn 45:27
So now I remember there was something you mentioned in the documentary said there was a difference between VR and POV recording.

Samantha Mac 45:34
Yeah, what's the difference? So virtual reality is a specific type of camera that we use to shoot VR, whether we're shooting 180 or 360. It's stationary camera, whereas POV the camera can sometimes move with you. If you're doing like a vor fetish. For example, you might talk directly to the cameras if it's the tiny little man trying to escape you. And then you can pick up the camera and show it the inside of your mouth and threaten that you're gonna swallow him or whatever for It's a fun fetish.

Alice Vaughn 46:01
Would you like to describe it for our audience? Yeah,

Yvette d'Entremont 46:03
give them a quick rundown. bore is

Samantha Mac 46:06
a fetish we often encourage beginners to use because it's very, I wouldn't say non sexual, but it's like a foot fetish. It's less sexual than others. So with more it's about eating and swallowing. And a lot of times it mixes with giant tests where the viewer is shrunken down to a small size. And you are the giant s, and you put them in a sandwich and you eat them, or the video I'm doing right now is a fellow who's trying to hide behind a grape. And I realized I dropped the grape on the ground and I go to pick it up and about to eat it. And it the sexual tension for the viewer comes from that point where he sees my mouth open my teeth, my uvlo hanging down the spit in my throat, and he knows that that's his final moment. And that's where they get on board. Sometimes they want you to slowly eat them from their toes to their head and describe what their body is feeling. Sometimes they do it as a way of nourishing the gut. As body they're making the ultimate sacrifice for the goddess that they appreciate and love so much. But yeah vor is about eating and chewing up a lot of your throat and swallowing and every time you eat on camera you're supposed to do with your lips open, so they can watch your teeth Nasher out. It's it's not sexual for everyone, but for those who like it, they pay well for it.

Yvette d'Entremont 47:21
So it's a fairly unsexual eyes thing that people are really into I

Samantha Mac 47:26
who it's more of like a psychological fetish than it is

Yvette d'Entremont 47:30
physical or emotional. I'm fascinated and I don't want to kink shame I just I'm this is something that like, I think it's a thing where if you're not into it, you just do not get it at all. And you know what, as I was taught very early on in my kink life, your kink is okay. Don't judge other people's kinks, because other people would look at yours and go Hmm,

Samantha Mac 47:50
so a lot of people who are starting out with their own fan sites, we'll get custom video requests from people who have these very usual fetishes, not that they're unusual a bad way but that they're the less popular and when you're new on the internet people come to you Oh, wiggle your toes for me. Okay now wiggle your toes but pour lotion on them. Okay now whether your toes and smash a banana into the ball of your foot like they will send you these little customs that you think are nothing so you'll do them for a low amount of money. Because you don't understand their that's their sexual for them. It seems non sexual to you because oh, it's just my feet, it doesn't matter or Oh, I'm just pretending to eat a crepe. It doesn't matter. But what we don't realize what we've learned through this evolutionary process is that these kinks are very important to people who have these fetishes. And so if you become a master at if you can understand the fetish and film it in a way that's very enticing, you can become the best for fetishist or giant has fetishes or femme Dom or whatever it is that you're into, or perhaps that you're good at portraying on camera. I do a lot of fetishes that I'm not personally into, but I will perform them exquisitely on camera because I like being an actress.

Alice Vaughn 49:00
I feel like people definitely undervalue porn stars as actual actors. And that's the thing you guys act so often and frequently, especially as you just described, you do fetishes, and you do them in such a way where for the viewer, if they're watching, and they're like, that's exactly my kink, but you might not either be into it or you just know how to perform it really well. You might be the best vor or giantess fetishist out there.

Samantha Mac 49:27
Yes. And that's the goal is to be the best at whatever you want to do. We do one of our bootcamp classes is about specifically that, wow, we show a side by side image of a sexy nurse and a porno and then a nurse actually in the ER, and we're like there is a difference between reality and fantasy. And there is a difference between showing a kink and then showing a kink for the viewer.

