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In each episode Mark Leruste has candid conversations about what it really takes to turn your message into a movement featuring inspiring guests such as Chris Guillebeau, Noah Kagan, Sarah Knight, JP Sears, Daniel Priestley or the founders of The Minimalists. Listeners often say that each episode fe… read more

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#129 Improving female sexual pleasure with Billie Quinlan

September 15th, 2019


When you find yourself calling your workplace to report a fake bike accident, so you don’t have to walk through the door to face the person who …

#128 Why we are innately wild, connected and empowered with Tony Riddle

September 5th, 2019


"We can’t all live in nature but that doesn’t mean we can’t all live naturally." - Tony RIddle

On this week’s episode of The Unconventionalists podcast I sit down with my friend and brother from another mover, Tony …

#127 How to come home to who you truly are with Danielle LaPorte

August 28th, 2019


In this week's episode of The Unconventionalists, Mark Leruste sits down with Danielle LaPorte, an invited member of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 who is the …

#126 Why changing how you breathe will change your life with Artur Paulins

August 21st, 2019


In this week's episode of The Unconventionalists podcast I sit down with Artur Paulins who became one of the first certified Wim Hof instructors, has …

#125 How to live out loud (even as an introvert) with Rona Steinberg

August 14th, 2019


In this week's episode of The Unconventionalists podcast I sit down with Rona Steinberg, author of the new book "Live Out Loud: A Masterclass in …

#124 Confessions of a celebrity hypnotist with Aaron Calvert

August 9th, 2019


In this week's episode of #TheUnconventionalists podcast I sit down with former doctor turned mind reader and hypnotist Aaron Calvert, who traded his stethoscope for the stage. 

 After his grandmother bought him his …

#123 The power of partnerships with Fran Boorman

August 6th, 2019


Today’s guest is Fran Boorman, Co-Founder and CEO of Goal 17, an award winning mission driven business, who believes there isn’t a problem a partnership can’t fix. 

After an unlikely meeting with Keith Mabbutt, an …

Special Announcement!

August 6th, 2019


It's been a while since I jumped in the studio behind the mic and shared with you what's been going on behind the scenes here at The Unconventionalists HQ. So ladies and gentlemen, time for you to put your headphones …

#122 Lessons learned from hosting The Unconventionalists podcast for four years with Mark Leruste

July 13th, 2019


Four years ago to the day the very first episode of The Unconventionalists® podcast went live on iTunes. What started as a passion project on the …

#121 How to live a more meaningful life with Colin Wright

June 6th, 2019


This week's guest is Colin Wright, the original minimalist who ditched his 6-figure salary, sold all his possessions to spend 7 years living out of a …

#120 The upside of quitting with Claudia Colucci

May 31st, 2019


There's nothing worse than getting at the top of a career ladder only to realise you're on the wrong wall. When Claudia Colucci woke up one day and …

#119 How to better lead and serve with Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE

April 18th, 2019


When it comes down to startups, organisations and businesses, it's great to have a set of values and a mission statement, right? 

Especially when you actually believe in them and live by them.

Problem is, the vast …

#118 How to pitch to win with David Beckett

April 14th, 2019


Here's a question for you. If all you had were three minutes to share your idea with the world, would you be confident in your ability to pitch it? …

#117 Why sharing your truth can change the world with Philip McKernan

March 31st, 2019


I'm so excited to share with you this week's episode, as we've done a world first here at Unconventionalists HQ!

That's right, this week we’re going to do a little something different.

You see, although I’m always …

#116 How cooking for Bill Gates sparked a food revolution with Saima Khan

March 21st, 2019


What do Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Obamas, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg and Bradley Cooper have in common?

They've all had the pleasure to sit down and taste Saima Khan's unique middle-eastern inspired food …

#115 How to do your best work with Aaron Dignan

March 13th, 2019


Let's face it, the way we work is broken. Frederick Taylor and his concept of scientific management was invented over 100 years ago on a factory floor for a world that no longer exists.

And yet the vast majority of …

#114 Why being yourself is good for business with George Bettany

March 8th, 2019


What if I told you there was a mental health startup, here in the UK, who after just three years of starting, are on track to generate seven figures …

#113 What stand-up comedians can teach us about speaking our truth

January 29th, 2019


When you think of stand-up comedians, the first thing that comes up to mind probably isn’t “case study for leadership”, is it?

