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The Thought Card is an affordable luxury travel and personal finance podcast empowering financially savvy travelers with the tools and resources to travel the world, earn more money, pay off debt, and build wealth. Join Danielle Desir every other week as she explores creative ways to live life on yo… read more

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Homeowners, Better Manage Your Money With These Bank Accounts

July 7th, 2022


Are you ready to buy a house? I’ve teamed up with Citizens Bank for a two-part homeownership series. In Episode 103, we discussed the pros and cons of the most common types of mortgages and how your mortgage can have …

Buying a House? Here’s 5 Types of Mortgages To Know About

June 23rd, 2022


Are you ready to buy a house? June is National Homeownership Month, and to celebrate, I’ve teamed up with Citizens Bank for a two-part homeownership series where I’ll share parts of my homeownership story, and we’ll …

How To Define Your Travel Style

May 26th, 2022


What is your travel style? Travel isn’t one-size-fits-all, and there isn’t one way to see the world, only what works for you. When I started …

What To Pack For Road Trips: 28+ Items You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

May 12th, 2022

Before the pandemic, travel meant hopping on a plane and filling my passport with stamps. However, that all changed in 2020. Our borders were closed, and we did not feel comfortable traveling by plane, train, or bus …

When You're Doing Too Much: Reduce Income Streams Before Burnout

May 5th, 2022


In Episode 83, I announced I was quitting my full-time job to pursue entrepreneurship. Since then, I have learned some important lessons about …

Best Stock Research Tools and Websites

April 28th, 2022


While some of you may have never purchased a stock before, I’ll admit that I have purchased a stock without doing any research. I now know the importance of doing your research. In this episode, we’re chatting about …

How To Pick Good Companies to Invest In

April 14th, 2022


Do you have the funds to start investing in the stock market, but you’re unsure how to pick good companies to invest in (or even put on your radar)? Well, financially savvy travelers and financially savvy investors, …

Are You a Short-term Investor or Long-term Investor?

March 17th, 2022


Before investing in the stock market, it’s important to determine your investing goals and match them with the appropriate investing style.

In this episode we chat about determing your investment preferences, whether …

How Investing in the Stock Market Can Improve Your Financial Outlook

February 10th, 2022

This episode kicks off a 4-part investing series sponsored by Motley Fool. Throughout this series, we’re going to talk about how investing can …

Pregnancy Announcement + Maternity Leave Checklist For Entrepreneurs

January 27th, 2022


I have big news to share. We are expecting our first child! Over the last few months, so much has been going on. Not only have I been adjusting to life as an expecting mother, but also life as a new entrepreneur (I quit …

6 Travel Hacking Mistakes To Avoid

January 12th, 2022


Since I started travel hacking around 2015, I’ve traveled all across the world either cheaply or for free. However, I have a confession to make. I’ve made my fair share of credit card mistakes. Listen to this episode to …

Ways To Earn Points and Miles Without Traveling

December 16th, 2021


Are you unable to travel right now? Perhaps it's a busy season at work, you are taking care of a loved one, or travel restrictions got you grounded for the foreseeable future. While that's a bummer -- it doesn't mean …

How To Organize Your Finances To Pursue Multiple Financial Goals

December 2nd, 2021


As we head into the new year, I wanted to share a conversation I had with Sasha Huff, a podcast producer and the host of Because I Can, a podcast about life and all of the lessons we learned along the way. I'm usually …

Where To Experience Culture and Art in Tempe, Arizona

November 18th, 2021


Located in the heart of Metropolitan Phoenix, Tempe, Arizona, is a college town with a personality all its own. With 330 days of sunshine each year …

Planning Your First Solo Backpacking Trip and Best Places For Solo Female Travel With Gemma Thompson

November 4th, 2021


Gemma Thompson hosts A Girl's Guide To Travelling Alone, a top travel podcast dedicated to solo female travelers. Growing up in Durham, in the …

[MWB Series Finale] How We're Building Wealth One Year Later in 2021

November 1st, 2021

It's hard to believe that Acquania and I started Millennial Wealth Builders one year ago in 2020.

