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The worlds fifth-ish audio-only-let's-play-podcast!

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA), Part 19

January 16th, 2020

"Sleepy Boys"

In which sleepy Troy holds his sleepy boy and makes more or less no progres in The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap!

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Who’s That Pokémon!?

December 5th, 2019

Technically an episode!

TroytlePower has a brand new baby in his life, which means he has zero energy or brain power or cleverness, but he does have a YouTube compilation of “Who’s that Pokémon“ segment, and a will to …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA), Part 18

November 28th, 2019

The Temple in the Clouds!

Troy gets started on the next temple in this episode, and it really seems like things are going well, right up until he gets a Game Over. 

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Star Wars: Republic Commando (PC), First Impressions!

November 21st, 2019


Clones are people too!

In a massive stroke of synergetic force, TroytlePower is playing a game based on a cartoon (the likes of which he and MC review on The Best Animated Shows Ever... So Far!) that he's talking about …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA), Part 17

November 14th, 2019

To the skies!

In today's episode of The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, Troytle finds a waterfall and then heads up to a land in the clouds!

Social …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 16

November 7th, 2019

Spoopy Season!

So, we're a week late for spoopy time, but let's visit a graveyard anyway! Someday we'll finish The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap... but …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 15

October 31st, 2019

The Temple of Droplets

It's an extra-long episode today, wherein Troy sets out to do a thing and does the whole thing, all in one episode! That's …

Contra: Rogue Corps (Switch) First Impressions!

October 24th, 2019

You can be a Panda with a gun!

I loved Contra back in the day, so decided it was worth giving the new game a go... since I could give it a go for …

Cooking Mama! (NDS)

October 17th, 2019

So much food!

It's a special episode, y'all! We're playing a cooking game because The Best Animated Shows Ever... So Far! is talking about cooking anime!

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA), Part 14

October 10th, 2019

Where's the book?

Link takes up a part-time job in the repossession industry in this wild chase for wayward library books across Hyrule, all in …

Gato Robot (Switch) Part 1

October 3rd, 2019

It's another New Game™

Troy takes on the role of a mech-driving cat in Gato Roboto on the Nintendo Switch, instead of playing any of the games he was …

Blasphemous (Switch) Second Impressions!

September 26th, 2019

It's still *super* brutal!

I decided to give a second go at recording myself playing Blasphemous, and it's mostly just me dying a lot. This game is …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 13

September 19th, 2019

A trip to the library!

In episode 13 of my adventure through Minish Cap, we finish off the Wind Temple or Palace or Fortress or whatever it's called, then visit the local library!

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Blasphemous (Switch) First Impressions!

September 12th, 2019

It's fun and it's gross!

I was supposed to be pushing my way through Minish Cap, but a game I kickstarted ages ago came out, so I decided I'd record my first impressions of Blasphemous on the Nintendo Switch!

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 12

September 5th, 2019

Featuring a special announcement!

Troytle tries (and fails) to finish up the Fortress of Winds temple in The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, and slowly, slowly, slowly announces what his next Let's Play game will be!

Animorphs (GBC) Part 15

August 29th, 2019

In which many Game Overs occur!

Animorphs is a book series about the tenacity of hope and the ability for the righteous and good to triumph over evil, regardless of seemingly impossible odds stacked against them. …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 11

August 22nd, 2019

Fortress of Winds

So... I didn't quite get through this dungeon in today's episode, but I recorded this in advance so I can go on vacation, so how much can you expect of me!?

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 10

August 15th, 2019

"A study in Dendrology"

This week, TroytlePower ventures through a swamp in the Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap and through a park in real life. He …

Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke (NDS) Part 4

August 12th, 2019

A Tribute to Spike the Pidgey

In this episode of the Pokémon HeartGold Nuzlocke run, we say goodbye to our dear friend, Spike the Pidgey. Goodbye, …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 9

August 8th, 2019

Progress, finally!

After much soul-searching (and looking at walkthroughs) Troy finally figured out how to make progress in The Legend of Zelda: …

Super Dodgeball Advance (GBA) Part 2

August 1st, 2019


We're back with the second half of the Super Dodgeball Advance World Championship, and the Heroes are on an absolute roll!

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Super Dodgeball Advance (GBA) Part 1

July 25th, 2019


I'm... I'm not really sure what I was thinking with this episode. It was a really warm day and I was sitting in the car with no air conditioning, and this is what came out...

