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Simply King is the soulfully conscious podcast for humans, simply being humans. Culture Criticism podcast providing timeless and timely takes on the world as it affects us

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A Black Lady Talking Sketch ft. Bria Henderson

September 16th, 2019


This week I have on long time friend and one of my favorite Spelman alumnae Bria Henderson, actress/poet/singer. We both share our appreciation for the historic series "A Black Lady Sketch Show". Bria let's me in on how …

Growth: 4 year Anniversary Episode

September 9th, 2019


This week to the day September 12th, makes Simply King Podcast 4 years old. I speak about lessons learned creatively and personally, celebrate with …

Dreams on Screen ft. Keitravis Squire

September 3rd, 2019


This week I featured Keitravis Squire, ATL based photographer and filmmaker, to join me to speak on his passion for film and television as an artform. We discussed the custody battle over the Spiderman character, the …

400 Years: 1619 Project review

August 26th, 2019


August 2019 we must commemorate the first 20-30 West Africans who were forced into perpetual bondage this month in 1619. Peabody award recipient and …

Revelations Pt. 1 (Interview with Cole Johnson)

August 19th, 2019


This week I present a special episode of Simply King podcast, I was happily asked to join Cole Johnson on his Revelations Podcast. 

Cole sits down to …

Sweet Hustle ft. Rita-Ashley Cunningham

August 5th, 2019


This week I have on good friend and classmate, Rita-Ashley Cunningham, Entrepreneur and Self-taught pastry chef. I really wanted to praise and love on Rita's work ethic what inspired her to slang cupcakes in the first …

Sounds We Play ft. Jenese Brewer

July 30th, 2019


This week I have on my truest of day 1s, playlist curator, and CAU alumna Jenese Brewer. I brought Jenese to have a overall discussion about the state of music as it pertains to consumption and reaction to the musical …

Lukewarm Summer Ft. Taylor Crenshaw

July 18th, 2019


This week I have Taylor Crenshaw returning to speak more on the "Rules we Create" by speaking towards the new mood for the summer coined by the …

Cucumbers & Blue Bell

July 8th, 2019


This week I introduce my new format: 

- Twitter Check In 

- Praise Em' Shoutouts 

-The Topic/Convo 

- Ask King

- Send it On 

The topic should be …

The Blocks of Life

June 10th, 2019


 Been away because of those irritable creative blocks so, in the act of being optimistic why not make a negative a positive and create content on the very topic. I looked to our favorite resource Google to come across a …

Musical Reality ft. Nisan Joseph

May 14th, 2019


This week I have Nisan Joseph, songwriter and musician, to talk to me about the current state of R&B as a genre, he has a wealth of knowledge and perspective on the music business and how natural talent and star …

Per My Last Email ft. Alycia Attaway

May 6th, 2019


This week I asked another CAU alum to join me, my school just produces greatness, Alycia Attaway travel blogger and professional woman. I wanted to …

Homecoming ft. Justin Tuitt

May 1st, 2019


This week i speak with former performer, filmmaker, and CAU Alum Justin Tuitt. Because Mrs. Carter dropped an inspired BTS documentary about her and ensemble’s journey to Coachella performance, I thought I have yet to …

Damn Skinfolks

April 15th, 2019


This week I'm back with a quick evergreen episode. I wanted to set the record straight on how to approach people who share your race but don't share the ideal of the advancement of your specific ethnic group. Biggest …

Separate ?

March 25th, 2019


This week I give my take on the highly debated philosophical question of " Should we Separate the art from the artist ? " My girl inspired this topic …

Keepin My Brother Ft. Juice

March 18th, 2019


This week I have a listener turned guest, Lawrence “Juice” Pierce . A Delaware native, dancer, aspiring actor, upcoming content collaborator/creator, …

Teachers See Color ft. Nate Smyth

March 11th, 2019


This week I sat with a new acquaintance by the name of Nate Smyth. Nate is a teacher in the inner city of Chicago where he usually teaches science to children that look unlike himself. We spoke about his passion for …

When I Get Right ft. Vei

March 4th, 2019


This week I featured a favorite of Simply King, the poetess Vei. We unpacked another worthy topic of recognizing your potential, challenging your beliefs to reach your new levels of self-mastery and understanding that …

What's Reality ??

February 19th, 2019


This week I ask a simple question, How does media distort reality ? Our news comes with more than just facts. With the emergence of phrases like fake …

My Anxiety has a 1st Name...

