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Culture, museums, art, history, and anything and everything, inside and outside Madrid.

160 Episodes | 2015 - 2023

S9 Ep27: Story/Time: Wild Geese

March 17th, 2023

The story of those who fled. The story of those finding a home in Spain. 

Music: Passion by Borrtex. 

S9 Ep26: Amy Egan: An English Journalist on Spanish Radio

February 23rd, 2023

Originally from England, she moved to Spain at a young age. Amy told us about discovering interesting corners of the country, working in a 'mini UN', …

S9 Ep25: Year of the Wondering Rabbit

January 27th, 2023

We look at an interesting documentary where a woman tells a big lie, and we cast our gazes at the uneven, ultimately more than the sum of its parts,

S9 Ep24: The World in Music: An Interview with Lara Wong

January 12th, 2023

Lara Wong is an award-winning Canadian flautist who masterfully combines the bansuri, the traditional Indian flute, with flamenco music.

We talk …

S9 Ep23: Learning more about INAD & how you can help

December 15th, 2022

INAD (Infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy) is a devastating ultra-rare condition that affects children from a very early age.

Rebecca Skeates tells us …

S9 Ep22: Seeing Through the Eyes of Others: An Interview with Writer Anita Haas

December 8th, 2022

Anita Haas is an award-winning Canadian writer and English teacher based in Madrid.

We speak to her about her experiences living in Spain, her inspiration for her short stories and poems, and her latest venture, a …

S9 Ep21: Curiouser and curiouser: An Exhibition about Alice in Wonderland

November 11th, 2022

Alice in Wonderland has inspired artists endlessly since it was published. But what is down the rabbit hole?

We visit Fundación Canal exhibition …

S9 Ep20: Papyrus: An Interview with Writer Irene Vallejo and Translator Charlotte Whittle

November 4th, 2022

This autumn is seeing the anticipated release of the English version of El Infinito en un junco (Irene Vallejo, 2019) under the name Papyrus. The invention of books in the ancient world.

We have had the tremendous …

S9 Ep19: The Truth is in the Wine: The Madrid & Darracott Interview

October 28th, 2022

Madrid & Darracott is not just about the wine. It's also about the experience.

This Anglo-Spanish duo that opened shop in the centre of Madrid are tremendously passionate about wine and about having fun, and it is …

S9 Ep18: The Álvaro Mielgo Gallego Interview: Writing, Enya & Punks

October 21st, 2022

Álvaro is a very creative and well-read individual. Over the course of our chat, we discuss his many writing influences, the Irish language, the joys and headaches associated with launching his own zine series, and as …

S9 Ep17: Helping Women Escape Afghanistan: An Interview with María José Rodríguez Becedas

October 14th, 2022

María José Rodríguez Becedas is a Spanish lawyer who is helping these women make their way to Spain, and once here, build a new life.

She tells us about the many challenges faced by these refugees, as well as the …

S9 Ep16: Through the doors of The Secret Kingdoms: an interview with David Price

October 7th, 2022

David Price is the proud owner of The Secret Kingdoms bookshop in Madrid's Barrio de las Letras, a natural storyteller and an aspiring novelist himself.

In this podcast episode, he unveils the secret of his success …

S9 Ep15: Dr Chris Naunton and a night of Egyptology

September 30th, 2022

Madrid's wonderful Secret Kingdoms bookshop hosted our conversation with Dr Chris Naunton, who is an author, TV personality and Egyptologist …

S9 Ep14: Egyptian Blue

June 20th, 2022

Delving into the world of ancient inspiration, sustainable living, and our very own photographic exhibition.

For more info, read this, and see the …

S9 Ep13: The Fish & Chicken Podcast

April 19th, 2022

This restaurant can be seen in the Fundación Pablo VI, which is hosting an exhibition about other lives, featuring photos about Africa, Pakistan, …

S9 Ep12: Looks, Moments and the Subjective Magic of Cinema

March 3rd, 2022

What's in a look, a moment? What is it about the quiet slices of introspection; the spark in a group; the crackle in a duo; or the wild, exaggerated - yet compelling - performance of one actor? The answer, tied to so …

S9 Ep11: Haikus and Sex Pistols: The Dr Paul Hullah Interview

February 24th, 2022

Paul was so kind and generous with his time, and he discussed his musical pursuits, humanism, the meaning of things and finding identity through …

S9 Ep10: A Scottish Man In New York: The Graham MacIndoe Interview

February 6th, 2022

We were lucky enough to chat with him and hear about his time photographing The National and famous Hollywood actors. Graham also gave us insight …