And yet, as weird as …

#112 How to make 2019 your best year yet

January 9th, 2019


Welcome to 2019! That's right people, you know how the saying goes, New Year...New You...or at least that's what marketing headlines would have us …

#111 What men should ask woman every day with Vix Anderton

December 24th, 2018


Vix Anderton is the founder of The Practical Balance, a platform to promote the wellbeing and mental health of founders, freelancers and other …

#110 Why businesses who do good do better with James Routledge

December 19th, 2018


"I wish everybody could get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it's not the answer." Jim Carrey

On the …

#109 Why you need to redefine your goals with Paul Jarvis

December 15th, 2018


“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting." —E.E. Cummings

I …

#108 How to launch a food startup from scratch that people will love with Carli Wheatley

November 27th, 2018


When it comes down to starting a business, most people make up that what you need is to have everything figured out before you even begin.

And I’m not just talking about a clear plan on how you’re going to generate …

#107 How to be a modern dad with Han-Son Lee

November 14th, 2018


Let’s be honest, when it comes down to out-dated preconceived ideas of how useless and hands off dad’s are, it’s time for a much needed update.

I get it though, according to my mum, my dad  changed a whopping three …

#106 The power of growth marketing with David Arnoux

October 31st, 2018


If the words machine learning, blockchain, AI or Bots send you in a panic attack, then you're in for a treat.

That's right, I sat down with David Arnoux, Co-Founder of Growth Tribe, Europe's #1 Growth Academy who …

#105 How to overcome self-doubt (so you can finally put yourself out there!)

October 28th, 2018


Here's the deal. In every story there needs to be a constant tension between the yearning for the Hero to win the day, with also the possibility of the Hero failing in the process.

It's what makes stories interesting. …

#104 What everyone needs to know about relationships with James Sexton

October 16th, 2018


What if you could reverse engineer relationships to a point where you could predict what is most likely to cost you your relationship?

What if I …

#103 How to live a fully expressed life with Bella Zanesco

October 10th, 2018


If you've ever experienced a burnout at work, felt like you didn't belong or knew it was time for you to pack your bags and hit the road, you're going to love today's episode.

That's right, I sat down with Bella …

#102 Startup Confessions #3

October 5th, 2018


This episode has been a long time coming.

For the 3rd time since launching The Unconventionalists back in 2015, I sit down with nothing but a microphone and a willingness to open up and share with you what's been going …

#101 The gift of grief with Pascale Recher

August 29th, 2018


What if I told you your story mattered and the world needed to hear it? Would you think I'm crazy? Or would you swing for the fences?

If you've …

#100 The future of work & health w/ David Baker & Thomas Olivier (LIVE)

July 17th, 2018


WE MADE HISTORY PEOPLE! That's right! On the 12th June 2018 we made history by recording the 100th episode of The Unconventionalists podcast in front of a live audience at The Studio, in the heart of White City Place, …

#99 How to supercharge your health and optimise your lifestyle with Dr Rupy Aujla

June 11th, 2018


We all get it, right? Eat your vegetables, get a sweat on, drop the soda and stay away from the freakin’ donuts. Simple right? Then why the hell does it feel so hard to do those things? And more importantly, why are we …

#98 Why you need to move your body with Roger Frampton

June 8th, 2018


Today’s powerful conversation is with international male model, fitness expert, best-selling author and social media influencer, Roger Frampton who’s …

#97 How to achieve anything with 2x World Record breaker Kiko Matthews

June 6th, 2018


Have you ever had a bad day or maybe found yourself feeling a little down? And thought about what you could do to feel a little better?

Chances are, …

#96 How to start and grow a business with Daniel Priestley

June 3rd, 2018


Here's a crazy stat, according to Visa Europe one in three people dream of starting their own business but only one in ten actually take the leap.

So if you've been thinking of starting your own business or you're keen …

#95 How to fight for your life with Jonny Benjamin

May 30th, 2018


In January 2008, 20-year-old Jonny Benjamin stood on a bridge in central London ready to take his own life. A passing stranger stopped and talked to …

#94 Special announcement

May 28th, 2018


In today's episode I share with you some big news regarding future guests on the show (I can't wait!) as well as let you in on some of the exciting live events we've been cooking up for you.


