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Do aliens exist? Was that Elvis who officiated your Vegas wedding actually Elvis? What if Bigfoot is really a family of cave-dwelling humans from the dark ages? We're just two best friends with so many questions about the world. Join us as each week we tell each other the weirdest unsolved, unimagin… read more

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Ep. 116: The Big Depression: Lasseter's Lost Reef

March 17th, 2023


Oh narr! It may not be a leprechaun, but someone is out for gold this St. Patrick’s Day! Emma tells Shannon about the legendary story of Lasseter and …

Ep. 115: Low Bejesus: The Britney Spears Conspiracy

March 10th, 2023


Why won’t they just leave Britney alone! This week Shannon enlightens Emma on what TikTok just can’t let go: is Britney okay? Where is she? Is she alive? Why is everything filmed on a potato? We learn about the Princess …

Repost: Ep. 70: Is It Me?: Gef the Talking Mongoose

March 3rd, 2023


We're off this week, but don't worry, Gef is here! Or in the walls. Or doesn't exist at all? Regardless of the Schrodinger's mongoose of it all, we hope you enjoy the pure chaos and joy that is Gef the Mongoose. See you …

Repost: Ep. 65: Cheerio, My Dude: George Melville Boynton

February 24th, 2023


Happy Friday, folks! We're taking a break this week so thought we'd remind you of our favorite galavanting explorer-hopeful! It's been a year since …

Ep. 114: Geese Beef: Baba Yaga

February 17th, 2023


We’ve got another non-unsolved tale for you this week with our new favorite female of folklore: Baba Yaga. She might be a smelly old forest witch, …

Ep. 113: Brand Spankin’ Fresh: Missing Bryn Hargreaves

February 10th, 2023


We’ve got a quick one for you this week with a more recent missing person’s case. Bryn Hargreaves, rugby pro turned safety inspector, was heard from in early January 2022, but it wasn’t until two weeks later anyone …

Ep. 112: Safety Schmafty: The Mystery of Room 1046

February 3rd, 2023


An almost 100 year-old murder still has no answer, which of course means Emma needs to tell Shannon all about it. A man was killed brutally in a …

Ep. 111: Weapon of Mass Annoyance: The Death of Lauren Smith-Fields

January 27th, 2023


This week Shannon brings us the unsolved and botched case of Lauren Smith Fields. Though the case remains open, the internet and Lauren’s family have …

Ep. 110: Captain Obvious and General Nonsense: RMS Queen Mary

January 20th, 2023


Are you wanting the full experience of being on a ship and potentially encountering some ghosts but don’t want to be out at sea? Well, maybe a visit …

Ep. 109: A Winged Toddler: The Ahool

January 13th, 2023


This cryptid has got a battle cry that neither host can resist, and we bet you won’t be able to either! Shannon takes us all the way to Indonesia to …

Ep. 108: So Sorry About Your Death: The Abduction of Travis Walton

January 6th, 2023


Happy New Year, fiendish friends! Join us for a blast from the past and potentially a blast into space! Emma regales Shannon with the abduction story of Travis Walton and his glorious 70s mustache. From marshmallow-y …

Ep. 107: New Years Adam: The Mattress Firm Conspiracy

December 30th, 2022


Happy (almost) New Year, all! Change your sheets, flip your mattress, and crack down on crime because this week Shannon is filling us in on the Mattress Firm Conspiracy. Really, since no one goes into a mattress store …

Ep. 106: Shrinky-Dinkification: Spontaneous Human Combustion WITH SPECIAL GUEST ALEXIS

December 23rd, 2022


Happy Holidays from TPDE! We bring you a really-heckin-hot episode this week on spontaneous human combustion with our special guest, Alexis, helping …

Ep. 105: Heist ‘hursday: The Transy Book Heist

December 16th, 2022


Heist, heist, baby! Well, all Shannon’s asking for Christmas is to do what she wants and this week she gets it and regales Emma with The Transy Book …

Ep. 104: Nick with the Fur: Belsnickle

December 9th, 2022


Ep. 104: Nick with the Fur: Belsnickle

It's the holiday season! Emma’s coming atcha with the creepiest Christmas companion out there - Belsnickle. …

Ep. 103: Affirm Me: Rosenda Strong and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

