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Sharyl Attkisson is a nonpartisan investigative journalist, five-time Emmy Award winner and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting. She is author of two New York Times best sellers: "The Smear" and "Stonewalled." She is host of the Sunday morning national TV news program… read more

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A semi-comprehensive list of 2020 election fraud allegations

December 4th, 2020


It’s hard to find a credible, unbiased list of allegations of 2020 election fraud, miscounting and mistakes. So I made one.

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Live news chat with Sharyl Attkisson

November 27th, 2020


An excerpt of Sharyl’s Thanksgiving Day news chat online.

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Flashback Friday: Hydroxychloroquine: Politicizing Medicine

November 27th, 2020


Separating fact from spin when it comes to hydroxychloroquine's representation in the media.

The discussion about hydroxycholoroquine has been so …

How a fair news media would have covered the 2020 election

November 20th, 2020


What would the news coverage of the 2020 election and its aftermath look like if we had a fair and unconflicted news media?

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The big media miss—again

November 6th, 2020


No matter who wins the presidential race, one thing was clear on election night: the media failed to self-reflect and self-correct after its Big Miss from 2016.

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Who are the givers and takers behind the biggest campaign cash in 2020?

October 30th, 2020


We name the biggest names in political money behind Trump and Biden. Some of them you’ve heard of. Some you probably haven’t.

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The media slant as we screech into the 2020 election

October 23rd, 2020


I dissect key examples of media slanting the news as we tick down to the 2020 vote.

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The folly of media demands to “disavow” and “condemn”

October 16th, 2020


An insightful look at the record when it comes to media demands for President Trump to disavow and condemn racism.

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Do Trump and others become Supermen (and women) after coronavirus in terms of immunity?

October 9th, 2020


We dive deep into the latest science on how long people may be immune after they fight off coronavirus. Also, a look at the FBI’s continued obstruction when it comes to documents about the botched Trump-Russia probe.

Wiped phones and other conveniently erased documentation over the years

October 2nd, 2020


We examine the trend of curiously, conveniently, suspiciously, missing federal documents.

Are Covid-19 and U.S. funds linked to Chinese lab? Fact vs. Fiction

September 28th, 2020


I sort through a confusing array of contradictory reporting to see what the public record really shows, so far, about links between Covid-19 and Wuhan, China lab (Fact or Fiction?); and whether U.S. funding fueled the …

What the news media should have done after its 2016 mistakes…but didn’t

September 18th, 2020


A short list of the reforms our industry should have made to gain back public confidence moving into the 2020 elections.

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Media missteps and absence of good journalism

September 11th, 2020


Why responsible journalism, something the public wants most, is so hard to find in the chaotic campaign news environment. Also, Glenn Greenwald’s take on bad journalism. And, an eye-opening look at what was in the news …

Presidential polls: hard to believe

September 4th, 2020


We take a trip down short term memory lane to compare some of the latest polling to the embarrassing trends from 2016.

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Journalism and the Jacob Blake & Kyle Rittenhouse shootings

August 28th, 2020


We examine the early reporting on the recent tragedy and violence in Wisconsin under a journalistic microscope. This is a class participation …

The sordid, recent history of fake news

August 21st, 2020


A look at fake news before it was called "fake news,” and media efforts to propagandize the term.

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Misreporting on Trump's Latest Executive Action, and Media Mistakes in the Era of Trump #36-60

August 14th, 2020


The misreporting on Trump’s payroll tax holiday reached a crescendo, and becomes another in the growing list of Media Mistakes in the Era of Trump.

When fact checks are far from fair... or factual

August 7th, 2020


My investigation found "fact check” efforts often rely on activists and advocates with common partisan ties and deep ideological roots.

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What's behind the continued media campaign against hydroxychloroquine?

July 31st, 2020


Media Matters is joining big tech and others leading a panicked, fact-challenged campaign against hydroxychloroquine. Why?

