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Business can be the most powerful force for good if it's leaders care about the lives they touch. Every stakeholder in a business matters, especially the people in the workplace. On the Everybody Matters podcast, you’ll hear about what it means to be conscious leaders and have a conscious business. … read more

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David Mead On the Traits of Human Leadership

August 26th, 2021


You may know David Mead, as the first of Simon Sinek’s “Igniters,” who helped share Simon’s simple, inspiring ideas through speaking and workshops to over 225 companies on 5 continents. David recently spoke on a webinar …

A Career of Service: Tim Sullivan

July 27th, 2021


Tim Sullivan, Barry-Wehmiller board member and recently retired Group President, Paper and Converting, talks about his leadership journey in our …

THL Refresher: The Future of Work with Jacob Morgan

July 15th, 2021


A flashback to our first podcast discussion. Jacob Morgan, author, speaker and futurist, talked about the future of the workplace and the difference between leadership and management.

Joy in the Workplace During Crisis with Richard Sheridan

June 30th, 2021


Menlo Innovations' Richard Sheridan has written two books on Joy in the workplace, "Joy Inc." and "Chief Joy Officer." But what happens to joy when your company is in crisis? How does a company built on interpersonal …

THL Refresher: Seamus Lafferty, President of Accraply

June 21st, 2021


Seamus Lafferty is president of Accraply, a company that manufactures labeling machines and is part of Barry-Wehmiller's BW Packaging Systems …

Balancing Emotion and Logic in Making Better Decisions

June 13th, 2021


On this episode, Matt Whiat, the founding partner of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute, Barry-Wehmiller’s leadership and culture consulting arm, …

THL Refresher: Lynne Twist on Listening and the Soul of Money

June 4th, 2021


Author and “pro-activist,” Lynne Twist has worked to alleviate poverty and hunger and supported social justice and environmental sustainability. Her tenure as chief fundraising officer for The Hunger Project is among …

Teaching Leadership

May 27th, 2021


What if Truly Human Leadership was taught and ingrained in the consciousness of future leaders, before they are placed in a position of harming lives …

THL Refresher: Amy Cuddy and Simon Sinek

May 20th, 2021


Harvard Business School professor and author Amy Cuddy, author Simon Sinek and Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman discuss leadership and culture after a …

Mark C. Crowley and Leading From the Heart

May 13th, 2021


This week’s Truly Human Leadership podcast is a conversation with Mark C. Crowley, a consultant, speaker, podcast host and author of the book, Lead …

THL Refresher: The Why

May 6th, 2021


Resharing the first episode of our podcast, that was formerly named "Everybody Matters." This episode was a sort of statement of purpose for what was to come. It features Barry-Wehmiller CEO, Bob Chapman's TEDx talk on …

What is Truly Human Leadership?

April 29th, 2021


74% of people say the workplace is the leading cause of stress. 54% of workers report that stress from work affects their life at home. 76% of US workers said that workplace stress affected their personal relationships. …

A BIG announcement!!!

April 22nd, 2021


Starting next week, the Everybody Matters Podcast gets a facelift and name change! It will now be called Truly Human Leadership, but don't worry, …

Customers are People Too!

February 25th, 2021


In an economy where choice is abundant and earning attention is a challenge, leaders need to be more intentional than ever before to drive true customer loyalty.

On this episode, Matt Whiat and Barry Kirk of Chapman …

Bob Chapman Speaks to a Virtual Book Club

February 3rd, 2021


Recently, a virtual book club hosted Bob Chapman to discuss his book, Everybody Matters. Bob answers questions about the book and talks about Truly …

REPOST: Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia talk Caring Cultures

January 28th, 2021


Recently, Barry-Wehmiller CEO, Bob Chapman, and his friend and co-author of Everybody Matters, Raj Sisodia, appeared in a webinar for the Boston chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Titled “Creating and Sustaining Caring …

Dr. Alise Cortez, a Purposeful Year in Review

December 9th, 2020


Dr. Alise Cortez, host of the Working on Purpose radio show joins this episode to talk about some of the insights from the crazy year that has been 2020. Things she's learned from the leaders she's talked to and …

