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Set Your Environment For Success With Raj Daniels – 129

July 2nd, 2018


Today we talk with Raj Daniels. Raj is a subject matter expert in mindset, self awareness, and goal setting. He helps entrepreneurs navigate the business landscape.

Blog post One Size Fits One –

Your Identity – 128

June 18th, 2018


Identity as discussed in How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge: Leveraging Influence When You Lack Authority by Clay Scroggins
I’m not religious but I read a book about leadership written by the lead pastor of North …

When by Daniel Pink – 127

May 3rd, 2018


When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing by Daniel H. Pink

* Opening story
The year was 1915, Captain William Thomas Turner, a seasoned 58 year …

Jason Treu on Team Building and Great Leaders – 126

April 24th, 2018

Today’s guest Jason Treu talks about: 1) Team building 2) Growing your self-awareness through understanding your historical patterns and aligning them with your current challenges. 1) How to Build a High Performing …

Patrick Kenger, Founder Of PIVOT – 125

April 8th, 2018


Do you pay attention to how you look? You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

-How to find and develop your own style and personal brand. -Why it’s important to have a “sense of occasion” in the world …

Facebook Shenanigans – 124

March 22nd, 2018


In the light of recent events I felt compelled to discuss the subject of Facebook. I don’t meant to single out Facebook specifically. However this is …

Should You Trust Your Gut ? – 123

March 14th, 2018


Should you trust your gut? The short answer is yes and no. It depends.

Google search “trust your gut” vs. “don’t trust your gut”

A gut reaction is …

The Power Of Broke by Daymond John – 122

March 6th, 2018


The Power of Broke: How Empty Pockets, a Tight Budget, and a Hunger for Success Can Become Your Greatest Competitive Advantage by Daymond John and Daniel Paisner

When I started reading this book I didn’t know Daymond …

Amazon and Facebook’s Secret Weapon, Bonus: Stock Market Madness – 121

February 8th, 2018


In the news:

The Stock markets tank.

Amazon is using masterful methods in habit and momentum to keep you coming back.

Coming soon, book reviews: Win …

What’s To Come In 2018 – 120

January 23rd, 2018


Many people attempt new years resolutions. The vast majority of these fail in just a few weeks. For behavior to be permanent it must be sustainable. …

Strategies to avoid vices and guide yourself towards rewarding goals – 119

December 15th, 2017


Examples of negative behavior are: Overeating, excessive TV/gaming/Web surfing/alcohol/smoking.

Use all resources available to help you.

Mini habits …

Barking Up The Wrong Tree by Eric Barker – 118

December 2nd, 2017


Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker, The Surprising Science Behind Why Everything You Know About Success Is (Mostly) Wrong

Recommended book for beginner/intermediate. The first half of the book introduced me to …

Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – 117

November 15th, 2017


Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

1 – Be Proactive

You choose your life
Take responsibility in your life
Circle of Influence and Circle of Concern
proactive vs. reactive
Own it, then you can …

The Happiness of Pursuit – 116

October 24th, 2017

The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose to Your Life by Chris Guillebeau The book is not about happiness or how to become so. It’s about the ambition of the pursuit and the desire to do …

Learn To Predict The Future – 115

October 11th, 2017


I have been obsessed with predicting the behavior of other drivers on the road. Call it a hobby when I am bored driving. It’s actually a lot of fun and I have become fairly good with determining what other drivers will …

You Are A Badass! – 114

September 22nd, 2017


Jen Sincero writes in her book You are a Badass about tips on how to be successful in life.