#93 Find Your Quest, Live Your Purpose

April 30th, 2018


In today's episode I share with you my favourite daily habits to help you cut out the noise, find your purpose and unleash your quest.

Let me know what you thought of today's episode over on Instagram (@markleruste).

#92 How to land (and nail) a TEDx talk

April 21st, 2018


Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the past decade, chances are you've seen at least one TED or TEDx talk.

And if like me, you've been inspired and moved by them, then you might have a dream one day to land a TEDx …

#91 Be Here Now

February 22nd, 2018


Here's a scary fact. The average millennial will check their phones 153 times a day. And yet studies have found a correlation between the time we spend on our screens with the increase chances of us suffering from …

#90 Don't Give Up

January 8th, 2018


Who ever said chasing your dreams was easy, was probably drunk. I mean, don't get me wrong, as much as the Universe is there to help you achieve what you want, it's also going to make sure you REALLY want it by throwing …

#89 How To Fight Your Fears With Daniel Terry

November 18th, 2017


Fear is one of the main reasons why so many people feel stuck in the starting blocks. But what if fear was a healthy thing? And you could actually …

#88 How to write emails that can't be ignored with Jon Buchan

October 17th, 2017


When Jon Buchan's leads for his digital marketing agency dried up, he did what anyone would do: He got drunk and wrote the most absurd email ever and …

#87 A very special announcement

October 13th, 2017


In today's episode I share with you the biggest announcement I've made to date. In short, what I'm about to share with you not only took my breath away, it also brought me to tears. Can you guess what it was?

Get on …

#86 How to cope with the journey of starting a business

September 23rd, 2017


Ever got caught up in business-window-shopping mode, browsing the glossy websites and carefully curated social media streams of your peers and …

#85 How to grow your business with Noah Kagan

September 2nd, 2017


According to Bloomberg, 8 out 10 entrepreneurs who start a business fail within the first 18 months. Which sounds pretty scary right? So what's the secret recipe to starting and growing a business and surviving your …

#84 What's your definition of impact?

August 15th, 2017


In this  live talk from Google Campus x General Assembly, Mark Leruste, founder & host of The Unconventionalists and creator of The Impact Accelerator, explores the importance of asking yourself, "What does having …

#83 From cursed to blessed with Johnny BANG Reilly

August 13th, 2017


When it comes down to reinventing yourself and overcoming adversity, few men come close to today's guest, Johnny B.A.N.G. Reilly. But after a rough start to life and spending years abusing his mind and body, Johnny …

#82 How to keep going with James Eder

August 6th, 2017


In 2005, two weeks before graduating, James Eder launched Student Beans a discounts and deals website for students, making him one of Britain's youngest entrepreneurs at age 22. His brother Michael joined him and …

#81 How to have a portfolio career with Robin Boot

July 25th, 2017


Robin Boot is a pluri-passionate individual who's pretty much done it all. He started his career as a professional athlete, playing rugby at an elite level but after suffering a career-ending injury, had to find a new …

#80 Why we need to talk about the state of fitness with Leanne Spencer

July 19th, 2017


Leanne Spencer is a fitness entrepreneur, Amazon best selling author and TEDx speaker who's incredible journey is a reminder to us all that it's never too late to change your life around. After an excessive career in …

#79 OMG we're two today! (SPECIAL BIRTHDAY EDITION)

July 13th, 2017


Here's a special episode celebrating the last 730 days of podcasting pretty much every single week... In this episode I share with you the ups, the downs, and what I've learned along the way speaking to some of the most …

#78 How to become an elite public speaker with Alex Merry

July 5th, 2017


Apparently, a quarter of us are more concerned about the idea of speaking in front of an audience than dying… That's a little extreme if you ask me, but the truth is, so many people ARE terrified of the idea of speaking …

#77 Why your definition of success matters

June 27th, 2017


What does being successful mean to you? Is it having millions in the bank? Is it living in an epic mansion? Is it being at the top of a …

#76 How to speak your truth with the founders of Somebody Inside

June 20th, 2017


Imagine being in charge of a team of 10,000 people and working for one of the world's largest media & telecommunication companies. And one day you wake up and realise there's more to life than working for a huge …