Anyway, listen in to hear me playing Super …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 14

July 18th, 2019


I love the Animorphs books and I love video games so I really want to love the video game based on the Animorphs books but I can't because it's just …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 8

July 11th, 2019


Honestly, I'm impressed with how little I managed to get accomplished in this episode of Zelda: Minish Cap. I know roughly where the next dungeon is, …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 7

July 4th, 2019


Today we venture down Mt Crenel and back to Hyrule Castle, where our magical hat fills us in on some of the back story of the conflict in The Legend …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 6

June 27th, 2019


In today's episode, we tackle The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap's second dungeon, Mt Crenel and fly through it faster than Link in a minecart!

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Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden (Switch) Part 2

June 20th, 2019


Today, on The Power Play-Throughs Podcast, Troy beats Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden, completely unexpectedly.

Like, seriously, the game just ends at such a weird, random place, but... hey, a wins a win!

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Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke (NDS) Part 3

June 17th, 2019


In today's entry in my Nuzlocke run, I catch a new friend and name her Ultra64, to promote the Ultra 64 podcast, which is a podcast about the …

Dragon Ball Z: Super Butoden (Switch) Part 1

June 13th, 2019


This week, Troytle has decided to try to play a Japanese Dragon Ball Z game he got through some weird promotion on his Nintendo Switch, using Google Translate to try to understand exactly what is going on. It works …

Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke (NDS) Part 2

June 10th, 2019


I was too dang excited about how many Pokemon I caught in this episode of my Nuzlocke run through HeartGold to wait until Thursday, so bam! Here's an …

Pokemon HeartGold Nuzlocke (NDS) Part 1

June 7th, 2019


Troytle is setting off on a Nuzlocke run through Pokemon HeartGold! In the first episode, we meet a couple of Pokemon experts, and befriend a very …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 13

May 30th, 2019


We finally go back to Animorphs on the GameBoy Color, and get oh so very close to finishing Marco's level! ... but we don't. We don't finish it. We …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 5

May 23rd, 2019


In this week's adventure, Link travels west of Hyrule to explore the mountains, pets both a cat and a dog, does some light fundraising, and checks …

Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES)

May 16th, 2019


With baseSFcast covering the anime and the Castlevania Anniversary Collection launching on the Nintendo Switch, this is a great time for Troy to …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 4

May 9th, 2019


In this episode of TroytlePower Presents: The Power Play-Throughs Podcast, with TroytlePower Presents The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, we make virtually no progress at all through The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. We do …

Detective Pikachu (3DS) Part 4

May 2nd, 2019

Episode Notes

It's taken over a month, but Troy and Pikachu have finally solved their first case together! Listen in to hear about where the …

Detective Pikachu (3DS) Part 3

April 26th, 2019

Episode Notes

Let's have another go at solving the case of the missing necklace with Detective Pikachu!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP …

Star Trek War

April 19th, 2019

Episode Notes

I know it looks like this episode is a day late, but it’s only because I didn’t publish it when I was supposed to.

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The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 3

April 11th, 2019

Episode Notes

Would you look at that? TroytlePower played more Zelda! The Minish Cap is a lot of fun so far! I think the first dungeon does a nice …

Detective Pikachu (3DS) Part 2

April 5th, 2019

Episode Notes

We had back to Detective Pikachu to continue our investigations!

Also, due to the work I'm doing on Podcasters Assemble (Probably), The Power Play-Throughs Podcast is going to switch to releasing only on …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 2

April 2nd, 2019

Episode Notes

In this episode, we journey into the Minish Woods, meet a new friend, and get real small, all while doing terrible voice work! Troy …

The Masked Mage (PC) Part 2

March 28th, 2019

Episode Notes

TroytlePower is back to playing the Masked Mage by @RealEzekielRage, this time using a controller which... sort of works.

Thanks …

The Masked Mage (PC) Part 1

March 26th, 2019

Episode Notes

I've been lucky enough to get another #IndieSelect from @IndieGamerChick! This time it's The Masked Mage, a retro-themed metroidvania, …

The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap (GBA) Part 1

March 21st, 2019

Episode Notes

Troy is finally diving in to a proper Zelda game again, and it kicks off so, so good!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or …

Awesome Pea (Switch) Part 2

March 19th, 2019

Episode Notes

After a few lunch break sessions, I sit down to play the last world of #IndieSelect "Awesome Pea", and totally finish the game!

Detective Pikachu (3DS) Part 1

March 15th, 2019

Episode Notes

Can you solve the mystery of why this episode is being posted so late? Detective Pikachu is on the case!