Comparing this book to Subtle art of Not Giving a F*ck, I …

10 Quick Storm Prep Tips – 113

September 6th, 2017


Last minute pro tips:
1. 5 gallon buckets (available at Lowes and Home Depot for example) are great for use in storing water, food, or used as a latrine. A potty seat is available at camping stores that fit on top of …

Optimize Reading Retention – 112

August 28th, 2017


Skim the material beforehand

If you are familiar with the subject, or have prior knowledge that can be associated with the new knowledge, the new material will be retained more effectively.

immerse yourself in the …

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – 111

August 17th, 2017


The title of the book sounds like the author, Mark Manson, will teach you not to care. In fact the book is all about learning how to care in the right way. The author wants you to care about things that serve you, …

What If There Was No Tomorrow? – 110

July 21st, 2017

Pontifications More apologies for lateness, I’ve been sick lately. Also I’ve been working on my other podcasts: The Confirmation Bias podcast

The Secret To Success – 109

June 21st, 2017


Originally it was thought that the predictor of a person being successful was IQ. Traditional intelligence is a critical factor to being successful, …

The Signal and the Noise – 108

June 2nd, 2017


The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail – But Some Don’t by Nate Silver

Nate silver writes on his blog

Make vs. Buy, or to Outsource or Not – 107

May 18th, 2017


This episode is part of the Systems engineering for non-systems people series.

Make vs. buy is a frequently encountered paradigm. It starts out with a need for a product (or service). A customer has a need and they must …

Hit Makers – 106

May 5th, 2017


Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction by Derek Thompson discusses why and how things become popular. He has thoroughly …

Personal Time is Productive Time – 105

April 25th, 2017


Tips for using personal time to become more productive.
Learning time – when I run I listen to audio books or podcasts.
Also take time out to read.
Meditation time – bike riding or walks are meditation time for me.

Human Limits are Arbitrary – 104

April 3rd, 2017


Human limits are arbitrary.

There are many levels of capability, most people are not aware of. When you think you can’t, you probably can. When I use …

What is your Homeostasis? – 103

March 23rd, 2017


I have seen many people go on a diet. They looked great as a result of their weight loss. They worked hard and achieved their goals through exercise …

Take the Big Leap into your Zone of Genius – 102

March 16th, 2017


Quick note on self development. Don’t call it self help. People who are immature or have a fixed mindset will ridicule you for it. They will get the …

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and Knowing Your Why – 101

March 9th, 2017


Welcome to episode 101. Next week we will return to NLP with more advanced discussions on the subject. But today I want to talk about a recent discovery.

Today we talk about Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. I just finished …

Intro To NLP – 100

March 2nd, 2017


Welcome to the 100th episode of the Super Smart Guy Podcast! Today I am kicking off a mini-series of episodes on the art of NLP. Some may be …

Mini Habits – 99

February 16th, 2017


Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results by Stephen Guise

How to engage in an endeavor, tackle a project – take little steps at first. Grow the …

Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise – 98

February 2nd, 2017


K Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool, Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise.

“The reason that most people don’t possess these extraordinary …

Deep Work vs. Flow vs. Deliberate Practice – 97

January 13th, 2017


The 4 Disciplines of Execution
The Whirlwind (urgent) vs. the Goals (important)
1. Focus on the Wildly Important Goal which is 1 or 2 things. Similar to Gary Keller’s The One Thing. Say no to everything else. JFK NASA …

Why You Should 3F Your Mistakes – 96

December 31st, 2016


Being well versed in a diversity of useful skills is a good thing. Not only can this save you money, it also makes you more resilient as well as …

Deep Work – 95

December 16th, 2016


I am experimenting with a new way of podcasting. Rather than create single topic episodes such as a book review, I will structure it in a way that will make it resemble more like a blog, but in audio format. Whatever I …

The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington – 94

December 9th, 2016


The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran and Michael Lennington

The thesis of this book is to plan your work and work your plan in 12 week rather than 12 month cycles.

The “period of performance” is often a 1 year stretch. If …

You Can Be Right And Still Be Wrong – 93

November 25th, 2016


The Godfather is the king of cognitive dissonance and compartmentalizing.

Cognitive dissonance – the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and …

Switch! By The Heath Brothers – 92

November 4th, 2016


Book discussion: Switch! How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, by Chip and Dan Heath

Overall I highly recommend this book. The points made in the book are backed up by stories and there are several examples …

Many Wolfe Talks Public Speaking – 91

October 20th, 2016


My friend Manny Wolfe was talking to me about his cool new speaking program and I said hey let me record you for a podcast episode. You can talk …

My Adventure With Hurricane Matthew – 90

October 11th, 2016


You don’t think it will happen to you, until it does.