December 2nd, 2022


*Listener Discretion Advised: Themes of violence, racism, and sexual assault*

This week Shannon tells us about the tragic and still unsolved story of …

Ep. 102: An Overly Ambitious Mongoose: El Chupacabra

November 25th, 2022


This week we’re headed down to warmer climates and getting acquainted with Puerto Rico’s cryptid, El Chupacabra. While it’s debated if it’s an alien sent to ruin humanity’s food supply or just a sad dog, the mystery and …

Repost: Ep. 13: Gorls, Gargoyles, and Airperts: The Denver Airport

November 18th, 2022


This week we have another repost for you, this time in honor of the holiday travel we all will inevitably face in the next few months. Enjoy the …

Repost: Ep. 58: Hapless Millennials: The Beale Ciphers

November 11th, 2022


Hey everyone! We're taking a little break this week but wanted to bring you back to the National Treasure of the 1880s. Enjoy!

A treasure in the Blue …

Ep. 101: Nama-cray: The Werewolf of Dickson County WITH SPECIAL GUEST GREG

November 4th, 2022


*Note that today’s episode, and probably those in the future, contains swearing and adult themes. Keep the little ears away!* 

The chaos today is …

Ep. 100: Ding Dong the Dairy-o: Dear David

October 28th, 2022


Welcome to the 100th episode!! Thanks for being here, everyone! To celebrate the Podaversary and the end of the spooky season, Emma tries to scare Shannon with the terrifying story of Dear David, the dented head little …

Ep. 99: Booty Rocks: The Episode Update Quiz #5

October 21st, 2022


For just a dollar a day, you too can support Bi-icon Professor Shannon, who has our last Pod Pop Quiz of the season this week! Come find out what …

Ep. 98: Really Flappy Lips: The Disappearance of Dorothy Arnold

October 14th, 2022


This week, Emma gives Shannon all the details we know about the “Gone Girl” of the 20th Century, socialite Dorothy Arnold. Whether it was intentional …

Ep. 97: Don't Be Brawling: The Episode Update Quiz #4

October 7th, 2022


Talk of the noggin’ to ya and yours! Shannon has another installment of updates for us this week and we have visits from Angus and the Very Good, No …

Ep. 96: Tell Your Mom About Us: The Haunted White House

September 30th, 2022


Have you ever been inside the most haunted house in America? Probably, if you had the 8th grade trip that most of us had to D.C. Emma tells us this week about the ghosts of the White House and those who have claimed to …

Repost: Ep. 47: Team Indoors Forever: The Dutch Hikers Mystery

September 23rd, 2022


Bringing you a spooky tale from our catalogue, Shannon tells us about the Dutch Hikers Mystery. See y'all soon!

Shannon freaks Emma out with this sad and creepy episode on the Dutch hikers Lisanne Froon and Kris …

Repost: Ep. 22: A Crop Circle of Virgin Mary's: Annabelle the Doll

September 16th, 2022


So Emma got Covid, which means you get treated with a throwback episode of one of Emma's favorite scary items, Annabelle the Doll. See y'all soon!

A …

Ep. 95: Deja Vu: The Episode Update Quiz #3

September 9th, 2022


Shannon’s got another eleven episodes to update us on this week and Emma made it out with a C+! Shannon had to get real crafty with some organic …

Ep. 94: Noodly Tortilla: The Axeman of New Orleans

September 2nd, 2022


Better buckle in this week as Emma takes us back to the Jazz Age and the terrifying reign of the Axeman of New Orleans. Was it a demon who just liked to “jazz it out”? Or was it a vendetta against all Italians? Whatever …

Ep. 93: Too Much Milk: The Episode Update Quiz #2

August 26th, 2022


Shannon is back with another episode update quiz and Emma gets almost none of them right. Come back with us as we revisit and discuss the Todd-Father, Ikea aliens, Elvis, and many more in our extensive cast of …

Ep. 92: Zak Bagans is a Pokemon: The Haunted Mirror of Bela Lugosi

August 19th, 2022


We’re back (kinda)! Bringing you a brand new episode this week about something that is only slightly spooky. Did this haunted mirror belong to the …

Repost #2: Ep.3: The Group Project from Hell: Who was William Shakespeare?

