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A new podcast for Intermediate to Advanced English Learners. Thinking is an incredibly important step on the road fluency, and we aim to help you achieve this by discussing topics ranging from politics and economics, to philosophy and science. Learn new vocabulary, listen to native level English, an… read more

201 Episodes | 2020 - 2022

What is Creative Thinking?

May 11th, 2022



Today I’m going to talk about creative thinking. And towards the end of the episode, I’ll give you some tips and …

151. What is Roe v. Wade? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 9th, 2022



What is Roe v. Wade? Why is it such a controversial and significant decision? And why is the US Supreme Court going …

150. How to Stop Procrastinating!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 4th, 2022



What is procrastination? Why do we wait until the last minute to complete tasks? And how can we stop procrastinating? …

148. What is a Trade Union? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 20th, 2022



Earlier this month, employees at an Amazon warehouse in New York formed the company’s first official trade union in …

What is Sarcasm?

April 13th, 2022



On today's episode of Thinking in English, let's take a look at sarcasm in English! What is sarcasm? What is the …

143. What is a War Crime? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

March 21st, 2022



 Joe Biden has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being a “war criminal.” But what does this mean? What is a …

Logical Fallacies: Mistakes You Probably Make When Arguing! 

March 16th, 2022



On today's episode of Thinking in English, let's discover some of the most common mistakes people make when arguing or …

139. Why China Should Have Industrialised First!: The Song Dynasty and the Industrial Revolution  (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 28th, 2022


A thousand years ago, the Song dynasty of China created the most advanced and developed society in the world. It was so advanced that historians have compared it to 18th century Britain. However, unlike 18th century …

“Dead on Your Feet,” “Burnt Out,” and “Drained”: Tired Vocabulary, Synonyms, and Phrases!  (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 23rd, 2022


Are you a 'exhausted,' 'dead on your feet,' or 'worn out?' On today's episode of Thinking in English, let's learn some excellent vocabulary to …

138. The Strange History of Pitcairn Island!: Where is the Most Isolated Place in the World?  (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 21st, 2022


You probably haven’t heard of Pitcairn Island - but it has one of the most interesting histories in the Pacific Ocean. Not only is Pitcairn one of …

Traditional British English Phrases Heading to the “Knacker's Yard”  (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 18th, 2022


On today's episode of Thinking in English, I'm going to introduce some English sayings that are famous, but no longer commonly used!


“Moron,” “Ignoramus,” and “Dotard”! Famous English Insults Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 16th, 2022


On today's episode of Thinking in English, I'm going to explain some of the most famous insults in political history! From "dotard" to "malignant …

136. What Happened to Patrick Zaki? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 14th, 2022


What happened to Patrick Zaki? The Egyptian student, researcher, and human rights activist was arrested in Cairo 2 years ago - but why? What did he do? And what will happen in the future? Let's talk about it on today's …

135. The End of Winter Sport?: Climate Change and the Future of the Winter Olympics! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 11th, 2022


The Beijing winter Olympics are currently in full swing, but there is no snow falling from the sky. Over the next few decades, climate change and …

Vocabulary for a Lazy Day!: ‘Couch Potato,’ ‘Lackadaisical,’ ‘Workshy’ and more! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 9th, 2022


Are you a 'couch potato,' 'indolent,' or 'lackadaisical?' On today's episode of Thinking in English, let's learn some excellent vocabulary to …

134. Is Obesity a Disease? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 7th, 2022


Obesity is a major problem in countries all around the world. With billions of people living unhealthy lives, the consequences are very significant. Is obesity a disease? Or is it something else? Let's discuss it on …

133. Why Is Indonesia Changing Capital City? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 4th, 2022


Indonesia will soon move its capital city to a new location! Why has Indonesia had to make this decision? And why did they choose this location? Is Indonesia the first country to change capitals? Let's answer these …

7 Things to NEVER Include in Your ENGLISH Resume!!

February 2nd, 2022


Today, let's talk about 7 types of words, phrases, and vocabulary you should AVOID including in your English resumes, applications, and job …

132. Pros and Cons of Mandatory National Service! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 31st, 2022


Some countries require their citizens to join the military or perform some other kind of service. Should countries have mandatory national service? …

How to Describe Illness in English!!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 28th, 2022


On today’s episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some new ways to talk about and describe being ill and sick in English!


ESSENTIAL Action Verbs for Perfect ENGLISH Resumes, Job Interviews, and University Applications!!

January 26th, 2022


How do you make yourself stand out in a job application, interview, or university personal statement? One great method is to use powerful ACTION …

131. Tonga’s Volcanic Eruption Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 24th, 2022


On January 15th, a massive volcanic eruption in Tonga sprayed lava, dust, and ash around the region and sent tsunami waves across the ocean. What is …

The BEST Vocabulary for Job Interviews, Resumes, and University Applications!

