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The Music Educator Podcast is about analyzing, nurturing and discussing what takes place in the music classroom as it relates to 21st-century education. This podcast compliments the educational vision of The Band Buzz Blog which can be found at This educational media is intended for mu… read more

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TME Podcast Season 5, Ep. 3; Rehearsal Planning: Considerations for Band Directors

April 16th, 2023


Are you a band director looking to make the most out of your ensemble? Look no further than this episode of the Music Educator Podcast! In this episode, we'll cover everything you need to know about rehearsal planning, …

TME Podcast Season 5, Ep 2 Band Director Tips for Brushing Up on their Percussion Knowledge

March 6th, 2023


In this episode of The Music Educator Podcast, we're talking all things percussion! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you won't want to miss our tips for brushing up on your percussion knowledge. From …

TME Podcast Season 5, Ep. 1 The Jazz Band Set-up

January 28th, 2023


In today's episode we are going dive into the logistics of jazz band set-ups as well as provide a short history of jazz origins. Enjoy.

Want to ADVERTISE your SERVICE or PRODUCT to a highly focused Music Education …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 37 Learning A Little About MIDI

September 27th, 2022


MIDI has been around since the the late 1970s to 1980s. This tool has allowed us to grow technologically and musically. Listen to learn more!

Want to 

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 36 The History into the Development of the Banjo

September 6th, 2022


America's music history is interconnected with its overall identity. One particularly important American created instrument is the Banjo. This …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 35: Common Problems of the Oboe

August 16th, 2022


The Oboe is a beautiful instrument that is adored in the classical world. It requires regular practice and a set of craftsman skills for creating …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 34 Common Problems of the Bassoon

August 9th, 2022


The Bassoon is a unique instrument that is often performed by the few and the brave. It has its quirks and adds a singular quality of sound that …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 33 Advice for Learning Scales with the Circle of Fourths

August 2nd, 2022


Seasoned educators often provide valuable tips and recommendations for warm-ups. The real challenge is to not allow a daily warm-up to turn into something that is so mundane that the student brain processes start to …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 32 A Reflection On First Year New Teacher Week

July 26th, 2022


In today's episode, host Bill Stevens goes unscripted to talk about new teacher week and provides some helpful advice for those just entering the …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 31 Supporting Students Outside the Classroom

July 19th, 2022


Student development occurs as a result of reciprocal give-and-take actions between the teacher and the pupil. This means that the well rounded …

Bonus Quick Tip: Just Like Me

July 15th, 2022


Want to get your students involved? Then you are "Just Like Me!" Today's bonus quick tip, "Just Like Me," provides viewers an activating strategy …

Bonus Quick Tip: It's a Classroom, Not Boot Camp

July 13th, 2022


Today’s Quick Tip of the Day comes from Mike Roberts’ book Hacking Classroom Management. Today's tip is to remember it's a classroom, not boot camp. In today's bonus quick tip we will be identifing six steps to a more …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 30: Tactical Approach to Teaching Percussion - Special Guest Mr. David Knott

July 12th, 2022


In today' s episode of The Music Educator Podcast we are lucky to showcase a true professional in the field of music education, Mr. David Knott. Mr. Knott provides valuable, practical and relevant teaching strategies …

Bonus Quick Tip: 7 Tips for New Elementary Music Teacher

July 8th, 2022


Today's Bonus Quick Tip: 7 Tips for the New Music Elementary Teacher come to you from Ms. Emily Conroy. Check out Ms. Conroy's blog post for 7 Tips for the New Music Teacher on her link HERE:(

TME Podcast Season 4 Ep 29: Differences Between the Tenor and Bass Trombones

July 5th, 2022


The trombone is a unique and fun instrument to play. But what are the differences between the tenor trombone and the bass trombone? Lets start by identifying what makes the trombone, in general, unique...

Want to 

Bonus Quick Tip: Five Interval Qualities

July 2nd, 2022


Learn about the "Five Interval Qualities" that every musician comes to know. In today's bonus quick tip we will learn what these intervals are called and what makes them unique.