August 12th, 2022


Here comes repost number two, this time in honor of the show that has been taking up all of Shannon's summer hours. Buckle in for this episode as we delve into everything that might be right about the man, the myth, the …

Repost #1: Ep. 24: Rubber Chicken Slinky: D.B. Cooper

August 5th, 2022


It's the summer and that means that we are gone for a bit, but are reposting our favorite jetsetter, Mr. D.B. Cooper! Toot toot bazoot right into this long episode, perfect for a roadtrip or your own jetset adventure. …

Ep. 91: Like a Grape: The Episode Update Quiz

July 29th, 2022


Shannon knocks it out of the park this week with a quiz style update on our first five episodes! Does Emma actually get a good score and not cheat? She didn't actually study for this quiz, so she just might try to. Is …

Ep. 90: Muddle English: The Dodleston Messages

July 22nd, 2022


It’s a ghost party-line this week! Was a man from the 1540s communicating with the future via the first home computer? Was the future talking back? Was the even further future trying to experiment on them all? We kinda …

Ep. 89: The Belt: The Fresno Night Crawler

July 15th, 2022


This week Shannon has the cryptid and boy HOWDY are these things CUTE! Or at least we think they are. What exactly are these adorable Fresno Nightcrawlers? Bog cryptids? A hoax? The sweatpant imitation of a human that …

Ep. 88: My Basement Void: La Pascualita, the Corpse Bride

July 8th, 2022


Emma did another doll this week and got away with it! Okay, so maybe she isn’t a doll, but La Pasculita, the uncanny human-like mannequin of …

Ep. 87: TonsaTonies: The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

July 1st, 2022


This week Shannon takes on the case of Jimmy Hoffa and just what exactly happened to the mob-associated union boss. Was he off-d and fed to the fishes? Or is he at the bottom of a landfill? Was Ed Sheeran’s great uncle …

Ep. 86: Rutabaga: The Mystery of Pauline Picard

June 24th, 2022


It’s not spooky, it’s just sad. It’s short and not so sweet this episode as Emma tells Shannon about the mysterious 100-year-old disappearance and …

Ep. 85: Spooky Oopy: The Babadook

June 18th, 2022


*WARNING: The ghosts got to us again (for real) this week, so the audio is subpar. It’ll be back to normal once Emma sages the entire Pod Nook*

Ep. 84: Possessed by Cher: The Exorcism of Roland Doe and the Curse of the Exorcist

June 10th, 2022


Exorcize? I thought you said extra fries! This week, Emma tackles a spooky two-fer with the Exorcism of Roland Doe and the curse of The Exorcist. The …

Ep. 83: Merp and Derp: The Irish Crown Jewels

June 3rd, 2022


This week’s episode has it all: a heist, jewelery, the gay agenda; what more could you want?! Shannon goes in depth on the mysterious disappearance …

Ep. 82: Squatch Squad: Bigfoot

May 27th, 2022


So Emma may have done something irreversible this episode but with all the musical interludes, does it really matter? Be prepared to swipe right on this week’s topic, Bigfoot! This cryptid icon takes center stage in our …

Ep. 81: Bits and Giggles: Ernest Shackleton and The Endurance

May 20th, 2022


Hey all you cool cats and postal kittens! This week we’re back to our regularly scheduled Shannon programming, except this time she’s got a solved …

Ep. 80: Math Gave Us Bananas: Unlucky Numbers

May 13th, 2022


It's everyone's favorite topic: numbers! Is the number 13 really that unlucky? Or is Friday the 13th actually the perfect day to get married, start a journey, and sit in row 17 on a plane? Well, even with Emma’s …

Ep. 79: TPDE (Taylor's Version): Taylor Swift Conspiracies 4.0 WITH SPECIAL GUEST STEPHEN

May 6th, 2022


Powder up, clowns! This is the fourth and final (for now) installment of Shannon’s deep dive into the Taylor Swift album conspiracies! We continue to be joined by our Swift expert, Stephen (aka @thecardiganguy), and …

Ep. 78: Ye Olde Alcatrazi: Escape from Alcatraz

April 29th, 2022


If anything were a crime, we both know we’d be in for LIFE (bookshelves and sinks, look out). This week, Emma brings us back to the 1960s and the most daring prison escape of all time, the Escape from Alcatraz. Did the …

Ep. 77: He Looks Smelly and Evil: Taylor Swift Conspiracies 3.0 WITH SPECIAL GUEST STEPHEN

April 22nd, 2022


The best things come in threes, so we couldn’t pass up a third installment of all the clownery and tomfoolery Dr. Taylor Swift has been putting her …