January 19th, 2022


How do you make yourself stand out in English job applications? How can you write the perfect English university application? How can you best …

130. The Mystery Illness Affecting Western Diplomats!: What is Havana Syndrome?

January 17th, 2022


American diplomats and government officials around the world have been falling ill with a mysterious illness known as Havana syndrome. What are the symptoms? What is it caused by? Let's talk about it on today's episode …

A Guide to Insulting Boris Johnson (Using His Own Strange Vocabulary)!

January 14th, 2022


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has found himself in the middle of another poltical scandal. A quick glance at twitter, newspapers, or even …

129. Do Language Learning Apps Work?: Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel, and more!

January 12th, 2022


On this episode of Thinking in English, let’s discuss language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and Memrise! There are so many, they are so …

128. Should Novak Djokovic be Allowed to Stay in Australia? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 10th, 2022


Currently stuck in an immigration detention hotel in Australia, and facing deportation, tennis superstar Novak Djokovic is at the centre of an …

127. What is Happening in Kazakhstan?: Massive Protests Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 7th, 2022


Massive protests, the resignation of the government, widespread violence, and Russian-led security forces. What is happening in Kazakhstan? Let’s …

126. The Most Unstable Country in the World?: What is Happening in Sudan? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 5th, 2022


What is the most unstable country in the world? How about a country with nearly 20 coups since becoming independent? A country with countless wars, massive corruption, and daily protests? A country with a Prime Minister …

125. New Zealand’s Smoking Ban Explained!!: Should We Ban Cigarettes?

January 3rd, 2022


New Zealand recently announced a complete ban on cigarette sales for future generations. People born after 2008 will never be able to buy tobacco …

124. Who was Desmond Tutu?: The Life of an Extraordinary Man Explained!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 29th, 2021


On Sunday the 26th of December, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, South African anti-apartheid activist, and one of the world’s most loved religious …

Christmas Tongue Twisters!

December 24th, 2021


Merry Christmas!! Let's practice our English pronunciation with some Christmas inspired tongue twisters!!


123. Should We Boycott China’s Winter Olympics? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 20th, 2021

On this episode of Thinking in English, let's discuss why the boycott has been declared, and if sporting boycotts are ever successful!


English Words You’re Using Wrong!!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 17th, 2021


On today's episode of Thinking in English, let's learn some of the English words you are probably using incorrectly!


122. Ten Years of Kim Jong Un!: North Korea’s Last Decade Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 15th, 2021


10 years ago, Kim Jong Un became leader of North Korea after the death of his father. In the following decade, the secretive country and its leader …

121. How to Start Your Own Country!!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 13th, 2021


Have you ever thought about starting your own country? Maybe you don’t like the government or laws in the country of your birth? Perhaps you want …

Most Difficult English Pronunciation Poem!!: The Chaos (English Pronunciation Lesson)

December 6th, 2021


Today, let's read a poem. Not just any poem - the most difficult to pronounce English poem ever!

POEM ------ …

120. Bye Bye Queen!: Why Did Barbados Become a Republic? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 3rd, 2021


On the 30th November 2021, Barbados became the world’s newest republic. They said goodbye to the British royal family, and after 400 years are now completely free from the UK! On today’s episode, let’s discuss why …

2021 Word of the Year!! 'NFTs,' 'Cheugy,' and 'Regencycore' (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 1st, 2021


At the end of November Collins English Dictionary released their 2021 Words of the Year. Let’s look at the winners and runners up on today’s episode …

119. Should 16 Year Olds Be Allowed To Vote?: Voting Ages explained!! (English Vocabulary lesson)

November 24th, 2021


Voting is an important part of modern democracies. For most of us, it is the only time we will ever have any influence in political decisions or the …

Best UK Comedies for Learning British English

November 22nd, 2021


On today’s episode of Thinking in English, let me introduce you all to the wonderful world of British comedy TV shows!!


Stop Saying Sunny, Cloudy, and Rainy!!: Advanced Weather Vocabulary - Part 1 (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 19th, 2021


Today, let’s learn some excellent ways to describe the weather, and boost your English vocabulary at the same time!!