We started this audio docuseries because we wanted …

Visit Over the Charles Rooftop Bar For Dreamy Views of Boston's Skyline

October 22nd, 2021


During a recent trip to Boston, Massachusetts, I discovered one of Boston's best-kept secrets, a rooftop bar with stunning views of the Boston …

How Dtravel is Innovating the Home-Sharing Economy With Luke Kim

October 21st, 2021


Dtravel is a community-governed home-sharing platform where you can find and book accommodations. Compared to other home-sharing platforms, guests can expect lower fees, and hosts pay zero percent fees. Dtravel accepts …

[MWB Series] How Jannese Torres-Rodriguez Created A Six-Figure Blog

October 15th, 2021


Jannese Torres-Rodriguez is a nationally-acclaimed Latina money educator, writer, business coach, and host of Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast. She became an accidental entrepreneur after a job loss led her to create a Latin …

From Army To Digital Nomad: How Being in the Army Made Vicky Sosa A Better Traveler

October 7th, 2021


Vicky Sosa is a Florida-based blogger traveling around the world with her stuffed monkey Buddy. Stationed in Europe for three years with the Army, Vicky visited many countries including Spain, England, Norway, and …

5 Reasons To Visit Rochester, New York

October 6th, 2021


When most people think of New York state, they think of New York City. While New York City is iconic, I want us to broaden our horizon and consider the many other cities and regions that make up The Empire State. In …

[MWB Series] How To Build A Mobile Home Investing Business With Rachel Hernandez

October 1st, 2021


With over a decade of experience investing in real estate, Rachel Hernandez (a.k.a. Mobile Home Girl) started her wealth building journey finding single-family homes for real estate investors and then started investing …

The History of Remote Work and Digital Nomad Trends with Kristin Wilson

September 23rd, 2021


The remote work revolution is here. Being a digital nomad isn't only about traveling -- it's about having the freedom to live and work on your own …

Digital Nomad Lifestyle Pros and Cons With Tom Blake

September 9th, 2021

Is being a digital nomad legit? What are the pros and cons of this lifestyle? In this episode, Tom Blake shares his story of quitting his corporate job to work as a freelance writer while traveling around the world and …


September 3rd, 2021


Today was last day. It's hard to believe it, but I have officially quit my high-paying corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. YAY!

Learn …

[MWB Series] How To Achieve Financial Freedom With Jamila Souffrant

September 1st, 2021


Jamila Souffrant was on her way to retiring early by age 40 when she realized she was fed up with her long commute and wanted to work for herself. Learn how Jamila became a homeowner at 22 and how she's achieving …

Paying Off $23,000 in 12 Months and Travel Debt-Free With Cinneah El-Amin

August 26th, 2021


Cinneah El-Amin (pronounced: sin-ee-AH el-AH-meen) is the founder of Flynanced, an online personal finance platform that teaches Black women who are blowing money fast early in their careers how to manage their money …

Going To College In Europe Is More Affordable Than U.S. With Jennifer Viemont

August 12th, 2021


Did you know attending college in Europe is more affordable than attending university in the United States? Jennifer Viemont discovered various ways …

Why Consider Private Travel and Guided Group Tours With Sarah Wilson

July 29th, 2021


Sarah Wilson is an enthusiastic travel agent who specializes in private travel and guided group tours. Sarah believes that travel is about experiencing the world and all that it has to offer. She doesn't only want to …

Free Hotel Upgrades and Other Travel Hacking Secrets With Julia Menez

July 15th, 2021


Julia Menez is a travel hacking coach, speaker, and host of Geobreeze Travel Podcast, a travel hacking podcast. After traveling to more than 30 …