Ep. 76: An Everlasting Faint: The Greenbrier Ghost

April 15th, 2022


Once again, Emma makes a case for becoming a vase because she just wants to be useful in the afterlife! Just like Zona Heaster Shue, otherwise known …

Ep. 75: Electric Boogaloo: Taylor Swift Album Conspiracies

April 8th, 2022


Let’s party like it’s 1989, friends! Shannon is bringing back the Taylor Swift conspiracies and Emma is absolutely convinced that Taylor is the …

Ep. 74.5: Nonsense Parade: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Episode

April 1st, 2022


Come join the nonsense parade this week (with hopefully very few damp confetti pieces)! Shannon SUCCEEDED in scaring Emma to bits, but Gus the Ghost …

Ep. 74: Noodle Arms: Goatman's Bridge

March 25th, 2022


Welcome to another nonsense filled episode where Shannon narrowly avoids getting scared, this time by Goatman’s Bridge. Is it a demon on this bridge? A cryptid? A stoner kid in the tree whispering “Steve”? We might …

Ep. 73: You're My Tamagotchi: Theodosia Burr Alston

March 18th, 2022


It’s the MUSICAL episode! This week Shannon has prepared a mystery that even Emma didn’t know about! Did you know that Aaron Burr’s daughter Theodosia disappeared at sea? Or did she? We learn that Aaron Burr wanted to …

Ep. 72: We Fixed Democracy: The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe

March 11th, 2022


*WARNING: The audio quality is not the best on this one. The ghosts got to us. We’ll banish them next week. Sorry about your ears.*

Emma is taking us back in the time machine this week to tell us about the weird life …

Ep. 71: Aliens are Mold: The Mysterious Death of Brittany Murphy

March 4th, 2022


*Content warning: Emotional abuse and disordered eating are talked about on this episode* We’re back in 2009 this week as Shannon tells Emma about the mysterious death of Brittany Murphy. There are a lot of “big yikes” …

Ep. 70: Is It Me?: Gef the Talking Mongoose

February 25th, 2022


The walls are starting to talk to us and Shannon might be evil? Are we nuts? Most likely. This week, Emma takes us on the adventure that is Gef the Talking Mongoose, who really didn’t like to be perceived. He lived in …

Ep. 69: An Aged Retainer: The Borley Rectory

February 18th, 2022


Want some more historically bad vibes? How does the most haunted house in England sound? Shannon attempts to scare Emma this week with the tale of the Borley Rectory. It’s got ringing bells, researchers throwing …

Ep. 68: Share Your Trauma: The Disappearance of Ben McDaniel

February 11th, 2022


Wanna relive some claustrophobic nightmares? No? Sorry, because Emma takes us to the depths of Vortex Spring as she tells Shannon about the disappearance of Ben McDaniel. Is Ben stuck in a deep underwater cave? Or is he …

Ep. 67: Spookytime Sadness: The Bennington Triangle

February 4th, 2022


Are you ready for some historically bad vibes? This week, Shannon steals one of Emma’s topics to talk about the Bennington Triangle. It’s always triangles that seem to have disappearances, spooky (potentially alien) …

Ep. 66: A Whole Baguette: The Circleville Letter Writer

January 28th, 2022


Oh my gourd, you guys! Emma might have stolen another one of Shannon’s topics this week when she discusses the Circleville Letter Writer. Whoever …

Ep. 65: Cheerio, My Dude: George Melville Boynton

January 21st, 2022


Wanna hear the wackiest story of a great explorer who…well, never explored much of anything? Come listen to Shannon tell Emma about George M. Boynton, the man who walked a lot, talked a big game, and got Teddy Roosevelt …

Ep. 64: Hypno Hologram Beats: The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

January 14th, 2022


So Emma may have stolen one of Shannon’s episodes this week as we talk about the mystery of the Mary Celeste. NOT the Mary Rosa. We discuss cruise …

Ep. 63: A Baby Bone Shaman: The Moon Landing

January 7th, 2022


HISTORY WOULD HAVE YOU BELIEVE that today’s episode was just another one of those silly topics that no one has heard of. But we bet you’ve heard this one before! Come listen to our guest hosts Chad and Brad chat about …

