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How to be a Digital Entrepreneur with Kalyna Miletic - TPP28

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Jen interviews Kalyna Miletic to discuss digital entrepreneurship (AKA digital nomad), digital strategy, the importance of non-negotiables and how she's created the life of her dreams as a road warrior traveling and working globally.

❤️🤓🎧This week's episode of the Third Paddle podcast is all about building the life and business of your dreams on the road. Have you ever wanted to work from home? Are you ready to be location independent? A digital entrepreneur? 😀🤩Get ready for an honest discussion of what it's like to be working from all kinds of remote areas. You'll learn about the twists and turns and how vital it is to set your priorities and be grounded in your values — and then hold yourself to it. Kalyna Miletic shares so much good stuff. You don't want to miss this!

Kickstart Your Work:
Kalyna’s Thailand Retreat:
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Mel Robbins, 5-Second Rule:

About Kalyna:

Kalyna is the Founder of Kickstart Your Work, a storyteller and global explorer. She's coached over 1,500 hours with clients in 20 countries and started her first business at 19 years old. She’s been adventuring since 2014 visiting 25 countries and living in Aruba, Brazil, Indonesia, USA and Canada. Kalyna has a blast running an online business and believes feeling good at work needs to be the new normal. She loves yoga, Brazilian dance, trying new foods and searching for the world’s best beaches.

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