S9 Ep9: A Car Crash of a Podcast

December 31st, 2021

Believe it or not, Beti Jai is the Basque for 'never stop partying', and it's also the name of the frontón court that has reopened in Madrid. It is …

S9 Ep8: Roy Buckley: Interviewing The Chart-Topping, Grammy-Nominated Singer

December 10th, 2021

Roy was so generous with his time and a pleasure to have on the podcast! We spoke about rubbing shoulders with some of Ireland's great balladeers, …

S9 Ep7: A Royal Tour, Strange Flags & P*ssing Rain

November 22nd, 2021

We walked it just for you, capturing the sights, the sounds, and the vibe of a building that has stood in the heart of Madrid for many years. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, we consider how the Spanish capital is …

S9 Ep6: René Magritte is Messing with Madrid

November 12th, 2021

We ponder mindbending mirrors, cider-heads, feathers, Pisa, reality, psychology, neuroscience and the meaning (or lack of) behind the mystery of the …

S9 Ep5: An Evening with James Joyce

October 21st, 2021

A night of reading, presentations and music, where we got to grips with Joyce's love of dancing, sport and food, and where we happily got lost in the worlds of Dubliners, Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses

S9 Ep4: Geometrical Perspectives of a Bauhaus Mind

October 4th, 2021

We went to Casa America to see Rincones Geométricos by Francisco Ubilla and two other installations. After that, we popped along to the Museo …

S9 Ep3: Throwing Scripts at a Python: The Bill Barker Interview

September 27th, 2021

Bill Barker is an insightful and witty guest, and it was a pleasure chatting to him about the joys of Kerouac, the writing process, getting …

S9 Ep2: Top 10 Things To See In Ireland

September 13th, 2021

Ireland is a small island with just under 5 million people, but it’s absolutely packed with things to do and sights to behold. From fairies to …

S9 Ep1: Leica Cameras & Tripped Out Hippies

August 31st, 2021

The post-colonial power of plants and the largest refugee camp in Europe were on display in La Casa Encendida, while we also took a look at …

S8 Ep6: Blockbusters & Treading The Boards: The Sara Stewart Interview

August 8th, 2021

Sara has enjoyed a wonderful career - she has appeared in Batman Begins and Transformers; highly regarded plays, such as The Cherry Orchard and Who's …

S8 Ep5: The Our Man in Japan Interview: Miguel Sotos Fernández

August 1st, 2021

Miguel is a Spanish architect who has travelled to Japan on four different occasions. There, he developed a passion for working with wood, which he has maintained back here in Madrid. With many strings to his bow, …

S8 Ep4: Anarchism & Angry Saints: The Lindsay Moxham Interview

July 26th, 2021

Lindsay has called Madrid home for a long time now. Apart from being a singer and guitarist for the Angry Saints, he is also a teacher and a translator. We discuss his musical influences, anarchism, and his scandalous …

S8 Ep3: American Poet in Spain: Interview with Julie Weiss

July 20th, 2021

Julie Weiss, originally from California, has made Spain her home. She is a teacher and a writer who has been published in a range of different …

S8 Ep2: Story/Time - Inverted Constellations

July 13th, 2021

Delving into hidden worlds inside ourselves and in the night sky.... please enjoy our short story. 

If you want to buy our latest book, here is the link.

Music: Reasoning by Edoy and Space Ambience by Almusic34. 

S8 Ep1: A life out of place: reflections on migrations, spaces and travels

June 9th, 2021

We are back with a new format! With a few books as a basis, we reflect on the experiences of migration and displacement. Featuring stories from the Penguin Book of Migration Literature, and Trevor Noah's autobiography …

S7 Ep16: Visit Spain! Propaganda and Marketing, 1955-1965

July 29th, 2020

We learnt about priests playing football, goats, deodorant, and the changing face of Spain.

Music: Storybook by Scott Holmes and The Healing by …

S7 Ep15: Thank you, Ennio Morricone

July 8th, 2020

In Part 1, we talk about what Ennio Morricone meant for us, while in Part 2, we discuss The Book of Disquiet by Fernando Pessoa and Tell Me No Lies by John Pilger, which is a celebration of brave journalism.

Check out …

S7 Ep14: Goya and Velazquez Come Out of Quarantine

June 18th, 2020

Madrid is going back to normal now that the COVID-19 lockdown is easing. With our masks and temperatures checked, we saw the best 200 paintings in the Prado museum.

There's also stuff about cowboys, secret things, and …

S7 Ep13: Beautiful blackberry beards and the new normal

May 20th, 2020

Fifth coronavirus podcast special where we discuss the history and myth surrounding beards in different cultures and the new normal developing in …

S7 Ep12: Ode To The Tutu Delivery Man, Indian Dancing & Arabic Movies

May 3rd, 2020

We watched Erased: Ascent of the Invisible, a moving documentary from Lebanon; spoke about a forbidden dance from India; and considered the latest developments in Spain regarding the Coronavirus quarantine.