How Flight and Hotel Pricing Works With Expedia’s Out Travel The System

July 1st, 2021


Have you ever wondered how flight and hotel pricing works? Or why does flight pricing change so often? In this episode, Expedia’s Director of Revenue Optimization, Amy Cisneroz, shares what you need to know about …

Investing Your Way To Financial Indepedence with Jay From FIers

June 24th, 2021


After creating two venture-backed startups and working in high-tech, Jay wanted a more indie balance to life. He started by automating his finances …

How To Manage Your Money While Traveling Abroad and Domestically

June 17th, 2021


After saving for months, you are finally ready to set sail and go on that well deserved vacation. Hooray! However, if you're not careful, you can end …

Welcome to Cape Cod: Live From Bad Martha Brewery

June 3rd, 2021


Recorded live at Bad Martha Brewery in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, join Kyle and me as we share details about our first time visiting Bad Martha Brewery in Falmouth.

If you're looking for a Cape Cod brewery with friendly …

[MWB Series] Meryanne Loum-Martin: Building The First Black Woman-Owned Boutique Hotel in Marrakech

June 1st, 2021

Born in Cote d'Ivoire (a country in West Africa), to a Senegalese diplomat father, and West Indian lawyer mother, Meryanne Loum-Martin spent her early childhood in Ghana, London, and Moscow, before settling in Paris for …

Announcement: Introducing My Secret Members-Only Podcast - The Thought Card Club

May 30th, 2021


I just launched a secret podcast called The Thought Card Club for those who love the show and want to access extended interviews, audiobooks, workshops, and bonus podcast episodes not shared on the public feed.

As a …

An Intro to Coast FI with Jessica from The Fioneers

May 20th, 2021


Want to retire early but don't want to totally deprive yourself along the way? It's possible to take a balanced approach to a financial independence. Meet Jessica (Mrs. Fioneer), the co-founder of The Fioneers, a …

Creating Lucrative Side Hustles With Daniella Flores

May 6th, 2021


A software engineer by day, Daniella Flores is a serial side hustler, entrepreneur, and the creator of the award-winning side hustle blog where she shares ways to side hustle online without leaving …

[MWB Series] How To Advance In Your Career and Become a Founder with Shivani Berry

May 1st, 2021


Shivani Berry is the CEO and Founder of Ascend, a 6-week leadership development program for women. As a career coach, she helps women feel more confident and become better leaders. In this episode, Shivani shares how to …

How To Become Location Independent With Debbie Arcangeles

April 22nd, 2021


Debbie Arcangeles is the host of The Offbeat Life, a podcast where she interviews travelers who ditched their 9 to 5 to become location independent. Debbie is also the founder of, a podcast …

How To Find Cheap Flights With Thrifty Traveler Premium

April 8th, 2021


Finding cheap flights is one way to travel more for less (and it’s a personal favorite). So how do I find the best airfare deals around?

Introducing Thrifty Traveler Premium a flight deal notification service. Today I’m …

[MWB Series] Surviving a Coup and Improving Your Finances With Sophal Pettit

April 1st, 2021


Sophal Pettit was a young child when the Pol Pot Revolution happened in Cambodia. Sophal and her family are survivors of a time called The Killing …

How I Became A Financially Savvy Traveler

March 25th, 2021


Welcome back financially savvy travelers! It feels good to be back with new episodes every other Thursday for Season 6 of The Thought Card Podcast. 

This episode is pretty special because I realized that although I've …

Author Series Day 7 Finale: Benefits of Hiring an Editor

March 5th, 2021


This is the final episode of the author series - thank you for tuning in and I encourage you to go back and listen to previous episodes.

As promised, I'll be back with new episodes of The Thought Card Podcast starting …

Author Series Day 6: Dealing With Rejection and How To Bounce Back

March 4th, 2021


Rejection comes in so many shapes and sizes for indie authors — maybe you get a bad review, your book sales are low or you are not feeling confident about your work.