Ep. 62: Giant Calamari: The Kraken

December 31st, 2021


We have another short one for you to start off the new year, and we “Kraken” right into it. This week, Emma (somehow) scares Shannon with the legend of the Kraken and what it may actually be in the modern world, as the …

Ep. 61: So Much Licking: Grýla the Christmas Witch

December 24th, 2021


Merry Christmas, Witches! We’ve got a short one this week to get you in the holiday mood; Shannon tells Emma the terrifying tale of Grýla, the …

Ep. 60: Some Homo: The Knights Templar

December 17th, 2021


Would you want to live forever? If so, guarding the Holy Grail may be the job for you! This week Emma tells Shannon about the Knights Templar, their …

Ep. 59: Milo Bloodsugar: The Lost Library

December 10th, 2021


Dear Diary, this year for Christmas I would like all the old books in the world, and I think I may know where to find them. This week Shannon dives …

Ep. 58: Hapless Millennials: The Beale Ciphers

December 3rd, 2021


A treasure in the Blue Ridge? Almost a billion dollars? Uncrackable ciphers and a story that’s a bit too good? This week, Emma gifts Shannon with a …

Ep. 57: A Two Layer Dip-Deck-Dock: Lake Lanier

November 26th, 2021


A slew of underwater ghost towns beneath the depths of a lake that has been cursed since its creation? We’re in! This week, Shannon takes us to Georgia’s Lake Lanier, with mysterious deaths, a handless ghost, and some …

Ep. 56: Evil Sloth: The Sallie House

November 19th, 2021


“And the sloth shall cometh and slash thrice upon the man.”

There are so many tangents this week, ya’ll, as Shannon tries to avoid the story of The Sallie House at all costs. Emma went spooky, and nothing is spookier …

Ep. 55: Sissy Sisyphus: The Great Brink's Robbery

November 12th, 2021


Do you have a nickname? Is it better than "Jazz"? The answer is no, we're telling you now. Tune in this week for a much more lighthearted listen as Shannon tells Emma all about the Great Brink's Robbery, one of the most …

Ep. 54: That Nickel Was Mean to Me Once: The Disappearance of Walter Collins

November 5th, 2021


Did you like our new intro for this episode? We loved it, and it helped lighten the mood for Emma’s downer of a story: this week, she tells Shannon …

Ep. 53: Large Todd: The Disappearance of Lars Mittank

October 29th, 2021


Ever been curb-stomped in a foreign country? We hope the answer is no, but that wasn't so for Lars Mittank, whose disappearance Shannon scares Emma with this week. We go through all the theories, realize that trains are …

Ep. 52: The Toilets are Bleeding: The Amityville Horror

October 22nd, 2021


IT’S OUR ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, YOU GUYS! This week Emma was given express permission to SPOOK Shannon out, but did she deliver? Come found out on this episode about The Amityville Horror, from the murders to the movie. …

Ep. 51: White Man History: The Lost Colony of Roanoke

October 15th, 2021


Shannon brings us back in time this week with the story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke and if the settlers really did disappear, or if they just …

Ep. 50: I'm Not a Witch I'm Your Wife!: The Salem Witch Trials

October 8th, 2021


It's spooky season, and what's spookier than the real life horror that was the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and 1693! Listen to our 50TH EPISODE (what?!) as Emma lets Shannon know that she is both a witch and a wife. Come …

Ep. 49: Well, Catholicism: The Flannan Isles Lighthouse

October 1st, 2021


Shannon has done it again with a spooky Scottish episode! This week it's about the three lighthouse keepers who mysteriously vanished off a little Scottish isle, but Emma may have figured it out (ghosts, duh). Therapy …

Ep. 48: Surprise! Bones: The Princes in the Tower

September 24th, 2021


What could have happened to two young boys under their uncle's care? Surely it was all fun and rainbows and shooting arrows? This week we discuss the …

Ep. 47: Team Indoors Forever: The Dutch Hikers Mystery

September 17th, 2021


Shannon freaks Emma out with this sad and creepy episode on the Dutch hikers Lisanne Froon and Kris Kremers, who disappeared in the Panamanian jungle. We also confirm to each other that we are not murderers, learn …

Ep. 46: An Angry Craisin: The Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

September 10th, 2021


We're your therapists now. Join us as Emma tells Shannon the sad story of the disappearance of the Beaumont siblings in 1966. As always, however, we must find the levity in the depravity so there is discussion of …