Why do today when you can put it off till tomorrow.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty to dig a well.

If you are not prepared then you are part of the problem. And you …

Nida Kazmi Talks Tony Robbins – 89

September 28th, 2016


I originally planned to record a review of the Tony Robbins movie I Am Not Your Guru. Then I got the idea to have my friend Nida on the show to talk about her experience with the Tony Robbins seminars. We talked for …

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday – 88

September 16th, 2016


Book discussion: Ego Is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, overall highly recommended.

Here I will discuss my ideas about the book, overall impression, and I …

Ross Jeffries – 87

September 7th, 2016

Who Is Ross Jeffries?

Ross Jeffries is the founder, creator and Master Teacher of the worldwide seduction community. Featured as the mentor to Neil Strauss in the best-selling book, “The Game”, RJ has taught, …

Juan Sepulveda, Host of the Gentlemen’s Brotherhood Podcast – 86

August 30th, 2016


Juan Sepulveda has dedicated his life to helping others take steps towards becoming the best version possible of themselves. For over a decade, he …

Manny Wolfe, The Unbreakable Man – 85

August 24th, 2016

I am happy to have Manny Wolfe on the show today to talk about his new book, The Tao of the Unbreakable Man!

The Art Of Charismatic Communication is …

Orion Talmay Part II – 84

August 17th, 2016


This is part 2 of our awesome conversation. We get right into body language, dating, how a man can project his masculine presence in an interaction …

Orion Talmay Talks Real About Coaching – 83

August 10th, 2016


Orion Talmay is a Life Transformation Coach, Fitness Expert and a Professional Speaker. She works with fun, smart, successful women and helps them …

Ellory Wells Talks Exit Strategy – 82

August 3rd, 2016


Ellory Wells is a personal business coach

[] and consultant who helps entrepreneurs start, build and grow …

Dr. Phil Carson on Natural Ways to Feel Better – 81

July 27th, 2016


Phillip Carson, President of Carson Natural Health, LLC is a Pharmacist who thinks outside the box of  traditional medicine. He believes in helping …

What’s Your Obstacle? – 80

July 21st, 2016


Obstacle, obstruction, barrier.  List all of the obstacles in the path of your success. What I’d like to do is start defining listing and talking …

Pokemon and Podcast Movement – 79

July 13th, 2016


I attended Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago last week.

It’s good to network.

Sunday on my bike ride I saw lots of people playing Pokemon Go in the park.

Pokemon Go added over $7 billion in value to Nintendo, stock is up …

Jeff Brown and The Read to Lead Podcast – 78

July 6th, 2016


I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend Jeff Brown. I was inspired to have him tell his story on the show after I read an inspiring post he has in his social media. Jeff worked a day job like many of us, but he …

The Voice of Your Dreams, a book by Aaron Anastasi – 77

June 29th, 2016


I was going to do a review of Aaron’s new book then I thought, wait a sec – let’s get him on the show and do the review with him. We had a great time recording the show and he dropped even more knowledge bombs as we …

What Are You Reading? – 76

June 26th, 2016


How much do you read

 I don’t believe it when someone says they read a book a day  They could skim books and read reviews but even then I doubt they …

Monte Hall vs. The Conjunction Fallacy – 75

June 16th, 2016


The Monte Hall problem is from the TV show Let’s Make a Deal. Monte, the show’s host, offers you 3 doors to choose from. Behind one of them is a new car. Behind the other 2 doors are goats. You pick one door. Monte then …

Eat Move Sleep – 74

June 9th, 2016

Today’s podcast is a book review: Eat Move Sleep, How small Choices Lead to Big Changes. By Tom Rath. In this book Tom has aggregated a large quantity of knowledge into one location. He does not do a deep dive on any …

Some People Will Believe Anything – 73

June 2nd, 2016


I like to engage in social media because it keeps me in touch with a lot of different people from all around the world.