Find us on

S7 Ep11: From your sofa to Lebanon: quarantine travels and film explorations

April 14th, 2020

We're still holding on despite weeks of the quarantine! We talk on a mostly fine Skype connection about world reactions to the coronavirus before …

S7 Ep10: The 3 B's of the Quarantine: Butter. Buddha. Ballet.

March 27th, 2020

We still can't leave the house, and we send our thoughts to everybody dealing with this global pandemic.

Stuck inside, we try the art of ballet, discuss myth vs. history, talk about dancing for butter, and our parents …

S7 Ep9: The Coronavirus Quarantine Special

March 16th, 2020

We hope everybody stays safe during this global pandemic.

Because we are living a State of Emergency in Spain, we have to do a podcast over Skype; we discuss what it feels like to be living under quarantine.

Here is …

S7 Ep8: Rodin Nudes & A Horse Feeding Bus Driver; A Cultural Podcast

March 3rd, 2020

We talk about our book launch, Rodin sculptures, Jewish footballers in World War II, and how reading can positively impact a person's life and change …

S7 Ep7: Coming to America: Forgotten Spanish Immigrants in the USA

February 12th, 2020

Our book launch is this week! We discuss that in part 1, while in part 2 we examine the experiences Spanish people had in the USA in the 1920s & 1930s. The Spaniards sought the American dream, contributed hugely and …

S7 Ep6: Dandelions, Wandering Russians & New York, New York

January 11th, 2020

We went to Canal Isabel II to see the work of José Antonio Carrera and his Medio del Tiempo. Also on the agenda: a book by Joseph Roth and Yasunari …

S7 Ep5: World-Changing Fake News! (We Wrote A Book)

December 13th, 2019

We wrote a book about fake news! In this story, we chart how lies and rumours have impacted famous figures from ancient Rome to the modern world. We have ill-fated romance, murder and centuries of victims.

You can buy …

S7 Ep4: Fancy! Luxurious Objects From The Ancient World At The Caixaforum

October 9th, 2019

The Caixaforum has a host of luxurious objects on loan from the British Museum; marvel at luxurious objects from Egypt to Persia!

You can read our blog here.

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S7 Ep3: She Dances like Ganesha & Her Arms Don't Lie (Plus Two Exhibitions)

September 19th, 2019

We discuss vibrant cultures in Morocco, dancing Bollywood, speaking Irish and the photography of Dubliner Eamonn Doyle.

You can read our blog here.

S7 Ep2: Trainspotting in the Milky Way

September 6th, 2019

Broadcasting from the Planets Park in Mostoles, an update on this week's hottest topics (more Brexit shambles!) 

Music by

S7 Ep1: Jumping the Berlin Wall

August 27th, 2019

We're back from holidays! We also mention our new book deal.

The podcasts we reference: The Stand with Eamon Dunphy and The David McWilliam's …

S6 Ep32: Spain's Newest Writing Star: Mercedes Fisteus

August 8th, 2019

Mercedes recently won the Ateneo Joven de Sevilla contest. Pictured with her is José Ángel Mañas, winner of the senior category with his novel, La Última Juerga.

We discuss feminism, finding your voice and the Salem …

S6 Ep31: 'Just a photograph to tell my troubles to...'

July 17th, 2019

We talk about exhibitions featuring Berenice Abbot, Russian propaganda, Spain's relationship with the skies, and the Civil War photos of Constantino Suarez and Floro López. 
You can find our blog here.

S6 Ep30: The Irish Celtic: Spirit of Ireland Show Interview

June 27th, 2019

An interview with a dance troupe.

Here is the blog version of the interview!

S6 Ep29: Chernobyl

June 14th, 2019

We talk about the cultural and historical background to HBO's new show.

Strange accents and book fairs also make an appearance.

Read our blog.

S6 Ep28: Warren Teaches Us How to Serve the City

May 30th, 2019

In this week episode we interview Warren Batt, head of Serve the City Madrid, and have a chat with him about the decline in volunteers, big …

S6 Ep27: Drinking Vermouth Behind The Bike Shed

May 24th, 2019

We discuss schools in Madrid's history, from the early days of teaching hygiene and giving out shoes to the Civil War, where the propaganda and …

S6 Ep26: The Robbie Dunne Interview: Writer, Immigrant & Adopted Vallekano

May 10th, 2019


Robbie hails from Ireland but now calls Madrid home. In our chat with him, he gives us a fascinating insight into the world of writing and what it feels like to live in the Spanish capital. 