February 11th, 2019


This week on Simply King, It is a self help episode speaking towards anxiety. I speak about how I became aware of where the root of my anxiety comes from and I express how I'm not the only one afflicted. I also give a …

Black Love:1890 to Now

February 4th, 2019


Episode 101 back off of hiatus. It is the first full week of Black History Month and I wanted to honor those that have paved the way on taking you …

One And Only King ft. Will Banks

December 31st, 2018


Episode 100!!, I was fortunate to have a great conversation with super Creative Will Banks. A proud Memphis native with so many slashes he could be a …

FresHim Up: The Initiative for better Grooming

December 18th, 2018


This week is a special episode, its the end of the year and its time to pickup better habits, specifically men's grooming habits. Many men are leaning into better hygiene habits with the beard craze and the proclamation …

Underground Culture: The Reunion

December 13th, 2018


This week i collaborated with my good friend Jacob Sandoval and B-boy Omar of the Underground Culture Podcast. We reunited to talk about Grammy …

Free Game ft. Keyana Alicia

December 3rd, 2018


This week my guest is Keyana Alicia a Chicago native that is a photographer, media curator, and VP of Etc. Social. Keyana's perspective on dating & relationships is something I believe is worth sharing with my …

Brisbane Fantasy Ft. Loren Burton

November 26th, 2018


Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all. This week I featured a great acquaintance of mine, social media influencer, model, and self-care advocate , Loren Burton. We conversed with a 16 hr. difference in time zone as around …

Black Mind x2 ft. Donte Thrasher

November 19th, 2018


This week I have a Georgia native now a Chicago transplant, Donte Thrasher. He is a young educator teaching at a charter school on the Southside. We …

Being The Best Belle.

November 14th, 2018


This is a special one with a human that I am a big fan of, She goes by Belle. She is a social work professional by day and yoga enthusiast . We spoke on her "Happiness Journey" and how it led to her love for yoga. Belle …


November 5th, 2018


This week I address my thoughts on the election and I present the concept that to be American is to be in constant conflict with your own moral compass, personal philosophy, ideals, and so forth. I give my best …

"White" Men Must Go Ft. Everything Must Go Podcast

November 1st, 2018


In a collaborative episode with The Simply King Podcast, we sit down with Rodney Perry aka King to discuss race. From the idea that white men set the …

Black Esquire & Simply King Podcast : Creative Genius ft. Patrice Perkins

October 17th, 2018


This week I joined forces with Michelle and Shelley of the Black Esquire Podcast to talk about a topic that is very necessary for all creatives who aspire to be legitimate businesspeople. We sat down with founder of …

WeThe People : Millennials Dating

October 4th, 2018


I was asked to join a panel of millennials to speak on dating and relationships by the incomparable Dirrick Butler great video podcast speaking to so many young people affecting the world we live in see link and …

Special Delivery: BlackSpacesWhiteFaces

September 24th, 2018


This week I bring a special delivery about a hot topic that took over Twitter this past weekend. I give my stance the announcement that a white woman will curate an exhibit in the NMAAHC around Hip Hop and its affect on …

Cancelled By The Culture

September 17th, 2018


This week I come back on a topic that has been recurring all year and that’s “ Cancel Culture “ . I unpacked the various stances on the cancellation …

Breakthrough: 3rd year Anniversary

September 12th, 2018


This week I am back from a 3 month long hiatus, to introduce my 3 year anniversary. I talk about why the hiatus was so long and also whats to come of the podcast, highlighting stats, and guest that I have had this year. …

Life And Biz Made Simple ft. Tikoshia Davis

June 18th, 2018


This week I have Tikoshia Davis a holistic business coach who specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable and profitable …

Freestyle Ep: NOLA 25

June 5th, 2018


This week I traveled to New Orleans with some of my closest friends to celebrate my 25th birthday. I decided to include the whole gang: Ty and …

Fuckboys ft. Kaya Nova

May 14th, 2018


This week i have singer-songwriter producer, Kaya Nova, join me to talk about the nuances of the dreaded epidemic of "FuckBoys" . The Spelman alumna gave her candid opinion on my fuckboy past as well broke down her …

Power Of Color ft. J'Zon Azari

May 8th, 2018


This week I was joined by young Georgia born TV writer, J’zon Azari. J’Zon currently writes for series on TNT and USA currently . I wanted to speak to him about his experience and views on diversity within television …