In this episode, I share ways I've gotten rejected …

Author Series Day 5: Ideas For Promoting Your Book

March 3rd, 2021


On Day 5 of the Author Series, I share some of my favorite ideas for promoting books. 

Want to be a guest on more podcasts? Check out my masterclass, Nail Your Podcast Guest Pitch Email

Want to write your non-fiction …

Author Series Day 4: How To Find Beta Readers For Non-Fiction Books

March 1st, 2021


On Day 4 of the Author Series, I detail why you should recruit beta readers and how to find potential readers who would be willing to offer feedback …

Author Series Day 3: How To Outline Non-Fiction Books

February 28th, 2021


On Day 3 of the Author Series, I detail how to outline your book and why it's so important. Here's a quick tip, use your outline as a guide but also transform it into your table of contents! 

Want to write your …

Author Series Day 2: How To Set Writing Expectations and Goals

February 27th, 2021


Before you start writing your next book, set writing expectations that will help you cross the finish line. On Day 2 of the Author Series, I detail how to find the right time to write and how to identify your metrics of …

[MWB Series] Investing In Hotels Collectively with Epiq Collective

February 1st, 2021


Less than 2% of hotel owners are People of Color and even fewer are women. Davonne Reaves and Jessica Myers are the youngest Black women to own a …

[MWB Series] How To Negotiate A Raise and Latina Equal Pay With Athena Valentine Lent

January 25th, 2021


Athena Valentine Lent is fighting the good fight to bring financial education to people who look like her. Her family didn’t know much about money, budgeting, or bank accounts. Then when Athena was a freshman in high …

2020 Year End Review + New Episodes April 1st

January 12th, 2021


As we wrap up 2020 and start a new year, I wanted to share some of my favorite highlights including getting married, writing new books, starting new income streams, and more. 

I will be back with new episodes starting …

How Black Travel Alliance Supports Black Travel Content Creators

December 27th, 2020


Although Black travelers spend over $109 Billion on travel annually, we are grossly underrepresented in travel marketing. Black travel content creators are passed up for media and employment opportunities as well as …

Writing and Marketing Books During the Pandemic With Michelle Jackson and Gertrude Nonterah

December 3rd, 2020


How has the pandemic affected self-published authors? In this episode, we chat with Michelle Jackson and Gertrude Nonterah about the challenges they have face writing books during the pandemic. They candidly share how …

[MWB Series] How To Invest In Real Estate With No Money Down With Sadhana Sabharwal

December 1st, 2020


Did you know that investing in real estate can create a new source of income for you and your family? But what if you have no money, can you still get started with real estate?

In this episode, Sadhana Sabharwal shares …

Saving $110,000 In Travel Costs With Points and Miles with Lisette Austin

November 19th, 2020


Lisette Austin a.k.a. Jet Set Lisette is an award-winning travel expert who has saved over $110,000 in travel costs. She's the host of The Globetrotter Lounge, a travel podcast that highlights creative ways women travel …

Excerpts From My New Book Traveling With A Full-Time Job

November 5th, 2020


With the release of every new book, I share an excerpt on the podcast. In this episode, I read excerpts from Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of Traveling …

[MWB Series] Our Wealth Building Stories

November 1st, 2020


Co-hosted by Danielle Desir and Acquania Escarne, Millennial Wealth Builders (MWB) is a 12-part audio docuseries sharing how Women of Color are …

Introducing Millennial Wealth Builders Series: A 12-Part Audio Docuseries

October 30th, 2020


I'm excited to introduce a brand new series on The Thought Card Podcast! 