Check out The Music Educator Podcast …

Bonus Quick Tip: Choosing a Method Book

June 30th, 2022


Choosing a Method book for your band, orchestra or guitar class can be quite the task. It takes a moment from you, the music educator, to reflect on what is most important for your beginning students to learn. Most …

Bonus Quick Tip:

June 29th, 2022


A popular edtech tool named Classroomscreen has received an overhaul. Classroomscreen is an online tool that allows you to display the instructions …

TME Podcast Season 4 Ep 28: Checklist for Improving Brass Instrument Performance

June 28th, 2022


What is the brass musician to do if he or she expects to fully develop his or her musical abilities? To gracefully perform with technical facility, …

Bonus Quick Tip: Work Life Balance

June 27th, 2022


Maintaining a quality work life balance is often challenging for many in the music education field. Balancing the priorities at work sometimes can be at odds with your family dynamic and stress levels. However, with a …

Bonus Quick Tip: 5 Underrated Facts About the Triangle

June 24th, 2022


In today's Bonus Quick Tip we are going to discuss 5 underrated facts about the triangle. The triangle is an often misunderstood and judged instrument. Learn about the roots of the triangle and how it came to be in …

Bonus Quick Tip:

June 23rd, 2022


Do you want to provide your music program with enriching opportunities but have a sad operating budget? Check out DonorsChoose.Org. DonorsChoose.Org provides teachers the opportunity to advocate for their programs to …

Bonus Quick Tip: One Bass Drum, Multiple Styles

June 22nd, 2022


So you are posed with this scenario: You are a percussionist, you have one bass drum and multiple styles to play in. What do you do? In today's Music …

TME Podcast season 4, Ep 27 Understanding the Saxophone Mouthpiece

June 21st, 2022


Finding the ideal sound for your saxophone is a quest taken by many young performers. By understanding the saxophone mouthpiece much ground can be made on this journey. However, there is not a "cure-all" artifact or …

Bonus Quick Tip: Dry VS Wet Lip Brass Playing

June 20th, 2022


So what is the deal between "Wet VS Dry lip Brass Playing?" Does one type of lip playing have additional benefits over the other? Find out more in today's Bonus Quick Tip of the Day: "Wet VS Dry Lip Brass Playing!"

Bonus Quick Tip: Setting The Stage for Practice

June 19th, 2022


Check out The Music Educator Podcast weekly episode every Tuesday morning for more tips, tricks and advice you can you use tomorrow. 

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TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 26 The Hoffman Method

June 14th, 2022

In today's episode we will explore all the fascinating resources available to music educators and students from the Hoffman Academy. Today's special guest is Mr. Joseph Hoffman.


TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 25 Common Sound Production Problems and Solutions for the Flute and Piccolo

June 7th, 2022


The flute, and respectively the piccolo, have had a storied evolution that has taken place from since before 900 B.C. in China. The flute, created by …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 24 Are You Successful or Unsuccessful?

May 31st, 2022


Are you successful or unsuccessful? Sometimes there are degrees and shades of gray when trying to answer this question as a music educator. In this …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 23 Common Sound Production Problems and Solutions for the Clarinet

May 24th, 2022

Today we will be identifying some common sound production problems and solutions for the clarinet. Like any instrument, the clarinet is fraught with …

TME Podcast Season 4 Ep 22 Special Care of the Trombone Slide That Every Band Director Should Know

May 17th, 2022


Full band intonation improvement teaching strategies are always something that I look for whenever I need inspiration to get my group to the next …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 21 Full Band Intonation Improvement Teaching Strategies

May 10th, 2022


Full band intonation improvement teaching strategies are always something that I look for whenever I need inspiration to get my group to the next …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 20 Contest and Solo Performance Considerations

May 7th, 2022


Preparation for any solo contest, or audition generally takes several weeks to prepare for. With that objective in mind we are are going to be …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 19 What To Do After Playing The Flute