Yvette d'Entremont 49:49
Do you show a picture of Nina Hartley when she was actually working as a nurse versus Nina Hartley in a nurse costume because I think that would be perfect. I did not know Nina Hartley was a nurse. She was I don't know Still an RN, she might like we had her on the show and we talked about that. But yeah, indeed, kind of what got her into porn, she said was she was working as an RN and she connected, giving birth to sexuality and it's a whole long rant. She was on the show and it was wonderful. But yeah, she started off her career as a nurse. She's I mean, we knew she was brilliant, but Episode 30 we had her on really early and she put up with 40 minutes of our audio issues trying to get her connected. And she was so lovely. And so what she talked about was so brilliant. She

Samantha Mac 50:28
is like the nicest person she's fantastic. So by the

Alice Vaughn 50:31
way, I figured out what nurse porn is yes, so all of you nurses out there can absolutely attest to this and you can you know, correct me if I'm wrong info two girls, so I might calm you know, they email. Okay, you guys, you're into veins. Okay, finding a fucking vein for to put a needle into so muscular arms with veins in them. That's nurse porn. phlebotomy tell me I'm wrong.

Yvette d'Entremont 50:56
I know someone who used to do I need to figure out a way to praise a set enemas she was into enemas and wearing a nurse costume. That was one that I remember early on in my kink education. And I was like, Ooh, that one's a fetish too far. But I'm fascinated and I want to know more.

Samantha Mac 51:11
I love enemas.

Yvette d'Entremont 51:12
I find the baby, how should we phrase this useful before another activity? Yes, that's kind of how

Samantha Mac 51:19
you get into it.

It starts off as necessity and then it becomes awesome.

Yvette d'Entremont 51:24
One day, we're gonna make a complete washer junk kit, and it's gonna have an enema bulb in there, and people are gonna be like, What? Oh,

Samantha Mac 51:30
yes, that's another course we that's in the angel class that we do. We have this lovely gay fellow come in, and he talks all about how to do an enema, the different types that you can get. And when you've gone too far, and you've used too much liquid and how long it could delay your process of getting ready. I need to know how do you

Yvette d'Entremont 51:47
know when you've gone too far?

Samantha Mac 51:48
Well, there's a suggested amount listed in the instructions. And when you go beyond that, there's a bend in your innards. And once you go over that bend, gravity doesn't help you anymore. Go ahead You filled yourself up with so much liquids and now you're you're draining out beyond the level that's necessary and it could take a much longer time to get you cleaned out because you've gone into deep cleaning mode and it wasn't necessary.

Unknown Speaker 52:13
So one bulb at a time, one

Samantha Mac 52:14
bulb at a time, that's what I like to do.

Yvette d'Entremont 52:18
Didn't know if there was a max number of bulbs. successively, I think it's the word I'm using. There

Samantha Mac 52:23
was also a difference between like, you could fill up like we have the bottles and you could fill up with one bottle, flush it out, fill up a bottle, again, make sure it's clean until it comes out clear. Or you could put a bottle in hold it but a second bottle in that's when you get into a little bit dangerous territory. But it's also good for deep cleaning. So you mean each each their own happy assholes to everyone? Yes, we want to clean working surface. And that's something that we're touching on. We're doing a point of bootcamp orientation this Friday and next Saturday, where anyone who's curious is welcome to come down and have a q&a with us. We've got videos, we've got some funny entertainers coming in to talk about all these things, answering questions. One of the things we talked about is how to be prepared for set. Do you need to clean out your asshole before you come to every single set? Not necessarily. Like what's important to do and like the amount of man I've had to send back and women be like, Oh, you need to go wash your bits before you pull those out. washers drunk. There's people who don't know why we have baby wipes on set. They think it's hilarious. Somebody in the YouTube comments on the vice documentary was like, Oh, this guy's using a penis pump next to a bunch of baby wipes. That's gross. He must be a dad and I was like, No, we use baby wipes to wipe our folds and our ins and our outs because our genitals Yeah, I worry about the people having sex who don't know how to use a wipe on their bits. Why do people not

Yvette d'Entremont 53:40
know to just wash your junk? This is vital and necessary before you mash bits with someone else just out of courtesy but

Samantha Mac 53:48
there's a lot of shelters out there even into their 20s and 30s. I've come across a lot of dicks now doing Cornell boot camp, and in a lot of vaginas, but the most memorable and I've met three men Whose foreskin will not retract at all. And when it does, you just see the very, very tip of their dick. And if you touch it, they go into convulsions because the head of their caucus so sensitive, and why two of them were raised very religious and were told never to masturbate. So as a 25 and 30 year old man, they could not pull down their foreskin, even when flaccid and they were constantly getting infections and they just thought that's just how it works because they never had that open conversation with an adult or a parent supporter. And so it's me going well, dude, your dick needs some work is what got them going to a doctor and having the balls to have that conversation is incredible. Okay, so if you're religiously oppressed, as you're dank please start please. She's a dick exorcise

Yvette d'Entremont 54:43
addicts or cyst. I have a lot of business cards. We're racking them up for you depending on who you're talking to different business card.