Gen- Y Redux ft. Rudy a.k.a the Perspective Bully

April 24th, 2018


This week I revisit a classic episode I did with repeat guest Stretch Green. This time I bring another NY native, self proclaimed the Perspective …

Bro Be Nice

April 17th, 2018


This week was another live episode I am giving you my take on a few current events that have women up in arms in the best of ways. I give a message of since the ladies don't see a reason to be nice anymore, Men lets …

F.E.A.R UnRooted ft. Brother Jaraad aka WiseOne

April 9th, 2018


This week I have returning guest Brother Jaraad aka WiseOne . He is spiritually proclaimed "Muse Maker" researching and distributing information …

Rose Complex ft. Bennieroselvelt

April 3rd, 2018


This week Bennierosevelt joins me again this time he had something to say about the current opinions of his most recent viral work. We speak about the negative critiques, what inspires him to create such provocative …

SheKnewNothing ft. Aishat Oduola- Owoo

March 28th, 2018


This week I featured a woman of many talents. Aishat Oduola-Owoo is ,entrepreneur, film maker, podcaster, poet, and occasional hair stylist. She is …

Starstruck ft. Jaleesa Lashay

March 13th, 2018


This week I spoke to entertainment journalist, Spelman alumnae, and senior correspondent for BlackTreeTv , Jaleesa Lashay. We spoke on her views of the industry from aspects of content, diversity, and our obsession with …

Wakanda Foreva ft. Jawanza A. Harris

February 26th, 2018


This week is the last few days of Black History Month and we were blessed with a historical motion picture. Marvel's Black Panther. I called on the gentleman I seen the movie with CAU alum, filmmaker, and creative, …

Unprecendented?? ft. Faron Manuel

February 20th, 2018


This week I had on CAU alum and Curator,Arts professional, Faron Maunuel . We speak on the current events of today and we inquire is this an …

ForeMothers ft. Alexa Heard

February 12th, 2018


This week I featured a returning guest law student and CAU alumna, Alexa Heard, @classiclyours. I brought her on to speak on the great women of the past that have literally set the pace for the female mind for today. …

We Built This

February 6th, 2018


This week I was back on InstaLive, with the best guest the listeners. Introducing my series of BHM episodes, with a bold proclamation of We as in …

Rules I Create ft. Taylor Crenshaw

January 22nd, 2018


This week I featured a great friend of mine Taylor Crenshaw, PR professional & CAU Alumna, to sit with me and build on the very nuanced topic of the inhibitions we create in terms of self-esteem, love, sex and goal …

Single Living

January 16th, 2018


This week I was inspired by the 90s classic "Living Single" now available for streaming on Hulu. I highlighted the unique personalities portrayed as …

Bet On You: 2018 Predictions on the Culture

January 9th, 2018


1st Episode of the year and I have the last resolution that you will ever make. I speak on my culture predictions that could occur this year. My …

Thick & Nappy ft. Ty Coleman

December 18th, 2017


This week I bring back a great guest and rising influencer Ty Coleman, follow her everywhere @tyistyping, who was featured on my "Death to …

Special Delivery: Remaining Chains

December 5th, 2017


Special Delivery this week is a topic that everyone should be paying attention to and make themselves aware. Libya slave trade but also Global modern …

Peace And Coffee ft. Sydney Coffee

November 29th, 2017


Protecting your peace was the topic brought to me by the eloquent alumna of CAU Sydney Coffee, here what we had to say about the unknown quarter life …

GodlyDopeness ft. Virgil Stanford

November 22nd, 2017


This week I dropped a day late but its still a great treat. I got one of the founders for the viral clothing brand God is Dope, Virgil Stanford, 22 …

In My Zone

November 14th, 2017


1 month away but I am back with a great episode. This week I speak about the "Comfort Zone" a popular psychological state that we have our own …

Simply Relating ft. Jahda & Domo of the "I Can Relate Podcast"

October 10th, 2017


This week is another podcast collab with the ladies of the "I Can Relate Podcast" with Jahda and Domo. Two AUC alums bringing you relatable content …

Shake The Table: A year of "A Seat at the Table"

October 3rd, 2017


A year of after "A seat at the Table" and it still slaps, I am saying now that this is the "Whats Going On" of my generation. Solange's melodic, …

Special Delivery: Little Men Cheat

September 22nd, 2017


This week's Special Delivery had a theme of relationships as a whole. Kevin Hart's cheating fiasco, my review of HBO's Insecure 2 finale, and my …

