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Two Boston Guys Whack Up A Pie

88 EpisodesProduced by Tony V and Jimmy DunnWebsite

Comedians Tony V and Jimmy Dunn have some laughs while sharing a pie.

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Avocado Toast, UFOs and Cocaine

February 25th, 2021


Tony has some very exciting news to share and Jimmy knows how to fix the MA vaccine website.

Erectile Dysfunction, Knives and Gronk

February 17th, 2021


Jimmy and Tony scour the news stories so you don't have to. They bring you all the things you need to know.

Tom Brady, Bruce Springsteen and Pontiac Fieros

February 12th, 2021


Jimmy and Tony cover some of the fallout after the Super Bowl as well as a discussion of the Pontiac Fiero for all the fans of that classic automobile.

Super Bowl, Poker and Book Clubs

February 3rd, 2021


The Super Bowl is coming up soon. In the meantime, Tony and Jimmy have a lot for you to catch up on.

Tom Brady, Pamela Anderson and Sean Lennon

January 27th, 2021


Jimmy and Tony cover a lot of important news to help you laugh your way through the pandemic.

Lil Wayne, a Tiki Boat and Cocaine Hippos

January 20th, 2021


It's inauguration day. That doesn't mean that ridiculous stuff isn't still happening. Jimmy and Tony find this stuff so you don't have to.

Jesus, Bacon and Squirrel Attacks

January 6th, 2021


It's the new year and things do not appear to be getting better. Hang out with Jimmy and Tony and thing will seem better than they actually are.

Christmas Extravaganza

December 23rd, 2020


The boys are festive and jolly. They talk about some interesting stories and break down a classic Christmas movie.

Tom Cruise, Strippers and Robots

December 16th, 2020


Tony is back from Aruba. He and Jimmy get together to help you understand what's important.

Hump an Ump and Jump

December 9th, 2020


Tony's still sunning himself in Aruba while Jimmy shivers in wintery N.H. As usual, they have a lot to talk about.

Technology, Aruba and Robots

December 3rd, 2020


After some technology problems, Tony manages to connect from Aruba.

Lumber, Thanksgiving and Dolly Parton

November 25th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about the important topics of the day including Dolly Parton's great contributions.

A Scoop of Shit

November 19th, 2020


This episode looks good from a distance...

Comedy, Canons and the Sausage King

November 11th, 2020


Do you need a break from all the stuff? Hang out with Tony and Jimmy for a while.


Election Results, Spam Farts and Rats

November 4th, 2020


This episode is light on the election results and heavy on the humor. Jimmy and Tony provide a welcome distraction.

Rudy Giuliani, Pocket Pool and a Shriveled Twinkie

October 28th, 2020


Things are getting curiouser and curiouser. Jimmy and Tony are here to help break it down.

Dog Shit, Yelp Reviews and a Flaming Zamboni

October 21st, 2020


There's some strange things going on in this world. Jimmy and Tony help you make sense of it all.

Nuclear Fusion, Fast Times and a School Bus

October 14th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about a variety of things. Surprisingly, Tony takes the time to explain how government works.

Weird Al, Eddie Van Halen and Putin

October 9th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony take a few minutes to remember guitar great Eddie Van Halen. Then, they get back to business as usual.

A Turducken of Shit

September 30th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony give some non-political analysis of the presidential debate. The also find time to talk about other timely news stories.

A Chimp Juggling Mice

September 24th, 2020


Tony's in Connecticut, and he's in a mood. Jimmy tries to get to the bottom of it while covering some news that you need to know about.

Horseshit for Idiots

September 16th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about Tony's efforts to get back on Facebook. They also offer some keen analysis of stories in the news.

Should I Get a Jet Pack?

September 9th, 2020


This week, Jimmy and Tony really outdo themselves. This could be the most educational episode of all time.

Cow Assses, Jet Packs and Tortoise Porn

September 2nd, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk a lot about cows, sharks, elephants and tortoises. They also share some exciting news about next week's podcast.

Sesame Street Police, KFC and Seinfeld

August 26th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about some of the strange goings on during the new normal. It really doesn't seem that normal at all.

Death Valley, Fire Tornadoes and Surfing

August 19th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony cover a lot in this episode, although they do spend quite a bit of time talking about the weather.

Hawaiian Shirts, Facebook Hacks and the Morning Aquarium

August 13th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony V would like the pandemic to be over. Unfortunately, it's not over, so you get another episode of this fine podcast.

Flying That Plane, High on Cocaine

August 5th, 2020


Tony is vacationing in Maine, but the show must go on. He talks with Jimmy about storms, beach bears and so much more.

