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3: The Ascender


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Software engineer by profession, mountaineer by passion

Never scolded for falling down or getting a cut. A rugged childhood.

Asthma diagnosis at an early age of 17 made a drastic change in life, things being done to reduce dependency.

If someone had told me at this point of time that I am going to Mount Everest, it would have been a cruel joke, but it's funny how life comes around!

Inflection point when a friend showed a picture of a trek in Tamil Nadu, Parvathmalai in 2005, it was the first time that the call of the mountains and adventure was felt it was like a palpitation!

My friend told me that as we grow older and wiser, our ability to rationalize any thing that we do increases!

Bangalore Mountaineering Club(BMC) and perspective of Bangalore that was limited to Malls, Pubs and Clubs. It was a lot like a small town. When I discovered trekking through BMC, it was as though I had found another layer through which to experience the city.

When I became a trek guide with BMC, I felt like I was living the dream because I followed my passion and got paid for it.

2010 December - First High Altitude Trek - Everest Base Camp - First view of Everest. Promised to Mt. Everest that I would come back.

Getting ready for a big leap. Having everything needed in place so that I could take the decision once the resources were ready by taking the Basic Mountaineering Course at HMI. (Himalayan Mountaineering Institute)

The next expedition I undertook was to Mount Kilimanjaro due to the adventures I had read in Chander Pahar, a Bengali novel that most of us would have read, growing up. It was here that I learnt of the 7 summits. I closed my eyes and visualized a way to make it happen dreaming about traveling the world and have a brilliant excuse to do it!

Laughed at myself and thought that here I am struggling to scale Everest, then I took a leap and created a map of what sequence I would be undertaking these executions and once again visualized having completed all these summits.

It's interesting to note the way Satya describes his thought process before embarking on his journey, reflecting on how we seldom allow ourselves to dream first thinking of the constraints instead of the potential opportunity before us and figuring out a way to achieve it.

Read more about

a. Malli Mastan Babu -

b. Mountaineering in India -

Book Recommendations -

Chander Pahar - The Mountain of the Moon -

Power of Moments -

7 Summits: Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania,Africa): June 29, 2012 and June 14, 2018 Mt Elbrus (Russia,Europe) : June 27, 2013 Mt Aconcagua (Argentina ,South America) : January 13, 2014
Mt Denali/McKinley (Alaska, North America) : June 23, 2014
Mt Mont Blanc (France, Europe) : September 23, 2014
Mt Kosciuszko (Australia) :  June 12, 2015
Mt Everest (Nepal, Asia) : May 21, 2016
Mt Carstensz Pyramid (Papua New Guinea, Oceania): June 13, 2017
Mt Vinson Massif (Antarctica) : December 15, 2017

Please note, there are 9 mountains in 7 summits. There are different views in which is the highest mountain for Australia: According to Messner's list it is Carstensz Pyramid (Papua New Guinea, Oceania), According to bass List it is Kosciuszko (Australia)
Europe: Technically highest mountain of Europe is Mt Elbrus in Russia. But Many people consider Mont Blanc (France) of Alps as the highest of Europe.

To prevent disputes, Satya climbed all the 9. **7 Volcanic Summits:

Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa):** June 29, 2012 and June 14, 2018 Mt Elbrus (Russia,Europe):  June 27, 2013
Mt Ojos Del Salado (Chile,South America):  January 15, 2018
Mt Damavand (Iran, Asia): Scheduled for 6 September
Mt Giluwe (Papua new Guinea, South America): Scheduled for September End
Mt Pico De Orizaba (Mexico, North America): Scheduled for November End
Mt Sidley (Antarctica): Scheduled for Jan 6 Expedition;

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