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Beyond the Echo Chamber [REBROADCAST]

June 16th, 2018

Episode description

When did we retreat to our Red and Blue Facebook pages? It’s not just that America is politically polarized. We live, work and play in Red and Blue tribal bubbles, filling our social media feeds with news sources that affirm our place in that order, rather than challenging it. That isolation is breeding an ugly, seething hatred of the other side that feels poisonous and dispiriting. So what can we do? In this hour, we hear how conservative talk show host Charlie Sykes lost his faith in the GOP and why a former CEO of NPR left his liberal bubble. Also, how Black Twitter has created its own safe space.



How The Right Lost Its Mind And Charlie Sykes Lost His Faith In The GOP A Former NPR Executive Leaves His Liberal Bubble Behind The Blend Of Jokes and Social Justice That Is Black Twitter What Does An Obscure Economist Have To Do With The Koch Brothers?

You Don't Have To Vote Like Me To Love Me

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