118. What is the Great Resignation?: Why are Millions of People Quitting Their Jobs? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 17th, 2021


Millions of people are quitting their jobs in the West. So many, in fact, that there are numerous articles and news reports talking about something called the Great Resignation! Why are people quitting their jobs? What …

117. What is Happening at the Poland-Belarus Border?: Migrant Crisis Explained!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 15th, 2021


Right now, there are thousands of migrants from Middle Eastern countries stranded on the border between Belarus and Poland in Eastern Europe. How …

116. Facebook’s Rebranding Explained!: Why Do Major Companies Change Their Names? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 12th, 2021


Facebook has changed its name to Meta. Why have they done this? And why do some major companies choose to rebrand after years of already being …

115. Artificial Intelligence Explained!: Is AI Bad for Society? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 10th, 2021


Artificial intelligence is all around us. Perhaps you even found this podcast thanks to Spotify or Apple podcasts’ AI recommending it to you! But for some people, AI is a worrying threat and potential danger. Is AI …

“Stab in the back,” “Back to the wall,” “Behind your back”: 6 Essential ‘Back’ Idioms (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 8th, 2021


On today’s episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some useful idioms revolving around your ‘back!’


114. ‘Parasite’, ‘Squid Games’, and ‘BTS’: The Korean Wave Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 3rd, 2021


Korean culture has become incredibly popular, influential, and widespread over the last few years. The movie “Parasite” has won Oscars, the “Squid …

113. The Last Chance to Save the World?: COP 26 Explained!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 1st, 2021

Over the next two weeks, almost every country and world leader will gather in Glasgow, Scotland, to attend the world’s most important climate conference, COP26. What are they going to discuss, who is going to attend, …

‘Ghost towns,’ ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous,’ and ‘Graveyard Shift’: Idioms and Phrases for a Spooky Halloween (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 29th, 2021


On today’s episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some spooky idioms and phrases that you can use everyday, not just on Halloween!

Transcript …

Tongue Twister Challenge!: English Pronunciation Practice

October 27th, 2021


On today’s episode of Thinking in English let’s test your English pronunciation skills by practicing some fun and challenging Tongue twisters!


112. English Accents Explained!: Why do Language Learners Have Accents and Should We Care? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 25th, 2021


Why do language learners have an accent when speaking? Can we improve our accents? Should we really care about having an accent? Let’s talk about …

How to Describe Pain in English!! Essential Vocabulary and Phrases (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 22nd, 2021


On today’s episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some new ways to talk about and describe pain in English!


111. Should We Still Use the Death Penalty?: English Language Debate (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 20th, 2021


How should we punish criminals? Should we have the death penalty for the worst crimes? Or is the death penalty unacceptable in our modern societies? …

110. Why do Authoritarian Countries Buy Football Clubs?: Saudi Arabia and the Purchase of Newcastle United! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 18th, 2021


At the beginning of October, English football club Newcastle United were taken over by a Saudi Arabian supported investment fund, and over night became one of the world’s richest sport teams. But why do authoritarian …

“Have Egg on Your Face,” “Put Your Foot in it,” and “Sheepish”: Idioms and Phrases for Embarrassing Situations! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 15th, 2021


Do you “Have Egg on Your Face"? Have you “Put Your Foot in it"? Do you feel “Sheepish”? In this episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some …

109. Nobel Prizes Explained!: History, Context, and Current State of the World’s Most Famous Awards (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 13th, 2021


Over the last few weeks, the winners of this year's Nobel Prizes have been announced. The Nobel Prizes are perhaps the most prestigious and well known awards around the world. On this episode of Thinking in English, …

108. Should We Bring Extinct Animals Back To Life?: De-Extinction Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 11th, 2021


Recently, it has been announced that a group of researchers in the US are planning to bring back the woolly mammoth from extinction. While some …

“Feeling blue,” “Crying Crocodile Tears,” and “Down in the Dumps”: Excellent Sadness Idioms!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 8th, 2021


Are You “Feeling blue,” “Crying Crocodile Tears,” or “Down in the Dumps”? In this episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some other useful …

107. Insects, Artificial Meat, and Microbes: What Is The Future of Food? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 6th, 2021


What is the future of food? If we do not change the way we eat and produce food, we are going to struggle to feed the entire planet in the future and cause damage to the environment. So what can we do? Let’s discuss …

5 Challenging English Riddles!: Use Your English Skills to Find the Answers! (ESL Riddles)

October 4th, 2021


Today, I'm going to give you five challenging riddles to try and solve! Use your English skills to find the answers!


Are You ‘Bursting with Joy,’ ‘Over The Moon,’ or ‘On Cloud Nine’?: Idioms and Phrases to Describe Happiness!!

October 1st, 2021


Are You ‘Bursting with Joy,’ ‘Over The Moon,’ or ‘On Cloud Nine’? In this episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some other fascinating idioms and phrases to describe happiness!!


106. TOEFL vs IELTS!: Which One Should You Take? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 29th, 2021


Are you thinking about taking an English proficiency test to check your language level? Or do you need the result for a job, to move to another …

105. Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Were Actually True!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 27th, 2021


A mission to recruit Nazi war criminals? CIA mind control experiments? A President trying to steal important documents? These might sound crazy, but …

5 Essential English Proverbs - Perfect for ESL Learners! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 24th, 2021


On this episode of Thinking in English, let’s learn some essential English proverbs!