Be careful because social …

Aaron Anastasi – episode 72

May 26th, 2016


Aaron Anastasi is a Southern California native who graduated with a master’s
degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he studied philosophy,

Ryan Ayres – 71

May 18th, 2016


Today’s guest is Ryan Ayres. You can find his web site at:

Ryan Ayres tell us about yourself:

Business comes really easy to me and is something I really enjoy.  By business, I mean understanding …

Superforecasting – 70

May 12th, 2016


Book review: Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction by Philip E.Tetlock and Dan Gardner

I listened to the audiobook while driving …

Causation vs. Correlation – 69

April 27th, 2016


I drove to Alabama. Listened to audio books and podcasts. Make use of this kind of time to self educate. This time I listened to the audio book Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction by Philip E. Tetlock …

Fitness and Nutrition Affects Work Performance – 68

April 20th, 2016


Super Smart Guy news update.

Fitness and nutrition affects work and personal performance.

You don’t need a complicated diet or exercise routine to get healthy and optimize your performance.

Develop some simple but …

Interpretation is Everything – 67

April 12th, 2016

Stand up comedian on Political correctness.   I shared a video of a stand up comedian talking about political correctness. It got lots of “likes”, …

What is luck? Baby don’t hurt me – 66

April 5th, 2016


There are many forces in the world that are out of our control, and that affect the outcome of our endeavors. This will leave some life coaches and …

Success, Skill vs. Luck – 65

March 29th, 2016


Most successful people attribute hard work and determination to their success. But let’s be honest, a certain percentage of luck factors in as well. …

Gratitude vs. Drive – 64

March 24th, 2016

Gratitude vs. drive. I posted a YouTube video on Facebook about regrets. They put a chalkboard in NYC and it said “What is your biggest regret?” There was a common theme, the word “Not” started most sentences. The …

Lots of Little Bad Decisions – 63

March 15th, 2016


It’s possible to make bad decisions and still survive, even thrive, in modernity.

If you live in a modern industrialized nation you can get by ok even when you make bad decisions as long as they are small.

Making big …

Use Mindfulness to Defeat Bad Habits – 62

March 1st, 2016


A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer TED Talk
Be mindful when you execute the behavior of the bad habit. Smoking example.

A facebook …

Roller Coaster Story Episode 1 Revisited – 61

February 23rd, 2016


What is holding you back in life?

We will discuss 2 methods to overcome anxiety and fear.

How riding a roller-coaster can set you free?

Central Florida Podcaster’s Meetup Speech – 60

February 19th, 2016


Why do you want to be a podcaster?

Why did I become A PODCASTER?

Simon Sinek says to know your why.

BTW this works for any given pursuit, we will focus on podcasting.

Podcaster was not my first idea..

I wanted to participate …

Always Be Prepared – 59

February 15th, 2016

Critical components to success: skills, have a plan, gear Situations include: Everyday needs, sudden needs, emergencies, and disasters (natural and man-made) People who travel a lot or go hiking/camping are often more …

Super Smart Guy Update – 58

February 12th, 2016


Along with interviews and co-hosts, we will try some Quick Tips episodes blog style.

Sometimes you get stuck, give yourself a kick.

Best is the enemy …

Adversity Builds Character – 57

February 1st, 2016


This episode my good friend and podcaster Paul Kirch co-hosts with me as we discuss how adversity builds character. We talk about how people who win …

The Older I get, The More New Stuff Sucks – 56

January 25th, 2016


We bond with the contemporary music, movies, pop culture, and other things when we are in our prime – usually teens or early 20’s. As we get older we …

Don’t Paddle Your Canoe On Land – 55

January 12th, 2016


I went to a restaurant over the weekend, An Irish pub that I like and go to often. I ordered mashed potatoes with my entrée, and asked for gravy to go with. When I got the bill I discovered that I was charged 75 cents …

Podcast and Book Recommendations – 54

January 4th, 2016


Favorite podcasts:
TED Radio Hour
The Overwhelmed Brain
The Public Speaker, Quick and Dirty Tips
You Are Not So Smart
Freakonomics Radio
How To Talk To Girls
Legendary Life
Knowledge For Men
Hidden Brain
The Tim Ferriss Show
We …

New Years Resolutions Suck – 53

December 28th, 2015


Call Us Today! (850) 359-1090
Or email at:
Remove the obstacle from your path to your goal. (strategy)
Root cause analysis, ask why each time to dig deeper into the reason why something is what it …

Avoid Being Judgmental – 52

December 21st, 2015


Visiting guest co-host Kevin and I talk about why we need to avoid being judgmental and how this can help you live a better life.


