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EP-27: Euwyn Poon the Co-Founder and President of Spin.


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Euwyn Poon was born in Singapore and moved to Canada as a young lad. His entrepreneurial tendencies and drive were evident at a young age. He entered Cornell University at the age of 15. After graduating with a degree in computer science, he went to Cornell Law School. It was during a sabbatical from Simpson Thacher, a top NYC law firm, he got the entrepreneurial bug and joined Y-Combinator. Euwyn is a great observer of the inefficiencies that surround us and turning them into business opportunities. He started Spin after a trip to China. Less than two years later, he sold it to Ford Motor Company.
This podcast is produced by Bizi Media, they can be found at
Euwyn’s Blogg
Spin’s LinkIn
Y Combinator

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EP-9: Holiday Bonus. Releasing 2 podcasts this week.
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