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The LoCo Experience is produced and sponsored by LoCo Think Tank - and sometimes others! Our mission is to uncover as much business education as possible while getting to know the founders and leaders of amazing organizations. You'll feel like you really know our guests after each episode, and if we… read more

176 Episodes | 2020 - 2023

EXPERIENCE 144 | Dennis & LJ Houska of Houska Automotive Services - Reflections on a Family and Community-Centric Business Over Three Generations

December 4th, 2023


Houska Automotive in Fort Collins was started in 1952, by Dennis’s father - Charles “Chuck” Houska, and still operates from the original location at …

BONUS EPISODE | November 2023 Blog - Grateful for a Great and Full Ten Years! (AKA The Founding Story of LoCo Think Tank)

December 1st, 2023


We're sharing  Curt's blog from November, which is titled Grateful for a Great and Full 10 Years, a. k. a. The Loco Think Tank Story. "Last month …

EXPERIENCE 143 | Dishing Up Great Food & Stewarding Legendary Restaurants with Alan Jantzen, Owner and Restaurateur at Silver Grill Cafe and Vern’s Place

November 27th, 2023


For almost 30 years, Alan Jantzen was the man behind the scenes for what became one of the Fort Collins restaurant industry’s most dominant …

EXPERIENCE 142 | NoCo Real Estate & Water Update; Free Speech,; and Video Essays from @loanly_hipster with Aaron Everitt

November 20th, 2023


Today we welcomed Aaron Everitt back to The LoCo Experience studios for our Northern Colorado real estate and water update, and as usual we got into …

EXPERIENCE 141 | Building Value for Enterprise Clientsin the world of Podcasting and Scaling a Remote Team with Jake Jorgovan, Founder of Content Allies and Owner of Listen Network

November 13th, 2023


Jake Jorgovan is a serial entrepreneur and podcast industry expert, whom I first met at a Colorado Podcasters gathering in 2022.  He’s the Founder of

EXPERIENCE 140 | Disruption & Collaboration with Dr. Heather Rubin, Co-Founder & CEO of RapiCure Solutions

November 6th, 2023


I met Dr. Heather Rubin at the Innovation Showcase Event held at the Warehouse Innovation Hub in Loveland in late August.  Heather took home 2 of the 4 awards presented that day - the Most Disruptive Business Model and …

EXPERIENCE 139 | Indentured Servant to CEO with Marc Torres of Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs

October 30th, 2023


Marc Torres started his journey with Cheba Hut in perfect “cheba” fashion - a failed drug test foiled his job prospects with the City of Fort …

EXPERIENCE 138 | Luxury Real Estate as Income Property with Greg Roeder, Global Real Estate Advisor with LIV Sotheby’s International Realty

October 23rd, 2023


Greg Roeder is a 2nd time guest on The LoCo Experience, and was my guest with then-partner and co-founder Josh Guernsey of Waypoint Real Estate, in Episode 45.  They were celebrating their 5th anniversary and had …

EXPERIENCE 137 | Flying into New Frontiers with Leadership Trainer, Speaker, Coach, Podcaster & Author Cameron Singh

October 16th, 2023


I was introduced to Cameron Singh by our mutual friend, Fort Collins Mayor Emeritus Wade Troxell, and we’ve enjoyed some wonderful conversations in …

EXPERIENCE 135 | Saving the Planet, One Putt at a Time with Matt Gettig, Creator of Lightning Mini Golf and Owner of Down to Earth Landscape, Irrigation, & Fence Company

October 2nd, 2023


Matt Gettig is my neighbor of 14 years, and his home at the corner of Whitcomb and Laporte in Fort Collins is the epicenter of a neighborhood …

EXPERIENCE 133 | Jennifer Lewis - EOS Implementer | Mom | Rare Disease Advocate - Leveraging Business Impact Through Sales Operations, Relationships, and EOS Implementations

September 18th, 2023


Jennifer Lewis grew up in West Loveland in an entrepreneurial family and started her career with Mr. Neat’s Formal Wear when she was 15 years old. …

EXPERIENCE 131 | Hope Hartmann, Kat Hart, and Lisa Hudson - Unstoppable Women on a Mission for Business Growth & Success!