Ep. 45: Afterlife Hacks: Kelpies

September 3rd, 2021


Have you seen a horse before? Are you sure it wasn’t a kelpie?! Join us this week for Shannon’s Cryptid Corner on these mysterious demon water horses of Scotland. Shannon starts her scatting career, we get very invested …

Ep. 44: Hot Hands McGee: The Island of the Dolls

August 27th, 2021


An island filled with dolls? Cursed, blessed, or just plain awful? Feel like crying along with Shannon? Then join us this week for a short episode …

Ep. 43: A Carbon Date: The Hope Diamond

August 20th, 2021


Could a beautiful, 45.52 carat diamond be the source of suffering for generations of its owners? Shannon is here this week to report on the Hope …

Ep. 42: Call Me Pretty and Buy Me Books: The Georgia Guidestones

August 13th, 2021


If you’re ever going through the state of Georgia and the world ends, make sure to head over to Elberton County and read the Georgia Guidestones! …

Ep. 41: A Raw Tortilla: Insulin Price Gouging

August 6th, 2021


Feel like getting mad? Then join us this week as Shannon tells Emma all about Big Pharma's conspiracy to keep insulin-dependant humans as money …

Ep 40: Shaming Children: The Isdal Woman WITH SPECIAL GUEST SARA

July 30th, 2021


Was it suicide? Murder? A vampire colony's revenge? Or was this lady just combustible? This week Emma tells Shannon AND OUR SPECIAL GUEST SARA all …

Mailbag #4: Morris the Stegosaurus

July 26th, 2021


Another mail bag THIS TIME WITH REAL PHYSICAL MAIL!!! Come listen to some tales of ghosts, definitely haunted chests, carrot syllabi, and our mutual love of socks. 

Ep. 39: The Issue with Human Beings: Skeleton Lake

July 23rd, 2021


This week's episode is a wild, wonderful, kinda-spooky ride! Come join us as Shannon regales Emma with the site of Skeleton Lake in the Himalayas. …

Ep. 38: Very Very Welcome to You: The Sodder Family Mystery

July 16th, 2021


Did five of ten children die in a house fire on Christmas Eve? Or did the Mafia have something to do with it? This is a sad one ya'll (SORRY!!). Emma tells Shannon the story of the Sodder Family mystery and how much …

Ep. 37: The Viscount of Tangent Town: The Curse of Macbeth

July 9th, 2021


Are you a theatre kid who was scared into behaving backstage by superstition? US TOO! Did a group of witches put a curse on the Scottish Play because their spells were being bastardized? POSSIBLY! Did Lady Macbeth …

Ep. 36: It's A Boy! (phlegm): The Jersey Devil

July 2nd, 2021


This week Emma cries while she tells Shannon about the Jersey Devil! It's not all that scary, just a creepy flying T-rex roaming New Jersey. Come join us for stories of brave children and Emma's own potential cryptid …

Ep. 35: Tappin' Variety: The Mysterious Disappearance of Agatha Christie

June 25th, 2021


Did one of the most famous mystery writers in the world stage her own disappearance? Or did she really forget that she was the Agatha Christie? In this episode, Shannon tells Emma all about this bad-witch and what we …

Ep. 34: Speculation Station: Flat Earth WITH SPECIAL GUEST RUTH

June 18th, 2021


How do we know the Earth is round? Because the Disneyland NASA actors told us? Probably. Is the sun a lamp strapped to the ice wall? Definitely. …

Ep. 33: The Coconuts!: The Oak Island Money Pit

June 11th, 2021


There is nothing better than a treasure hunt. Except maybe if it's a pirate treasure. And it's in Canada. Come join us as Shannon tells Emma all about Canada's national treasure (and we aren't talking poutine) in the …

Ep. 32: Baby Bones: The Watcher

June 4th, 2021


Creepy is back!! And what is creepier than a house that comes with a designated "watcher?" Emma does her best to scare Shannon (and mostly fails) with the story of The Watcher from Westfield, New Jersey. Because of …

Ep. 31: John Cena's Horcrux: Staircases in the Woods

May 28th, 2021


Are there staircases in the depths of the American National Parks? Are they remnants of a lost city, a tornado dump, a portal to another world? Or …

Ep. 30: Sugar and Blood: The Gardner Museum Heist

May 21st, 2021


How would someone go about stealing almost $50 million in art from a central Boston museum? How could they even get away with it? Well, thieves in …

