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The Travel Geniuses podcast is a podcast for travel agents who LOVE planning vacations for their clients, but wish the business side of things was a little easier. We talk about marketing, technology, systems, tools, and tricks that help you focus less on the stuff you hate, and more on the things y… read more

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061 - My predictions on the future of social media content

November 24th, 2021


I've been noticing a shift in my use of social media, and I think a big change in the way people use social media is heading our way.

I want you to be ahead of it! So I'm letting you in on my predictions. 

I'm also …

060 - 5 ways your website is hurting your travel business - and how to fix it

October 21st, 2021


I'm just going to come out and say it - I think a lot of these "websites for travel agents" not only don't HELP you grow your travel business, but do a lot to HARM your business. 

In this episode, I'm sharing why I …

059 - (some of) My FAVORITE books.

September 29th, 2021


I LOVE books, and I'm kindof famous for recommending the BEST books to help in certain situations. 

In this episode, I'm sharing some of my favorites - around mindset, money, business, and life.

You can find links to …

058 - Is your travel business growing slower than you hoped? Maybe that's a GOOD thing!

August 31st, 2021


I know there are a lot of new agents joining the industry right now. 

And for a lot of experienced agents, you're restarting your business after this long... pause. 

And things might not be growing as quickly as you'd …

057 - How setting expectations can lead to happier clients

July 28th, 2021


Setting expectations for your clients is ALWAYS a good idea, but especially now, when the travel experience is often much different than we're used …

056 - Setting boundaries for your travel business

July 14th, 2021


Have you ever quit a job, and realized after you left just how toxic and unhealthy it was? Some of you are feeling that way after having this forced break from your business for a while. It's hard to want to go back to …

055 - How to recover from, and prevent, overwhelm!

June 30th, 2021


I tend to have 2 modes:

Way behind on everything and panicked because I have too much to do, and not enough time
Way ahead on things so I  mess around and don't get stuff done until I find myself way behind on …

054 - Hey travel agent! Are you ready to finally grow your travel business?

June 16th, 2021


I've got some tough love for you in this episode. If you've been playing small, and holding back when you should be talking about what you do, and …

053 - How to really believe in the value you bring as a travel agent

May 26th, 2021


It's one thing to SAY you think what you do provides real value to your travelers, it's another thing to really believe it at your core. In this episode, I'm hoping to help you really believe it.

You’ll find links to …

What travel agents need to know about working with an attorney

January 27th, 2021


Covid has made us see so many problems in our industry, and one of the biggest is how vulnerable we are, legally, if we don't have good contracts and …

051 - How to manage your money as a travel agent

January 15th, 2021


This is a subject that not many people discuss in the travel industry, but it's VITAL that you deal with it if you want to grow a successful …

050 - Let's get ready for 2021!

December 29th, 2020


2020 has been hard, especially for those of us in the travel industry. It can be hard to feel excited about your business after a year like that, and even harder to feel motivated to work on it when the coming year is …

049 - What to do when you think you're not good enough

September 17th, 2020


Have you been feeling... not good enough lately? Like maybe you aren't really cut out to be a travel agent, or a business owner? Like everyone else has their stuff together, and you're the only one struggling? Like the …

048 - A completely different business model for travel agents

August 20th, 2020


Our world is never going to be the same, and that is especially true about the travel industry, and travel agents specifically. The way we think about and run our business has GOT to change if we want to continue …

047 - How and why to sell travel to the US

August 5th, 2020


My prediction is that travel within the US is going to be HOT for the next year, or even 2. And I want you to be prepared for that! 

In this episode, I offer some tips to position you and your business so that your …

046 - Working with local businesses to start selling group travel

July 22nd, 2020


If you've heard all the hype about selling group travel, but didn't know how to get started, you won't want to miss this episode.

Michelle Woodson Howell transformed her business by reaching out to local businesses and …

045 - It's time to start treating your travel business like a real business

July 8th, 2020


Are you treating your travel business like a real business? Do you see yourself as a true professional, with a business? 

If you've been treating your business as anything but a legitimate business that deserves to be …

044 - How to grow your travel business without marketing

May 21st, 2020


Everywhere you look people are shoving marketing ideas in your face. And when I ask agents what they struggle with the most, "marketing" is BY FAR the number one answer I get. 

But is that really what you want? What if …

043 - Why it's good for your business to turn down bookings

May 6th, 2020


It'seems, counterintuitive, doesn't it, especially in the middle of arguably the worst time in the history of travel, to turn away a potential booking. 

