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Twisting the Wind is an aural experiment in electronic communication featuring live talking interviews with eccentrics and experts as well as phone calls with strangers from all points in the spectrum. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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August 2nd, 2017


Please enjoy the 'new' location of the executive buffet by subscribing to the podcast "Live to Tape with Johnny Pemberton". 

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The Executive Bone Zone with Brendon and Randy

June 7th, 2016


The darlings of fart, the deers of queer, the boners of zones: Randy Liedtke and Brendon Walsh make a belated return to the hot seats on Twisting the Wind. It’s fun conversational jaunt featuring the greatest minds in …

a daddy of slight goldeness

March 21st, 2016


It Returns!! A soloist episode with some calls and collages and personal reflections and character talks. Thanks for waiting.


Sounds with Karen Kilgariff & Drennon Davis

December 25th, 2015


a very very musical episode! comedy/music/life genius’ Karen Kilgariff and Drennon Davis blast out a multitude of brazen song styles across this …

Releasing the Need to Understand with JOSH FADEM

November 24th, 2015


comedian, actor, best friend, super crazy guy, JOSH FADEM, returns to the Executive Buffet for a barrage of impression and a good discussion of an upcoming TOUR :)

See for privacy and opt-out …

Chris Crofton's above-ground pool

October 1st, 2015


Former redhead and multi-hyphenate entertainment troubadour, Chris Crofton, participates in a wonderful conversational sound recording with host …

a little stupid one for free

September 23rd, 2015


another solo studio classic in the vein of a golden daddy.this episode features multiple sound angles, phone calls, opinions, and advice.please …

Infinite Versions with The Buttress

September 2nd, 2015


Rap Artist, Filmmaker, and Psychonaut, The Buttress AKA Bethany Last Name, joins the Executive Buffet for a multiphasic digital experience. Please …

Irish Beach Kiss with Duncan Trussell

August 28th, 2015


The magnanimous one, Duncan Trussell, returns for revelry, dissent, and grand confusion on yet another classic episode Twisting the Wind. Get your …

Stowed Notions with Mikey and Adam

August 19th, 2015


globe-bounding pre-funky comedian, Mikey Kampmann, joins pal and previous Executive Buffet sound slapper, Adam Forkner (White Rainbow), for a pleasure filled conversational romp through the waves of time. A true …

Casual Strips and Candy Runners

August 11th, 2015


A classic from grandad’s golden bucket, it’s a... golden daddy! Some high profile calls, snippets of audio from far flung regions, and some drum …

An Echo Sound with JoJo Sutherland

July 23rd, 2015


yet another classic within the “hands on the branch” genre featuring international comedian thesp, Jojo Sutherland, live from Bahrain some ways back when. Some really fun original beats are laid down in the wind tunnel.

Rick Shapiro Gets Enamored

July 8th, 2015


Human firecracker and demigod of hilarious intensity, Rick Shapiro, joins the executive buffet for a long overdue conversational onslaught.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Traditional Duality with Jay Weingarten

June 15th, 2015


World traveling disruptor comedian man, Jay Weingarten, joins the executive buffet for a mind congress of the highest order. Kevin receives a call to help his business with blogs. A song is sung.


mixtape prequel

May 27th, 2015


A blasting phone-filled solo extravaganza --- the first partial installment of a the new b-side collection --- talking interrupted with sounds.


Part 2 of Rhizomal Imperialism with Ryan and Jess

April 29th, 2015


International horticulture team, Ryan Nassichuk and Jessica Hammersmark, join the executive buffet for a deep discussion of all things flora and much …

Rhizomal Imperialism with Ryan and Jess - Pt. 1

April 21st, 2015


International horticulture team, Ryan Nassichuk and Jessica Hammersmark, join the executive buffet for a deep discussion of all things flora and much …

Roof Riffing with Andrew Ryan

April 14th, 2015


A hilarious and serious story-filled chat session live from Bahrain with comedian Andrew Ryan.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Seed Tripping with Al Renner

April 1st, 2015


A very very special episode with master gardener and legendary counterculture activist Al Renner - live from his garden!

See for …

Extra Besting with Jon Nielsen

March 3rd, 2015


Multi-faceted space-blasting music-person, Jon Nielsen (Fortified Five, Knife World, Senator Butthole Johnson), joins the executive buffet during his …

Kick it to the top with a Boot

February 18th, 2015


A specialist solo episode filled with goodie nuggets. Music and a call y’all. get dipped!