September 4th, 2023


Hope Hartmann, Kat Hart, and Lisa Hudson are the leading ladies, respectively, at the Larimer Small Business Development Center, Loveland Business …

EXPERIENCE 130 | Keeping it in the Family with Dan Garvin, President of Colorado Iron & Metal

August 28th, 2023


Dan Garvin is the President of Colorado Iron & Metal, one of our region’s largest metal recycling centers with locations in Fort Collins and …

EXPERIENCE 129 | Making Leave Not Suck at Work with Jen Henderson, Founder and CEO of Tilt

August 21st, 2023


Jen Henderson is the Founder and CEO of Tilt - a SaaS platform and team that provides companies with professional, consistent, and compliant leave management.  As with many founding stories, Jen’s mission developed from …

EXPERIENCE 128 | Community Relations, Super Connections, and Charity Auctioneering with Nathan Scott

August 14th, 2023


Nathan Scott is arguably one of Fort Collins most interesting people, and this podcast episode was spawned, in part, by Nathan’s introduction of so …

EXPERIENCE 127 | Dr. Kristen Truman-Allen, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at PULP Leadership Coaching & LoCo Facilitator

August 7th, 2023


Dr. Kristen Truman-Allen is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at PULP Leadership Coaching, and a LoCo Facilitator for the Catalyst Collective …

EXPERIENCE 126 | Aaron Everitt - NoCo Real Estate Update, Robert Kennedy Jr., Free Speech, In Motion, & LoCo Member Experience

July 31st, 2023


Aaron Everitt is back in The LoCo Experience studio for our quarterly-ish real estate update, where we always remember - there’s opportunity in every market!  We talk about current interest rates and inventory …

EXPERIENCE 125 | On a Mission for Better Health Care with Trevin & Allison Cardon of Hometown Family Health

July 24th, 2023


During Dr. Trevin Cardon’s residency with Poudre Valley Hospital, he determined to follow a less-traditional path. He and his wife Allison founded

EXPERIENCE 124 | Tim and Ami Lindgren of Lindgren Landscape - Building the Best Backyards in Northern Colorado - Together.

July 17th, 2023


Tim and Ami Lindgren started Lindgren Landscape while they were engaged to be married, and still in college at CSU.  They’ve been building the best …

EXPERIENCE 123 | Tales of a Creative Engineer with Dan Bennett, Marketing Manager at Lightning eMotors

July 10th, 2023


Dan Bennett is in his second season with Lightning eMotors, previously known as Lightning Hybrids, and has had a front row seat to the evolution of a …

EXPERIENCE 122 | Food & Service, Love & Family with Rayno Seaser, Founder of The Egg & I

July 3rd, 2023


Rayno Seaser founded The Egg & I in 1987, as a breakfast and lunch restaurant in what is now mid-town Fort Collins.  Before long, additional …

EXPERIENCE 120 | Sean Fox - Smashing IT Problems with Mjolnir Technology

June 19th, 2023


Sean Fox and his partner Zac Horton founded Mjolin Technology in 2018, after working together at Greystone Technology.  We might call it a boutique …

EXPERIENCE 119 | The Power of Ping Pong with Antonio Barbera, Founder and CEO of Table Tennis Connections

June 12th, 2023


Antonio Barbera is the Founder and CEO of Table Tennis Connections, a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization that builds community and empowers neural development through table tennis AKA ping-pong!  Dr. Barbera has developed …

EXPERIENCE 118 | Chas Greener - Content & Video Creator at Chas’s Crazy Creations - Cultivating a Creatives Community

June 5th, 2023


Chas Greener, formerly a Dance Director at Mountain Kids in Fort Collins, transitioned into content creation after an injury in 2019. She now runs

EXPERIENCE 117 | Samson Jagoras and Darius Bell - Clearly Acquired & Pain to Profits Podcast - Funding & Equipping the Next Generation of Business Leaders

May 29th, 2023


Samson Jagoras was a Division I football player at CU, and soon became an early-stage and key leader and eventually minority partner in Madwire/Marketing 360.  Darius Bell came to know Samson while he was a standout …

EXPERIENCE 116 | Chris Cox - Plenty Wellness & Buzz Screens - Why’s and Waypoints of an Entrepreneurial Journey

May 22nd, 2023


Chris Cox found relief from long-term back pain through use of CBD in 2016, and soon turned his growing knowledge of and passion for holistic …

EXPERIENCE 115 | Valeria Ortiz - Vortiz Insurance - Serving the Underserved & Building Community

May 15th, 2023


Valeria Ortiz, founder of Vortiz Insurance, offers education and insurance packages for the Medicare market, with its headquarters in Greeley, …