Donna Hicks, Leading With Dignity

November 10th, 2020


There is a poverty of dignity in the world. How does this intersect with business and leadership and how can leaders change this? Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman starts off this episode talking about the importance of …

Amy Edmondson and Leadership Blind Spots

October 29th, 2020


How often do we, as leaders, fully realize the impact our actions have on others? Do we have blind spots in our leadership that obscure behaviors …

Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia in Conversation

September 29th, 2020


Recently, Barry-Wehmiller CEO, Bob Chapman, and his friend and co-author of Everybody Matters, Raj Sisodia, appeared in a webinar for the Boston chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Titled “Creating and Sustaining Caring …

Dr. Casey Chosewood and Total Worker Health

September 4th, 2020


You may have heard our CEO, Bob Chapman, say that the person you report to at work is more important to your health than your primary care physician. It’s an amazing claim, but the research to back it up can be traced …

Diversity and Inclusion, Fred Falker and Matt Whiat

August 19th, 2020


Fred Falker has pioneered a new way of thinking about diversity and inclusion, differences, and has a powerful and practical new approach to …

Higher Purpose Series pt. 4, Case Studies of Purpose

July 9th, 2020


Part four, the finale, of our Higher Purpose Series. Hear what happens when companies embrace a higher purpose as a cornerstone of their business, featuring Gerry Anderson of DTE Energy and Bob Chapman of …

Higher Purpose Series pt. 3, Getting Started

June 18th, 2020


Articulating your higher purpose as a company can be difficult. It must be inspirational. It must unite your people. It must articulate the unique …

Higher Purpose Series Pt. 2, Higher Purpose and People

June 10th, 2020


Stuart Bunderson and Victor Strecher dig into the ways that having a higher purpose affects people within a business.

Higher Purpose Series pt.1 w Bob Quinn and Anjan Thakor

May 28th, 2020


In part one of this “Higher Purpose Series,” two Truly Human Leaders look at having a higher purpose in business in a socio-economic context. You’ll …

Kristen Hadeed on Leading in Exceptional Times

May 7th, 2020


Kristen Hadeed, founder of Student Maid, talks with Sara Hannah and Matt Whiat of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute about the challenges her business has faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they've been …

An Interview With Bob Chapman on Dealing With Crisis in Business

April 15th, 2020


Sara Hannah and Matt Whiat of Chapman & Co Leadership Institute interview Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman about he handled the 2008-2009 economic downturn and how those lessons can apply to today's business …

Leadership for Remote Teams

April 8th, 2020


During exceptional circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders and team members must adapt and change. Working remotely is one of those ways. How does leadership change in remote work? How can leaders …

Leadership Through Crisis

March 25th, 2020


From senior teams to frontline leaders, how you make decisions matters. To your people, to your business. Whether it's in this current time of crisis -- the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic -- or any other time your …

REPOST: Trust w/ Chapman & Co. and The Leadership Freak

March 19th, 2020


To get trust, you have to freely give it.

This is a tough concept for many people. It’s the opposite of what we normally think. We think of trust as something to be earned. We’ll trust someone when they give us proof …

REPOST: How would a caring family respond?

March 16th, 2020


In 2008-2009, our businesses faced significant challenges in an economic downturn. It was completely different than the situation companies are facing today, but the moral of the story is how we responded to a time of …

Jacob Morgan and The Future Leader

February 20th, 2020


Jacob Morgan recently interviewed more than 140 CEOs and leaders to define The Future Leader. Jacob joins us on this episode to talk about the future of leadership and how that applies to business.

The Ambidextrous Organization

February 3rd, 2020


Is your organization ambidextrous? Is your leadership constantly looking for ways to change and evolve? On this episode, Dr. Eric Zabiegalski talks …

Q&A with Bob Chapman pt. 3

December 19th, 2019


The final of a three-part series, Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman answers your questions! Followers of our social media accounts submitted questions …

Q&A with Bob Chapman pt. 2

December 9th, 2019


Part two of Barry-Wehmiller CEO, Bob Chapman, answering questions submitted by our social media audience.