Ep. 29: Alleged Blankets: The Manslaughter Conspiracy of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

May 14th, 2021


Did Taylor Swift and Harry Styles commit manslaughter during their whirlwind romance? Or is TikTok just stirring up conspiracy for the fun of it? Come join us on this little episode all about TSwift and her penchant for …

Ep. 28: Big Mac Daddy: The Montauk Project

May 7th, 2021


Time travel is always an option! And so apparently are teleportation, making giant ships invisible, and becoming a tour guide for computers in a futuristic landscape. Come join us this week as Emma makes Shannon cry …

Ep. 27: Cocktail Hour in Heaven: Everest and the Mystery of Mallory and Irvine

April 30th, 2021


The tallest mountain in the world has been conquered by many, but was Sir Edmund Hillary actually the first of these? Or was it George Mallory and his partner, lost to the snow at the peak? Listen as Shannon delves into …

Ep. 26: If You're a Cow, I'm a Cow: The Mandela Effect

April 23rd, 2021


Does Curious George have a tail? Are we living in a simulation? Is Shannon from an alternate universe? Answers to these questions and more on this …

Ep. 25: Botanical Sexism: The Seasonal Allergies Conspiracy

April 16th, 2021


Do you have a stuffy nose the minute you walk out your door? Eyes itch and throat get scratchy just by existing during the spring? Well then it may just be Big Nursery coming after you, and Big Pharma's in on it too! …

Mailbag #3: Doubt Your Doubts

April 9th, 2021


Another mailbag?! So quickly!? Well we just had to finish all the emails you'd sent us, and of course some of them are doozies. Ghosts that you drive …

Mailbag #2: Daisy Listens

April 2nd, 2021


We finally have another mailbag! We've got Sweet Briar College ghosts, a Titanic Museum visit, and a near-death-by-ghost in the family. And of …

Ep. 24: Rubber Chicken Slinky: D.B. Cooper

March 26th, 2021


Who was the mystery man who jumped out of a plane in 1971? A spy? A superhero? An idiot? Join us as Emma tells Shannon the story of D.B. Cooper, get sidetracked by thought experiments and fanny packs, and try our …

Ep. 23: Pale and Frail: The Kennedy Curse

March 19th, 2021


Join us this week from another one of Emma's family closets as Shannon regales us with the story of Camelot. Well, the Kennedy Camelot, all its twists and turns and the curse that hangs over them all. Is it really a …

Ep. 22: A Crop Circle of Virgin Mary's: Annabelle the Doll

March 12th, 2021


A demon? A ghost? A prank gone wrong? Whatever the reason, this doll is creepy as all get out, so much so that it has to be kept locked away in a …

Ep. 21: Jean-Paul Joe Schmoe: Amelia Earhart

March 5th, 2021


This week Shannon scares Emma with planes and gigantic crabs in retaliation for all the times Emma has made her cry to tell the incredible story of Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan, who disappeared in the Pacific in the …

Ep. 20: Batpig: The Mothman

February 26th, 2021


A creature born of radioactivity scared the bejesus out of two couples in 1966 on a dark road at midnight. Or was it a gigantic bird? Or Batpig? More likely it was the antihero of Point Pleasant: Mothman! Come listen to …

Ep. 19: Woo! Politics: El Dorado

February 19th, 2021


Now we would love to all find a city of gold, but could we actually succeed? And why do we even think there is one in the first place? Come listen as …

Ep. 18: A Dingo Ate My Body!: The Tamam Shud Case

February 12th, 2021


Emma gets real lazy this week and retells Shannon one of her favorite mysteries: The Tamam Shud Case. Luckily, Shannon remembers none of it! Was this man a Soviet spy? Or a British seaman? No one knows, but maybe we …

Ep. 17: Error 401: The Titanic

February 5th, 2021


Did the Titanic actually hit an iceberg, or was it sunk by a rich man's conspiracy to commit murder? Or was it a mummy in London cursing whoever it saw fit? Find out about these and other theories as Shannon tells Emma …

Ep. 16: An Undiagnosed Wizard: Robert the Doll

January 29th, 2021


Does this life size doll have a life of its own, cursing those who get in its way? Or is he just an old doll with a hell of a lot of creep factor? …

Mailbag #1: Doppelganger Mom

January 25th, 2021


Welcome to our very first Mailbag episode! We read you some stories sent in by "friend-ly fans" and add some corrections from our past episodes. Buckle in for ghosts, UFOs, and mistakes! 