Millennial Wealth Builders (MWB) Series by Danielle Desir and Acquania Escarne (the host of The Purpose of Money Podcast) is a 12-part audio …

Embracing A Wealthy Mindset with Shazia Imam

October 22nd, 2020


Shazia Imam is a life coach who helps women unlock their deepest desires and power so they feel worthy, see their own gifts, and live their purpose. …

Breaking Into Freelance Writing with Laura Gariepy

October 8th, 2020


Laura Gariepy is the founder of Every Day By The Lake, a written content creation company that serves busy business owners. Through her done-for-you …

Tips For Traveling With A Full-Time Job

September 24th, 2020


Can you travel the world with a 9 to 5 job? While I certainly think it’s possible, don’t take my word for it. To celebrate the release of my third …

How Our Travels Have Changed Since the Pandemic

September 10th, 2020


The way we travel has changed dramatically since the Coronavirus outbreak. In this bonus episode, Kyle and I candidly share how our travels have changed since the pandemic, how we plan to travel in the future, and …

Visiting Vermont During the Pandemic

September 10th, 2020


While Kyle and I have written-off international travel for the rest of the year due to the pandemic, it hasn't stopped us from exploring our local area and planning a domestic getaway.

In August 2020, we spent four days …

Season 4: What You Can Expect and Life Updates

August 27th, 2020


Hi there, financially savvy travelers! I'm back from a seasonal break. I hope you had an enjoyable summer. To kick off Season 4, I'm sharing life updates, what you can expect this season and more. See you back here for …

#PodcastersForJustice: A Strong Stance Against Racism and Police Brutality

June 5th, 2020


With so much happening in the world, it’s easy to feel helpless, especially if you’re not out protesting. However, as podcasters, we have platforms …

Saving $60,000 House Sitting Around the World with Brittnay Sharman

May 28th, 2020


Brittnay Sharman is a professional house sitter from Australia. She is one half of The Travelling House Sitters, a travel blog that shares everything you need to know about house and pet sitting. In this episode, learn …

Leveraging Travel to Become a Content Creator with Christopher Mitchell

May 14th, 2020


Christopher Mitchell is a Canadian travel writer, photographer and podcaster who has traveled to over 80 countries and five continents. He has lived in Norway, South Korea and most recently Turkey for three years. 

In …

How to Manage Your Time As a Content Creator With a Full-Time Job

May 7th, 2020


Do you have a full-time job and a side hustle where you create content online as a blogger, podcaster or YouTuber? After blogging for the last five …

My Top Tips For New Authors

April 30th, 2020


Do you dream of writing a book? In this episode, I share the behind-the-scenes of my book writing process and the important lessons I've learned as a new author. From working with a small publishing house to …

My Reaction To Losing 20% of My Investments Last Quarter

April 27th, 2020


While a lot of people have been freaking out about the market declining, for the most part, I've kept calm, cool, and collective. In this bonus …

Staying Consistent In Your Investment Strategy Despite Stock Market Decline

April 20th, 2020


In this episode, Acquania Escarne and I discuss Vanguard's coronavirus market volatility research report which found that although trading among U.S. …

Announcing My New Book "Affording Travel"

April 16th, 2020


In this episode, I share the behind the scenes of writing my new book "Affording Travel: Saving Strategies For Financially Savvy Travelers". From how to adjust your priorities to the best micro-savings apps to help you …

Tips for Downsizing Your Spending During Times of Uncertainty

April 12th, 2020


If you're like me, during these uncertain times you may be thinking about downsizing your spending. In addition to learning how to reduce your expenses, I'll also share some simple ways you can gradually increase your …

How To Plan an Adult Gap Year With Stephanie Perry

April 2nd, 2020


At the age of 41, Stephanie Perry quit her job as a hospital pharmacy technician to take a one-year trip to travel on her savings. During her adult …

Our China Trip Recap + How To Plan Your Epic Adventure

March 19th, 2020


In this episode, Kyle and I share tips for planning a trip to China. We booked our ten-day China tour for $299 per person. Yes, that's right, only $299 per person! This included round-trip airfare from New York City, …

Live from the Great Wall of China

March 5th, 2020


Back in December, Kyle and I spent an incredible ten days exploring five cities in China. Climbing the Great Wall of China was one of the memorable experiences we had together (there were many). In this episode, we …

[REPLAY] How to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success by Setting Goals

January 2nd, 2020


Be on the lookout for Season 3 of The Thought Card Podcast with brand new episodes starting Thursday, March 5th.