Q&A with Bob Chapman pt. 1

November 26th, 2019


Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman answers your questions! Followers of our social media accounts submitted questions for on leadership, …

Anese Cavanaugh and a Contagious You

November 14th, 2019


When we show up in a manner that is life-giving, rather than life-draining, it creates the space for you and others to do their best, be their best. Anese Cavanaugh returns to the Everybody Matters Podcast to talk about …

Matt Whiat of Chapman & Co. on Feedback

November 7th, 2019


Matt Whiat of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute talks about feedback. Why should we give feedback? How should we give feedback? What kind of …

Teaching College Students to Listen Like Leaders

October 17th, 2019


Lisa Waite, a professor in communication studies at Kent State University, who teaches a course titled Business and Professional Communication, …

Shawn Murphy and Belonging in the Workplace

September 26th, 2019


Astonishing outcomes result from helping the people in your business or organization feel valued, wanted and welcomed. Good leadership does all those …

Raj Sisodia and Michael Gelb

September 16th, 2019


Raj Sisodia and Michael Gelb have a new book, The Healing Organization. It's not about the business of healing, it's about business as healing. It's about business as a force for good, not destruction. Raj and Michael …

Teaching Teachers and Students to Listen

August 1st, 2019


Cynthia Bayuk-Bishop became a student of Barry-Wehmiller's Truly Human Leadership and listening skills curriculum when she was trying to change the …

Dr. Rosie Ward on Workplace Wellbeing

July 11th, 2019


Dr. Rosie Ward joins the podcast to talk about how the workplace affects wellbeing and what leaders can do to help their people and their business.

Jeffrey Pfeffer and Bob Chapman

June 26th, 2019


Is the workplace killing us? What are the links between the workplace and wellness? These are some of the issues addressed by Stanford professor and author, Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer and Barry-Wehmiller CEO, Bob Chapman, in …

Jane Adshead-Grant, The Changing Landscape of Leadership

April 16th, 2019


Jane Adshead-Grant, a leadership mentor and coach who works with the BW Leadership Institute, shares the challenges her clients face in a changing corporate landscape and they keys to overcoming them.

Rhonda Spencer, BW Chief People Officer

April 4th, 2019


How do you grown and sustain a culture of people-centric leadership in more than 200 locations across the globe? Rhonda Spencer, Barry-Wehmiller's …

Kris Schaeffer, Impressions of Truly Human Leadership

March 20th, 2019


Kris Schaeffer has been helping to create moral and conscious cultures in business for more than 40 years. Kris shares insights and lessons from …

Michael Gelb, Genius Thinking for Better Workplaces

March 8th, 2019


Michael Gelb started his career as a juggler who performed on stage with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones. That skill led to a whole new world of …

Redefining Leadership On and Off the Football Field

January 31st, 2019


The football program of Kimberly High School in Wisconsin has a 100-6 record in the eight years Coach Steve Jones has been head coach. However, Coach …

The Object of Leadership

January 16th, 2019


One of the most powerful things we can do as leaders in business or other organization is to stop seeing the people within our span of care as …

Our Lean Journey

January 2nd, 2019


A look at how Barry-Wehmiller uses the principles of Lean to eliminate frustration, not waste at work and send people home more fulfilled.

Note: This …

Rich Sheridan and the Joy of Business

December 12th, 2018


Rich Sheridan returns to the Everybody Matters Podcast to talk about his new book, Chief Joy Officer. Hear why Rich think joy is an essential part of …

Betsy Myers and a Leadership Report Card

November 30th, 2018


Betsy Myers has served in two White House administrations and is a author, speaker and consultant. Betsy joins the podcast for an analysis of where …

Bob Chapman and the Human Revolution

October 26th, 2018


Jane Adshed-Grant, of the BW Leadership Institute, conducts an interview with Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman on the need for a "Human Revolution" in …

Dr. Ken Druck and a Compassionate Workplace

October 4th, 2018


Dr. Ken Druck talks about how empathy can create a compassionate workplace.

Cambridge Engineering, Glory and Dignity at Work

August 16th, 2018


Marc Braun and John Kramer of Cambridge Engineering talk about their leadership journey, to become and maintain a people-first business.