Lysol, Chewbacca and a Blue Lobster

July 30th, 2020


Jimmy is shirtless for today's episode. Other than that, he and Tony V talk about the news that you need to know about.

Two Boston Guys in a Boat

July 22nd, 2020


Jimmy and Tony have a lot of nautical themed stories to share this week.

Ted Nugent, Blissful Ignorance and Robot Graduation

July 15th, 2020


Somehow, Jimmy and Tony manage to carry on in spite of the pandemic. They've even maintained a sense of humor.

Train Wrecks, Plovers and Joey Chestnut

July 8th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony discuss the great Joey Chestnut as well as other important news. As usual, they have a lot to talk about.

Special 4th of July Episode

July 1st, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about the best ice cream truck treats. They each give their top 5 lists.

Fireworks, Meth Gators and Sammy Hagar

June 24th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony cover the most important news of the week. They also talk about the return of comedy shows.

Rabid Squirrels, Feral Pigs and the Dalai Lama

June 19th, 2020


Tony is having squirrel issues. Jimmy and Tony cover a lot of news happening in Florida.

Elmer Fudd, Nuclear Weapons and the Devil

June 11th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony cover a lot of news. Give a listen to find out what's really going on.

Space Uber, Alligators and Penguins

June 3rd, 2020


Jimmy and Tony get serious for a moment. It's only a brief moment. At the end of the podcast, they offer a valuable lesson.

Tattoos, Firetrucks and Sex Dolls

May 26th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony have a lot to discuss this week. They cover some current news and give an update on the watermelon bandits.

So I Got Goldie Hawn on a Bus

May 22nd, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about mac & cheese, watermelons, Goldie Hawn and the physics of cartoons.

Baseball Cards and Cardboard Fans

May 15th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony talk about the state of sports, bulls, peacocks and robot dogs.

Pandemics, Murder Hornets and Lamborghinis

May 8th, 2020


Jimmy and Tony are reunited. They pick up wherever it was that they left off. 

Two Boston Guys in NYC

September 16th, 2019


Jimmy and Tony head to New York City to support the Best of Boston Comedy Album.

Panther Crossing Next 9 Miles

March 24th, 2019


Jimmy and Tony talk about their adventures in the great state of Florida. Gus V makes a special appearance.

Cheers to Tony

January 4th, 2019


Jimmy and Tony recap A Toast to Tony V held at Laugh Boston on December 27.

Christmas Special

December 20th, 2018


Jimmy and Tony discuss the true meaning of Christmas.

Superman ... and Everyone Else

November 13th, 2018


Tony and Jimmy talk Comic Con, Stan Lee and superheroes. 

World Series

October 22nd, 2018


The Sox to to the World Series and Jimmy goes back to college.

Boston Garden

October 13th, 2018


Tony performs at the Boston Garden and Jimmy is on TV

Space Force

October 4th, 2018


Tony and Jimmy discuss the merits of Space Force and the rigorous training required.

Springsteen on Broadway

September 5th, 2018


Tony reviews Springsteen on Broadway

Misfits and Monsters

August 23rd, 2018


Tony talks about his role on Bobcat Goldthwait's Misfits and Monsters as Neptune.

Jimmy has an encounter with a seal.


August 2nd, 2018


Tony and Jimmy discuss a fellow comic who was on Jeopardy.

Drunk Seagulls

July 7th, 2018


The boys discuss drunk seagulls, fireworks mishaps and Jimmy's twitter beef with a former VP candidate. And the Kinks might get back together!

Hot Dogs and Zoo Gigs

June 26th, 2018


A strange week in comedy.

Jimmy meets his culinary hero.

Tony does a gig at a zoo.

Golf Gigs and Helicopters

June 18th, 2018


Jimmy and Tony discuss golf gigs and helicopter rides.

Flying Monkey

June 10th, 2018


Jimmy and Tony record from the Flying Monkey Theater in NH. They discuss Bourdain, The Patriots, and New Hampshire driving.

Volcano S'mores

June 7th, 2018


Tony and Jimmy discuss the latest odd news stories, including volcano s'mores and kidnapping by alligator.


May 15th, 2018


Jimmy and Tony discuss the odd news of the week, including a giant Globster that washed up on a beach in Indonesia.

Jimmy Met The Pancake Man

April 22nd, 2018


Tony and Jimmy are on the cape for a comedy gig.

They tell stories about the legendary cape comedy gigs, and how jimmy met his hero, The Pancake Man.