EXPERIENCE 114 | Phil Pelto, Firestorm - The Power of Network Effect & How to Build Authentic Connections

May 8th, 2023


Phil Pelto is the  Co-Founder of Firestorm B2B Networking and Certus B2C Networking - The Power of Network Effect & How to Build Authentic Connections, both with an increasing number of chapters and members across …

EXPERIENCE 113 | Sean Godbey - Founder and Owner of Old Town Spice Shop - Adapting Your Business Model for Changing Times

May 1st, 2023


Sean Godbey founded Old Town Spice Shop in Fort Collins, Colorado with his brother and parents in 2010, with an original plan to expand to five …

EXPERIENCE 112 | Seth Coonrod - Timberline Audio Video - The Highs and Lows of an Entrepreneurial Journey

April 24th, 2023


Seth Coonrod is the Founder and Owner/Operator of Timberline Audio Video in Loveland, Colorado, and also a LoCo Think Tank member.  He worked as a …

EXPERIENCE 110 | Nathan Wilbanks & Alex Swanson - On Artificial Intelligence, Marketing, Writing, and Thinking - and the Romance of an Entrepreneurial Journey Together

April 10th, 2023


Nathan Wilbanks and Alex Swanson are the Founders of BizOp Media, a content and strategy-driven marketing agency headquartered in Fort Collins. In …

EXPERIENCE 109 | Franklin Taggart - Musician, Podcaster, and Coach for Creatives

April 3rd, 2023


My guest this week was Franklin Taggart - a fellow consultant with the Larimer County Small Business Development Center and founder of Franklin …

EXPERIENCE 108 | John Kefalas - Larimer County Commissioner, Behind the Scenes of a Life of Service

March 27th, 2023


John Kefalas is currently a Larimer County Commissioner, elected to his second term in 2022, and previously served many years as a Colorado State …

EXPERIENCE 107 | Drew Yancey - On Peer Advisory, Leading Performance (because it can’t be managed), and Building Next Level Enterprises.

March 20th, 2023


Drew Yancey is the President and COO of Incite Performance Group in Fort Collins, and the LoCo Facilitator for a pair of Next Level chapters. He’s …

EXPERIENCE 106 | Aaron Everitt - InMotion, Real Estate Update, & Stop the Alphabet Soup

March 13th, 2023


Aaron Everitt, broker with The Group, joins us to give his quarterly update on the Northern Colorado real estate market, sharing market and interest …

EXPERIENCE 105 | A Brothers Fountain II - Fall Tour, Muscle Shoals, Business of Music, and Love of Community!

March 6th, 2023


My guests on today’s episode were AJ and JJ Fountain, bandmates with locally-famous campfire folk music band A Brothers Fountain, and co-founders and …

EXPERIENCE 104 | The Trainor Brothers Circus! - Brian, Adam, & Joe Trainor Share Stories of Brotherhood and Entrepreneurship

February 27th, 2023


This week we somehow fit three of the Northern-Colorado famous Trainor Brothers into the podcast studio, with Brian, Adam, and Joe Trainor all …

EXPERIENCE 103 | Becky Allsup, Designing a Team & Building an Integrated Enterprise

February 20th, 2023


Becky Allsup is the owner of Becky’s Custom Interiors, which in turn holds  Niche Design House   and Rebecca Windsor & Associates.  Niche is …

EXPERIENCE 102 | Working In Your Strengths with Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor & Author, Matt Shoup

February 13th, 2023


Matt Shoup is a serial entrepreneur, author, inventor, real estate broker and investor.  He’s the President of M & E Painting and Roofing, …

EXPERIENCE 101 | Nick Armstrong, WTF is up with Nick, Founded in FoCo, Comic Con, and FTW Hot Sauce?

February 6th, 2023


Nick Armstrong is among Fort Collins’ most interesting people!  He’s the Geek-in-Chief of WTF Marketing, the Pepper Pioneer of FTW Hot Sauce, and the …

EXPERIENCE 100 | Dudley Brown and Ben Gates, More Guns for a Safer America!

January 30th, 2023


Dudley Brown is the Founder and President of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners (RMGO), and the President of the National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), …

EXPERIENCE 99 | Dr. Heidi Golding, Traditional Medicine, Modern Technology, Family Trauma, Ayahuasca & Magic Mushrooms

January 23rd, 2023


Dr. Heidi Golding is the Founder and Practitioner at Living Well Chinese Medicine in Loveland, Colorado.  She’s an acupuncturist, an herbalist, and …

EXPERIENCE 98 | Annie & Mike Griffith on Travel, Law, Rotary Club, and Twenty-year 3rd Marriages!

