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Jeff Dake and Jamey Adams of Arches Brewing: Episode 23


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Jeff Dake and Jamey Adams are 2 of the 5 co-founders of Arches Brewing in Hapeville, Georgia. As a lager-focused brewery, Arches is committed to bringing classic European styles to the modern American craft market. Arches is so dedicated to the quality of their craft that they drilled a 400+ foot well on premises to be able to get water from the headwaters of the Flint River, which they can then manipulate to match the water style needed for the particular beer being brewed. Jeff and Jamey, both chemists, have been brewing together for over 13 years. At Arches, Jamey guides the whole business, working on beer development, long term planning, and the direction of the brewery. Jeff does the lab work to ensure the health and viability of the yeast and progress of each batch. They joined us prior to their 3-year anniversary celebration to talk about the process of starting Arches Brewing, why they focus on lager beers, and even go into depth on some of the process behind what it takes to brew some of their beer. Arches beer was consumed while taping, so this was a fun episode. 

Learn more about Arches at 

Find them on Instagram at @archesbrewing

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