104. What is the Autumnal Equinox?: The First Day of Autumn (or Spring) Explained!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 23rd, 2021


On Wednesday the 22nd of September the entire world will experience an equal amount of daylight and darkness. This is known as an equinox, and is …

103. Who Owns Antarctica? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 20th, 2021


Antarctica is one of the most unique parts of our planet, it is full of natural resources, and is increasingly important for economic and strategic …

10 Must Know British English Slang Words!

September 17th, 2021


On today's episode, I'm going to introduce 10 essential British English slang words that will help you understand and talk with people from the UK! Slang can be a little confusing, but I think it is fun to learn and use!

102. What is Cancel Culture?: Is Cancel Culture Good for Society? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 15th, 2021


If you spend much time online, on social media, or watching American news channels, you have probably come across the phrase ‘cancel culture’ before. …

101. Illegal Names Explained: Why some countries regulate names! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 13th, 2021

Have you ever thought about names? In different countries and cultures, names can vary considerably. In fact, some places even ban or regulate the …

7 Amazing TV Shows to Learn British English!

September 10th, 2021


On today's episode, I'm going to give you 7 amazing TV shows to help you learn and perfect British English!  All language students can really benefit from watching TV. You can learn various British regional accents and …

100. How Many Oceans Are There? How Many Continents Are There? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 8th, 2021


How many oceans are there? And how many continents are there? While at first you might think these are quite simple questions, the answers can depend …

99. Should We Colonize Space? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 6th, 2021


Should we colonize space? Should humans leave Earth and try to make the Moon, or Mars, or another planet our new home? Is this even something worth …

5 Amazing Books to Improve Your English!

September 3rd, 2021


On today's episode, I'm going to give you 5 amazing books to help you improve and practice your English skills!  All language students should be …

98. Are Video Games Bad For Children?: China’s Video Game Ban Explained (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 1st, 2021


China recently announced the world’s strictest limitations on children’s ability to play video games. On this episode of Thinking in English, let’s look at what these new restrictions are, investigate why they have been …

97. Dark Tourism Explained: Why do people want to visit dangerous and terrifying places? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 30th, 2021


Although most people like to spend their vacations visiting historical sites or sunbathing on the beach, some people choose to visit dangerous and …

“When pigs fly:” Essential English Idioms, Expressions, and Proverbs! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 27th, 2021


Welcome to Thinking in English. Today I want to introduce some common English idioms, proverbs, and expressions using the word “fly”. 


96. What are the Paralympic Games?: Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 25th, 2021


On Tuesday 24th of August, the opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be held! Although the Paralympics tend to attract less attention than their more famous counterparts, the Olympic Games, they are …

95. The World’s Strangest Time Zones!: What are time zones and why are they so weird? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 23rd, 2021


You may not have thought about it before, but time zones are strange. What are time zones and why do we use them? Who decided the world should be …

Awesome English Riddle Challenge!!

August 20th, 2021


On this episode of Thinking in English, I am going to set you all a challenge! A riddle is a question, statement, or phrase that is almost a puzzle and requires you to think to answer.  Riddles are a great way to …

94. The Fall of Afghanistan: What is happening in Afghanistan - Part 2 (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 18th, 2021

On Sunday 15th August, the Taliban entered the capital city of Afghanistan and effectively took control of the country. Let’s look at what has …

93. Why Do We Need Passports to Travel?: A history of the passport! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 16th, 2021


If you want to travel abroad, you need a passport. But why? Why do we need these little documents to leave our own country? When was the first passport used? When did modern passports develop? What is the future of …

92. What is happening in Afghanistan? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 11th, 2021


Over the past few months, fighting and conflict in Afghanistan has been increasing. As the US leaves, the problems in the country seem to be …

‘Fat Cats,’ ‘Cat Naps,’ and ‘Doggy Bags’: Dog and Cat Idioms!