January 16th, 2023


Annie and Mike Griffith are fellow members of the Rotary Club of Fort Collins Breakfast - or, more commonly known - Breakfast Rotary.  We meet at …

EXPERIENCE 97 | Dan Anderson, Business as Ministry & Faithfully Navigating Life's Challenges

January 9th, 2023


Dan Anderson is the President and CEO of Kingdom Way Ministries, and a Strategic & Leadership Coach with Five Capitals.  Kingdom Way's mission is to help marketplace leaders thrive in business, life, and ministry.  …

EXPERIENCE 96 | Kent Obermann, Creating Bright Smiles Through Dentistry and Music

January 2nd, 2023


Kent Obermann is the Founder of Tooth Zone Network, a pediatric dentistry enterprise that grew to include locations in Fort Collins, Loveland, and …

EXPERIENCE 95 | The HQ Team, Get to Know Alisha Jeffers and Year-End Recap 2022

December 26th, 2022


In this episode you’ll get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of LoCo Headquarters in my conversation with LoCo Experience Producer Alma Ferrer and our new Marketing Manager Alisha Jeffers. We give focus especially to Alisha, …

EXPERIENCE 94 | Althea Hrdlichka, Delivering Babies and Knowledge to the Community!

December 19th, 2022


Althea Hrdlichka is the Founder and Owner and Midwife at Tender Gifts Midwifery and Birth Center in Fort Collins.  After years of supporting Northern …

EXPERIENCE 93 | Hope Hartman on Empowering Small Businesses

December 12th, 2022


Hope Hartman is the Executive Director of the Larimer County Small Business Development Center, located on the Front Range Community College campus …

EXPERIENCE 92 | Aaron Everitt Delivers the Goods on the Real Estate Market

December 5th, 2022


Aaron Everitt is a regular guest of the LoCo Experience, with this being his fourth appearance. He’s well-connected in Fort Collins as a real estate …

Bonus #8 | November 2022 Blog: Fateful, Grateful and Plate Full!

December 1st, 2022


Bonus episode from the blog: Sharing gratitude for new additions to LoCo and new offerings just around the corner, the serendipitous path that led to …

EXPERIENCE 91 | Mandy Mullen at the Intersection of Fitness & Community

November 28th, 2022


Mandy Mullen is the Founder and Owner of the Run Windsor Race Series. She also founded and serves as  Executive Director of Windsor Gives, a …

EPISODE 90 | Bob Flynn on Building a Green Business

November 21st, 2022


Bob Flynn is the co-founder of Green Ride Colorado, which sold in 2018 to become Groome Transportation here in Northern Colorado. Groome specializes …

EXPERIENCE 89 | Ty Fulcher, Food & Beverage King of Old Town!

November 14th, 2022


Ty Fulcher is the owner of four of the finest eating and drinking establishments in Old Town Fort Collins: Social, Union, the Melting Pot and Rodizio …

EXPERIENCE 88 | Margo Karsten on the Health Care Industry

November 7th, 2022


Margo is the Western Region President at Banner Health and has her PhD in Organizational Development from CSU. Margo shares her inspiring journey from frontline nursing into management, developing a passion for …

EXPERIENCE 87 | Richard Fagerlin on Building Teams of Trust

October 31st, 2022


Richard Fagerlin is the founder and president of Peak Solutions Group and author of the book Trustology.  Richard is known across Northern Colorado - …

BONUS #7 | October 2022 Blog - Scary Times

October 28th, 2022


In this month’s blog, I’ll be taking a broad-scope view of the scary times we’re in - and sharing reflections and examples of why we should fear not …

EPISODE 86 | Kim O'Neil on Scaling, People, and Processes

October 24th, 2022


Kim O’Neil is the former Chief Operations Officer and current shareholder and Board Member of Encompass Technologies, and investor/advisor for a new …

EXPERIENCE 85 | Mark Weaver on Organizational Culture

October 17th, 2022


My guest on today’s episode was Mark Weaver. Mark is the Founder of Open Door Organizational Solutions and has been serving businesses with Human …

EXPERIENCE 84 | Wade Troxell on Innovating At The Intersection of Local Government, University, Business & Community

October 10th, 2022


My guest on today's episode is former mayor of Fort Collins, Wade Troxell. Wade continues to serve in a faculty role at CSU and in many high impact, …

EXPERIENCE 83 | Tanis Roeder on Communications

October 3rd, 2022


Today’s episode welcomes public speaking expert Tanis Roeder, founder and CEO of Elevate Your Communications in Fort Collins. We focus on best …

EXPERIENCE 82 | Seth Silvers on Podcasts

September 26th, 2022


Seth is the Founder and Owner of Story On Media and Marketing.