Goals are important because they allow you to create your future today. Although a lot of people set …

Exploring the Racial Wealth Gap with Delina and Erika of Broke-ish

December 19th, 2019


In this episode we’re joined by Delina and Erika, the co-hosts of Broke-ish, a podcast which discusses how systems, laws and policies which …

How to Get Back Into Your Routine After a Trip with Tangia Renee

December 19th, 2019


This is Part III of the Travel and Wellness Series with Tangia Renee, the host of Skin You're In Podcast. Tangia Renee is a women’s empowerment speaker, Certified Personal Trainer and coach. She helps women prioritize …

Side Hustling and Earning Outside of Your Nine to Five with Dielle Charon

November 28th, 2019


Dielle Charon is a Side Hustle Success Coach and the host of Side Hustle with Soul Podcast. In three months she matched her corporate monthly salary …

Planning a Trip with Wellness in Mind with Tangia Renee

November 28th, 2019


This is Part II of the Travel and Wellness Series with Tangia Renee, the host of The Skin You're In Podcast. In this episode, we chat about how to make wellness conscious decisions when planning a trip, how to manage …

Travel and Wellness with Tangia Renee

November 14th, 2019


Taking care of your mind and body is very important when you travel. That is why I invited Tangia Renee, the host of The Skin You're In Podcast on the show. The Skin You're In is a podcast about demystifying all things …

Takeaways from the Money on the Mountain Retreat

November 14th, 2019


Money on the Mountain Retreat is a financial retreat for financially single women. In this episode, I share my takeaways from attending the inaugural …

Travel Blogging Tips from TBEX with Christopher Rudder

October 31st, 2019


In this episode, Christopher Rudder from Rudderless Travel and I talk about our takeaways from TBEX, why we decided to attend, our favorite break out sessions and tips for attending the conference. TBEX is a travel …

A Brief History of Pacifica, California by the Pacifica Historical Society

October 31st, 2019


In this episode hear from the Pacifica Historical Society at the Little Brown Church in Pacifica, California. From mammoth fossils to the site where Europeans first saw the San Francisco Bay to the restoration of the …

Walt Disney World vs. Universal Studios

October 17th, 2019


Should you go to Disney World or Universal?

After visiting both Universal Studios Orlando and Disney World, in this episode, we compare our …

Our Experience at Avatar Flight of Passage at Disney's Animal Kingdom

October 17th, 2019


In this episode we share our experience riding the Avatar Flight of Passage ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom for the first time. From things to bring with you to make the wait more manageable to our first impressions of …

Iceland On A Budget: Ways To Save Money in Iceland

October 3rd, 2019


In this episode, I share an excerpt from my Iceland travel guide Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure. Follow along by reading pages 40 to 43. My …

Building Wealth and Moving Abroad with Damien Peters of Wealth Noir

October 3rd, 2019


Damien Peters is a personal finance nerd and former Facebook Product Manager who started Wealth Noir to help others build wealth and gain financial freedom. He actively invests in stocks and enjoys real estate …

Kicking Off Season 2 with My Summer Recap

October 3rd, 2019


Welcome friends! I'm back with Season 2 of The Thought Card Podcast. For this upcoming season, we have some incredible guests lined up and I'll be detailing my travels as well as my money story. In this episode, I recap …

Affording Luxury Travel with Nadeen White

June 5th, 2019


Travel blogger by day and Physician by night, Nadeen White is an award-winning travel and lifestyle blogger, and Amazon bestselling author. Her affordable luxury travel blog The Sophisticated Life focuses on affordable …

Real Estate Investing and Leaving a Legacy Behind with Acquania Escarne

May 16th, 2019


Acquania Escarne is the founder and CEO of RRD Investments, a real estate investment company focused on leveraging the power of real estate to create generational wealth. In addition to handling the daily demands of …