Digital Marketing Expert Harneet Bhalla Gives Modern Marketing Tips – 51

December 14th, 2015



Hello! My name is Harneet Bhalla and I am a digital marketing strategic consultant.

It would be really difficult for me to state a definitive …

Storytelling With Jaime Jay – 50

December 7th, 2015


Jaime is a big hockey fan and he loves incorporating the sport into his business. He specializes in WordPress development and enjoys teaching podcasting and produces two podcast shows. One show is called

Skip The New Years Resolution, Make Change Last – 49

December 3rd, 2015

Last Thursday episode for a while. I want to focus on getting YouTube videos out. Will work on the web site over the holidays.

The focus of the …

Online Business Success with Jill Neuharth – 48

November 30th, 2015


I interview Jill Neuharth on how she became successful with her online business. Jill is the largest online re-seller of Bath & Body Works and …

Gratitude on Thanksgiving – 47

November 26th, 2015


People who practice gratitude have less heart disease.

The Key To Business Through Fitness – 46

November 23rd, 2015


Today Travis and I discuss how to optimize your performance through fitness and habit.

Travis Dillard is a body transformation specialist for entrepreneurs. After a dramatic transformation of his own, Travis spends his …

An Observation of the Paris Attack – 45

November 19th, 2015


The attacks on Paris Friday, November 14, 2015, were terrible tragedies that will be remembered in history. They are eerily reminiscent of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. There are 2 natural …

Manny Wolfe on Story Telling – 44

November 16th, 2015


I had the opportunity to interview Manny Wolfe, and you get to hear him in this episode talk about how impactful storytelling can be in communicating …

Chaos, Learning, and What Tough Mudder Can Teach You – 43

November 12th, 2015


I do not deal well with chaos, I create systems and patterns to avoid the chaos, because chaos causes me anxiety.
It is stressful for the brain to …

Aaron Marino, Men’s Style Guru – 42

November 9th, 2015


I had the opportunity to interview Aaron Marino, celebrity behind the Alpha M brand. Aaron makes videos around men’s style and fitness. Find out more about Aaron and his work at:

IAmAlphaM is …

Are You an Artist? – Episode 41

November 6th, 2015


Are you an artist? I hope this story reaches you because everyone can be whatever they want to be given hard work perseverance  and a little luck.We don’t always get what we want in life. So then what do we do about it? …

James Tew: On Relationships, Standing Out, and Video – Episode 40

November 2nd, 2015

James Tew On Building Relationships and Standing Out in a Crowd Using Video

I first discovered James and his work on Facebook. We connected immediately and clicked as like-minded people both searching for excellence and …


October 29th, 2015


You can find this article on the Good Men Project at:

Jessica Taylor Talks Improv Comedy – Episode 38

October 26th, 2015

I had the delightful opportunity to interview the charming and talented, Jessica Taylor – my long-time improv comedy instructor. I strongly encourage …

Stop Caring What People Think – Episode 37

October 22nd, 2015

Read this article on The Good Men Project (my first published article on their site)


What will other people think? This …

Laurah Lawson Talks About Eating Healthy With Eatology – Episode 36

October 19th, 2015

Laura Lawson is The founder and CEO of Eatology. You can find her web site at:

I am excited to have her on the show because …

Quick Tips Thursday – Episode 35

October 15th, 2015

Automate your daily prep – Automate your life. Systematize repetitive and mundane tasks. Save your will power for the important stuff.