We went over industry analytics, best practices, and how to create a podcast as a small business. Seth also shared about the podcast movement conference …

EXPERIENCE 81 | Tom Lucero on Politics

September 19th, 2022


Tom Lucero is a political consultant whose organization, L3, helps aspiring leaders of any political persuasion through a leadership journey into the …

EXPERIENCE 80 | Allison Seabeck, Executive Director of The Warehouse Business Accelerator

September 9th, 2022


Allison is a returning guest from the first season, (# 41), where she shared her journey in becoming President of Prosci, and eventually, Executive Director of the Warehouse Business Accelerator.  In this episode she …

EXPERIENCE 79 | Tom Tonkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Sales Conservatory

September 5th, 2022


Want to be better at sales? - give this one a listen!  

Tom Tonkin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sales Conservatory, and he also has a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior.   Tom takes us through a true-life tale of growing …

Experience 78 | Daniel Treat - Photographer, Philosopher and Video Creator

August 29th, 2022


Daniel Treat is a photographer and video creative working with Nexus International.  Daniel and his wife were my wedding photographers, and he's lived a very interesting life, recently returning from the Republic of …

Experience 77 | Joshua Emery, Co-Owner of Emery Counseling

August 22nd, 2022


Josh Emery is a Therapists, Coach, and Co-Owner of Emery Counseling in Fort Collins. Emery Counseling offers a variety of counseling specialists in …

Experience 76 | Tim Washburn, Founder and Owner of Integrity Technologies and Computer Doctors

August 15th, 2022


Tim Washburn is the Founder and Owner of Integrity Technologies and Computer Doctors.

He has an inspiring story about pursuing a life of …

EXPERIENCE 75 | Brian Bauer, Founder & Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation

August 8th, 2022


Brian Bauer is the Founder and Executive Director of the Abundance Foundation here in Fort Collins. The Abundance Foundation is a nonprofit that …

EXPERIENCE 74 | James "Pigeon" Fielder, CSU Political Scientist, Game Designer, and Crisis Consultant

August 1st, 2022


James Pigeon Fielder, a longtime Military Intelligence Veteran now serving as a Political Science Professor at Colorado State University. He is also …

BONUS #6 | July 2022 Blog - Liberty from Liberty

July 29th, 2022


In this month's blog, I’ll be examining recent global events, and local truths, and boiling down a topic I’ve written about many times before.  Liberty - freedom plus virtue. Not the freedom to do what you like, the …

EXPERIENCE 73 | Ginger Graham, Owner of Ginger and Baker

July 25th, 2022


Ginger Graham is the Owner of Ginger and Baker. They are one of the finest cafes in town that also serves as a steakhouse and bakery. 

Our …

Experience 72 | Zach Schroeder, Co-Owner of Poudre Sports Car LLC

July 18th, 2022


Zach Schroeder is the Co-Owner of Poudre Sports Car LLC, which has been is business for over 50 years now! They specialize in European sports cars and Zach is a master Porsche technician and a race driving trainer.

We …

EXPERIENCE 71 | Kathryn Higgins, Founder & Silencia Cox, CEO of Motherlove Herbal Company

July 11th, 2022


 Kathryn Higgins and Silencia Cox are the Founder and CEO, of Motherlove Herbal Company. They create organic products for herbal remedies, specifically for pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

We talk about Kathryn's early …

BONUS #5 | June 2022 Blog - Are You Speakin' My Language?