August 6th, 2021


People have always loved animals, and especially cats and dogs. They are the most popular pets around the world, and have even been worshipped as …

91. What is a refugee? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

August 4th, 2021


Millions of people around the world are forced to flee their homes, abandon their belongings, and search for safety in countries away from their own …

10 Business Abbreviations! (Advanced English Vocabulary)

July 30th, 2021


The world of business is full of strange and often confusing abbreviations and acronyms. To be able to communicate effectively and successfully in an …

90. Should the Weekend be Longer?: The Four Day Working Week (English Vocabulary Lesson)

July 28th, 2021


Have you ever thought about why you work 5 days a week? Or 8 hours a day? Why are weekends only two days long? Research suggests that there could be …

89. What is the most ‘normal’ country in the world? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

July 26th, 2021


Over the last year and a half, the way people live, work, socialise, and much more, has completely changed. While we are beginning to return to normal in some ways, it is also possible that we will never return to the …

More than delicious: Advanced Food Vocabulary (English Vocabulary Lesson)

July 23rd, 2021


Food is something that unifies people across the world. Most people love to eat and to try new tastes and flavours. Food helps us connect with family, to socialise, and to feel happy. So, let’s learn some more advanced …

88. Why are the Tokyo 2020 Olympics so controversial? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

July 21st, 2021


This week is the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. While the Games are usually a time of excitement and joy, this time is different. Covid has changed everything. This episode of Thinking in English will …

87. How to Move Country in the Middle of a Pandemic!

July 19th, 2021


In this episode, I’m going to talk about a big change in my life, explain why I've not uploaded many episodes recently, and discuss the process of moving to a new country during the middle of a pandemic!


The 'Rona', 'Covidiots', and 'Quarantinis': Covid-19 Slang (English Vocabulary Lesson)

June 30th, 2021


Today, I want to introduce some common slang that English speakers are using to talk about Covid-19 and the pandemic!


86. The Best Way to Master English?: Everything You Need to Know About Language Exchanges!

June 16th, 2021


The best way to improve your English is by speaking as regularly as possible. But, for many of you, it might be difficult to find people or …

85. Football English: All the Vocabulary You Need to Watch the UEFA European Football Championship in English! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

June 14th, 2021


Back of the net! What a save! To move the goalposts! To be on the ball! English, and especially British English, is full of football related …

84. Where is the Best Place to Live?: the Most ‘Liveable’ City 2021 (English Vocabulary Lesson)

June 9th, 2021


Where is the best place to live in the world? Which city has the best living conditions? And how can we determine what the “best” really means? Fortunately for us, The Global Liveability Index 2021 was recently released …

83. Why are the World’s Most Powerful Leaders Meeting in the UK?: The G7 Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

June 7th, 2021


This week seven of the most powerful leaders in international politics are meeting in the south of England. The G7 members will discuss the pandemic, …

82. Why is your English not improving?: Tips and advice on how to get better! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

June 2nd, 2021


Why is your English not improving? So many students tell me that they have been studying for years, and practicing in many different ways, but they cannot get better! Why? On this episode of Thinking in English, I will …

81. The End of Coffee!!: How can we save the world’s coffee industry? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 31st, 2021


Coffee is in jeopardy. As the world’s temperatures increase and the climate changes, it is becoming more and more difficult to grow coffee. For …

80. Why did Belarus “Hijack” a Plane? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 26th, 2021


Earlier this week, the Eastern European country Belarus stopped a plane travelling from Greece to Lithuania. While on the ground they took and arrested two of the passengers. This episode of Thinking in English will …

79. What is the strangest language in the world? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 24th, 2021


What is the strangest language in the world? Many linguists believe that all languages share certain universal rules and features. They believe that …

78. What is the Eurovision Song Contest? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 19th, 2021


In this episode of Thinking in English, I want to talk about one of the most popular events in Europe: the Eurovision Song Contest. With nearly 200 …

77. How do you make people have more children? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 17th, 2021


In this episode of Thinking in English, I want to talk about declining populations! In many wealthy countries, fewer children are being born, which …

76. Conversational English vs Business English vs Academic English: What’s the difference? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 12th, 2021


In this episode of thinking in English, I’m going to introduce you to conversational English, business English and academic English! It is incredibly important to understand the differences between each type of English,

75. What is a Covid-19 Variant? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 10th, 2021


In this episode of Thinking in English, I want to talk about Covid variants. What is a variant? Why are there so many variants right now? Are these more dangerous? Do the treatments still work? Let's discuss these …

74. Is Taiwan the Most Dangerous Place in the World? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 5th, 2021


Where is the most dangerous place in the world? According to the Economist, the answer might be Taiwan. This probably comes as a shock for anyone who has been to Taiwan, lived in Taiwan, or is Taiwanese! Is Taiwan …

73. The Weird Language of English Newspapers! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

May 3rd, 2021


In this episode of Thinking in English, I want to introduce you all to the weird language of English newspapers. Newspapers are full of words, …

72. How Much Money is Housework Worth? (English Vocabulary List)

April 28th, 2021


How much money is housework worth? A recent court case in China gave a housewife compensation for doing all of her family's housework, while her husband did not help at all. Millions of hours of unpaid work are done …