April 26th, 2022


The flute is an amazing instrument used in bands and orchestras all over the world. But what do you do after playing the flute? Do you just let it sit on a stand? Do you immediately put in it's case? Can you make the …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep 18 Encouraging Passion in Your Music Ensemble

March 27th, 2022


Encouraging passion in your music ensemble is an important element when trying to develop the ideal musical culture. Exercising the creative juices …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 17 Making Sure Your Clarinets Have a Proper Embouchure

December 27th, 2021


In the heat of teaching beginning band students, it is easy to overlook developmentally subtle details. Making sure your clarinets have and maintain a proper embouchure is worth the time and effort you invest. Today we …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 16 Learning the Basics About the Timpani

September 12th, 2021


The Timpani is an exciting percussion instrument because it can influence the rhythmic ideas of a musical piece as well as contribute to the harmonic and melodic development of it. The drum can play a series of …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 15: Music Education - Libraries, Archives and Museums

August 22nd, 2021


In today's episode we will explore all the fascinating resources available to music educators from libraries, archives and museums.  Today's special guest is Nicky Stevens.

Nicky Stevens (Interview) Nicky Stevens is an …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 14 Basic Scoring Techniques for the Marching Band Part 1

August 1st, 2021


The late summer brings a magical time of year when you hear the immortal phrase, "Welcome to Band Camp!" For many music educators and teens this is a special time of year when there is promise of competition, skill …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 13: Tips for Preparing for a New Student Orientation

July 26th, 2021


A new school year brings a sense of excitement, promise and anticipation. As a result, this special time also brings added anxiety for students, …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 12 Presenting at a Conference with Ms. Anola Douglas

July 20th, 2021


Presenting at a Conference can be scary yet rewarding venture. Today we interviewed Ms. Anola Douglas as she explained her experience presenting at a …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 11 Parent Communication Techniques

July 18th, 2021


All educators are tasked with communicating with parents at one point or another. Being in sync with your workflow and knowing the appropriate reasons for contacting parents helps the effectiveness of helping foster a …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 10 Tips for Practicing Your Instrument

July 13th, 2021


Have you ever struggled with practicing your instrument? Do you need tips for practicing your instrument? Worry not because today we will discuss some strategies that you maybe overlooking.

It is important to understand …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 9 Snare Drum Fundamentals

July 10th, 2021


The Snare Drum is one of the primary and cornerstone percussion instruments in a band. Today we are going to reintroduce and highlight the parts and key aspects of Snare Drum fundamentals. Note, by not having a physical …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 8 - 7 Variations On The Traditional Rehearsal Method

July 6th, 2021


Have you ever worked your tail off during a rehearsal and still feel like so much more could have been accomplished? Perhaps it was right after lunch …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 7 A Reflection on "Strategies to Reach Students Who Don't Care"

July 3rd, 2021


Today’s Episode reflects on Ms. Sally Utley’s article “Strategies to Reach Students Who Don’t Care" from The Music Crew Blog. Ms. Utley begins by outlining the frustration that she and many other educators encounter …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 6: Jazz Articulations

June 28th, 2021


Today's topic discusses a variety of jazz articulations and articulation rules. The majority of this book is based on on Mats Holmquist's book, "The …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 5: Why Solfege is a Useful Tool for All Musicians

June 25th, 2021


This episode describes what Solfege is and who should use it. All Musicians.

The discussion continues and includes:

  • Where Solfege originated from

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 4 Key Elements of Piano Care

June 23rd, 2021


Every degreed music educator has some experience playing a piano. Most students of music have either taken some sort of group piano course or have taken independent private lessons. But what happens after your …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 3 Embouchure Dystonia

June 21st, 2021


Today's episode of The Music Educator Podcast is about Embouchure Dystonia. The show covers:

  • What is Embouchure Dystonia
  • Personal Experience
  • Symptoms

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 2: How to Create a Music Substitute Binder

June 13th, 2021


Being able to duplicate the process of  making a substitute binder will allow you to deliver on your organizational teacher aspirations. 

