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Welcome to The Mc's on Movies podcast where two childhood friends with Irish last names review and discuss their most loved and hated movies. We guarantee at least one of them is sober.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

November 5th, 2018

The Mc's venture into the wizarding world circa 1926 to discover if the Harry Potter spinoff/prequel is any good. Follow us on facebook …

Van Helsing!

October 21st, 2018

In the spirit of Halloween, the Mc's look back at 2004 film Van Helsing starring Wolverine.

We are Venom!

October 6th, 2018

The Mc's, James and Sean, get a parasite---not really, because that's gross. However, they do review Sony's latest attempt to create a cinematic universe out of Spider-Man villains.

The Predator (the new one)

September 25th, 2018

The Predator is back...and better than ever? NOTE: No joke, a mysterous THIRD voice can be heard whispering something just as we started recording. Because we left it in, the transition from the theme song to our review …

Get to the Choppa!

September 11th, 2018

The Mc's, James and Sean, venture into the jungle to take on the 80's action/sci-fi/horror classic, Predator. We have email!

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

September 4th, 2018

The Mc's revisit a hidden gem and one of James's personal favorites. They also talk a little backyard football.

Tom Cruise, The Mummy, and Me.

August 29th, 2018

Their back! Like a scorned 5000-year-old Mummy, the Mc's make their spectacular return to the airwaves with a biting review of Tom Cruise's mummy …

The Meg vs. Jason Statham

August 12th, 2018

It had the Statham. It had a giant shark. But was it any good?

Valerian and the City of 1000 Planets

August 8th, 2018

The director of The 5th Element, Luc Besson's passion project. We know it was a box office flop but is it any good?

Tremors...and sort of The Last Jedi

July 31st, 2018

The Mc's, James and Sean, dig into the Kevin Bacon classic, Tremors. Also, Sean rewatched The Last Jedi and he has some thoughts.
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