Follow the show on twitter …

Awesome Pea (Switch) Part 1

March 12th, 2019

Episode Notes

Thank you to IndieGamerChick for providing the copy of this game!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle …

Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland (NDS) Part 1

March 7th, 2019

Episode Notes

It's time for a new Zelda game. I ran a poll to decide between the Seasons games and Minish Cap, and Minish Cap just won out, so I …

Beej's Terrible RPG (PC) Part 1

March 5th, 2019

Episode Notes

Professor Beej from the Geek to Geek Media Network made an RPG, and it's dumb and fun and I cherish it! Sign up for the Geek to Geek …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 12

February 28th, 2019

Episode Notes

Lions and Walruses and Seagulls, oh my!

In this episode, Marco turns in to a rat to infiltrate a boat to acquire a dolphin to go …

No Bullets in Hell

February 26th, 2019

Episode Notes

Troy's playing a game made by Arjuna and Squires, and you can go play it too, right now!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP …

Dragonball Advanced Adventure (GBA) Part 1

February 21st, 2019

Episode Notes

Too celebrate a look at "Dragon Ball" over on The Best Animated Shows Ever... So Far, Troytle is playing Dragonball Advanced …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 11

February 19th, 2019

Episode Notes

grumble grumble grumble grumble

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle directly at @TroytlePower!

This podcast …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) The Finale!

February 14th, 2019

Episode Notes

It's an extra super long episode because we are in it to win it, friends!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 11

February 12th, 2019

Episode Notes

Y'all remember how I had 4 fairies at the end of the last episode? Well by the end of this one he's back to zero, like a champ!

Also, …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 10

February 7th, 2019

Episode Notes

With just a teensy bit of looking at a strategy guide, TroytlePower made some progress on the final dungeon, and got a fresh new look!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 9

February 5th, 2019

Episode Notes

TroytlePower can't sleep, so he's taking on the final dungeon... I'm coming for you, Ganon!

Follow the show on twitter at …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 8

January 31st, 2019

Episode Notes

Troytle recovers from his dying battery with some great news in the hardware department, and resumes his assault on the final dungeon!

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 7

January 29th, 2019

Episode Notes

We make and then lose some progress in the final dungeon in this episode!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow …

TroytlePower's Birthday Special!

January 25th, 2019

Episode Notes

I got a coooooool present for my birhtday, so let's play it!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle directly at …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 6

January 22nd, 2019

Episode Notes

We're getting so close to the end now!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle directly at @TroytlePower!

This …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 5

January 17th, 2019

Episode Notes

Continuing the adventures from last episode, we knock out this dungeon!

Except first we go on a tour of Hyrule while we wait for some …

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 4

January 15th, 2019

Episode Notes

A journey to the Thieves den below the Dark World's version of Kakariko village!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 10

January 10th, 2019

Episode Notes

Good nes, it turns out the Animorphs game isn't as awful as I thought it was.

Just kidding, it totally is.

Follow the show on …

SpongeBob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom (GC) Part 1

January 8th, 2019

Episode Notes

Troytle tries out a SpongeBob game to celebrate The Best Animated Shows Ever... So Far starting it's look at the series, and it turns …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 9

January 4th, 2019

Episode Notes

I decided to play more Animorphs, and then I regreted playing more Animorphs!

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 3

January 1st, 2019

Episode Notes

I'm sick, but Zelda is fun!

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 2

December 28th, 2018

Episode Notes

Good news: I beat the dark wizard dude. Bad news: My game broke.

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle …

(Secret Santa Gift) Extreme Meatpunks Forever (PC) Part 1?

December 25th, 2018

Episode Notes

Merry Crimmus, everyone!

Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle directly at @TroytlePower

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (GBA) Part 1 (Sort of)

December 21st, 2018

Episode Notes

It's the holidays, which means less time to play games and even less time to record podcasts, but we ain't skipping it!

Head to my …

Biker Mice From Mars (iOS)

December 18th, 2018


NeeeOWWWW jugga juga whockAHH CHAAA (that was an electric guitar shredding, could you tell)

This week we play Biker Mice From Mars on an iPad in …

Katamari Reroll (Switch)

December 13th, 2018


NAAAA Nanana nana naNa NA nanaNahhhhh

NAAAA Nanana nana naNa NA nanaNahhhhh

chickadiga biga do wah!