Samantha Mac 54:50
Someone online made me some that said I'm the dildo wielder because there's a part in the documentary where I'm shaking a double ended dildo, which is a joke about dick Celcius. video we did a long time ago his stepdad comes in, he picks up the Double of the dildo. He goes, What is this and it's wiggling back and forth. It's the funniest thing I've ever shot. However, like I said before that stepdad we don't do anymore because it had other fans that I don't want to judge, but that one moment where he's What is this and the dildos shaking back and forth. It's the funniest thing I've ever done. If you've never shaken a double ended dildo, do yourself a favor, go to the next door, I will get a double and make it around like a mad fury and you will feel so much better like that should be an every therapists office, you can't not laugh. It's just the funniest thing.

Yvette d'Entremont 55:35
It's funnier than a rubber chicken. I'm sorry, you cannot

Samantha Mac 55:38
stay angry,

Yvette d'Entremont 55:39
especially if it's a pink one with glitter on the inside of it. That's a funny object. It's an intrinsically humorous article of junk.

Samantha Mac 55:49
We've had one in our studio for three years now. It was bought for one of Anneliese film sets long time ago, and it's just lingered. It's always around somewhere. We try to get rid of it. We can't just keep showing up. But if you're angry We tell people just shake the deck because you cannot stay angry. Well, this double ended those flapping around. It's so yeah, forget stress balls, get a double ended dildo you'll be a happier person, you can thank me later.

Alice Vaughn 56:13
In counseling sessions you have to hold the double ended dildo to speak.

Yvette d'Entremont 56:17
That's the time I'm going to start buying those for friends that are stressed out just going buying cheap double ended dildo and be like, Here you go, just your you don't, this isn't gonna solve anything. It's not gonna make your problems go away but you'll laugh of it, you'll be

Samantha Mac 56:31
a lot happier with your problems.

Yvette d'Entremont 56:34
And if you cleared it off and has another years,

Unknown Speaker 56:37
even two

Samantha Mac 56:40
things those fellows have seen no buddy, no one can feel it seen our double ended dildo in our studio, you know is the LG dildo because it has this weird pink stain down the side which came from a feather boa I swear it was packaged with a feather boa the color from the feather bow leaked onto the eldo but every time we're playing with it was like why is there pink stuff on it? I'm like, it's never whatever you think it is. I swear to God is the dye from a feather bowl.

Yvette d'Entremont 57:09
We kill the Horcrux of one of the previous porn stars that stain

Samantha Mac 57:14
spray theory that's gonna be in like the board game one day like the q&a about Samantha Mac when I'm finally famous enough have a board game it'll be like, why is Samantha's double ended dildo dyed

Unknown Speaker 57:22
pink because it was in Jenna Jamison. Oh, hey,

Samantha Mac 57:27
Jenna Jameson's actually, one of the reasons I do porn now. Really?

Alice Vaughn 57:31
Yes. how that happened. What? What is your origin story

Samantha Mac 57:35
A long time ago. So I was 18 and I was given Jamison's how to make love like a porn star book, oh, by the uncle of a kid that I babysat for. Wow. There's a whole nother story. So I was given this book and I started reading it because I was 18. And who doesn't like things about porn when you're 18 and she talks about how in the book she talked about falling down drunk and losing money because she was so high High and all of those things and I had chosen at a young age at age 14, I'd learned about being straight edge ones and I decided that I want to be straight edge. So I got this strange tattoo and I never drank or two drugs or smoked my entire life and I not true. I did try cigarettes to try and be cool and it clearly did not work. So I apologize for drinking.