Another One: 2 Year Anniversary

September 15th, 2017


This week marks two years of podcasting and I am feeling great to be able to find a medium that comes so natural to me. I spoke on my purpose, milestones, and then highlighted three of my best shows this year. I had to …

Laugh More ft. T White

August 30th, 2017


This week was a pleasant surprise, future notable Clark Atlanta Alum and Stand-Up Comedian Terrance White (@twhite_123) joined me. We discussed the interest of admission to the illustrious CAU by the super talented …

Who Got Tha Juice ft. Malik Curtis aka Juice Lord

August 22nd, 2017


This week I featured an upcoming artist by the name of Malik Curtis better know as Juice Lord, native to St. Paul, MN. I met him while he was in high …

Special Delivery: America Being America

August 14th, 2017


In the words of Toni Morrison, "What are you without racism", this is a special delivery my own News Flash that I can't help but to contribute my 2 …

Cole World Of Sports ft. Cole Johnson

August 7th, 2017


This week I featured Cole Johnson the host of the ColeSportz podcast . Sports nerd extraordinaire, Cole Johnson, guides you through the different …

Our Dark Skin ft. Edikan Hanson

July 31st, 2017


This week I feature a Nigerian writer, photographer, journalist,& published author Edikan Hanson, (A-Dee-Can). We unpacked several commonalities of being African and being African American how we are connected in …

Hella Insecure: HBO's Insecure Season 2 breakdown

July 25th, 2017


This week I had no choice but to theme my episode around one of the most popular shows on television. I unpacked the complexity of emotions post …

Me Myself And Love ft. Vei

July 11th, 2017


This week is a heavy one, I asked the talented artist, poet, and life learner Vei to assist me with this very crucial topic. Self Love is something we all need to make habit in our lives, sadly we all don't or we are …

M:EN- 4:44 album breakdown

July 4th, 2017


This week i was inspired to make Jay-Z's latest project "4:44" as the theme. I spoke on powerful elements of the album as well as unpacked the …

Black Rainbow ft. Demario Dunson

June 26th, 2017


Today I sat down with Demario Dunson, it's Pride weekend in Chicago and coincidentally I booked him the same weekend to be on the show. We spoke on the interesting intersection of being Gay in 2017 and being Black in …

Seeking Life ft. Taylor Justin

June 20th, 2017


This week on Simply King, I have the local Chicago blogger and cultural enthusiast , Taylor Justin. She is a native to the midwest and her platform …

Black Aesthetic Redux

June 12th, 2017


This week marks my 50th episode, so I decided to revisit my pilot episode "The Black Aesthetic". I was heavily inspired by Marvel's Black Panther trailer that dropped this week and already has the world in mass …

Expressions By King

May 29th, 2017


This week I shared how much of an expressive guy I am and introduce a new themed episode titled Expressions by King or Expressions by Him. I spoke on idea of Men being the initiators as well as the catalyst to romance …

My BennieRosevelt ft. Bennierosevelt

May 15th, 2017


This week on Simply King I featured my long time friend and viral photographer Bennierosevelt, say it all no abbreviations, we spoke on several aspects of his work , the plight of a being a career artist, and the …

Fake REAL News ft. Domo Sims

April 24th, 2017


This week I reached back to my alma mater for this topic. Domo Sims, a published student journalist, gave me her opinion on the state of journalism today. We spoke on why she writes and how vital honest journalism will …

D.N.A.(Developing New Attributes)

April 19th, 2017


Off of hiatus and I am so inspired by Kendrick Lamar's latest album "Damn". It is also Spring which brings this sense of cleaning and renewing in the atmosphere. I speak on how this Spring I and everyone listening …

Let Her Lead ft. Maura Chanz

April 3rd, 2017


Last day of Women's History Month, I have been on a wave of producing women centric content. The best way to end this series of episode was to feature a boss lady in her own right, Ms. Maura Chanz. Maura is a Spelman …

Be Better: Tips on Being an Ally

March 28th, 2017


This week I had to get on my soapbox and speak to men about setting our privilege not only to the side but making it a thing of the past. I explained the significance of the prefix "man-" and the various terms that have …

Women - The Original Muse ft. Corey Fells

March 20th, 2017


This week I featured Corey Fells, a Milwaukee photographer, that completed a campaign that is a tribute to his mother as well as a piece of work that propels women to the pedestal they deserve. We spoke on his …

Praise Women ft. Sydnei Jarman

March 13th, 2017


This week I featured a millennial independent blogger that I connected with through Twitter, Sydnei Jarman (@syddarling). She reached out to me to …