Ultimate Spider-Man (GBA) Part 4

December 12th, 2018


I'm real rambly in this episode, talking about all kinds of stuff that's not Spider-Man, but that's okay because the game volume is so low you …

Spelunky (PS4)

December 7th, 2018


I'm home, so my wife and I played a game together!

Exploring caves is fun, even when you're dying over and over and over and over and over!

The Final Fantasy Legend (GB) Part 3

December 4th, 2018


I'm starting to get the hang of this weird, not-quite-Final Fantasy game!

Don't get me wrong, this episode still ends in a TPK, but I really think …

The Final Fantasy Legend (GB) Part 2

November 30th, 2018


Troytle continues his quest through Final Fantasy Legend, and everything goes smoothly and fine.

Be sure to also listen to the RPG Golden Years and We …

The Final Fantasy Legend (GB) Part 1

November 28th, 2018


In a very special event, we're co-audio-only-let's-playing The Final Fantasy Legend with Bill from the RPG: Golden Years podcast! Be sure to listen …


November 22nd, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving!

Troytle and Becky got stuck in traffic and recorded a very silly episode to pass the time!

SpiritSphere DX (Switch)

November 20th, 2018


Troytle plays a game he's been looking forward to, and it's good! Like, it's a genuinely good game!

This could be a first for the TroytlePower …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 8

November 15th, 2018


In this very special episode, Troytle has his first taste of sweet, Animorph victory!

Also, be sure to check out Bitch Team Alpha's Animorphous Discussion, and all their other shows!

Animorphs (GBC) Part 7

November 14th, 2018


The Animorphs game hasn't totally broken Troytle's spirit yet, but it did make him throw his GameBoy across the car, so we're getting close.

Star Wars Battlefront II (PS4)

November 6th, 2018


This week, Troytle uses y'alls listenership to motivate him to finish a bad level in a mediocre Star Wars game and asks you to give Galactic Empire a try!

Brawlhalla (Switch)

November 1st, 2018


Hey look, I got a game early! Probably because I'm such a huge podcasting celebrity. NBD.


October 27th, 2018


TroytlePower isn’t playing a game, he’s playing with hosting software!

Ultimate Spider-Man (GBA) Part 3

October 26th, 2018


Look, it's a shiny new episode of TPPTPPTPwTP! I'm really enjoying the Ultimate Spider-Man GBA game quite a bit... I hope it's fun to listen to!

Animorphs (GBC) Part 6

October 23rd, 2018


A lovely trip to a local park, wherein Troytle still can't beat the first episode of Animorphs, but may have found a new hope...

Animorphs (GBC) Part 5

October 22nd, 2018


More Animorphs adventures! We make some real progress this episode and actually get a fairly legitimate Game Over in what is, I think, a boss fight of sorts! Next episode we might even beat level 1!

Animorphs (GBC) Part 4

October 19th, 2018


Level 1 of this children's game keeps beating me, but we make some serious progress this time!

Ultimate Spider-Man (GBC) Part 2

October 10th, 2018


We're back with more Spidey, and a very, very bad jingle. Seriously, it's not good. Just a sad rip off of Daniel K's "Recommends" jingle. Anyway, we fight people and shoot webs and stuff. Fun!

Animorphs (GBC) Part 3

October 5th, 2018


In this episode Troytle total beats the Animorphs video game! What's that? The thumbnail says "Game Over"? Hmm... well.. perhaps... it's saying that the game is over because I won it. Surely it's not because I failed to …


October 4th, 2018


TroytlePower plays a lot of video games, but he's pretty much got no clue what he's doing in Overwatch. Also, check out that new intro song! Spiffy, eh?

Ultimate Spider-Man (GBC) Part 1

September 27th, 2018


In this episode, Troytle spins a web, any size! He catches fiends, just like flies! Look out, here comes another episode of TPPTPPTPwTP in which TroytlePower is bested by a children's video game!

Animorphs (GBC) Part 2

September 26th, 2018


TroytlePower is back to trudge through more of the Animorphs for the GBC so you don't have to! Aliens! Inscruitable instructions! Wolves! Keys! …

Animorphs (GBC) Part 1

September 25th, 2018


In this episode, Troytle becomes a weird dog, and also a goat, and a snake, and other things! Also, he definitely does not join the Sharing, even though that organization seems super legitimate and not scary at all.

WarioLand 2 (GBA) part 2

September 20th, 2018


In this episode, Troytle totally, successfully plays a video game, and nothing at all goes wrong.

WarioLand (GBA) Part 1

September 18th, 2018


I totally lost the original text blurb from this episode, but hey... it's the first episode!

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