He has written a book,

S6 Ep25: Lorca On The Back Of A Truck & Cervantes' Old Printer: Madrid Book Week

April 30th, 2019


In this episode, we discuss disappearing languages, Spanish elections, preview our next big interview, and delve into our experiences of the Madrid Book Week.

Read our latest blog post here.

Find us on Patreon, …

S6 Ep24: World of Hans Zimmer Orchestra: An Exclusive Interview with Snow Owl, El Amir & Gavin Greenaway

April 12th, 2019


It was our privilege and pleasure to interview three members of the World of Hans Zimmer orchestra, the talented Snow Owl, with Colombian-inspired …

S6 Ep23: Ivan's War, Fowell's Dodgy Camera & Garbled Salutations

March 29th, 2019


In this episode of the podcast, we head East to the battles of World War II, to hear from an old friend from Belarus and we consider frogs, Franco …

S6 Ep22: Tuck In: A Delicious Podcast On Refugees & World Food Culture

March 22nd, 2019


Food, glorious food!

We discuss how food can help refugees integrate into Ireland before taking a look at Egyptian gastronomy.

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram & Patreon. 

Our blog can be found here.

S6 Ep21: Things You Never Learnt About The Basque Language, A Dutch Historian & Defending a Dog

March 15th, 2019


We chart the evolution of the Basque language and discover that it remained unwritten for 1,000 years.

A dog is defended, also. 

The comedian we …

S6 Ep20: Oscar Bravo: Killer Irish Robots, Nazis in NY & Capernaum

March 7th, 2019


We discuss documentaries on the Oscars shortlist, far-right extremism, racism and two excellent movies.

An online Irish course also features on the …

S6 Ep19: Notes from the Past: Poland's Cold War & Sadik Kwaish Alfraji's Dark History

February 19th, 2019


We return with a chat about Bollywood, an Oscar contender, the art of an Iraqi refugee and badgers.

Here is the video with the Bollywood …

S6 Ep18: Finding Ourselves In Deep Bogs, Deeper Books & Photographs

January 25th, 2019


We discuss Gabriel Garcia Marquez, an Irish woman who saved Jews during WWII, Lenin and a French photographer who chronicled Madrid in the 1850s. 

Here is our blog article on the Irish woman.

Find us on Instagram and …

S6 Ep17: 'Between my finger and my thumb' - Seamus Heaney, Poetry & the Birds

January 11th, 2019


We're back! Welcome to the first episode of the year, where we delve into castles, emotional geography, Heaney, and losing at the lottery.

Find us on Instagram and Patreon. 

Check out our video on Joyce.

S6 Ep16: The Colour of Things: Roma, History and Bringing Memories to Life

December 20th, 2018


Our 101st episode and our final one before the Christmas break. 

In this edition, we talk about a new film, Roma, and the art of applying colour to …

S6 Ep15: I'm Afraid I Can't Do That, Dave: Robots, Brexit and the 100th Episode

December 11th, 2018


Yay, and indeed, wooooh.

The 100th Episode.

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S6 Ep14: Barry's choice: La movida madrileña

November 29th, 2018


This week, at the request of a follower and dear friend, we talk about La Movida, a cultural phenomenon born in Madrid at the end of the 1970s which …

S6 Ep13: Story/Time - Dog and Girl

November 23rd, 2018


We bring you another Story/Time, this time about the inner struggles we all face sometimes.

S6 Ep12: Satori: Identity Explorer

November 15th, 2018


This week we visit an art exhibition about the rediscovery of the Mediterranean at Fundación Mapfre (Madrid), explore the intricacies of DNA and discuss Jack Kerouac's 'Satori in Paris'.

And the paintings Meri refers …

S6 Ep11: Anatomy of a Madrid neighbourhood: from head to toe with a long stop at the heart

November 8th, 2018


We pick a few photographs from Mariví Ibarrola’s book ‘De Lavapies a la Cabeza’, which we bought last week at the book fair in Plaza Mayor, Madrid, …

S6 Ep10: Making an Exhibition of Ourselves: Exhibit A; Colours & Kings

November 1st, 2018


This week we talk at length about aspects linked to the "Pharaoh: King of Egypt" exhibition at CaixaForum Madrid, as well as discussing a podcast …

S6 Ep9: Arch-Enemies, Arch-aeology & Ricard Terré's Exhibition

October 18th, 2018


In the latest podcast we discuss a new archaeology exhibition in Madrid and also Ricard Terré's retrospective in Canal Isabel II. 