See for privacy and opt-out information.

drag of bugs with Chris Holmes

January 29th, 2015


Former illuminati mind control expert turned superstar DJ, Chris Holmes, makes his first repeat appearance on the Executive Buffet. This episode is …

Brendon and Randy are Executive Zone Boned

January 15th, 2015


The dual quasars of zone casting, Brendon Walsh and Randy Liedtke, join Johnny for an informative 3-way conversation over small beds of music and lite drinks.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Dr. Brown with Phil Burgers

December 27th, 2014


Legendary international performer, Phil Burgers AKA Dr. Brown, joins the Executive Buffet. A call is made by Kevin Tipcorn to Cheezit® headquarters. It’s a long good episode that is equal parts funny, serious, and …

Duncan Trussell’s digital grief snake

December 7th, 2014


The magnanimous family hour prince, Duncan Trussell, returns for a third illustrious round of talks, but this time its pure haywire. Intergalactic broad-spectrum magnetic field interruptions have wreaked havoc with the …

white rainbow's serious jazz (redux)

November 26th, 2014


super heavy duty modern retroist, White Rainbow (Adam Fourkney), joins the podcast in multiple bandwidths. Music is talked, and talk is soundified. …

Twice Exceptional with Jonathan Daniel Brown

November 18th, 2014


Actor and Comedian and Survivalist, Jonathan Daniel Brown, joins the wind show for awesome palavering. tons of other great sounds contained in this rad blaster.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

bump crested flip can

November 6th, 2014


A very special super cool warm up zone solo episode. Donnie Jeffcoat is all over the place and musical dreams are mounted.

See for …

the wind, the keith, the girl

October 27th, 2014


Keith and the Girl of “Keith and the Girl” visit the executive buffet for a highly charged whirlwind discussion. Kevin blabs up top about cool shit …

Galvanizing Support with Andy Kindler

October 16th, 2014


The mega-legendary super-ebullient Andy Kindler joins the executive buffet for high stakes palavering. Kevin looks into an art supply gift for his …

Mitril Valve with Matty Cardarople

October 6th, 2014


Actor, comedian, very tall person, and heart surgery survivor, Matty Cardarople chants away the negative demons and speaks on a variety of subjects in the wind tunnel conversation safety zone.

See for …

Derage page with Kate Berlant

September 19th, 2014


Comedian, thesp, and wrongly accused child plagiarist - Kate Berlant - blasts away rage demons in studio for your pure enjoyment. Kevin touches down …

Commingle Independently with James Scott Patterson

September 11th, 2014


Johnny is joined by brilliant comedian, writer, and former jersey pool shark, James Patterson AKA James Scott Patterson AKA J.S. Patterson AKA J. …

Frog-spotting with Lewis MacAdams

August 29th, 2014


Author, poet, and revolutionary environmental performance artist, Lewis MacAdams, joins Johnny on a beautiful summer day for an epic riverside …

2 Foot Nothings with Whit & Clay

August 18th, 2014


the very special rare non-brother male double guest duo of Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas join the executive buffet. hilarious comedians, ancient …

Stump Pumping With Dr. Foxmeat

August 8th, 2014


Californian psychonautic wizard music man, Dr. Foxmeat, joins the Executive Buffet for a beatnik bro-down of conversational excellence. Johnny makes …

Blustery Crust Thumps

July 31st, 2014


a dramatically different extra special solo episode with full executive buffet features. Nuts are crusted, blasts are beep reaped, lighting strikes …

a wandering wind with Yoni Wolf

July 24th, 2014


Yoni Wolf of “Why?” and “The Wandering Wolf” talks for a good quality long time on bowel health, music, and blasting forth in the best way possible. …

Thermophilic Blips

July 15th, 2014


a deep quick beauty. Johnny talks with Ryan Nassichuk, a horticulture expert, about plants and things of the nature of nature and such.