#75 How to turn your pain into your purpose with Dan Keeley

June 18th, 2017


Back in the summer of 2010, Dan Keeley suffered a full blown manic episode in Italy that made him believe he was ‘the chosen one’. Soon after, he was …

#74 How baking can change the world with GBBO contestant Tom Gilliford

June 6th, 2017


Unless you've lived in a cave for the past few years, you're probably familiar with Britain's most popular TV baking show, the Great British Bake …

#73 How to be happy at work with Samantha Clarke

June 1st, 2017


According to Forbes magazine, work is more often a source of frustration than one of fulfillment for nearly 90% of the world’s workers. That sounds …

#72 How to overcome adversity with Seb Broster

May 31st, 2017


In 2013 Seb Broster was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. As a result of a combination of chemotherapy and steroids, he suddenly ballooned …

#71 How to re-invent yourself with Ravinol Chambers

May 28th, 2017


It can feel a little daunting to imagine yourself stuck in the same job for the rest of your life. Especially if it's all you've done. One of the questions I get asked a lot is, "is it too late to change?". And the …

#70 Why startups fail with Denis Duvauchelle

May 23rd, 2017


Over the last decade, Denis Duvauchelle has launched more businesses than anyone I know. Including Twoodo, the productivity app for teams that was …

#69 What it really takes to become a TEDx Speaker

May 10th, 2017


What's one of your crazy dreams? Mine was to give a TEDx talk. And three weeks ago, that dream came true. But it wasn't an easy ride. I can still remember saying my big crazy dream out loud for the first time. It was …

#68 How work can be a force for good with David Baker

April 29th, 2017


David Baker returns on The Unconventionalists podcast for a second time to share with us how work can be used as a force for good. A true fan favourite, David's previous episode (#57), "What you need to know about the …

#67 How to live life your way with Nerea Carryon

April 19th, 2017


Nerea Carryon is the founder and CEO of The Happy World Company and in today's episode Nerea shares her amazing story of how she went from being …

#66 How to start a side hustle with Chris Guillebeau

April 4th, 2017


Wouldn't it be nice if you could supplement your monthly income with a side hustle? Problem is, how do you start? And how do you decide what it …

#65 Startup Confessions #2

March 29th, 2017


Do you ever feel like a loser? Like you're the only one struggling and everyone else seems to have all their sh*t together? I sure know I do sometimes. In today's episode I share with you why I believe it's time for us …

#64 How to overcome emotional eating with Fadela Hilali

March 22nd, 2017


Today's guest believes that "when we feel good, we do good." And she's got a point! I certainly know what it feels like to grab comfort food when I feel like crap. And then feel even worse off for it... It's a vicious …

#63 How to be more spiritual than your friends with JP Sears

March 8th, 2017


Today's guest is the one and only JP Sears! The man behind the fictional-but-hilarious character Ultra Spiritual, who encourages healing and growth through his humorous and entertainingly informative videos (100millions …

#62 How to be more vulnerable online with Jens Lennartsson

March 3rd, 2017


If you're tired of seeing everyone's life filtered on social media and you've had enough of being sold 6-step processes to achieving your dreams, …

#61 Why you won't pursue your passion with Larry Smith

February 21st, 2017


What do these statements all have in common? “Well great careers are really and truly for most people a matter of luck.” “People who pursue their …

#60 How to become the highest paid Life Coach with Michael Serwa

February 16th, 2017


I get it, building a coaching business is hard work. Sooner or later you realise that it’s going to take a lot more than just passion to be …

#59 Why you are capable of greatness with Ben Smith

February 8th, 2017


On the 1st September 2015, Ben Smith began one of the most challenging experiences of his life: to run 401 marathons in 401 days all around the UK. Not only did he manage to run the equivalent distance between London …

#58: Startup Confessions #1

February 5th, 2017


It's time to crack open the curtains to give you a full access pass to behind the scenes of what it's really like to build The Unconventionalists. …

#57 What you need to know about the future of work with David Baker

January 30th, 2017


Should our work even bring us meaning? Are we asking too much from our employers? What impact will Artificial Intelligence have on our jobs? If these …

#56 How to become depression-proof with Lauren Roerick

January 20th, 2017


Behind the glamorous social media posts hides an uncomfortable truth that many of us experience but are afraid to speak out loud: depression. In fact, according to a University of California study, 1 in 3 entrepreneur’s …