How to Get Started Travel Hacking with Cody Berman

May 2nd, 2019

In this episode, Cody Berman shares how you can optimize your finances and take advantage of travel hacking to travel inexpensively. He shares simple tips for signing up for your first travel rewards credit card, ways …

Curaçao Travel Tips: How To Plan an Affordable Curaçao Vacation

April 18th, 2019

Curaçao is a Dutch Caribbean island only 40 miles from Venezuela. Known for its colorful capital, voluptuous ChiChi souvenirs, blend of cultures and …

Tips for Exploring Iceland's Golden Circle

April 18th, 2019


It’s no secret that Iceland is one of my favorite travel destinations and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Iceland three times. In this episode, my best friend and I share our thoughts on visiting Iceland for the …

Visiting Cuba Solo After a Break Up with Beatriz Reynoso

April 4th, 2019


In this episode we chat with Beatriz Reynoso about how she went to Cuba solo after a breakup. After breaking up with her partner of six years, …

Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying Abroad With Danielle Grace

April 4th, 2019


If you’re considering enrolling in a studying abroad program, you may be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad are. In …

Saving Money on Coffee & Having Multiple Bank Accounts

March 21st, 2019


In this mini-episode, I share how you can save money on coffee at the airport and why you should have multiple bank accounts.

Tip #1: Instead of …

Passive Income with Denis O'Brien from Chain of Wealth

March 21st, 2019


Denis O’Brien is a Chartered Accountant who is passionate about money and personal finance. Along with his fiancé Katie Welsh, they run Chain of Wealth a personal finance blog and podcast that inspires millennials to …

Ideas for After You've Reached Your Emergency Fund Goal

March 7th, 2019


So you've stashed a significant amount of money away in your emergency fund. Congratulations! But now that you've accomplished your savings goal, you …

Moving Abroad After 30 with Frantzces Lys from Chronicles Abroad

March 7th, 2019


Frantzces Lys is the co-founder of Chronicles Abroad. Chronicles Abroad is a blog and podcast that uses travel to highlight stories of personal growth. From courageous world travelers and creative wanderers to digital …

How to Set Yourself Up for Financial Success by Setting Goals

February 21st, 2019


Goals are important because they allow you to create your future today. Although a lot of people set financial goals every year, most people don't actually end up sticking with them because they get distracted along the …

Freelance Writing with Terri Huggins Hart

February 21st, 2019


Terri Huggins Hart is a freelance writer by day, a Zumba instructor, and enthused pole dancer. Her work can be found in Redbook, The Frisky, Dance …

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Podcast?

February 7th, 2019


Today I’m joined by Shereen “a.k.a. funnybrowngirl” Kassam. Shereen is an internationally touring stand up comedian, radio personality, actress and the host of Creative Breakthrough a podcast where passion and hustle …

Points and Miles and Diversifying Incomes Streams with Brandon Neth

January 24th, 2019


Brandon Neth left the U.S. for the first time in 2008 destined to teach English in Thailand. Him and his wife left with only $3,500 to their name. Twenty-two months later they returned home addicted to travel.

During …

5 Destinations Where Your US Dollar Goes Further Right Now

January 10th, 2019


Did you know that visiting countries with a favorable exchange rate (where the US dollar is strong), is an easy way to stretch your travel budget …

2018 Year End Review: What Worked, What Didn't & Lessons Learned

January 10th, 2019


Happy New Year! I experienced a lot this year. Many great things happened and I learned a lot of important lessons along the way. Throughout 2018 I …

Traveling as a Single Parent with Your Kids with Daniela Gibbs

December 27th, 2018


Although traveling the world as a single parent isn’t something that we hear a lot about, there are single parents out there who are opting to move abroad and live nomadic lifestyles with their children. Daniela Gibbs …

Let's Celebrate - My Roommates Moved Out!