Hollywood Hoagie

March 13th, 2018


After a bit of a hiatus, Jimmy and Tony are back! Jimmy recaps a month in Hollywood.

Idiots Getting Hurt

January 26th, 2018


Jimmy and Tony discuss Tony's new favorite website, Idiots Getting Hurt, and then the discussion naturally turns to the football fans of Philadelphia.


January 19th, 2018




January 12th, 2018


Jimmy and Tony record from the Green Room at Laugh Boston after the Toast to Lenny Clarke event.

Included, some recording from the event. Not Safe For Work!

It All Runs Downhill

December 22nd, 2017


Plumbing and Comedy. It all runs downhill.

Pork For Pinball

November 19th, 2017


After a stand-up comedy show at the historic Palace Theatre in Manchester, NH, Tony and Jimmy record a short podcast with guests, comics Will Noonan and Lamont Price, and CEO of the theatre Peter Ramsey.


November 8th, 2017


Big showbiz week for the boys. Jimmy was on CONAN. Tony was on SMILF. But there was an even bigger performance for a friend of the show!

Rocktober - Tony hugs The Boss

October 15th, 2017


After 3 shows at Giggles Comedy Club, Tony and Jimmy tell rock concert stories.

In the Alley

September 30th, 2017


After a show at Giggles Comedy Club, Jimmy and Tony record from the alley behind the club.

They discuss Martha's Vineyard, and Uber ratings and Amazon.

Hello, Cleveland.

September 14th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony discuss Cleveland and iPhones and eat the best blueberry pie in the history of the Two Boston Guys Whack up a Pie Podcast.

Recorded on the front porch of Front Porch Pies.

Thousand-Dollar Turtle

September 6th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony discuss the Red Sox cheating scandal, the impending hurricane and the weatherman who farted on TV.

Mattress Mack for President

August 31st, 2017


Jimmy and Tony discuss all the fights in the news.

McGregor vs Mayweather

North Korea vs The World

Mattress Mack vs Joel Osteen


"Therapy Chicken" comes in a bucket.

August 24th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony discuss therapy pets. Then they talk about a great act of charity from Red Sox Legend Pedro Martinez.

Comedy Field Trip - Lobsters and Losers

August 14th, 2017


Jimmy, Tony and 20 funny friends get on a bus and go to Rhode Island to eat seafood and gamble.


August 3rd, 2017


Tony and Jimmy go to Maine and tell Maine stories.


July 30th, 2017


Tony and Jimmy discuss Tony's recent trip and some fun facts about the island of Aruba

Sammy Hagar Shirt

July 19th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony discuss comedy festival etiquette and attire.

Calzone - Italian for pie?

July 12th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony whack up some calzones from Vinny's and discuss parking and comedy festivals.

Atolls and A-holes

July 5th, 2017


Tony returns from a gig in the Marshall Islands. Jimmy returns from Hollywood.

Motorcycle stories

June 15th, 2017


It's Bike Week in New England. Tony and Jimmy tell motorcycle stories.

We sincerely apologize

June 9th, 2017



Are you really offended? Tony and Jimmy discuss the culture of internet outrage.

Today's pie - peach.


May 31st, 2017


It's wedding season. Tony and Jimmy fix yours. And discuss why Tiger Woods shouldn't have had one.


Today's pie - pumpkin.

Episode 107 - Tony joins a gym.

May 24th, 2017


Comedians Jimmy Dunn and Tony V whack up a blueberry pie and talk about getting in shape for the comedy softball league.


Todays Pie - blueberry



Route One

May 16th, 2017


Comedians Jimmy Dunn and Tony V discuss Route One Comedy.


Today's pie - Banana Cream 

One Eye

May 8th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony discuss the one-eyed horse in the Kentucky Derby, racing family pets and dirty vanity plates.


Today's Pie - Key Lime


April 30th, 2017


Tony is back from a week in Atlantic City, so Jimmy and Tony tell casino stories, including adventures with Denis Leary, Robin Williams and Bobcat …

Penalty Box

April 20th, 2017


Comedians Jimmy Dunn and Tony V discuss hockey goon Bob Probert's final resting place, the penalty box at the Joe Louis Arena. This leads to a discussion on crazy places to scatter the ashes of loved ones.

Today's pie - …

This F'N Guy - Episode 101

April 12th, 2017


Tony and Jimmy start a podcast. 


April 10th, 2017


Jimmy and Tony solve United Airlines' overbooking system, discuss MLB mascots that were terminated and both cop to working in costume - Tony as a …

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