Bob Burg and Influence in Leadership

June 27th, 2018


Bob Burg, author of "The Go-Giver," talks about influence and leadership. 

Jeffrey Pfeffer and How the Workplace is Killing Us

June 6th, 2018


Stanford Professor and author Jeffrey Pfeffer talks about the workplace is one of the leading causes of the healthcare crisis.

The Swag Bag of Leadership

April 25th, 2018


What are the essential things a leader needs to effectively care for the lives they are entrusted with everyday? David Vandermolen of Barry-Wehmiller …

The Shape of Leadership with David Vandermolen

March 6th, 2018


At the start of every new year, many people make new year’s resolutions to get in shape. But do we ever think about what shape our leadership is in …

Millennials and Leadership

January 11th, 2018


A year ago, a video of Simon Sinek talking about the millennial workforce went viral. Issues and stereotypes of millennials in the workplace still remain, so on this episode of the Everybody Matters Podcast, two …

Bob Chapman's Leadership Lessons pt. 2

December 14th, 2017


The second part of our 50th episode conversation with Bob Chapman, where he covers a number of topics, including "What makes a great leader?"

Bob Chapman's Leadership Lessons pt. 1

November 29th, 2017


Bob Chapman returns to the Everybody Matters Podcast to celebrate our 50th episode with a two-part discussion of the early days of our company and the leadership lessons it provided.

Raj Sisodia and the Healing Organization

October 31st, 2017


Conscious Capitalism co-founder Raj Sisodia returns to the Everybody Matters podcast to discuss his view that conscious leadership in business can be a force for good. And it can also be a healing force in the world.

Kristen Hadeed and Screwing Up

October 12th, 2017


Millennial entrepreneur Kristen Hadeed talks about how the mistakes on her leadership journey and how it made her a better leader while developing her business Student Maid.

Engagement with Mark Sawyier of Bonfyre

October 3rd, 2017


Relationships create trust and help create a feeling of safety in the workplace. But how do we keep our teams connected with so many barriers? How do we connect them to a shared purpose?

Dr. Anita Sanchez and the Four Sacred Gifts

September 1st, 2017


Dr. Anita Sanchez, author of "The Four Sacred Gifts" joins the podcast this week to talk about how indigenous wisdom relates to leadership, diversity, inclusion and positive hange.

Former Navy SEAL Rich Diviney and Trust

August 23rd, 2017


Rich Diviney, former Navy SEAL and now part of the BW Leadership Institute, talks about Trust with BWLI Partner, Matt Whiat.

Bob Chapman at the Aspen Ideas Festival

August 2nd, 2017


Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman brings his message of Truly Human Leadership in business to the Aspen Ideas Festival.

Howard Behar, Former President of Starbucks

July 19th, 2017


Howard Behar, former president at Starbucks and a key figure in establishing their culture talks about his views on leadership, his time at the …

Frank Eichhorn of W+D, a Barry-Wehmiller company

May 16th, 2017


Frank Eichhorn of W+D, a recent entrant into the Barry-Wehmiller family tells a poignant story of how the German company decided to trust in their people to move their business forward.

Fire Chief Gregory Bulanow and the Impact of Listening

April 26th, 2017


Gregory Bulanow, Fire Chief in North Charleston, SC talks about how a listening class has become some of the most important training in his …

Finding Time to Lead with Leslie Peters

March 29th, 2017


Leslie Peters, author of "Finding Time to Lead," joins Sara Hannah of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute to talk practical tips for leaders.

Truly Human Leadership in South Africa

March 14th, 2017


Mike Budden and Bryn Morse believe business can be a force for good. Hear how they're using Truly Human Leadership to touch lives in their home …

Lynne Twist and Pro-activism

February 27th, 2017


Lynne Twist rejoins the podcast and to talk about how business can be a force for good in the world.

A Harvard Case Study of Truly Human Leadership

January 6th, 2017


Harvard Business School recently published a case study on Barry-Wehmiller. Its authors, Jan Rivkin and Dylan Minor join us this week to talk about …

John Foppe and Overcoming Adversity

December 15th, 2016


John Foppe, speaker and author of "What's Your Excuse?" was born without arms. Hear John's inspiring story as he redefines challenges and limitations.