#55 The Origin Story (Episode 1)

January 15th, 2017


Let's rewind the clock back to January 26th, 2004, when everything began... Today's episode kicks off a special mini series covering the origin story of The Unconventionalists podcast. We begin by diving deep into the …

#54 Listen to this before making your 2017 resolutions

January 3rd, 2017


"New year, new you." The problem with that sentence is that we've heard it a thousand times before and we've all said it every year for the past …

#53 How to make 2017 your best year yet

December 29th, 2016


From boxing legends to intergalactic princesses, 2016 basically wiped out half our favourite icons. With the after taste of Brexit and Trump still itching our throats, it's hard to look back at 2016 with a smile. Yet …

#52 How to become a productivity ninja with Graham Allcott

December 20th, 2016


If "drink less, eat healthier and move more" are topping your New Year's Resolution, may I suggest adding "become a productivity Ninja?" Today's …

#51 How to master body language with Gina Barnett

December 13th, 2016


Gina Barnett is the speaker coach for the MainStage TED Conference and is the author of "Play The Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success." If you've ever wondered why some speakers …

#50 How to change the world with Milly Toovey

December 8th, 2016


For far too long, social media has perpetuated unrealistic, narcissistic, and negative content. But things are about to change. Meet Milly Toovey, CEO and co-founder of Boomcast, the world's first social media platform …

#49 How to use the power of performance with Cathy Salit

December 2nd, 2016


Cathy Salit is a performer and co-founder of Performance of a Lifetime, who at 13 years old, dropped out of eighth grade and started an alternative …

#48 A champion's take on masculinity with Greg Wootton

November 25th, 2016


Greg "The Prodigy" Wootton, is the UK number one ranked super lightweight Muay Thai fighter, WMC MAD World Champion and has won 31 of his 35 fights. While training to become a champion, Greg received a first-class …

#47 How to launch a startup with Jonny Miller

November 15th, 2016


Unless you've been hiding in a cave for the past few years, the world has gone Startup crazy. In fact, successful entrepreneurs are idealised like …

#46 It's going to be OK, America

November 9th, 2016


If today feels like a bit of a nightmare and you're finding yourself to be nursing a heavy political hangover, you're in good company. You see, I …

#45 Why Your Story Matters With Philip McKernan

November 7th, 2016


Philip McKernan has worked with the Canadian Olympic Team, The Pentagon, wrote four books and has shared the stage with the likes of the Dalai Lama and Richard Branson. But things haven't always been that rosy for …

#44 How to stand up for what you believe in with Tomas Svitorka

October 31st, 2016


Tomas Svitorka is a London-based Life Coach who believes that most people aren’t clear about who they really are and what they actually stand for, and who also believes that most of us care way too much about what other …

#43 The Power of Storytelling (Live Talk)

October 27th, 2016


Storytelling is still to this day one of the most powerful tools you can learn to master. Be it to convey an idea, product or service it's the …

#42 The power of authenticity with Olivier Larvor

October 21st, 2016


What if your realised that you had been lying to yourself your entire life? That the problem wasn't the job, your family or where you lived, but rather how you related to yourself and how you treated others? Well, it …

#41 Why most diets fail with Bridget Hunt

October 10th, 2016


Bridget Hunt is a former dancer turned nutritionist, author of the Six Pack Chick, and Director of an ice cream and chocolate company. She loves …

#40 How to live more naturally with Tony Riddle

October 4th, 2016


What if I told you, you could feel better today than you did ten years ago? Would you believe me? Turns out today's guest is turning 41 this year and …

#39 Why passion projects matter with Anton Chernikov

September 27th, 2016


Anton Chernikov is the founder of The Exponentials, who recently had a near-death experience, and is one of the most interesting minds I've come …

#38 How to follow your calling with Corrina Gordon-Barnes

September 20th, 2016


Imagine you had a successful business, doing good, and doing well. You've built a big online and offline community of people who love and support …

#37 How to embrace the unknown

September 6th, 2016


Four months ago I quit my job to focus 100% of my time on developing The Unconventionalists as a business. I had a 25year mortgage hanging over my …