July 6th, 2022


In this month’s blog, I’ll be examining communication habits – both my own and those I see in others – and unfolding what I find and understand as …

EXPERIENCE 70 | Patrick & Janay Soukup, Soukup Real Estate Services, Olympic Medalist

July 4th, 2022


Patrick is the Owner of Soukup Real Estate, a real estate firm here in Fort Collins and Janay is a two time Olympian with a bronze medal at the 2012 …

EXPERIENCE 69 | Ann Hutchison, President & CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce

June 27th, 2022


Ann Hutchison is the President and CEO of the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, which advocates for business solutions in our community. Ann …

EXPERIENCE 68 | Beth and Peter Bostwick, Founders of Ready Touch, You Can Choose, & Mainn

June 20th, 2022


Peter and Beth are the Founders of, You can Choose, Ready Touch, and their newest venture, Mainn, is a business connection software device. 

Ready …

EXPERIENCE 67 | Clint Jasperson, Wealth Advisor and Partner of Purpose Driven Wealth at Thrivent Financial

June 13th, 2022


Clint's the Co-Owner of Purpose Driven Wealth at Thrivent. They have three offices, in Windsor Colorado, Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Durango Colorado.

EXPERIENCE 66 | Jeremiah Klingman, E-commerce Expert and Co-Founder of Roam & Tribe Fitness

June 6th, 2022


Jeremiah is a relatively recent transplant to the Fort Collins area from relatively rural Maine, where he developed a couple of businesses with …

EXPERIENCE 65 | Aaron Everitt, Real Estate Expert, Entrepreneur, and Philosopher

May 30th, 2022


My guest on today's episode was Aaron Everitt, a long time friend of mine, a realtor in Northern Colorado, as well as the founder of InMotion and the …

BONUS #4 | May 2022 Blog - Relationship Vitamins

May 27th, 2022


This month, I’m reflecting on a pair of conversations I’ve enjoyed recently on The LoCo Experience podcast, with a pair of married couples - Miles …

EXPERIENCE 64 | Miles and Vallene Kailburn, Founders and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Old Town Media

May 23rd, 2022


My guest on today's episode were Miles and Vallene Kailburn, Founders and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Creative Officer of Old Town Media …

EXPERIENCE 63 | Wally and Miriam Veigel, Owners of Wally’s Speed Shop

May 18th, 2022


Wally and Miriam are the owners of Wally's Speed Shop in Loveland, CO. Wally's Speed Shop is a hot rod restoration shop, for early six-volt and up to …

EXPERIENCE 62 | Nicole Armstrong, Jenny Strange, & Shawn Keefer, The Leadership Team at The Matthews House

May 9th, 2022


New Episode with Nicole Armstrong, Jenny Stetson, and Shawn Keffer the Leadership Team of The Matthews House, a nonprofit organization in Fort …

EXPERIENCE 61 | Dr Eric Holsapple Founder and CEO of LC Real Estate Group & Founder and Lead Facilitator of Living In The Gap

May 2nd, 2022


Eric Holsapple is the Founder and CEO of LC Real Estate Group & Founder and Lead Facilitator of Living In The Gap.  He's been involved with real …

BONUS #3 | April 2022 Blog - I Too, Am An Authoritrian

April 29th, 2022


Current events have had me noodling on the topic of authority, particularly where it intersects with culture, responsibility, and with Liberty. Like …

EXPERIENCE 60 | Becky Ezzel, Founder of Smart Book Business Solutions

April 25th, 2022


Becky Ezzel is the founder of Smart Book Business Solutions, it is a bookkeeping service for small business owners, especially those under 20 …

EXPERIENCE 59 | Suzanne Miller, Welcome Coordinator at the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce & Founder of Do A Liz Thing

April 20th, 2022


My guest was Suzanne Miller. She is the Welcome Coordinator at the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce. She's a wife and a mom and a grandma, and …

EXPERIENCE 58 | Mike O' Donnell, Former Executive Director of Colorado Lending Source and Candidate for Colorado Secretary of State

April 15th, 2022


Mike is the founder of Prairie Rose Development and the former executive director of the Colorado Lending Source and is a candidate for the Colorado …

BONUS Episode #2 | March 2022 Blog | What's Your Story, Anyway?

April 8th, 2022


In this month's blog, I’m going to dip into some business stories, including my own, and enter into an examination of the role that story and …

EXPERIENCE 57 | Dr. Bobby & Jaime Cawthron, Former Owners of Aspen Grove Veterinary Care & The Cabins at Aspen Grove

April 6th, 2022


My guests were Dr. Bobby and Jamie Cawthron, former owners of Aspen Grove Veterinary Care and The Cabins at Aspen Grove.