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Big Tech Censorship & Media Mistakes #1-18

July 24th, 2020


How Google is censoring pages and information in ways you wouldn’t imagine, and Media Mistakes in the Era of Trump: #1-18

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The Smear Industrial Complex

July 17th, 2020


A deep dive into the shady forces that influence our thoughts and votes as we prepare for the next presidential election.

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Societal Clash: Factors that led to where we are today

July 3rd, 2020


Today's societal clashes were foreseeable. Just look at the trends in recent years from anti-police sentiment to laws and rules that some people …

Trump, Biden and the problem with today’s polls

June 26th, 2020


Are we traveling down the same well-worn path when it comes to reporting on polls? And when it come to some infamous 2016 predictions: where are they …

How narratives have warped journalism as we once knew it

June 19th, 2020


How journalism as we once knew it has been warped by efforts to control the narrative.

Special interests have successfully limited the parameters of …

Internet secrets: control and manipulation of information

June 12th, 2020


Organized efforts to clamp down on the free flow of info online are increasing. In today's podcast we'll look at some techniques you might not have …

Why the George Floyd case may not be open and shut

June 5th, 2020


We examine the issues likely to be brought up by prosecution and defense if the case against the police goes to trial. And we examine infamous cases …

Coronavirus: "Mother Nature's Last Warning"

May 29th, 2020


Coronavirus could be “Mother Nature’s last warning.”

Pandemic expert and author of "Three Minutes Until Midnight," Dr. Steven Hatfill, explains why …

Hydroxychloroquine: Politicizing Medicine

May 15th, 2020


Separating fact from spin when it comes to hydroxychloroquine's representation in the media.

The discussion about hydroxycholoroquine has been so …

How information manipulation could be destroying our health

May 8th, 2020


When the media purposefully controversializes issues, life-saving facts become harder to find. Hear how Facebook and other self-appointed censors are …

How astroturfing tactics are eroding journalism

May 1st, 2020


From fake personas on social media to media literacy movements and Wikipedia, information manipulation and censorship are on the rise in a big way.

Covid-19 information manipulation and: What’s convalescent plasma therapy?

April 24th, 2020


I sort through the emerging news on antibody studies and how many people already had Covid-19 but never knew it. Why this should not be the surprise …

The anatomy of fake Facebook fact check

April 17th, 2020


I dig into the prevailing media narratives about coronavirus, including “fact checks,” that have themselves been proven false. Who is behind them? You'll be amazed at who Facebook is letting help censor information …

Antibodies: How many people already have coronavirus?

April 10th, 2020


Stanford Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is conducting one of the first scientific antibody studies to learn how many Americans already had coronavirus but never knew it, and might be immune. He says some of the numbers out there …

The NYT just corrected its false article about me. What the incident says about today's media environment.

April 3rd, 2020


The NYT just corrected its false article about me. What the incident says about today's media environment. We also discuss the evolving …

How the NYT got my coronavirus reporting wrong

March 27th, 2020


The defamatory New York Times hit piece by Jeremy Peters about "coronavirus doubters" includes deceptively edited quotes, at least nine false …

Coronavirus: Better math, better treatment or more testing?

March 20th, 2020


A scientific analysis finds the coronavirus fatality rate in China to be less than 1/3 of earlier estimates, providing some answers and raising …

Coronavirus: Fact vs. Panic

March 13th, 2020


Everything you need to know about coronavirus, from real death rates, to profile of those who have passed away in the US, to the virus itself.

Why you still can't believe the political polls in 2020

March 6th, 2020


After the Big Miss in 2016, there’s no reason to think the reporting on 2020 polls has improved much.

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Hillary's Bosnia sniper fire "misspeak" still haunts her

February 28th, 2020


Why, after 12 years since then-president hopeful Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that she once dodged sniper fire in Bosnia, does this incident go …

EP 033 | Coronavirus: Who is controlling the information?

February 17th, 2020


Is the government giving us the full picture on this and other health epidemics?

