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1: Missing Melissa

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A 9-1-1 call from a 2017 bank heist leads investigative journalist Gwen Radford to the story of the country’s most missing person, Melissa Turner. And now Melissa has disappeared again, only this time it’s different. 

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4: Subcultures

June 18th, 2019


Manhattan Media podcast “Here’s Some Information” teams up with TSS to learn about the online society of scent fanatics that could possibly link …

3: All About Jimmy

June 11th, 2019


Gwen travels to Tom Day, Oregon the home of serial hostage-taker Jimmy Kline and learns about his criminal past through his mother, his neighbors, and the man himself.

2: Hostages

June 4th, 2019


Gwen takes us on an audio tour of an incredibly bizarre 9-1-1 call that chronicles the 36 hours that Jimmy Kline held a bank hostage in Tom Day, Oregon, claiming the mayor killed his girlfriend, Melissa Turner.

This Sounds Serious: Missing Melissa

May 28th, 2019


After listening to a 9-1-1 call from the longest hostage situation in Oregon history, Gwen finds herself on the trail of America’s most missing person. Season 2 brings you another story so believable it can’t be true. …

BONUS: LeVar Burton Reads is back!

May 14th, 2019

Here’s a podcast recommendation for you: LeVar Burton Reads. Experience the best short fiction, handpicked and narrated by the world’s most legendary storyteller. Let host LeVar Burton (Reading Rainbow, Roots, Star …

8: The Finale

June 16th, 2018


Daniel travels to Gwen to confront her about the podcast, the 911 call, and the truth. 

7: The Trial

June 12th, 2018


After all the other suspects were ruled out, Daniel Bronstadt went on trial for murder. With his life on the line, he decided to use a rookie …

6: The Weatherman Strangler

June 5th, 2018


Could a serial killer who targeted weathermen be responsible for Chuck Bronstadt’s murder? Gwen looks to the classic true crime TV show, Last Known …

5: The Suspects

May 29th, 2018


Despite the mountain of evidence against him, Daniel has always maintained that he didn’t kill Chuck. But if he didn’t, who else could have? …

4: All About Chuck

May 22nd, 2018


While Daniel was in a cult, Chuck’s career as a weatherman was on the rise. But then Daniel returned. Guest star: Paul F. Tompkins. 

3: The Cult

May 15th, 2018


In the 1990s, a cult known as “the Mandala” was infamous for trying to rebuild the lost city of Atlantis. Was Daniel Bronstadt a key member? 

2: Meet The Twins

May 8th, 2018


Journalist Gwen Radford travels to Florida to finally meet Daniel Bronstadt. While at his creepy ranch she learns about the brothers’ past: their boy bands, their twin pranks and their falling out. 

1: The Call

May 1st, 2018


A confusing 9-1-1 call is placed to report the murder of Florida weatherman, Chuck Bronstadt. Journalist Gwen Radford tries to track down the caller only to meet a man who is even more fascinating than the murder …

This Sounds Serious: The Case of Daniel Bronstadt

April 1st, 2018


This Sounds Serious: The Case of Daniel Bronstadt is a comedic take on the mystery and crime genre that promises to be both gripping and hilarious. This Castbox Original launches in April, 2018. 

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