Alice Vaughn 58:22
This entire you

Samantha Mac 58:23
can drink. I don't. Okay, I don't care if you drink. But yeah, so I chose to like have this very straight, clean life and because of Gemma Jameson's book, I was just like, wow, if she could do all of that, because she just had the drive to do it. Like she pulled her own braces off to get the job at the strip club. And she decided to like push yourself and make yourself famous, cool. The only place she failed was that she got drunk and high and fucked it all up. And I was like, Well, I don't get drunk or high so I could do all this and not fuck it up. Interesting. So that book was like my motivating factor to like, do whatever I want become whoever I want and Be as bold as I want, knowing that as long as I didn't drink or do drugs that I could probably hold it together enough to be successful at it. And I still have her book and like read it to this day because it's a good book. It's hilarious. And it's full of great stories. But I am very much blaming her book for making me the confident, business minded girl that started off as a stripper not knowing what she was doing, and literally faked it till I made it. And now 10 years later, I'm teaching people how to play

Alice Vaughn 59:26
with their dicks. That's amazing. I love it out of curiosity, do you do webinars, webinars? I don't but that

Samantha Mac 59:32
is on my to do list. That's one of the things we're talking about right now. I hired I finally hired an assistant to help me coordinate everything and one of the things she's pushing me towards is webinars and ebooks, so that people don't have to necessarily come to my class to hear about it because people do like hearing about playing with dicks and stretching vaginas. They like these things. They're interesting. You don't necessarily want to become a porn star. You don't necessarily want to open a clip store, but you might want to shake a double ended dildo, so Word. These are things that are on our horizon that hopefully we will do. And then of course, followed by a TED talk and a masterclass obviously, obviously and then your own line of dildos. Specifically double ended ones with a pink stripe on them with for therapeutic reasons only

Alice Vaughn 1:00:17
at every therapists office in Nova Scotia.

Samantha Mac 1:00:21
Look at me Mom, I made it.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:00:23
I have an aunt who is going to be blushing her way through therapy. Yes, sorry, Tom Chanel, it was my fault.

Alice Vaughn 1:00:30
But in all seriousness, I would love if you came out with honestly a web series because that's something that I know for myself, who's in New York events in LA, you know, we can't readily fly to Canada as much as we'd like. So to have the access, I mean, I would love to, you know, instead of paying for a flight, hotel, and etc, to come out there, I wouldn't mind paying for a class online just so I can learn what I need to learn and know how to do it right.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:00:59
I know needs to know how to look good on camera when I'm having sit, wait, that's not what I want to I want to learn, although I do. I want to know what's in this class to like, these are things that I think people are curious about period. So I mean, if we're not the only ones who want to know,

Samantha Mac 1:01:16
and I mean, I've got a ton of people asking me like if they can come from Eastern Canada or from the States, I had somebody from Tanzania messaged me, and I was like, Oh, don't bother coming. It'll be a waste of your money. Like, we're just doing an info session, like, stay where you are. So I want to be able to expand and reach people that physically cannot be here in my presence. But that is not where we're at this week. That is a future project. Nonetheless, yes, we've evolved a lot. And I know that this is going to continue to evolve. And we're at a point now where like, I could watch a couple have sex and give them tips and pointers on how to do it better on camera. But now we're at a point where like, I'm bringing in professionals to teach things that even I'm not necessarily the best ad because they're important, like anal sex, not a class I can teach if I've done too DVDs called all anal volumes one and two. And my scenes are not good. I literally ripped my asshole open before one of the scenes did the scene like squinching through pain the whole time and it still made it to the DVD for some reason. And now my husband is scarred for life and he'll never fuck my asshole again. So there's no fucking volunteer out there

Alice Vaughn 1:02:23
and you're stumped, asshole. You need a stunt asshole.

Samantha Mac 1:02:26
Well, I still want to have anal sex, but he's so scarred from filming the scene with me, knowing that I asked was ripped open from stretching the night before and it's a whole, a whole bunch of things could go wrong. But through this process of me learning by trial and error, I can save a lot of other people from having the same mistakes and I can help them be more successful. So learn from my mistakes, but also, in a situation like anal sex, don't learn from me. We will bring in a professional who is an anal Acrobat who can give you the real insider information and hidden tips and secrets to be successful at anal sex because I was not successful. Oh

Yvette d'Entremont 1:03:01
yeah, anal sex can be wonderful and amazing, or it can go horribly wrong. So, take the steps do the work. It's just there's diligence required, but your patients will be rewarded. That is my glowing recommendation for the sex.