Black In America Ft. Kendell Greer

March 6th, 2017


This week I featured Kendell Greer, a young black millennial who I thought was perfect on a conversation on the the connotation of being "a black guy that acts white". He loves country music, has many white friends, and …

History Hidden Behind Fences ft. Alexa Heard

February 28th, 2017


This week I thought to wrap up Black History Month with a conversation on unfamiliar black history facts. I had to ask my friend and first guest to the simply king podcast Alexa Heard to join me and grace us all with …

Death To Situationships ft. Ty Coleman

February 17th, 2017


The new viral video #Hurtbae featuring two AUC alums inspired me to have a deep conversation on black love and relationships. Ty Coleman (@tyistyping …

Go Back To Africa

February 13th, 2017


This week I dive deep on the mistreatment of immigrants since the founding of this country. Debunking the idea of American Dream that has been promoted for decades. I explain my opinion on the current state of …

Life Like Whoa ft. Fennella Like Whoa

February 6th, 2017


This week on Simply King I featured an amazing creative by the name of Fennella Like Whoa. A Sierra Leone American, alumnae of the great Spelman …

How To Resist

January 30th, 2017


This week I give tips I collected on how to be apart of the new Resist Trump movement. No matter who you are you can be apart in your own way, I …

Don't Touch My Hair: Analyzing Microagressions

January 17th, 2017


This is a vital message explaining what Microagressions are and how they affect us everyday. I referenced Psychology Today to give examples of common …

I'm a Creative ft. RK Jackson

January 9th, 2017


This week I featured RK Jackson a true creative using his skills promote his own personal brand and visual marketing consulting business. I spoke to …

Silver Screens & Black Faces Pt.1

January 2nd, 2017


Last week of 2016 I called on a Chicago transplant and Improv performer, Ian Williams to join me for another positive conversation about the current state of TV & Film.We both shared our critiques on some of our …

Silver Screens & Black Faces Pt. 2

January 2nd, 2017


Last week of 2016 I called on a Chicago transplant and Improv performer, Ian Williams to join me for another positive conversation about the current state of TV & Film.We both shared our critiques on some of our …

Adversity Fuels Passion

December 14th, 2016


This week I catch everyone up on my plans for 2017, Highlight individuals within the arts of today who have accepted the #TrumpChallenge and are exceeding in spite of the times we live in find the positivity in times of …

Love, Age, & Happiness ft. Vianca Fuster & Josef Neri

December 1st, 2016


This episode highlights one of my favorite couples Vianca & Josef joined me and Lena to speak on their relationship the pros and cons of maintaining a relationship with a 12 year age difference. We spoke Love, …


November 15th, 2016


Hopefully this will become the newest viral craze #TrumpChallenge I challenge all who listen to create a plan that brings you out of your election …

Millennial Discourse - Election 2016 ft. Stretch Green

November 7th, 2016


Election 2016 is coming to a close, and word on the street is that young black voters aren't really interested here what two young black males living today have to say about the most theatrical election year in American …

Culture Not Costume- Do's and Don'ts of Halloween

October 30th, 2016


Its Halloween, so its only a matter of time till some ignorant person paints their face to a different complexion so I decided to give my opinion on the matter as well as give a do's and don't to dressing up for …

DeBunking Jungle Fever ft. Lena Loso

October 17th, 2016


This week I was inspired by my most recent episode "Coffey Cream", My girlfriend Lena gave a few comments on the topic of interracial dating specifically Black Men dating White Women. I thought there are a lot of layers …

Coffy & Cream ft. Bri Baker & Nicole Nola

October 12th, 2016


This week I have two interesting humans join me for a conversation about the commonalities of Black & Caucasian women. We spoke on interracial dating, Amber Rose's Slut Walk, Body Shaming, and living lives where …

GAZE ft. Orlando Holloway

September 26th, 2016


This is a Millennial special featuring Orlando Holloway (IG - @ohollow) , a young, proud, black and gay man, who I felt was the best example of …

Take A Knee, America ft. Albert Egbo & Jacob Sandoval

September 19th, 2016


Since the media machine seems to have calmed down, slightly on covering the Colin Kaepernick anthem protest, I felt that it would be best to create a …

A Year Of Simply King

September 12th, 2016


The 1st Anniversary Episode, I included 5 of my favorite moments in this last year of producing a podcast, I also included what's to come from Simply King and how I plan to grow the brand. Listen, Comment, Review, and …

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