Eliminate electronic (smart phone) notifications except for the most urgent ones. …

Tim Paige – perseverance leads to success – Episode 34

October 12th, 2015

As the Conversion Educator at LeadPages, Tim Paige spends his days helping business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers utilize the billions of data points from LeadPages so they can increase revenue, grow their lists, …

Pursue Your Goals – Episode 33

October 8th, 2015

I struggle sometimes with the show because I want to deliver the best content possible to you.
It’s hard because occasionally I see that others have said the same thing before, so why bother.
It’s very rare that anyone …

Jason Treu – The Steep Ladder of Success – Episode 32

October 5th, 2015

Jason Treu is a business and executive coach and is a guest on this episode of The Super Smart Guy Podcast. Jason believes that what got you here won’t get you there. He will teach you how to take your success and …

Quick Tips Thursday – Episode 31

October 1st, 2015

Quick tips Thursday. I discuss what’s new in the Super Smart Guy. The Updesk came in. I assembled it and put the computer on it. I need to find a way to manage the wires.

Paul Kirch Visits The Super Smart Guy Podcast – Episode 30

September 28th, 2015

Paul Kirch, host of BOSS Academy Radio (, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.  After all, knows what it’s like to be in the …

Past vs. Present Diet and Exercise Comparison – Episode 29

September 24th, 2015

This podcast episode is more of an commentary than instructional. I discuss how our ancestors had a much healthier lifestyle when it came to diet and exercise. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle is at an all-time high. …

Shawn Rafferty Interview – Episode 28

September 21st, 2015

Today we have special guest Shawn Rafferty. Shawn is a personal protection specialist with over 20 years of experience in the security sector. He has …

Super Smart Guys Podcast News – Episode 27

September 17th, 2015

Super Smart Guys Podcast news.
More awesome interviews coming up in the future
The podcast will focus on optimal performance. A general, neutral performance that can apply to health (fitness and nutrition), relationships …

Brain Rules Book Review Part 2 – Episode 26

September 14th, 2015

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School – by John Medina
See all the videos and much more on his web …

The Map Is Not The Territory: NLP Tips – Episode 25

September 10th, 2015

Some helpful ideas from Neural Lingusitic Programming (NLP)

The map is not the territory means that our perception of something (map) is not 100% …

Brain Rules Book Review Part 1 – Episode 24

September 7th, 2015

Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School – by John Medina

Get the book now:

Smarmy Box Wine Lady – Episode 23

September 3rd, 2015

At the grocery store I was accosted by the smarmy box wine lady and I lost my cool. Maintaining your internal locus of control can be a challenge at …

Ivan Raiklin Sharing Economy Entrepreneur Interview – Episode 22

August 31st, 2015

In today’s episode I interview sharing economy entrepreneur and angel investor Ivan Raiklin.

Ivan Raiklin is a voracious learner and executor.  After finishing his law degree he served in the military as an Army Attache …

Theo Goodman Discusses Recent Stock Market Events – Episode 21

August 27th, 2015

Guest speaker Theo Goodman Discusses recent stock market events. The market has been a real roller-coaster lately. Find out why as well as how the …

Jason Treu Interview – Episode 20

August 24th, 2015

Jason Treu is a business and executive coach and is a guest on this episode of The Super Smart Guy Podcast. Jason believes that what got you here won’t get you there. He will teach you how to take your success and …

Emotional State and Internal Locus of Control – Episode 19

August 20th, 2015

Emotional State
* Examples: approaching women at the bar, getting up to speak in public, getting ready to make a big business deal, performing in public
* Some call this getting “pumped up” but this is a fake, temporary …

Beers With Kevin – Numbers Part 2 – Episode 18

August 17th, 2015

In this part 2 of the Numbers episode with my guest and bro Kevin Ledig, we discuss statistics in sports and the stock market. Numbers is the key. Kevin comes to visit the Super Smart Guy in Florida with a surprise …

Get Started Now – Episode 17

August 13th, 2015

At one extreme you can dive in head first. Spend a lot of money, get the wrong stuff. Maybe lose interest in it quickly.
The other extreme is to have analysis paralysis. Research it forever. And become a lurker or …