Alice Vaughn 1:03:17
If you're listening to this podcast and you haven't had anal sex yet and you want to explore anal, start with a Pinkie seriously

Yvette d'Entremont 1:03:24
start small start small size matters. Don't be ambitious, like you know how people are telling you to be motivated and ambitious. Don't do that with that sex. No low and slow. Do you

Alice Vaughn 1:03:35
guys understand how ambitious event and IR fairy?

Yvette d'Entremont 1:03:40
Let's take it back. Do you know how ambitious Alice is and how I kind of do the minimum required and show up and just spout out funny as necessary. I worked as hard as I needed to for an A minus and it worked out.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:53
We're both telling you start tiny start tiny,

Yvette d'Entremont 1:03:57
however much lube you think you need double, a triple But that is how you will not fuck this up probably. And don't be afraid of the enema. Embrace the enema, we want you to enjoy all your holes that you want to enjoy.

Alice Vaughn 1:04:11
So, Sam this has been awesome speaking to you, where can our listeners find you and more of you and your content and your porno boot camp

Samantha Mac 1:04:19
so you can find more about more of boot camp at Mac because we are everything that I film and produce I put on Mac first because we provide our Canadians with Canadian content first and foremost. And then you can follow us on Mac movies calm if you'd like to join our membership site, which gets content throughout the week casually. But if you want it first, you go to the Mac because you know what somebody's gonna put Canadians first. Other than that, I'm all over the social media at the Samantha Mack spelt like the truck, not like the makeup and

Alice Vaughn 1:04:58
I will There's a truck the Mack trucks

Samantha Mac 1:05:01
the big giant aka the big semies No, you don't know your big law here.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:05:09
Every so often we stumble across a gap analysis knowledge of general terminology, but it happens to me too.

Alice Vaughn 1:05:16
I'm sorry I'm not familiar with semi trucks do not

Samantha Mac 1:05:21
know about long distance trucking.

Yvette d'Entremont 1:05:23
How is this not a thing that you've researched in depth in your in your education? Alice, I have disappointed in you.

Alice Vaughn 1:05:30
I'm sorry. I know about 16 wheelers and other capacities.

Samantha Mac 1:05:34
Wait, what other capacities? We'll discuss on Patreon. Yeah, I'm I'm Samantha Mac, I'm on everything except Instagram, which has put me in jail a few times. So now my new account is the Samantha Mac underscore. Oh, Instagram your

Unknown Speaker 1:05:49

Samantha Mac 1:05:50
Yeah. We also have like the Mac models on Instagram. We've got the Mac models and Mac movies on Twitter. Anything of the Mac related we've caught

Alice Vaughn 1:05:57
and do you also have the big back?

Samantha Mac 1:05:59
No That is copywritten that is I am not allowed to have the Big Mac god damn it

Alice Vaughn 1:06:04
jerks. By the way we have more of this conversation over at Patreon so just by the way some of our patrons we want to thank this week hack Sora Steven Jones Wendy Cornwall Teresa Sal tordjman kallstrom Scott fendley sam mon to Neil Simpson, Neil hallstrom, my humble assassin, Mike sorbetto, Matthew Cole, MC, Angus, and many many others and if you want to become a Patreon yourself and hear more of this conversation, just hop on to slash to girls with Mike. It's also in the show notes. So just click on it, you know, help support the show, help support the editing and you know,

Yvette d'Entremont 1:06:40
keep the lights on help us eventually break into the black. Okay, one day because we were getting there. With your help, I will we will one day be able to afford things we're paying for. We can do this

Unknown Speaker 1:06:52
one day to group effort help us pay for our porn one day I'll be able to afford more than just a fidget spinner bud plug

Yvette d'Entremont 1:07:00
We want to fidget spinner about flux

Alice Vaughn 1:07:03
so event where can our listeners find you by the way?

Yvette d'Entremont 1:07:05
Y'all can find me at the Sybase on Instagram and Twitter and slash cyber. I am snarky and sciency and occasionally political. Alice, where can people find you and our social media for the podcast

Alice Vaughn 1:07:18
so guys go to girls on mic comm we have all the social media to Twitter to Facebook. They're also the Patreon Of course, but myself you could find being snarky and with bud plugs, I guess, at rational blonde on Twitter. Thanks for joining us this week, and we will see you guys next week.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35
Bye bye bye.

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