But in this episode, I'll tell you why saying no, can be better …

042 - Ideas for working ON your business during this time

April 17th, 2020


This is a really hard time for the travel industry. I don't know that we've ever been through anything quite so devastating. And I know you might not be in a place yet, where you're ready to start preparing your …

041 - Selling CUBA with David Lee from Cultural Cuba

March 11th, 2020


Cuba has been on my list of places to go for years, but I've always thought it was too difficult OR that it would mean having to go on a big group …

040 - Why Travel Agents Should be Podcasting

February 26th, 2020


Have you ever thought about starting a podcast but thought - no one would want to listen to ME. And who wants another travel podcast, anyway??

I …

039 - Marketing that feels good with Brit Kolo from Marketing Personalities

February 12th, 2020


I've been talking about it for months, and it's finally here - in this episode we're talking to Brit Kolo from Marketing Personalities. She teaches …

038 - New Training and Certification Program for Travel Agents w/ Lindsey Epperly

January 29th, 2020


We all know there's been a shortage in education programs for new travel agents. Well, Lindsay is doing her part to solve that. 

In this episode, we …

037 - OFFLINE Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Travel Business

January 15th, 2020


EVERYONE is talking about how to use the internet, and social media to grow your business. But what if you don't want to sit behind your computer all day? What if you LIKE getting out of the house/office and interacting …

036 - Your Business Year in Review

January 2nd, 2020


This time of year, everyone's talking about setting goals and New Year's resolutions. But before you do that, it's important to look back on the past …

035 - Using SEARCH to grow your travel business

December 12th, 2019


I'm always talking about 2 types of marketing you should have in place:
How to help people find your business


How to keep people interested in …

034 - Market your travel business using Facebook

November 28th, 2019


I'm always talking about 2 types of marketing you should have in place:
How to help people find your business


How to keep people interested in …

033 - The Importance of Taking Time Away From Your Business

November 13th, 2019


I know we sometimes feel like we have to work work work work work and if we take a break, everything we've worked for will come crashing down around us. 

The truth is - the exact opposite is true. Taking time away from …

032 - What Should You Talk About On Your Blog?

October 30th, 2019


One of the biggest excuses I hear from travel agents about why they aren't posting to their blog, or social media accounts, or newsletter is... "I …

031 - Create beautiful documents for your clients with TRAVEFY

October 16th, 2019


Back in the old days we had to create client documents in Microsoft word, with pictures that we spent hours searching the internet for. It was my …

030 - The only 5 Pages Your Website NEEDS - with Emily Matras from Bon Vivant Copy

October 2nd, 2019


Creating a website doesn't have to be complicated. You only need 5 pages! And in this episode, Emily breaks down what those pages are, along with some tips for creating content for each of them.

029 - FIVE productivity hacks (for your brain)

September 18th, 2019


Productivity does NOT mean figuring out how to do things faster, so you can cram more into your day! It means, automating or getting rid of the busy work so you have more energy and clarity for the things that are …

028 - HOW to charge fees

September 5th, 2019


We talked about why I think you should be charging fees in episode 3. In THIS episode, we're going to talk a little bit more about HOW to do that. 

027 - Are you asking yourself this IMPORTANT question in your business?

August 22nd, 2019


ONE SIMPLE question has made a huge difference in my business, and now I'm sharing that question with YOU.

026 - Should you be bootstrapping your travel business?

August 8th, 2019


These days, with so many cheap and free business tools and resources available online, you can definitely bootstrap your whole business and spend …

025 - Grow your business with Facebook Groups

June 26th, 2019


Facebook is dead, right? Except it isn't! There are many strategies that still work with Facebook and in this episode, Jenn Cain shares how she used Facebook Groups to grow her agency. 

024 - Do this ONE THING to make massive progress on your business

June 12th, 2019


I've seen it over and over again - the reason most entrepreneurs don't make progress on their businesses is because they don't commit to, and focus on, one idea. Instead, they move from one idea to the next and don't …

023 - How travel agents can work with a VA with Jenna Daykin

May 29th, 2019


Have you ever thought about hiring a VA, but didn't know what exactly they could do for you, or if you're even ready? Jenna Daykin, of In the Details …

022 - WHY are you doing this?

May 15th, 2019


Have you thought about WHY you want to own your own travel business? Or WHY you want to make money?

Knowing the answer to these 2 questions will really help you get through the tough times in your business - the times …

021 - How to Plan for Sick Days

April 26th, 2019


I've been sick a lot this year. And this podcast has suffered. I want to help prevent the same thing from happening to YOU and your travel business, so I'm sharing everything I've learned through this experience. 