Michael Bungay Stanier on Coaching

December 1st, 2016


Box of Crayons' Michael Bungay Stanier, host of the Great Work Podcast, talks about how leaders can be better coaches and why coaching is important to help everybody in a workplace feel like they matter.

How would a caring family respond?

November 18th, 2016


The recession of 2008-2009 was a test for Barry-Wehmiller and its people-centric principles. Hear CEO Bob Chapman and other team members talk about this challenging time, how the company and its people responded and …

Matt Whiat and the Insanity of Leadership

September 12th, 2016


Matt Whiat of the Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute talks about the work they has been doing over the past year and presents his TEDx talk, the Insanity of Leadership.

Hardwiring Our Culture

August 25th, 2016


On this episode, we feature Chapter Five from the audio version of Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia's book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family.

Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat on Shakti Leadership

August 3rd, 2016


Does emotion and caring have a place in business? Of course. Conscious Capitalism co-founder Raj Sisodia and Nilima Bhat discuss their new book, Shakti Leadership.

Pete Carlson and Front Line Leadership

July 20th, 2016


Pete Carlson, president of Barry-Wehmiller's BW Integrated Systems company shares his leadership journey through the manufacturing industry.

Dwight Perry on Empowering People

July 7th, 2016


Sara Hannah of Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute and Dwight Perry of Perry International talk leadership, empowerment and people.

Chris Reimer and Happywork

June 7th, 2016


Chris Reimer, author of "Happywork" discusses the real ROI when everyone truly feels they matter at work.

Steve Kemp brings Everybody Matters to life

May 23rd, 2016


Steve Kemp, former president of Barry-Wehmiller's PCMC company in Green Bay, WI shares his personal story of his company's transformation through …

Sara Hannah and the Choice of Leadership

April 27th, 2016


Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute's Sara Hannah details her leadership journey and talks about the "choice" of leadership.

John Quinn of Engle Martin

April 7th, 2016


John Quinn of Engle Martin shares a fascinating story of his leadership journey in the insurance and claims industry. A great example of how …

William Ury and Getting To Yes

March 21st, 2016


Bill Ury, negotiation expert and author of "Getting To Yes" discusses how empathetic listening can make a difference between world leaders and in our day to day life.

Jerry Zandstra on Workplace Learning

March 8th, 2016


Dr. Jerry Zandstra of Inno-Versity talks about the importance of learning and training in the workplace and how it contributes to a culture where …

Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia Live

February 22nd, 2016


Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia, co-founder of Conscious Capitalism talk about their book, Everybody Matters, in front of a live audience.

Kip Tindell of The Container Store

February 8th, 2016


Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store, talks about how his company came to their people-first culture, how they implemented their Foundation …

Kristen Hadeed and Millennials

January 26th, 2016


As an entrepreneur under 30, Kristen Hadeed has a unique perspective on tomorrow's workforce. This week's episode is a discussion of what leaders …

The Leadership Freak Dan Rockwell and Trust

January 11th, 2016


Trust is given not earned. What does that mean? The "Leadership Freak" Dan Rockwell explores trust with Matt Whiat and Sara Hannah of the BW Leadership Institute.

Tim Noonan on Being Heroes and Helpers

December 28th, 2015


Tim Noonan, Boeing VP of Training Systems and Govt. Services, talks about his leadership journey and the idea that we're all heroes and helpers in life.

Jacob Stoller and The Lean CEO

December 10th, 2015


As a companion piece to episode 14 where we talk about Barry Wehmiller's Lean Journey, Jacob Stoller joins us this week to talk about Lean …

Simon Sinek and Bob Chapman

November 18th, 2015


Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, and Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman sit down for an intimate conversation about the connections between business and family.

Shawn Murphy of Switch and Shift

October 13th, 2015


Shawn Murphy, CEO and co-founder of Switch and Shift talks about how to create an "Optimistic Workplace."

Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia

September 29th, 2015


Barry-Wehmiller CEO Bob Chapman and Conscious Capitalism Co-Founder Raj Sisodia talk about their book, Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring For Your People Like Family, and their hope that it will …

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