71. Is the Internet Making People Stupid? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 26th, 2021


Is the internet making people stupid? Is it making us less intelligent? Certainly the internet is changing the way we think, the way we learn, and the way we read. But is this necessarily a bad thing? In this episode of …

70. Should Museums Return Historical Artefacts? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 21st, 2021


Museums around the world have historical artefacts in their collections with controversial histories. Many of their exhibits were taken or stolen …

69. The European Super League: Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 19th, 2021


Twelve of the biggest European football clubs have announced their intention to form their own competition, known as the Super League. This has become a major news story, and has been criticized by fans, players, …

68. Ramadan 2021: An Introduction to Islam’s Holy Month! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 14th, 2021


On April 12th the Muslim holy month of Ramadan began. Millions of Muslims around the world are now fasting, observing the religious holiday, and …

67. Who was Prince Philip? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 13th, 2021


Last week, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, passed away. His death has dominated news reporting in the UK and abroad. Prince Philip was an influential and well known international …

66. What is Wrong with Israel’s Politics? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 7th, 2021


What is wrong with Israel’s politics? In the last two years, they have had four different elections. Each time no leader has been able to form a …

65. What is the Milk Tea Alliance? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 5th, 2021


In this episode of Thinking in English we will discuss the Milk Tea Alliance. Protestors and pro-democracy activists in South East Asia have begun to connect with each other online using the hashtag Milk Tea Alliance. …

64. Daylight Savings Time!: Why do we change our time in the summer? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

April 1st, 2021


On the final Sunday of March, the UK and many other European countries adjust their time forward by one hour. This is known as Daylight Savings Time, or Summer time, and is designed to give people more hours of sunlight …

63. North Korean Missile Tests: Explained!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

March 29th, 2021


North Korea has recently restarted missile tests, worrying neighbouring countries and international organisations. Why have they decided to do this now? This episode will look at a few different explanations for North …

62. Octopuses vs Octopi vs Octopodes: The Strange World of English Plurals

March 24th, 2021


The plural of bird is birds, the plural of dog is dogs, but what is the plural of octopus? Is it octopuses, octopi, or octopodes? In this episode, we’ll discuss why no one seems to know the answer to this question, and …

61. What is the Happiest Country in the World?: 2021 World Happiness Report (English Vocabulary Lesson)

March 22nd, 2021


Where is the happiest country in the world? How can we measure happiness? Is happiness a good way to compare countries? Has the ongoing pandemic affected people's happiness all over the world? These questions might seem …

60. St Patrick’s Day: Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

March 18th, 2021


In this episode, I want to talk about St Patrick’s day! St Patrick’s day is an incredibly popular celebration of Ireland and Irish culture with …

59. 5 Books Recommendations to Improve Your English!

March 15th, 2021


Reading is an incredibly important skill to learn and improve for all language students. You can build your vocabulary and grammar knowledge, …

58. The Future of Nuclear Power: 10 years after the Great East Japan Earthquake

March 10th, 2021


It has been 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake struck the Asian country, causing a massive and destructive tsunami.  On this episode of Thinking in English, I want to talk about the events of March 11th …

57. Is Democracy Dying?: Freedom House 2021 Report (English Vocabulary Lesson)

March 8th, 2021


Is democracy dying? According to a recently released report, the answer might be ‘yes.’ Freedom House’s democracy rankings for 2020 were released last week, and the findings were shocking! In this episode we’ll talk …

56. The Minimum Wage Debate: Explained! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

March 3rd, 2021


What is the lowest wage a company should be able to pay someone? This is not an easy question to answer. Higher wages might help workers but hurt …

55. British English vs American English: Which is Better??

March 1st, 2021


British English or American English: which one is better? I’ve been asked this question hundreds of times. It can be confusing and frustrating for …

54. How to Have Better Conversations? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 24th, 2021


On today’s episode I want to talk about conversations and how to have better ones! English learners often really want to start having conversations in English, but at the same time can be nervous and anxious. Don’t …

53. Why has Facebook banned news in Australia? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 22nd, 2021


Australian Facebook users realised last week that they could no longer read, access, or share news articles on the social media platform. Facebook, …

52. The Missions to Mars: Why are the USA, China and UAE all heading to the red planet? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 17th, 2021


Missions from China, the UAE, and the USA have all arrived on, or near to, Mars. This is the first time three different countries have sent missions to the planet at the same time. Why? This episode will look at the …

51. What is Clubhouse?: The social media app taking the world by storm! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 15th, 2021


In this episode of Thinking in English I want to talk about Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a social media application that has become incredibly popular …

50. The History of Smallpox: How did we eradicate the disease and what can it teach us? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 10th, 2021


Coronavirus is not the first disease to kill millions of people and impact our lives. Throughout history, smallpox destroyed countless lives and devastated entire communities. It was incredibly infectious and incredibly …