Knife Play with Jake Weisman

July 7th, 2014


Comedian and instagram’s original knife empresario joins the wind tunnel for a long chat on social issues, body issues, life babies, and the power of tumeric.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Rain Event with Joel Robinson

June 20th, 2014


an extra crunchy executive buffet featuring the golden boy of naturalists, Joel Robinson. Nature is dipped in deep, plants and bugs are adored, shoes …

Dancing About Architecture with D.M. Collins

June 13th, 2014


D.M. Collins of the LA Record and so much much more enters the wind zone for heavy talk on sounds and ideas and musics and words. Lots of great …

Jewelry Cup with Eddie Pepitone

June 2nd, 2014


ravishing intellect, defender of the common man, and bombastic comedian Eddie Pepitone sits in at the wind twisting tunnel for a frightful barrage of …

Calculator Risk Track

May 21st, 2014


pontification soliloquy especial episode featuring Johnny on Pemberton meets Univox and more effects. basically, a quick one for your restless …

Charlie Megira

May 12th, 2014


Israeli musical psychonaut, Charlie Megira, visits the Executive Buffet along with his US tour band - Alexa Pantalone, Michael Beach, and Eran Yarkon. Its a languid beauty of overly-subtle proportions.


Such Truck with the Walsh Brothers

April 30th, 2014


Badasses of the western world, brothers David and Chris, join Twisting The Wind for a second time! More tales of Charlestown characters and life on the streets of prank.

See for privacy and opt-out …

Accidentally Effusive with Barry Rothbart

April 15th, 2014


Child bookie and former NYC native, Barry Rothbart, joins the executive buffet for a lengthy chat. Its 2 white guys exploring a conversational space …

Stunt Rock’s Shoehorn of Integrity

April 7th, 2014


A very special episode featuring legendary and prolific artist: Stunt Rock.Recorded entirely live via internet webcam Billy Stunt Rock talks to …

Propolis Tincture of Greg Barris

March 31st, 2014


Enzyme wrangling psychonaut, Greg Barris, steps into the wind zone for a first time sit and chat and smoke and puff and more! Also, the first ever TTW advice section happens as well as a special return of the musical …

Chifforobe Phylum with Howard Kremer

March 21st, 2014


The pied piper of Summah, Howard Kremer AKA Dragon Boy Suede, joins the executive buffet for a lengthy palaver session of high hilarity.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Too Much Bees

March 13th, 2014


Part II in the new minimalist yet highly experimental style of solo podcast that’s delightful as it is simple. Also, a Nigerian scammer is called …

Pile of Plinths

March 7th, 2014


The first in a new highly experimental style of solo podcast that’s delightful as it is simple. guaranteed to offer companionship to the weary …

where the grickle grass grows

February 20th, 2014


Johnny all by his lonesome blasting forth like a lone ranger clone. Bunch of music is touched upon. A nice sweet call is made to Phil Gower: student of the earth.

See for privacy and opt-out …

Brandy and Rendon with Randy L. and Brendon W.

January 31st, 2014


Brendon Walsh and Randy Liedtke, 2 badass prank boy legendarios of The Bone Zone do a plop drop into the wind zone for some stupid ass flap chatter and reminiscing. Johnny’s alias praises yahweh over a long distance …

Bread Cake with Henry Phillips

January 21st, 2014


Coffee obsessed superstar musical troubadour comedian, Henry Phillips, steps into the zone of wind twisting for songs of music and talking with instruments in hand.

See for privacy and opt-out …

Duncan Trussell’s Vocal Backflip

January 8th, 2014


The magnanimous blaster of sweets, Duncan Trussell, returns to the executive buffet of twisting the wind for regalement in song and tales of the …

Growling Intensifies with Norman Taylor

December 18th, 2013


instant classic. Johnny talks to one of the coolest people ever: Norman Taylor, a former New Orleans police officer with a gift for the spoken word. …

Tippa da tail with Beth Stelling

November 14th, 2013


The ever demure and hilarious Beth Stelling talks for an uninterrupted 60 minutes with Johnny about the constitution, magnets, and why death is another word for breakfast.

See for privacy and opt-out …

Keystone Species II

November 6th, 2013


A visit to Inyo National Forest is partially documented at an undisclosed off-road location during the late evening hours with Phil and Patrick. Music is played on a portable record player, Pinon and Juniper wood is …

Never Been Punched with Whit Hertford

October 23rd, 2013


filmmaker, actor, and emotional super genius Whit Hertford visits the studio of wind to talk about stuff, including his religion! Before that Kevin makes a call to a furniture store to get into the depths of sitting …

Audio Future Prayer with Val Myers

September 20th, 2013


Partake in a no-speed-limit reminisce and hyper-speed catch up with genius comedian/producer/documentarian and outstanding all-weather friend Val Myers. A shoe-flop cornstalk call occurs plus some 13th Floor Elevating.