Terré was an …

S6 Ep8: The emotion-prompting abilities of flying harps and sea urchins

October 11th, 2018


This week we discuss the role of music - especially harps - in movies and myths, focusing on the film The Burmese Harp and the legend of the Irish …

S6 Ep7: Gripes, Guiris & Gentrification: Coming to a Town Near You

October 2nd, 2018


With Lavapies and Embajadores being voted the 'coolest' neighbourhood in the world, we take a look at what that actually means, both as a concept and …

S6 Ep6: Travel is Political

September 28th, 2018


Plus business, Uber, ethics, and mental health.

Find us at

New video featuring Irish dancing:

S6 Ep5: Last one out turn off the lights: homes left and homes lost

September 20th, 2018


This week we talk about moving, missing, and losing homes, and everything that lives in between.

S6 Ep4: Interestellar trips of the nature-induced kind and other unearthly thoughts

September 13th, 2018


This week's podcast really is a universal one as we travel through time and space talking about archaeology, American politics, Spanish weddings, …

S6 Ep3: 'When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way' - Exhibitions on Disney & the Sahara

September 6th, 2018


In this week's episode, we went to the Walt Disney exhibition at the Caixa Forum. We also popped along to Cibeles to see an exhibition on the Sahara, and the people who have been left in limbo there.

Find us on …

S6 Ep2: Walking through history: the Republican bunker at Parque del Capricho (Madrid)

August 30th, 2018


This week we are lucky enough to get into the Republican bunker at Parque de El Capricho, which has recently been opened to very limited visits, as …

S6 Ep1: 'In the name of the holy toast': a celebration of Frank McCourt

August 27th, 2018


Season 6 of El Arpa Media Podcast is here! Join us as we visit Frank McCourt's house in Limerick and discuss the writer's brief but essential set of works.

S5 Ep28: 'S' is for Summer, Spanish Politics & Studying

July 30th, 2018


Well, well, well... here we are at the season 5 finale as we take a two-week break for the summer holidays.

In this latest episode, we chat about …

S5 Ep27: Lighting up language learning, or how there is more to the eye than the tongue can say

July 20th, 2018


This week we talk about a very special book for children we have created, how languages are unique but concepts are universal, and we touch on some …

S5 Ep26: 'The Last Girl' Book Review

July 13th, 2018


We talk primarily in this podcast about the story of Nadia Murad. A victim of ISIS, forced into sexual slavery, she is now a human rights activist. We hear about her compelling story.

As always, there is miscellany …

S5 Ep25: 'B' is for books about Leon, Belfast and growing up dirt poor

July 5th, 2018


We start off by looking at Leon in the Spanish Civil War and one man's poignant memoir. Then we consider the socialism of Vallecas, and the dancing feet of George Best. 

Find us on, our social media …

S5 Ep24: Identity. Who are ya? Who am I? Will ya love me in the mornin'?

June 28th, 2018


In this episode, we talk about summer, language, the history of music, identity, Trump, Bergman and Mo Salah.

Music by Boxxmann.

Check out our …

S5 Ep23: Story/Time - Summer Son

June 23rd, 2018


A short story in the latest edition of the long-running series. Taking its cue from the style of Laurie Lee, and other wide-ranging influences, this story is about change.

By the way, check out the website …

S5 Ep22: Dance to the tune of ancient music (and add a few ball touches to that)

June 21st, 2018


This week we visit an exhibition on ancient musical instruments at Caixaforum, Madrid, but we cannot help dabbing into World Cup issues every so often...

S5 Ep21: 'C' is for change, culture, Cups... and copying the last episode's title

June 7th, 2018


In this episode, we talk about the changing government in Madrid, a book fair, a documentary, and the 2026 World Cup bid.

Music by Scott Holmes …

S5 Ep20: R is for repeal, for Ramadan, for respect

May 31st, 2018


This week we discuss tolerance and respect, with issues that range from the recent Repeal the 8th vote in Ireland to the reflection of Ramadan on …

S5 Ep18: Putting the accent on words: ideas, identities and imagery

May 20th, 2018


The podcast episode in which we leave no creative genre unturned.

Check out our latest video here -

S5 Ep19: Egyptian Kings, Cairo Derbies & Bragging Rights

May 17th, 2018


Even if you don't like football, there is definitely something here for you.

Watch our latest video -

Picture from Getty Images.

S5 Ep17: Yanito! A Poet's History of Gibraltar

May 8th, 2018


Friend and poet Yanito - Jonathan Teuma - tells us about his family's connection to Gibraltar. He talks about the Civil War, Franco, left-wing ideas, and poetry.

If you are in Madrid, go to one of his Poetry Slam …

S5 Ep16: Book worms and flying words: writers, songwriters and songs.

April 26th, 2018


This week we celebrate International Book Day by talking about literary events, inspiring songwriters and how music and books go sheet in sheet.