Have you …

TME Podcast Season 4, Ep. 1: Reflecting on the Band Director Podium Personality

November 14th, 2020


In the this episode of The Music Educator Podcast we are going to explore the fascinating power and nuance of the band director's podium personality.

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TME Podcast Season 3, Ep. 6, The Jazz Rhythm Section

October 17th, 2020


The rhythm section is the heart and soul of any school's jazz band. The larger style jazz bands have evolved as a result of the big band movement in …

TME Podcast Season 3, Ep. 5, Choosing a Method Book

September 28th, 2020


Choosing a method book can be an arduous task for many young band directors. There are several strategic elements that you will need included in your method book of choice. More importantly, the selection process will …

TME Podcast Season 3, Ep. 4, Surviving Distance Learning With My Choir

July 21st, 2020


Surviving distance learning with my choir is a goal of any choral director. There will be so much uncertainty and until school systems decide how to …

TME Podcast Season 3, Ep. 3: Starting Breathing Exercises to Encourage Air Capacity Growth

June 14th, 2020


Musicians who require the use of their air to perform will benefit from “Starting Breathing Exercises to Encourage Air Capacity Growth.” Whether you are a brass, woodwind or even a vocalist musician, breathing, and …

TME Podcast Season 3, Ep. 2; Get More Student Engagement with Practopus

April 21st, 2020


Looking for more student engagement from your music students? Do you feel that student’s practice work ethic is less than stellar? Practopus is a new …

TME Podcast, Season 3, Ep. 1; CoVid-19 and Music Education

April 15th, 2020


This podcast episode layouts some of the challenges that CoVid-19 presents to the Music Educator.

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Show Notes

The Music Educator Podcast Newsletter

TME Podcast Season 2, Ep 20: 15 Relevant Educator Questions to Strengthen Student Enjoyment in Class

November 26th, 2019


This podcast episode is an opportunity to highlight a teacher’s internal dialogue to improve their teaching.  That is to say; some teachers go into …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep 19: 9 Approaches to Care and Protect Marimbas

November 19th, 2019


The marimba is a beautifully sounding mallet percussion instrument. Sadly many music educators do not possess the proper training and experience it …

TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 18 - 9 Common Problems for the Flute

November 12th, 2019


Musicians experience inherent instrument challenges. The flute is no exception. In “9 Common Problems for the Flute,” we will identify what barricades musicians from perfecting their musical craft. These common problems …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep 17 - 6 Productivity Enhancing Activities for Teachers

October 29th, 2019


“6 Productivity Enhancing Activities for Teachers” is a reflection on the critical points in Elisa Janson Jones’ article “Want Maximum Productivity and Progress? Do this” from the SBO September 2019 magazine. Jones …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep 16 Understanding the Trumpet Mouthpiece

October 22nd, 2019


A huge factor in determining the success of your trumpet player’s performing potential is subject to their choice in mouthpieces. Elements such as the rim, cup, throat, shank, and backbore influence what the mouthpiece …

TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 15 Tips for Brass Tone Production

October 15th, 2019


The number one most important musical element in performing is quality tone production. In this post, we will discuss issues and tips for brass instrument tone production. Each instrumental family produces sound in …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 14 Understanding Copyright in Music Education

October 8th, 2019


As music educators, we deal with regular copyright issues. Understanding copyright in music education is an ethical practice and goal that we should …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 13 Hosting a Summer Symposium

October 1st, 2019


Have you ever considered hosting a summer symposium? Do you have camp experience? Does your school have an active and supportive parental team? Are …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 12: First Lesson for the Beginner Trumpet Player

September 24th, 2019


Many band directors extend their employment beyond the classroom to the private studio. Often in a private studio, you are teaching all levels of musician. In this article, we will identify a recommended 30-minute …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 11 Frequent Music Instrument Repairs

September 17th, 2019


Frequent and everyday music instrument repairs often horrify many young music directors. Consequently, this is because many educators have inadequate skills to address instrument repair. Every day a child doesn’t have …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 10 - Inquiry into the Habits of a Significant Band Director