Delta of Sulfites with Joe Wagner

September 6th, 2013


Truth-telling starchild twitter boheme, Joe Wagner, settles into the wind zone for a deep chat without boundaries. Kevin gets the smoothie low down and some new music is blasted at the end for your enjoyment.


Gunninson Sage-Grouse with Adam Cayton-Holland

August 21st, 2013


Birder knowledge expert and master comedian, Adam Cayton-Holland, visits the show for conversation on over 6 different topics, all tangential to …

walk-in mozzarella ball with Anthony Devries

August 5th, 2013


Personage of great story wealth, Anthony Devries, talks to johnny about baby ghosts, kermit the drunk and getting in face of Prince. ALSO - Jim Dueks makes a phone call to see about serious amounts of mozzarella cheese …

Jake Fogelnest

July 23rd, 2013


Musical magic boy, Jake Fogelnest, steps into the officially sound-insulated wind twist room to palaver on sound and driving tests. BUT first Kevin …

Jeff SpurrierFenugreek Chic with Jeff Spurrier

June 28th, 2013


Ultra-travelling garden/plant writer extraordinaire, Jeff Spurrier, joins Pemberton for talk of photosynthetic machines, South America, animal shit and much more. Johnny tries to sell an entertainment venue on Jeff’s …

Wicked Gazelle with Trevor Moore

June 11th, 2013


Tea-sipping multiverse traveller Trevor Moore steps into Johnny’s home for a chat zone. Sun Ra is quoted. Clinic is aurally visited. Summer fun …

Sazerac Snake Door with Randy Liedtke

May 24th, 2013


the hot-knuckled sweet patootie comedian and gourmet picker, Randy Liedtke, joins Johnny for a talk while taking a local train ride around Brendon Walsh’s homestead. Outward phoning is done to a big box in search of a …

defrocked & restocked

May 16th, 2013


Twisting The Wind is back with a solo but eclectic episode full of warped audio, music and bizarre prank calls.

See for privacy and …

Pat Healy's basket of mini-hammers

April 15th, 2013


Pat Healy joins Johnny in fine style to talk movies, films, and people who like movies and films. ALSO - tour dates are announced, a phone call is made, and Serge Gainsbourg is promoted.

See for …

Brendon Walsh IS Lunchbox Joe

April 4th, 2013


sweetheart dude-rancher Brendon Walsh stops into the wind zone to spew and moan about hot road gigs and the best way to extract a poo. Johnny contacts a very special cat owner and music is recommended. repeat listens …

Cumbersome Blunders With Scotty Landes

March 19th, 2013


Mega fantastic comedy writer and twitter star Scotty Landes invites Johnny to his woodland home for champagne and conversational adventures. ALSO old …

suck n fuk with Fadem, Brown, Cregger, and Moore

March 4th, 2013


Johnny returns from San Francisco after a weekend at Cobbs comedy club with the Whitest Kids You Know and Josh Fadem. 5 men in a 5 seat car for 6 hours. every topic is covered. Also theres music and a chat with a hyper …

Jon Daly's Preferred Access Water Magic

February 11th, 2013


all around great guy singer/songwriter Jon Daly talks to Johnny in person about the problem with the National Parks system, Mark Twain’s legacy, and …

Hyper Doldrums with Baron Vaughn

January 25th, 2013


comedian, singer, and bon vivant, Baron Vaughn, joins Johnny indoors with microphones to record a conversation about life and the names we use. Stunning sounds are exposed and a southern guy looks into the true nature …

like a giant dildo crushing the sun

January 16th, 2013


Solo special episode! 2 calls are made and Johnny interviews his octogenarian neighbor Jenny! Music is talked about.