(with music from Adriana Krikl and Krackatoa at

S5 Ep15: The Wrong Side of History & Rivers of Blood - Syria, Brexit and so much more

April 18th, 2018


A longer episode than usual for this edition. 

We have a nice, gentle intro where we discuss the subtle aspects of language, a short outro where we plug our stuff, and a long middle part where we delve into Enoch …

S5 Ep14: Ya Feel Me Cuz?

April 13th, 2018


Slang is the topic of today's discussion. Is it good or bad? A part of our culture? Or something that will hold you back in your life?

We look at …

S5 Ep13: Story/Time - Conversation Is A Gateway Drug

April 8th, 2018


Did you think I had abandoned the stories? Well, here is a snippet of a new tale. Enjoy!

S5 Ep12: The suspension of belief and frog underpants

April 5th, 2018


Join us this week to uncover a photography and a painting exhibition, a documentary with a subject that may or may not tickle your fancy and some interesting facts about frogs' reproductive habits. Don't thank us!

S5 Ep11: Picking a date for Easter: sweets, birds and words

March 29th, 2018


Join us this week for our Easter edition, featuring Hiberno-Spanish culture, language and nature to please all senses.

S5 Ep10: Story/Time - Gun Totin' Poetry Edition

March 22nd, 2018


A selection of original poems… and one unoriginal one at the end.

S5 Ep9: Frankenstein On Vocals But Who's On The Harp?

March 15th, 2018


Egypt, audioguides, inspirational women, harps and a green monster.

Song 'Jazzy French' by

Pic Credit: The Young & The Poor

S5 Ep8: Charlie Chaplin's Cinematic Chat (feat. El Arpa)

March 11th, 2018


Tony is a Charlie Chaplin impersonator in Madrid. This is his fascinating story.

S5 Ep7: All kinds of trips: Egypt, toffs, identity and thermometers

March 2nd, 2018


This week we talk about a book describing John Gayer-Anderson's life, a colourful character involved in Egyptology, warfare and general mischief.

S5 Ep6: Loving Vincent: a portrait of the artist as a living man

February 25th, 2018


El Arpa is not just media but completa, as its two members are reunited to review and relive good cinema, good art, and good times.

S5 Ep4: A Sound Bunch Of Lads

February 11th, 2018


A podcast that is longer than normal cos ye're a sound a bunch of lads and ye deserve it.

Taking in surrealism, old books, paint, the universe... …

Story/Time - Gun Totin' B****es Of The Canine Kind

February 3rd, 2018


Blogs, dogs and everything in between.

There is also gossip (xoxo) about St. Patrick, the Spanish Civil War and buskers.

Story/Time - Vagabond Greens

January 27th, 2018


Metros, magic, messiahs, musings, mugs, moons.

Dive right in.

S5 Ep3: Seven Masses A Week

January 22nd, 2018


A look at a local poet and a there's even some art. Lovely.

Because I'm an idiot, I mistakenly referred to Beckett's book as 'Kicking Against The Pricks'. It is, in fact, called 'More Kicks Than Pricks'.

S5 Ep2: Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?/I'm Turning Hipster (I Really Think So)

January 20th, 2018


A look at Laurie Lee's work, January, a poetry recital and historical pictures. 

Oh, and find us on Patreon!

S4 Ep1: Illuminating the 'Dark Ages': medieval Irish poems

January 10th, 2018


We couldn't start 2018 better than by mixing all the things we love: history, poetry, Ireland, and rhythm! Join us on this trip to the world of …

S4 Ep17: Play it! The role of music in video games

December 13th, 2017


In this episode we talk about the role music plays in video games, making them even more educational, emotional and exciting! With music from Valiant …

Story / Time - Magnificent Mayhem

December 2nd, 2017


The Magnificent, meandering, mayhem of Meri at the Book Fair.

S4 Ep16: Snapping up the moment: the Magnum contact sheets exhibition at Fundacion Canal, Madrid

December 1st, 2017


In this episode we review the most significant (or not) 20th century events and personalities through the eyes of the Magnum Agency photographers.

Story/Time - Rhythm

November 22nd, 2017


The third episode in the Story/Time series, this time focusing on the wonders of rhythm.

S0: Story/Time - 'Lavapies'

November 17th, 2017


The second episode in the new series. This story focuses on an old neighbourhood of Madrid.

S0: Story/Time - Podcast

November 15th, 2017


The first in a new series.

We tell a story over the course of an episode. In this edition, we hear the tale of a guy starting his own podcast.

S4 Ep15: High-flying cinema: documenting World War II through film

November 15th, 2017


Our film expert gives us a wonderfully detailed account of the Netflix documentary series 'Five came back', featuring filmmakers during World War II.