#36 How to live life as an adventure with Rina Atienza

September 4th, 2016


It's happened to all of us. We have this big crazy idea, be it start a business, change career or, move to another country, say 10,000kms away... But before you know it, everyone is telling you it's a stupid idea, that …

#35 How to turn your pain into your purpose with Edward Pike

August 30th, 2016


A few months into his graduate programme to become a hotel manager, Edward Pike decided to quit and instead, get his Personal Training certificate. But something life changing happened to Edward three days before moving …

#34 How food can heal with Denisa Rățulea

August 28th, 2016


When it comes down to food, we humans LOVE to eat. Problem is, we tend to love eating the wrong kind of stuff. Right? Yet we all know that food can have a drastic impact on your health, wellbeing and happiness. …

#33 What coaches don't want to hear with Angus Fletcher

August 23rd, 2016


When someone asks you "What do you do?", what do you say? If like me you dread the question like you dread filling out tax returns, you'll want to listen to today's episode with Angus Fletcher who shares with us his …

#32 The truth about overnight success

August 20th, 2016


If like me you're tired of being sold an empty dream of making a six figure income in a record breaking time or you're fed up with the gazillion …

#31: How to know if your business idea is good

August 5th, 2016


What if I told you, you could take your business idea and test it out right now? That you don't need money, time or technical know-how to see if it's …

#30: Why healing is a marathon not a sprint with Szos St. Germain

July 26th, 2016


Sos St.Germain's mum was a devout Tibetan Buddhist and his father was The Beatles’ astrologer. So mindfulness, compassion, and profound awareness …

#29: How to turn your pain into your power with Duda Jadrijevic

July 18th, 2016


Duda Jadrijevic went from being homeless to building a six figure business in just two years. In our exclusive interview we talked about: • Why saying no defines who you are • How to be happy with yourself • How to turn …

#28 How to turn an idea into a charity with Richard Bennett

July 12th, 2016


One day in 2011, Richard Bennett (a former school teacher) decided to drive through Africa to coach rugby. Five years later, Bhubesi Pride Foundation …

#27 How to stop caring what others think of you with Sarah Knight

May 29th, 2016


Imagine what it would be like if you didn't care about what other people thought of you? Imagine if you could simply show up wearing whatever you …

#26 How to stop being the best kept secret

May 26th, 2016


I've been a closet entrepreneur since 2009. Juggling a full time job with a side business is the only thing I've known for the last six years. From …

#25 Why you need to take a break from your business

May 16th, 2016


When you run your own business it can be oh so easy to get stuck in the hamster wheel trap of "doing, doing doing". Without ever stopping for a second and take a step back. So you can really get clear on what you're …

#24 How to live a more meaningful life with The Minimalists

April 25th, 2016


When Joshua Fields Millburn's mum died and his marriage ended, all at the same time, it was time for him to reassess his priorities. It's when he found three boxes of his stuff that his mum had kept underneath her bed, …

#23 How to turn your vision into a plan with Danielle Anderson

April 20th, 2016


Getting to the top of your career ladder only to find out that you're on the wrong freakin' wall totally sucks. I know, because I've been there. And when you finally decide to make the jump and start your own business, …

#22 How to take responsibility for your health with Brett Sanders

April 12th, 2016


Between the gazillion diet fads and all the mix-marketing-messaging about what you should or shouldn't eat, it's easy to give up on taking any sort …

#21 How to build a champion's mindset with Sabina Skala and Alex Montagnani

April 5th, 2016


I caught up with strength & conditioning coach Sabina Skala along with British MMA fighter Alex Montagnani. Whether you're trying to launch a business, become the undisputed champion of the world or get in peak …

#20 How to build your hustle muscle with Sarah Shaw

March 29th, 2016


I caught up with former Hollywood blockbuster movie costume designer turned serial entrepreneur, business consultant and virtual CEO Sarah Shaw. In …

#19 How to run your own retreat with Mark Leruste

March 22nd, 2016


One of the most common questions I get from my peers is how did I manage to launch my first retreat THE UNCONVENTIONAL RETREAT back in 2014/2015 and actually make a profit. As most first timers either fail to sell …

#18 Why running can change the world with Nick Kershaw

March 15th, 2016


I caught up with former financial planner turned Founder of Impact Marathon Series, Nick Kershaw. In our interview we talked about: • How to keep going even when the wheels come off • Why Nick isn’t interested in …

#17 How to lead from the heart with Sam House

March 8th, 2016


I caught up with former family therapist turned executive leadership coach Sam House.