See for …

Remote Goat with Chris Holmes

December 23rd, 2012


Superstar intergalactic DJ soundmachine, Chris Holmes, opens the door to deep conversation whilst clearing a path for a classic alien landing. Johnny …

JK simmons and Mr. Catford

December 10th, 2012


The amazing and highly venerable JK Simmons visits the studio to share weight loss tips and much more. Johnny calls a Nigerian 419 scammer to see …

The Walsh Brothers

December 3rd, 2012


The Walsh Brothers come by and Twist The Wind with a ton of experimental audio to tide you over.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

DoubleStackChinaPress with Doug Lussenhop

November 26th, 2012


Doug Lussenhop, DJ Douggpound, makes his repeat offense on the podcast! this time with offensive sound effects. Also, Johnny delves into music and phone calls and makes some guttural noises using electronic equipment.

Too Many Collages with Ryan Flynn

November 19th, 2012


Master comedian and dear friend, Ryan Flynn, joins Johnny in the recording studio for talking about things. Music is explored beforehand and a sweet Vermont lady calls out the echo chamber by name.


Nostalgia Rocket with Jon Heder

November 12th, 2012


Jon Heder of Napoleon Dynamite visits the wind tunnel for talk of recreational drug use and why movies are good for watching. Johnny also makes some …

Mirepoix with Phil & Steve

November 5th, 2012


Johnny ventures back to his Minnesota roots to visit Phil and Steve, ancient friends forever.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Spooky-Ooky Halloweenie with Michael Serwich

October 28th, 2012


A very special halloween time episode featuring multi talented old friendly spookster Michael Serwich and his many voices of scary suggestion.


Duncan Trussells Scrimshaw Rat Bone

October 22nd, 2012


The magnanimous Duncan Trussell steps into the wind for an expansive sound visit. Johnny also talks to a extremely nice lady who works for one of the largest defense contractors in the universe.


Bump Set Spike with Ashley Suzanne Johnson

October 15th, 2012


Actress, gamer, musician, and all around space freak Ashley Suzanne Johnson joins Johnny in the studio for snacks, coffee, and talk with a bit of laughing and audio conjecture.

See for privacy and …

Happy Bullshit Somewhere with David Axe

October 7th, 2012


Combat Journalist, David Axe, talks to Johnny about his experiences, both dangerous and boring, as war correspondent in conflict regions across the globe.

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Lagomorph Hunting with Tyler Rabbit

September 30th, 2012


Johnny ventures in the great dry inland east on a true rabbit hunt with animator, knife collector, tobacco enthusiast, and “Finders” conspiracy …

Infrasound Crappie Portal

September 24th, 2012


An extra very special solo edition episode! Johnny pontificates about music while occasionally making sonic recommendations from his grandpa enclave. …

Opinionated Rascal with Matty Goldberg

September 17th, 2012


Comedian, sports dude, and brain tumor survivor, Matty Goldberg, joins Johnny in the studio for a medicated learning chat session. Other parts of the …

Stochastic Dopamine Perturbation with Dr. Paul Johnson

September 10th, 2012


Full Phone Episode! Johnny dials down to the Scripps Research Institute to talk to neuroscientist Dr. Paul Johnson PhD. three utltra fine listening …

Mayhem Uptake Inhibitor

September 3rd, 2012


Johnny hits the snus, gives a pepper, and swivels around in a chair with MMA mastermind Jason Mayhem Miller. ALSO, some song snippets are delivered as well as classic reach-out-and-touch-someone phone moments of a bass …

Extraintestinal Features with Eliza Skinner

August 28th, 2012


Extraintestinal Features with Eliza Skinner

See for privacy and opt-out information.

Sloth Speed Explosion

August 20th, 2012


Johnny sits down with musician, actor, and elder hepcat Lee Weaver for regalement in legendary tales of yesteryear. Flanking the interview are a …

Doug Lussenhop & more

August 12th, 2012


Doug Lussenhop, AKA DJ Douggpound, joins Johnny for a highly informal hot city night chat session. Doug is known the world over as a skateboarder, writer/editor for all things “Tim and Eric”, dog owner, music …

Keystone Species

August 6th, 2012


Johnny goes deep off the grid into a northern California coastal forest to have a fireside chat with biologist, record hound, and long time friend …

James Kunstler & more

July 30th, 2012


Johnny Pemberton brings this experimental interview program to new levels and turns the interview inside out. Episode 2 features "Peak Oil", "James Kuntsler" and "Kraft".

See for privacy and opt-out …

Danny Holloway

July 20th, 2012


On the premiere episode of Twisting The Wind, Johnny is joined by legendary DJ Danny Holloway and has guerilla phone interview with a customer care …

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