They haven't always done so in the past when it came to swine flu …

EP 032 | Fixing FISA: Why it's so hard

February 10th, 2020


A former National Security Agency "secret squirrel" explains how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is supposed to protect the privacy of American citizens.

EP 031 | The Trump Impeachment Bump

February 5th, 2020


Like President Clinton-- President Trump appears to have gotten a significant impeachment bump. Subscribe to my two podcasts: “The Sharyl Attkisson …

EP 029 | Six Screaming Red Govt. Surveillance Flags That Got Ignored

December 21st, 2019


The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has given the FBI until Jan. 10, 2020 to come up with fixes to abuses flagged by the Dept. of Justice Inspector General. In light of the revelations about FBI misbehavior in …

EP | 028 Democrats Can Read Minds: That's How They Know Trump Committed Impeachable Offenses

December 17th, 2019


When it comes to President Trump's alleged impeachable offenses, with the factual record lacking, Democrats say they can read minds.
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EP 027 | AG Barr Just Got Chatty & Gave an Info Dump on Criminal Probe of FBI Conduct

December 12th, 2019


After the release of Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report on the FBI's conduct in investigating officials connected to the Trump campaign, Attorney General William Barr went on the record with new information …

EP 026 | Pre-analysis of The Horowitz Report and 5 Things to Remember When You Hear the News

December 9th, 2019


I look back at the track record of Inspector General Michael Horowitz to give a pre-analysis of what tomorrow's report on alleged government surveillance abuse of the Trump campaign might show. I also include a guide of …

EP 025 | What the Latest Media Mistakes Tell Us About the State of the Media

December 8th, 2019


What do the latest media mistakes tell us about the state of the media? Something that's not very good. 
Visit for the entire list of Media Mistakes in the Era of Trump.
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EP 024 | Did Ukraine and Democrats Really Collude Against Trump in 2016?

December 1st, 2019


If you've been wishing someone would separate fact from fiction and explain what the allegations are, and what the record shows, when it comes to …

EP 023 | Impeachment Lesson: The Swamp Bites Back

November 26th, 2019


People can debate what the public testimony against President Trump revealed. But I think it revealed how State Department diplomats unapologetically …

After Hours EP 011 | Important Stuff You Didn't Know About Ukraine

November 23rd, 2019


I’ll bet this podcast reveals lots of things you didn’t know about Ukraine. According to combat veteran and combat journalist Nolan Peterson:
There’s …

EP 022 | The Curious Timeline on Impeaching Trump

November 12th, 2019


A simplified timeline reviews the threats and promises to impeach Trump from before he even took office.
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EP 021 | Media Mistakes and What They Say About the Media Agenda

October 29th, 2019


It's all the more important that we, as journalists, maintain strict ethical standards when we *don't* like or agree with the person we are covering. …

EP 020 | The Nonexistent Impeachment Quid Pro Quo

October 27th, 2019


Democrats, Republicans and the media are misusing the term "quid pro quo" when it comes to the controversy over the Trump impeachment effort. …

EP 019 | When polls are fake news

October 23rd, 2019


An examination of one recent poll on the Trump impeachment effort reveals a lot more than the headlines indicate. Subscribe to "The Sharyl Attkisson …

After Hours EP 006 | Impeachment and James Rosen Analysis

October 12th, 2019


For those who want to understand the Democrats' effort to impeach President Trump, the controversy surrounding the "whistleblower," and what it all has to do with Ukraine, this podcast is a half hour well spent. …

After Hours EP 005 | Puerto Rico: Following the Hurricane Money...And Fraud

October 5th, 2019


Our "Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" investigation dug in to find the real numbers: How much U.S. tax money has Puerto Rico received two years …

After Hours EP 004 | MRI Dye Safety Risks: The Gadolinium Story

September 29th, 2019


This is one of the few places you will be able to find important information on risks of MRI dye (containing the toxic chemical gadolinium). Since I …

EP 018 | Fast and Furious: A Shocking Update

September 25th, 2019


The violent legacy of the government's Operation Fast and Furious continues a decade after I first began investigating it.
Read the written article …

After Hours EP 003 | Not Yet, Brexit

September 21st, 2019


You'll be amazed to hear what's really behind the British vote to exit the European Union, what's taking so long, and what it all has to do with us. Investigative Producer David Bernknopf joins Sharyl for this podcast.