September 10th, 2019


Today we are going to conduct an inquiry into the habits of a significant band director. What makes a band director significant? What is needed to become significant? We will discuss all this, and more, as we inquire …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 9 - Saxophone Reed Selection Considerations

September 3rd, 2019


I love the saxophone family because it is such a fun group of instruments. As a result, there are various saxophone reeds that suit different …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 7 - Successful Student Recruitment for Beginning Music Programs

August 27th, 2019


The key to any successful music program is to have students. In turn, a successful recruitment campaign is vital to building an active beginning …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep 6 - Origins Story

August 20th, 2019


Origins Story, Season 2, Ep. 6, is about the journey of the author Bill Stevens. He unveils the life experiences that led him from loathing music to loving his life as a music educator.

Like what you hear? Take a moment …

TME Podcast Season 2, Ep. 8 - Student Procedure for Entering the Classroom

August 15th, 2019


One of the first routines of the day is the observation of our students entering the music rooms. Having a student procedure for entering the classroom can improve the tone of instruction for the remainder of the class. …

TME Podcast: Season 2, Ep. 5 - Perform 97% Better By Following These 17 Pencil Drawing Techniques

August 13th, 2019


How can the following 17 rehearsal techniques using a pencil help you become a better musician? First, think about how can you improve. Are you a …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 4 - 24 Best Practices in the Classroom

August 6th, 2019


What does the saying “best practices” instruction and teaching mean for an educator? Is it what works well for you or the educational community? Maybe they are just textbook answers. I think most people agree that the …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 3 - 18 Reasons Students Love Being in a School Instrumental Music Program

July 30th, 2019


Everyone seems to have their own reasons for loving music. Today in “18 Reasons Students Love Being in a School Instrumental Music Program,” we will …

TME Podcast Season 2 Ep. 2 - Yikes! I Need a Music Sub Tomorrow

July 23rd, 2019


Music Sub Plans - Yikes! I need a music sub tomorrow. That is the scenario that many of us run into when unexpected events in life occur for us. In …

TME Podcast. Season 2 Ep.1 - Better Bands with Mouthpiece Buzzing

July 19th, 2019


Why do band directors say better bands with mouthpiece buzzing perform at higher levels? We will examine this habit-based wisdom. One expert, Mr. …

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep. 7 - 7 Revealing Beginner Saxophonist Problems

July 10th, 2018


This episode will explore the real life challenges for beginning saxophonists. What distractions keep us from being that next professional sax player? Find out here.

Like what you hear? Take a moment to support the …

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep 6 - Do Drummers Count

July 2nd, 2018


Do Drummers Count?

This is a question that can be answered in many different ways. As a middle band director, I have had several drummers or more, specifically percussionists, fill my band rooms year after year. I say, …

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep. 5 - End of the Year Reflections Part 2

June 25th, 2018


End of the Year Reflections for the Music Educator Part 2


  • Concert Schedule
  • Fundraisers
    1. Paperwork due dates
    2. Personal Non Negotiables

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep. 4 - End of the Year Reflections for the Music Educator Part 1

May 27th, 2018


Today we are going to take a moment to discuss a tremendously important task that all music directors should do at the end of the year. Reflect. End …

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep. 3 - 13 Practical Ways Music Educators Earn Money

May 10th, 2018


Have you ever experienced a long week of teaching and have had little to no money to go out and relax? Or perhaps your paycheck is less than desirable and you struggle just to pay your bills? We have all experienced …

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep. 2 - 7 Ways Music Educators Inspire Students

April 20th, 2018


In episode 2 of The Music Educator Podcast: 7 Ways Music Educators Inspire Students. Bill Stevens shares some of the memorable moments he has observed in the classroom as a student and as an educator. These observations …

TME Podcast Season 1, Ep 1 - 17 Tested Techniques that can Help Any Music Program Grow

April 3rd, 2018


Episode 1 reveals 17 tested techniques that can help any music program grow.

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