49. Should Bottled Water be Banned? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 8th, 2021


We drink millions of bottles of water every year. However, in some countries, including mine the UK, our tap water is perfectly safe! We don’t really need to buy bottled water! There are environmental, financial, and …

48. Myanmar Military Coup: What is happening and why? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

February 3rd, 2021


On February 1st, the military of Myanmar staged a coup and took control of the country. They arrested elected leaders including the famous Aung San …

47. How to Improve Your Written English (According to the Great Writer George Orwell!)

February 1st, 2021


George Orwell is one of the most famous and talented writers of the last hundred years. Fortunately for us, Orwell left a list of rules for writers …

46. World’s Oldest Cave Paintings Discovered in Indonesia!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 27th, 2021


Archaeologists recently discovered the world’s oldest cave paintings of animals, in an isolated cave in Indonesia. This has challenged the way …

45. Eight More Business English Idioms!!

January 25th, 2021


In this episode, I am going to introduce eight idioms that are commonly used in business situations. One of the major problems language learners face when working in a native English environment is recognising and …

44. Is Binge-Watching Bad for You?

January 20th, 2021


Everyone has binge-watched a TV show. Only a few weeks ago, I watched the Netflix show the Queen's Gambit in only 3 days. However, is binge-watching actually bad for you? In this episode, of thinking in English, we will …

43. Inauguration Day: All the Essential Vocabulary!!

January 18th, 2021


On the 20th January, Joe Biden will officially replace Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America. This process is very …

42. Which Country has the Most Languages? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 13th, 2021


There are thousands of languages in the world. Some are spoken by billions of people, others by less than one hundred! Which country has the most languages? In this episode I’ll answer that question, look at some of the …

41. Donald Trump, Twitter, and Free Speech (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 11th, 2021


As I'm sure you already know, a riot broke out in the capital of the USA recently as Donald Trump supporters invaded the US Congress. In the aftermath, Trump has been removed and banned from numerous social media …

40. What is the Most Expensive City in the World? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 6th, 2021


How expensive is the city you live in? Recently, the Economist Intelligence Unit has released its ranking of the most expensive cities in the world. …

39. BREXIT: All the Essential Vocabulary! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

January 4th, 2021


Brexit. I’m sure you must have heard about Brexit at some point in the last four years, and the UK finally left the EU on January 1st 2020. I often get asked about Brexit by English students and foreign friends, and one …

38. New Year's Resolutions! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 30th, 2020


2020 is almost over! What a strange and unforgettable year it has been! In this episode, we are going to look at New Year’s resolutions. And if you …

37. Money: Essential English Vocabulary!!

December 28th, 2020


On today’s episode, let's talk about money. Whether you love the idea of money, or hate it, money is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of …

36. Christmas Special: Christmas Idioms, Phrases, and Sayings (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 23rd, 2020


Hello and Merry Christmas! This episode is probably being released on Christmas eve, so there is no better time to learn some Christmassy words!! Learn some festive themed idioms, phrases, and sayings to boost your …

35. How to improve your writing skills!

December 21st, 2020


On today’s episode, I'm hoping to give you some tips to improve your writing skills! Writing is one of the key language skills, and often students want to know how they can get better! We’ll look at some of the reasons …

34. Should Zoos Exist?: A Discussion of the Benefits and Controversies Surrounding Zoos (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 16th, 2020


On today’s episode we are going to discuss the controversy and debate surrounding zoos! Are zoos vital organisations because they promote scientific research and public education, and save animals on the verge of …

33. How to ask excellent questions! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 14th, 2020


On today’s episode, we are going to look at how to ask great questions! Asking questions is one of the most important skills in daily life, but most people do not realise we can practice and improve! I’ll look at why …

32. The Oxford Dictionary Words of the Year 2020! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 10th, 2020


Today, i want to introduce you to some of the Oxford English Dictionary’s 2020 words of the year. For the first time ever, the Oxford Dictionary was unable to choose one single standout word from the previous 12 months. …

31. The Downfall of Quibi: The Story of an Expensive Failure! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 9th, 2020


Today we will discuss the failure of Quibi! I guess many of you are asking, “what is Quibi?” You’re probably not alone. Quibi was supposed to be the …

30. Germany Removes Nazi Words from the German Phonetic Alphabet: How much do you know about the history of your vocabulary?? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 6th, 2020


How much do you know about the history of your languages? Where do the words come from, and why do we use them? Today’s episode will look at the recent news Germany is removing some words of Nazi origins from its …

29. China Lands on the Moon: Are we on the Verge of a New Space Race? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 3rd, 2020


On today’s episode we are going to discuss the news that China has landed another probe on the surface of the moon. The Chinese mission intends to …