Beers With Kevin – Numbers Part 1 – Episode 16

August 10th, 2015

In this episode of the podcast I have a guest, my brother Kevin. He came up with this idea and it was a free flow format to the show. The theme is Numbers. We can describe many things in life as numbers. Kevin uses …

Attend a Conference – Episode 15

August 4th, 2015

I went to Podcast Movement 2015 this past weekend in Ft. Worth, TX.
They had experts talking about all aspects of podcasting such as content creation, technically how to produce podcasts, marketing, and monetization …

Trombone Player Wanted – Episode 14

July 24th, 2015

Trombone Player Wanted – Marcus Buckingham’s 6 DVD Series on Strengths
Go to to learn about ordering the video series.

Rookie Dating Mistakes – Lucky Episode 13

July 20th, 2015

Rookie dating mistakes

Don’t use always or never: This always works, this will never work.
Depends on the circumstances.
However there are general …

Good Debt, Bad Debt – Episode 12

July 10th, 2015

While discussing the Greek financial crisis on FaceBook with some friends, I got to thinking about debt and how it can be used and abused. If you read Dave Ramsey, he dislikes almost all debt. But there is good debt and …

Bonus – Editorial with the Esteemed Kevin Ledig – Episode 11

July 8th, 2015

This is a bonus episode where Kevin Ledig and I discuss some points I made in prior podcasts. Kevin is an attorney and big fan of the show. He’s also my brother. He has some ideas, and we discuss them on this show. If …

Growth vs. Fixed Mindset – Episode 10

July 3rd, 2015

Do you have a fixed or growth mindset? Today we discuss the differences between the two and how having a growth mindset will help you succeed in …

Lessons learned through dance and how they can help you – Episode 9

June 29th, 2015

This episode I take you with me on my journey of learning and teaching dance. I share with you the lessons I learned so that you can apply them to your journey. I hope this helps.

Lesson 1 – Life as an experiment, try …

Your Office Chair Is The Devil – Episode 8

June 20th, 2015

In this episode of the podcast we explore how the traditional office environment is bringing harm to you. The office chair is the devil because we sit way too much. It’s not healthy to do that. We need to move around, …

The Indigenous Lifestyle Project and Web Site & Podcast Name Change – Episode 7

June 15th, 2015

We changed the name of the web site to The Super Smart Guy Podcast.

The web site has changed to

We are launching the Indigenous Lifestyle Project. You can find this at the web site or …

Goals, some get them and some don’t – Episode 6

June 11th, 2015

Goals are a metaphor for everything you do in life.
To be a good goal achiever is like being successful with everything in life.
You will see the …

Quick Tip: DIY – Episode 5

June 7th, 2015

Quick Tips are short podcast episodes that will be released once a week in addition to the full length feature episodes which are also released …

How Money can buy you happiness – Episode 4

June 5th, 2015

How Money can buy you happiness – producer vs a consumer – how to live amazing without winning the lottery

This is part one of how to achieve your goals. We dispel the myth that money can’t buy happiness. What gets you …

On the way to a meetup group – Episode 3

May 29th, 2015

This episode I discuss a couple different things: It’s good to meet up with other like minded people. The smart phone is the great equalizer. What is the difference between a strategist and a tactician, and which one …

On the way to a meetup group – Episode 3

May 28th, 2015


RSS Feed:
This episode I discuss a couple different things:
It’s good to meet up with other like minded people.
The smart phone is the great equalizer.
What is the difference between a …

Mid-Life Unscripted – Episode 2

May 28th, 2015


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Welcome to this episode of the Mid-Life Crisis Guy podcast where we go mid-life unscripted. I will discuss various topics based on health, wealth, and relationships. Were …

The Roller-coaster Story – Episode 1

May 28th, 2015


What is holding you back in life?

We will discuss 2 methods to overcome anxiety and fear.

How riding a roller-coaster can set you free?


Introduction – Episode 0

May 28th, 2015


In this podcast I will introduce you to the Mid-Life Crisis Guy

Episode 0 – Introduction
  • Who is the mid life crisis guy?
  • Why am I doing a podcast?
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