S4 Ep14: Halloween

November 6th, 2017


We discuss the tradition of telling stories during Autumn, with a little nod to the festivity that's in it.

S4 Ep13: Word of the Worlds: The Endangered Poetry Project

October 26th, 2017


This week we discuss a fascinating BBC report about the work of the Endangered Poetry Project, which aims to preserve endangered languages through this artistic form.

S4 Ep12: Transfixed by translation

October 9th, 2017


This week, to introduce our upcoming video, we talk about the ins and outs of translation in all its variants.

S4 Ep11: On Nicholas Nixon at the Fundacion Mapfre and learning Irish

September 25th, 2017


This week we visit Nixon's photography exhibition and Fundacion Mapfre Madrid, as well as talking about Gaeilge, the Irish language.

S4 Ep10: Habla, pueblo, habla: an exhibition on the Spanish Transition to democracy

September 8th, 2017


This week at El Arpa we cast our vote on an exhibition about the first democratic elections in Spain after Franco's dictatorship (1977).

S4 Ep9: Old stuff made new: archaeology and El Arpa's rebranding!

August 25th, 2017


It is back to school for El Arpa, and we're back with a whole load of old and new stuff: we review the Jose Latova exhibition at the Museo …

S4 Ep8: Icelollying our way through the new and old Madrid

July 23rd, 2017


El Arpa Summer is here: new ice lollies, old shops, fancy haircuts and ice cold beer!

S4 Ep7: A sensorial tour of Madrid - part 2

July 6th, 2017


We continue our tour around the city and uncovering some Madrid secrets and their links to broader history and literature themes

S4 Ep6: A sensorial tour of Madrid - part 1

June 4th, 2017


A very special episode this week as we embark on a sensorial tour of Madrid focused on smell - an anticipatory celebration of Bloomsday!

S4 Ep5: From Jaén to Senegal via Calle Alcalá

May 1st, 2017


In this miscellaneous episode we talk about an array of interesting things we are up to this month!

S4 Ep4: What Joseph Roth saw

April 12th, 2017


In this episode, our in-house writer and reviewer gives us an insight into a fascinating era through the eyes of a great observer and reporter, writer Joseph Roth.

S4 Ep3: From pots to poets

March 24th, 2017


It was International Poetry Day this week and we celebrate it by reading poetry in various languages, discussing exotic flowers and pondering about Neanderthals; random but ever so charming.

S4 Ep2: Conceptual photography and the weight of things

March 4th, 2017


In this episode we visit Chema Madoz's photography exhibition at Conde Duque, Madrid, as well as answering some big, big questions

S4 Ep1: Virtual worlds and surreal experiences

February 16th, 2017


Join us as we test virtual reality devices and hear some expert advice on dealing with video editing projects a few swear words included here and there (all justified!)

S3 Ep19: La vida por delante. La infancia en la calle: a photography exhibition at Museo Nacional Antropologia, Madrid

January 13th, 2017


We start 2017 just as we finished 2016, bringing you all things culture and art in Madrid and beyond! This time we revisit 1940s Spain in an …

S3 Ep18: Bruce Davidson's photography at Fundacion Mapfre, Madrid

December 18th, 2016


It's almost time for El Arpa Christmas Special but before, we have been to see an inspiring photography exhibition. Check it out!

S3 Ep17: Political controversy isn't dead and buried

December 2nd, 2016


This week we speak about recent deaths and how political controversy transcends death... Sounds grim, but it's dead interesting, believe us.

S3 Ep16: A review of 'I, Daniel Blake': a Ken Loach film

November 4th, 2016


This week Enda gives us his thoughtful insight into Ken Loach's latest film... And boy did he like it.

S3 Ep15: Between the devil and the deep blue sea: the drama of African migrants told by Salvados

October 25th, 2016


This week El Arpa reports on 'Astral', an essential documentary about the drama of African migrants trying to reach Europe by sea, and the commendable humanitarian work undertaken by the NGO ProActiva Open Arms aboard …

S3 Ep14: Beauty and the Beast: a review of the 'Wa Habibi' exhibition at Casa Arabe

September 27th, 2016


This week we visit Casa Árabe in Madrid for an essential exhibition by Syrian photographer Carole Alfarah which showcases the best and the worst of …

S3 Ep13: 'Letras clandestinas' : an exhibition at Imprenta Municipal, Madrid

September 10th, 2016


This week we visit the Printing Museum in Madrid to report on an essential exhibition on clandestine printing (1939-1976)

S3 Ep12: A commentary on Brian Friel's 'Translations'

September 2nd, 2016


It is theatre Thursday at El Arpa and we are just too excited to discuss literature, Irishness, language and history all in the same podcast, what more can be hoped for!