020 - Travel Agent Website Pet Peeves - with Emily Matras

February 20th, 2019


You're a travel agent, not a web developer! It's not your job to stay on top of all of the latest trends in creating a website that converts. So in this episode Emily and I talk about our biggest pet peeves when it …

019 - Video for Travel Agents with Sylvia Longmire

February 6th, 2019


Have you wanted to use video to promote your travel agency, but haven't because - you don't have the right equipment, you don't know how to use those fancy cameras, and you don't think you can create anything worth …

018 - GOALS!

January 25th, 2019


In this episode, we're talking about goals!

But this isn't your normal "start of a new year" goals session. I'm sharing a few "tricks" that I think just might make all the difference if you've struggled with meeting …

017 - Mindset, Limiting Beliefs, and Other Woo-Woo Stuff for Travel Agents

January 9th, 2019


In this episode, we're talking about Mindset, Limiting beliefs, and other things that you may not think about, but that can really affect the success of your business.

Even if this isn't something you …

016 - How to Work with a Copywriter with Emily Matras, Bon Vivant Copy

December 27th, 2018


In this episode, we're talking about copywriting for travel agents with Emily Matras from Bon Vivant Copy.

There's more to copywriting than just putting words on a page, and more benefits than I ever imagined before …

015 - Do you really need a blog?

December 14th, 2018


In this episode, we learn the truth - do you really even need a blog? And if so, what do you even do with it?

0014 - Less learning, more doing

November 30th, 2018


In this episode, I share the secret to not getting overwhelmed by all of the new ideas and to-dos being thrown at us from every direction. AND how to finally start doing the things that will make a difference in your …

013 - An Interview with Royal Caribbean's Vicki Freed

November 15th, 2018


In this episode, we're talking to Vicki Freed, from Royal Caribbean! They've recently allocated a LOT more money and resources to supporting travel agents, so I wanted to talk to her about that to find out why they're …

012 - How (and why) to Become a Specialist

November 2nd, 2018


In this episode, I share my thoughts on the difference between your niche, and your specialty, why I think you need both, and some steps you can take to become a specialist in one or more parts of the world, or types of …

011 - Social Media Tips for Travel Agents with Brianna Glenn

October 24th, 2018


In this episode, we're talking to Brianna Glenn about what to post on social media. I use her accounts all the time as an example of a travel agent's social media account done right. And she shares some of her best tips …

010 - Preparing for a travel agent FAM trip

October 18th, 2018


We're talking about everyone's favorite perk - FAM trips!

I'm NOT going to cover how to get invited on a FAM, how to get travel agent "deals" or anything like that. 

What I am going to talk about is how travel agents …

EP9 - Advisor or Agent? And the ONE thing you should do if you want to be a travel advisor.

October 3rd, 2018


In this episode we talk about the age-old debate - are we travel agents, or travel advisors? I'll give you my take on the debate (it might not be …

008 - Choosing the right Host Agency - an interview with Steph Lee

September 19th, 2018


I've had a lot of questions about how to get started as a travel agent, so in this episode, we're talking to Steph Lee all about host agencies.

Steph is the founder of Host Agency Reviews - a website where agents can …

007 - Why and how to start charging fees

September 5th, 2018


In this episode, we're talking about FEES!

I thought you all knew why you should be charging fees, but I'm learning that some agents don't even know …

006 -Things your travel website needs

July 31st, 2018


Your website should look nice, of course! But it should also actually WORK to help you grow your business. 

In this episode, we'll talk about your …

005 - A low stress way to keep your social media accounts full of new content

June 26th, 2018


Are you struggling to find time to add content to your social media accounts? In a perfect world we'd all have time to create custom content to post to our social media accounts every day.

Since we don't live in a …

004 - Design a Business You Love

May 22nd, 2018


Do you dread Monday? You shouldn't! You have the best job.

In this episode I'll help you pinpoint tasks that drain you, figure out how to turn them …

003 - Why travel agents should choose a niche before they do ANYTHING else to grow their business

May 6th, 2018


It is SO important for travel agents to choose a niche before they do anything else to promote or grow their businesses. 

This will change EVERYTHING and in this episode we'll break down all of the benefits, and give …

002 Choosing client gifts that work for you

May 6th, 2018


In this episode, we discuss how travel agents can use clients NOT as a present, or a bribe/rebate in exchange for a booking, but as an actual tool …

001 - Free tools travel agents can use every day to save a TON of time

May 1st, 2018


These are some of my favorite tools. I use them every day and don't know how I would run my business without them anymore. Best of all? They're all …

000 - What's This Podcast About, Anyway?

April 20th, 2018


Welcome to the Travel Geniuses Podcast! In this pre-episode I explain why I'm creating this podcast, who it's for, and what you'll learn if you subscribe and join me for future episodes.

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