28. Is Tesla really worth $500 million? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

December 1st, 2020


On today’s episode we are going to discuss the news that Tesla is now worth over $500 billion! This is considerably more than any other car manufacturer! Is Tesla really worth $500 billion? Why has the company's value …

27. Incredibly Useful English Idioms| Ideal for Business English, IELTS, Study Abroad, and more! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 29th, 2020


‘Ahead of the pack,’ ‘smooth sailing,’ ‘corner the market.’ English is full of idioms like these three I just mentioned. In order to be able to work, …

26. Should University be Free? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 26th, 2020


On today’s episode, we are going to look at the idea of free education. Should university be free? This question has been debated for many years. The …

25. Who am I?? My self introduction and why I started Thinking in English! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 24th, 2020


To celebrate the 25th episode of Thinking in English, today I've made a slightly different episode! I decided it's time to introduce myself to all of the listeners, let you know my background, and talk about why I …

24. Virgin Hyperloop and The Future of Transportation! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 22nd, 2020


On today’s episode I want to look at the future of transport! Virgin Hyperloop trialled their new technology earlier this month, raising a number of …

23. UK Bans New Fossil Fuel Vehicles… by 2030 (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 19th, 2020


On today’s episode we will look at the recent announcement that the UK will ban all new fossil fuel powered vehicles by 2030! As part of the UK’s …

22. The World's Largest Trade Deal!! What is RCEP? And What is Free Trade? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 18th, 2020


On today’s episode we’ll look at the recently signed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, which brings together 15 Asian and Oceanic countries into the largest free trade agreement in the world. We’ll discuss …

21. Phrasal Verbs Perfect for Formal Situations!! | Ideal for IELTS, TOEFL, Business, University and much more! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 15th, 2020


On today’s episode I want to introduce a few phrasal verbs that are suitable for formal English! Phrasal verbs can be confusing; are they formal or …

20. What is Universal Basic Income? A Good Idea? Or An Expensive Waste of Money? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 12th, 2020


On today’s episode I want to discuss the idea of Universal Basic Income. This is a highly debated and controversial topic, with strong arguments on …

19. Eight Useful Business English Idioms! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 11th, 2020


On today’s episode I want to introduce you to eight incredibly useful business English idioms! These idioms will make you sound like a native speaker …

18. What is Democracy? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 8th, 2020


On today’s episode, we will look at democracy. What is democracy? What does democracy look like? Is democracy the best type of government?

17. Bonfire Night: A Unique British Festival With An Explosive History! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 6th, 2020


On today’s episode, I want to introduce you to a traditional British festival and celebration that you probably haven't heard of before! Bonfire Night, held on November 5th every year, is a day when we set off …

16. Should we have the right to die? (English Vocabulary Lesson

November 4th, 2020


On today’s episode, we will discuss the question should euthanasia or assisted suicide be legal? With New Zealand recently voting in support of an …

15. Election Day Vocabulary!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

November 1st, 2020


On today’s episode, the final episode in this series on US election vocabulary, we will look at the Election Day. Who can vote? Where do they vote? …

14. What is Halloween? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 30th, 2020


On today’s episode, we will look at the spookiest holiday in the western world. What are the origins of Halloween? Why do we dress up in costumes, …

13. Local Citizenship!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 27th, 2020



On today’s episode, we will discuss the idea of Local citizenship! When national governments can’t, or don’t want to, deal with …

10. Giant cat unearthed in the Peruvian desert!! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 20th, 2020



On today’s episode, we will look at the new discovery of a giant cat carved into the hills of Peru. …

7. What is in Subway's bread? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 13th, 2020



On today’s episode, we will discuss the recent news that a court in Ireland has decided Subway’s bread is not …

6. Vocabulary for the US Presidential Election! (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 11th, 2020


On today’s episode we will begin a series of episodes, which will run probably for the next three weeks, and will focus on the key vocabulary you …

5. What does it mean to be a citizen? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 9th, 2020



On today’s episode, we will discuss citizenship. What does it mean to be a citizen, how …

4. Who was the fastest person ever? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 6th, 2020



 On today’s episode, we will discuss the fastest people in human …

3. Life on Venus? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 4th, 2020



On today’s episode, we will discuss the recent discovery of signs of life on the Planet Venus, talk about why it is surprising, and think …

2. What is the future of the Presidential Debate? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

October 2nd, 2020



 On today’s episode, we will discuss the recent US presidential debate, and think about the potential alternatives for the future. 

Please …

1. English as part of a healthy lifestyle? (English Vocabulary Lesson)

September 30th, 2020



On today’s episode of Thinking in English we will discuss some of the lesser known benefits of learning a foreign language. 

Please …

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