S3 Ep11: El Arpa On The Beach

July 30th, 2016


Twenty years after the release of the famous novel and sixteen after the film, there's still so much to say about them. Our in-house movie expert (AKA Enda) tells us why book and movie made a lasting impression on him …

S3 Ep10: A movie is worth a thousand paintings: the influence of paintings on cinema

July 22nd, 2016


In this episode we talk about beautiful cinematography inspired by paintings, featuring movies as varied as Blade Runner, Michael Collins and Pan's …

S3 Ep9: Zohab Khan - The Interview

July 22nd, 2016


Tune in for a fascinating insight into the charismatic work of Australian Pakistani poet Zohab Khan, who talks to us about identity, discrimination, and speaking up against social injustice.

S3 Ep8: #SinFiltros: a review of a photographic exhibition about refugees

June 10th, 2016


This week we attend a photographic exhibition at El Matadero in Madrid to report on an issue which, sadly, continues to be news: the refugee crisis. One year after our one of our first podcasts... Has anything changed?

S3 Ep7: Top plans starting with B: from the barrio to Brooklyn

May 31st, 2016


This week we open our senses at the Blind Museum in Madrid and sing the praises of beautiful Brooklyn, definitely a must-watch.

S3 Ep6: A strangeness in our minds: is Pamuk's latest book his best yet?

April 18th, 2016


This week we are honoured to let Orhan Pamuk delve into the strangeness of our minds with a review of his latest, wonderful as ever, creation.

S3 Ep5: A review of the Julia Margaret Cameron exhibition at Fundacion Mapfre

April 8th, 2016


With another week comes another unadulterated dose of El Arpa's honest reflections, this time on a photography exhibition showcasing Julia Margaret …

S3 Ep4: Ode to two poets: the world (and the word) according to Heaney and Neruda

April 1st, 2016


Tune in this week for a real poetry fest as we talk about poem translation, discuss the works of poets Seamus Heaney and Pablo Neruda and reveal some …

S3 Ep3: Lá fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh (happy St Patrick's Day that is!)

March 18th, 2016


You might think you know about Ireland, you might have even been there, but believe me, you have never stepped foot on this Ireland... And it won't disappoint you.

S3 Ep2: El Arpa makes history: the Cleopatra exhibition at Fundacion Canal

March 4th, 2016


This week we bring in Cleopatra to give us a sneak peek into the world of archaeology and cultural activities in Madrid (no spoilers)!

S3 Ep1: A review of 'Once upon a time in Russia', a book by Ben Mezrich

February 12th, 2016


The El Arpa podcast is back with not just a bang but a few as our Russian expert Enda gives us his insightful opinion on a book dealing with the rise …

S2 Ep5: El Arpa Christmas special!

December 23rd, 2015


Live from Madrid's Conde Duque bringing Christmas to your ears! Merry Christmas/ Feliz Navidad / Nollag shona!

S2 Ep4: Quiet on the set!: the era of the so-called 'silent' movies

December 15th, 2015


This week we let Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton take us to a very charming era, the time of the first movies.

S2 Ep3: Uncertain nationality: a review of the Josef Koudelka exhibition at Fundacion Mapfre

December 15th, 2015


This week we visit an exhibition showcasing the work of Czech photographer Josef Koudelka... And it certainly is picture perfect.

S2 Ep2: Learning from the best: cultural and educational initiatives in pre-war Spain

December 4th, 2015


We are both fully in our element in this latest episode in which we go back in history to find out more about culture and education in Spain during …

S2 Ep1: Pans and puns at the Tapapies Festival, Madrid

October 25th, 2015


Man cannot live by culture alone, so this week El Arpa leaves the studio to try some food and drink at the Tapapies Festival with mixed results...

S1 Ep10: A review of the World Photo Press exhibition at COAM, Madrid

October 16th, 2015


This week Madrid's favourite reporter gives us another insight into yet another cultural activity in Madrid

S1 Ep9: A book review of 'Gestapo', by Frank McDonough

October 9th, 2015


This week one half of El Arpa interviews the other about a book on the ins and outs of the famous Gestapo... Is the book worth a read?

S1 Ep8: Of snakes and men: African and Irish myths rediscovered

September 29th, 2015


This week we compare some great myths from across the world and discover who (or what) is who in the world of mythology

S1 Ep7: Life is a game of two halves: thoughts on the refugee crisis

September 23rd, 2015


This week we share our thoughts on various aspects of the refugee crisis and reflect on how football can make a massive difference when it comes to integration... Curious? Tune in!

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