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Music and DJing with Ruby Lair

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Let's face it: good music is essential for a good night of dancing and a good dance in competition. To discuss the power of music - and the role of DJs in providing that music - we sat down with one of the best DJs around (and one of our personal favorites), Ms. Ruby Lair. We asked her how she got started, how she got so good, and how she thinks about playing music for both social dancing and competitions. We talked about the influence of DJs, current trends in our music, and how DJs can grow and improve. If you have opinions about the music we dance to, if you are a DJ or an aspiring DJ, or if you are just curious to learn more about music and DJing, this episode is for you.

Ruby Lair on Spotify
Mike (not Danny) Zito - Little Red Corvette (on Spotify)
JJ Grey & Mofro - Lochloosa (on Spotify)

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Coming soon.

September 12th, 2018


An introduction to The Naked Truth: Real Talk about West Coast Swing and hosts Eric Jacobson and Deborah Székely.

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