EP 017 | Indicting a Sandwich

September 20th, 2019


They say a motivated prosecutor can "indict a ham sandwich." But when it's the Dept. of Justice and FBI judging their own-- it seems like it's not so …

After Hours EP 002: 5G Risks

September 14th, 2019


5G promises to make our phone and computer experience better and faster. But there are serious health concerns. Sharyl digs into the question. Appearing in this episode: investigative producer David Bernknopf. Listen to …

EP 016 | 2020 Polls... and a Walk Down Short-Term Memory Lane

September 10th, 2019


At this time four years ago, Donald Trump stood just about where Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is: 1-2%. So why are some in the media pretending current …

EP 015 | 10 Things Comey Did Wrong

September 3rd, 2019


Ten things former FBI Director Comey did wrong, according to the Inspector General: a factual analysis.
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The Trailer: Full Measure After Hours Podcast: Original Reporting

August 23rd, 2019


Announcing the new "Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" podcast! We start Season 5 of our weekly Sunday TV program on Sept. 8. 
Our new podcast will …

EP 014 | "Hands Up, Don't Shoot!" Never Happened

August 22nd, 2019


"Hands up, don't shoot!" started a national movement. Problem is, it never actually happened, according to the Obama Justice Department.
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EP 013 | Did China, not Russia, hack into Hillary Clinton emails?

August 16th, 2019


A deep dive into newly-released documents showing China may have hacked into Hillary Clinton's email as secretary of state, but the FBI and Agent …

EP 012 | Lies and Two-Tiered Justice in the Trump Russia Probe

August 9th, 2019


Newly-obtained documents show why a Trump foe at the FBI wasn't prosecuted for alleged lying, while Trump allies were.
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EP 011 | Live! From The Border

August 2nd, 2019


Sharyl, Daniel and Bryan talk about their trip to the southern border between Arizona and Mexico.
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EP 010 | Hola! Live from Puerto Rico

July 19th, 2019


Live from Puerto Rico on shoots for Full Measure Season 5, Sharyl, producer Daniel Steinberger and photographer Bryan Barr are up to their chins in …

EP 009 | Propaganda Phrases

July 14th, 2019


What's in a name? A look at "Trump's child separation policy."
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EP 008 I Weaponization of Wikipedia

June 30th, 2019


Is it time to revolt against the forces that are trying to control our information online?
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EP 007: The Narrative: How it's Used to Smears Journalists

June 3rd, 2019


Narratives often dominate the news and media today. They are also used to smear journalists who report off-the-narrative.
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EP 004 | Intel Operation vs. President Trump

May 15th, 2019


EP 004 | Intel Operation vs. President Trump by Sharyl Attkisson
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EP 001 | Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats: What are the Facts?

May 15th, 2019


EP 001 | Illegal Immigrant Crime Stats: What are the Facts? by Sharyl Attkisson
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EP 003 | BuzzFeed and a Question of Journalism Standards

May 15th, 2019


EP 003 | BuzzFeed and a Question of Journalism Standards by Sharyl Attkisson
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EP 005 | Our Role In The Smear

May 15th, 2019


EP 005 | Our Role In The Smear by Sharyl Attkisson
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EP 002 | Trumps Shifting Position on a Border Wall | What are the Facts

May 15th, 2019


EP 002 | Trumps Shifting Position on a Border Wall | What are the Facts by Sharyl Attkisson
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EP 006: Russia And The Absent Media Mea Culpa

April 11th, 2019


EP 006: Russia And The Absent Media Mea Culpa by Sharyl Attkisson
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