December 20th, 2018


In today's mini episode I share why I rented out two bedrooms in my house and some of the challenging situations that I had to deal with while living …

All Things New Orleans with Fender and Maloney from Traveler Broads

December 13th, 2018


Fender and Maloney are the dynamic duo that make up Traveler Broads. Together they share domestic and international travel tips and help people find creative ways to interact and support local communities through …

How To Effectively Use Your Employer Tuition Reimbursement with Ogechi Igbokwe

December 13th, 2018


Student loans robs you of peace of mind and the ability to pursue other financial goals like buy a house, travel, get married or start a family. In this episode, Ogechi Igbokwe shares how she paid off $26,000 of student …

Do You Check Your Paychecks? 5 Things I Learned From Not Checking Mines

December 6th, 2018


In today's mini episode, we talk about the important lessons that I learned from not checking my pay stubs. Yet, I bet that I'm not alone in this. Many people don't check their paychecks often enough. But what happens …

Life as an Emigrating Wife Living in the USA with Kylie Neuhaus

November 29th, 2018


Kylie Neuhaus is a British expat living in the USA. She enjoys drone photography and writes about expat life, the USA Green Card process and finding unique adventures in England, Iowa and everywhere in-between. She’s a …

How I Saved $289 With the Delta SkyMiles Companion Certificate

November 15th, 2018


If round-trip tickets from New York City to San Francisco cost $317 per person (at the time of booking), how did I manage to only spend $345 for 2 round-trip tickets? I share this buy one, get one free deal and more in …

Listening to Your Inner Voice and Becoming a Digital Nomad with Christine Hasebrink

November 1st, 2018


Christine Hasebrink is an adventurer, entrepreneur and a passionate safari guide. After studying international business administration in the Netherlands and Hungary, she began her career as a Marketing Manager at one …

San Juan, Puerto Rico Travel Tips (After Hurricane Maria)

November 1st, 2018


Eseosa "Sosa" Eke is a brand stylist and design consultant with a knack for helping real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, and small businesses …

FinCon First Timer Insights with Yasmine Bisumber

October 18th, 2018

I'm still buzzing from all of the excitement from attending FinCon18. There I met Yasmine Bisumber and we connected instantly. Yasmine Bisumber is a Realtor and Lifestyle Strategist with a passion for personal finance. …

Female Solo Travel and Accidental Adventures with Yvette Morrissey

October 4th, 2018

In this episode Yvette Morrissey shares how she quit her job in New Zealand and sold everything she owned to travel the world sold.

In two months …

Trade Stocks Full-Time and Travel with Teri Ijeoma

October 4th, 2018


After getting denied vacation time for the third time and having a friend pass away abruptly, Teri Ijeoma decided that life was too short to not …

Best Time To Buy Flights According to

September 27th, 2018


Ever wondered when is the best time to book flights? In this episode we pull back the curtain and take a look at's 2018 Airfare Study. …

Timeshares and Buying a House at 26 with Tiffany Grant

September 20th, 2018

Tiffany Grant is a self proclaimed money nerd and after years of giving impromptu advice to family and friends, she started a blog Money Talk with T where she covers a wide variety of money topics from saving for …

Teaching English In China and Living Abroad with Richelle Gamlam

September 20th, 2018


Richelle Gamlam is a serial expat, travel blogger and spicy food lover who has spent the last five years living in China and traveling around Asia.

For more stories and misadventures, be sure to check out her blog

Why You Need A Travel Fund Right Now

August 17th, 2018


In this episode we’ll cover:

  • What is a travel fund?
  • Why is a travel fund important?
  • How to start a travel fund?
  • Where to stash your travel savings?

Introducing "The Thought Card" Podcast by Danielle Desir

August 17th, 2018


Welcome to The Thought Card!

The Thought Card is a travel and money podcast for people who want to spend their hard earned money on the things and experiences they value. 

Want to pay off debt and earn more? How about …

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