In today’s interview we talked about:

• What’s the fundamental difference between therapy and life coaching
• How to overcome the …

#16 How to live life aggressively with Mike Mahler

March 1st, 2016


I caught up with Mike Mahler, former business development director turned strength trainer, author, podcaster, natural supplement creator and hormone optimization researcher.

In today's interview we talked about:

• What …

#15 How to find your niche with Tad Hargrave

February 23rd, 2016


I caught up with Tad Hargrave, founder of Marketing For Hippies who's become an expert at helping people answer the question: "What is my niche?". In today's interview we talked about: • How to market yourself and feel …

#14 How to fund your passion projects with Leon McCarron

February 16th, 2016


I caught up with Leon McCarron, a Northern Irish adventurer, film-maker and author who specialises in long distance, human-powered expeditions. In our interview we talked about • How to make a living from your laptop • …

#13 How to take action even when you don't feel like it with Mark Leruste

February 9th, 2016


This is a special episode where Mark Leruste shares what he's learned about procrastination and finally taking action, even when you really don't feel like it.

To subscribe to the show click here

#12 How to build a tribe with Danny Bent

December 22nd, 2015


I caught up with Danny Bent, award winning author, Guinness World Record holder, founder of Project Awesome and finalist in BBC's TV series “Special …

#11 How to start a business that works with Rebecca Tracey

December 8th, 2015


I caught up with Rebecca Tracey, founder of The Uncaged Life and self-proclaimed queen of the #nopantsparty who built her online business while spending 8 months living out of a van rock-climbing in North America. In …

#10 How to become a leader with Dori Ben-Chanoch

November 24th, 2015


I caught up with former Paratrooper turned executive coach, Dori Ben-Chanoch. In our interview we talked about the key to finding your purpose, why a job title doesn’t make you a leader, the unexplored art and science …

#9 How to thrive on a plant-based diet with Brendan Brazier

November 10th, 2015


I caught up with Brendan Brazier, former professional Ironman triathlete, two-time Canadian 50km ultramarathon champion, bestselling author of Thrive …

#8 How to dream big with Alastair Humphreys

October 30th, 2015


I caught up with Alastair Humphreys, a National Geographic Adventurer of the year, inspirational speaker, filmmaker and author of 9 books.

His #Microadventure movement has become a global phenomenon, where people around …

#7 How to start a business while juggling a full time job with Zade Al-Salim

September 21st, 2015


I caught up with senior creative account manager turned Crossfit Gym owner, Zade Al-Salim.

In our interview we talked about why training in CrossFit is basically like being a big kid, why car parks are the new startup …

#6 How to be true to yourself with Shea Emry

September 16th, 2015


I caught up with Shea Emry, CFL All-Star Linebacker turned mental health wellbeing activist and founder of The Wellmen Project. In our interview, we talked about why being real, taking risks and telling your story is …

#5 Why having a sense of humour is the key to overcoming adversity with Adam Conlon

August 31st, 2015


I caught up with Adam Conlon, former front line British army officer turned stand up comedian.

In our interview, we explored the links between being at war and running your business, why making the most of the worst …

#4 How to stand up for what you believe in with Tom Brake

August 24th, 2015


I caught up with Tom Brake, Member of Parliament (MP) for Carshalton and Wallington, who following the 2015 general elections in the UK became the …

#3 How to feel alive as a man with Robin Coghlan

August 10th, 2015


I caught up with Robin Coghlan, my partner in masculine crime, to discuss our up coming experiential workshop "The Wildman Project" that will take …

#2 How to get in phenomenal shape with Rob Farrington

July 27th, 2015


I caught up with Rob Farrington, investment banker turned fitness blogger and owner of Live Work Train (, who radically transformed his body in 10 weeks despite working 60hour work weeks.

We …

#1 Why you shouldn't be be too quick to quit with Ed Hewitt

July 13th, 2015


I caught up with environmentalist, entrepreneur and adventurer Ed Hewitt, who in 2013 decided to quit his corporate job to set off on an adventure to travel from Bangkok to Birmingham by foot, along the Silk Road.

This …

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