Ep. 15: International Treasure: The Amber Room

January 22nd, 2021


Did the Nazi's manage to dismantle the 8th wonder of the world and destroy it within the span of a few years? Or is it at the bottom of the ocean? …

Ep. 14: Snap Me Like a Glowstick: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley

January 15th, 2021


Did Elvis actually ever "leave the building"? Or did he just hop a plane to Rio and has been sipping sangria for years? This week, hear Emma tell Shannon about the theory that Elvis is still alive. We talk about dead …

Ep. 13: Gorls, Gargoyles, and Airperts: The Denver Airport

January 8th, 2021


What's scarier than a demon horse named Blucifer? Probably the Illuminati plotting government overthrows with the lizard people below the Denver International Airport. Listen this week to Shannon tell Emma all about the …

Ep. 12: Atlantis

January 1st, 2021


This week, to start off the new year, Emma tells Shannon about her favorite place: Atlantis! Was Plato right, or was he a big fat liar? Is Atlantis …

Ep. 11: Let Me Know if You Need to Scream: Sabena Flight 548

December 25th, 2020


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who celebrate! Honor the day and Shannon's Aunt Fran by listening to Emma scream as Shannon tells her the …

Ep. 10: Haunt People While You’re Alive: The Dybbuk Box

December 18th, 2020


This week we get extra spooky as Emma regales Shannon with the story of the most haunted item in the world: The Dybbuk Box. Is it haunted by a Jewish supernatural being, a demon, or is it all a lie? Join us this week …

Ep. 9: Summon the Father-in-Law: The Vyne Ring

December 11th, 2020


This week, Shannon tells Emma the tale of the Vyne Ring, a (almost) cursed object from the time of the ancient Romans, stolen from a man who put his …

Ep. 8: IKEA Aliens WITH SPECIAL GUEST!: The Abduction of Betty and Barney Hill

December 4th, 2020


Our very first guest, Liam, (little brother!) joins us as Emma tells Shannon the story of the 1961 abduction of Betty and Barney Hill. The Hills were …

Ep. 7: Hairball Awareness Day: The Lies Your Parents Told You

November 27th, 2020


This week Shannon lightens the mood with the lies your parents told you as a kid. Emma screams, Shannon waxes poetic on Santa and hairballs, and we …

Ep. 6: Heebus Jeebus: The Disappearance of Maura Murray

November 20th, 2020


On a snowy night in February, 2004, a young woman disappeared without a trace...YIKES! Tune in as Emma tells Shannon the spooky and sad story of …

Ep. 5: Like a Raisin: The Tennessee Children's Home Society

November 13th, 2020


This week Shannon tells Emma about the Tennessee Children's Home Society and the awful, evil, scary lady, Georgia Tann, who kidnapped, scammed, and …

Ep. 4: Sister Somethin': The Bermuda Triangle and the Mystery of Flight 19

November 6th, 2020


The Bermuda Triangle is rumored to be a vortex where ships and planes go missing and might just be a portal for extra-terrestrial beings to join us here on earth. Of all the "notable incidents" that occur within the …

Ep. 3: The Group Project from Hell: Who was William Shakespeare?

October 30th, 2020


We all know Shakespeare’s plays, but do we actually know the man? This week we explore the theory that Shakespeare is not at all who he says he is. Was he merely a player? Or a woman? Or even the QUEEN OF ENGLAND?! Come …

Ep. 2: A Spiritual Prenup: The Winchester Mystery House

October 23rd, 2020


Why did Sarah Winchester build an insane house in San Jose, California? Was it because she believed she was cursed? Or did she just like architecture? Maybe she was rich-people-eccentric? The Winchester Mystery House is …

Ep. 1: DJ EZ and Mr. Nice: The Unsolved Case of Tupac Shakur

October 23rd, 2020


Was the most famous and prolific rapper of the ninety's murdered, or is he actually alive, traveling the world, and putting out music on Soundcloud? …


October 14th, 2020


Hello new friends! We are Emma and Shannon, the hosts of This Podcast Doesn't Exist. We can't wait to have you join us each week for a new spooky, scary, or downright oddball case that has no answers. We'll explore all …

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