Jamie is a LoCo facilitator and a former member of LoCo Think Tank, she's also the founder of Path …

EXPERIENCE 56 | Heidi Ganahl, Founder of Camp Bow Wow & Candidate for Governor of Colorado

March 28th, 2022


My guest on today's episode was Heidi Ganahl. Heidi is a Republican candidate for Governor of Colorado, a Regent at the University of Colorado and …

EXPERIENCE 55 | Hunter Wylie, Co-Founder and CEO of Beyond Blue Media

March 21st, 2022


My guest today was Hunter Wylie, Co-founder and CEO of Beyond Blue Media, a full service digital marketing agency here in Fort Collins. They've grown …

EXPERIENCE 54 | Brad Piepenbrink, Owner of Recycled Cycles

March 14th, 2022


My guest on this episode was Brad Piepenbrink, the Owner of Recycled Cycles in Fort Collins. He purchased the business in July of 2021. After 43 …

EXPERIENCE 53 | Sarah Lukemire, Founder and Lead Strategist at Brindle Digital Media

March 11th, 2022


My guest was Sarah Lukemire, Founder and Lead Strategist at Brindle Digital Media. Sarah tells a lot about her story of getting into the marketing …

BONUS EPISODE #2 | February Blog | Who Do You & How Do You Love?

March 9th, 2022

In this month's blog, I go through a discussion and examination of how we can show love through time, talent, and treasure - in our homes and in our business, and in our community. I share the experiences in my life …

EXPERIENCE 52 | Aaron Everitt, Real Estate Expert and Entrepenuer

March 2nd, 2022


My guest today was Aaron Everitt. Aaron is a realtor at Resident Realty. He's a partner in a delivery services provider and he's the owner of a startup, a local delivery business called InMotion. He was educated in …

EXPERIENCE 51 | Greg Petri, Founder of One Business Connection

February 22nd, 2022


Today's episode was with Greg Petri, the founder of One Business Connection or 1BC. They have over 60 groups virtually meeting every week.

Over 40 groups meeting live every month. And they've been in business for 25 …

EXPERIENCE 50 | Sean Nook, Founder and Owner-Operator of Black Bottle Brewery

February 16th, 2022


My guest for this episode was Sean Nook. Sean is the Founder and Owner-Operator at Black Bottle Brewery, which recently celebrated its 9th anniversary!  Black Bottle was the very last business start-up loan that I …

EXPERIENCE 49 | Stephen Morris, Former World Cup Yacht Designer & EOS Implementer

February 8th, 2022


My guest today was Stephen Morris. He is an EOS implementer and business coach, and a covid-transplant to Colorado. EOS is short for the …

BONUS Episode #1 | January Blog | Inflation for Dummies

February 3rd, 2022


Bonus Episode #1 - In this episode, I read my monthly blog post from The LoCo Perspective Newsletter. I will take you on a high-level flyover on the topics of money and prices and supply and demand, finally zeroing in …

EXPERIENCE 48 | Emily Kincaid, Co-Founder & Managing Member at Elevate Energy Services

January 28th, 2022


My guest today was Emily Kinkaid, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Elevate Energy Services.  She's a killer, managing a team of over 150 employees …

EXPERIENCE 47 | Jeff Jensen, Multi-Journey Business Veteran

January 21st, 2022


On this episode of The LoCo Experience my guest was Jeff Jensen, multi-journey business veteran and among the newest LoCo Facilitators.  I would …

EXPERIENCE 45 | Josh Guernsey & Greg Roeder, Co-Founders of Waypoint Real Estate

January 6th, 2022


This episode features Greg Roeder and Josh Guernsey, Founders and Managing Partners at Waypoint Real Estate in Fort Collins.  Josh and Greg founded …

Experience 44 | Season 1 Wrap-up and Get-to-Know with Alma Ferrer

December 30th, 2021


On today’s episode of The LoCo Experience, I sat down with Alma Ferrer, our Everything Associate at LoCo Think Tank - master of most things digital, and my super-helper on the show.  Alma and I discuss some of the …

EXPERIENCE 43 | A Leadership & Wellness Journey with Jennifer Watson

November 3rd, 2021


Jennifer Watson is the Founder of Jennifer Watson Leadership and Watson Wellness in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The businesses allow her to pursue her …

EXPERIENCE 42 | Mechanics and Mindset for the Business Leader with Jeff Schuster

October 27th, 2021


Jeff Schuster is the Founder and owner of Mechanics & Mindset Business Coaching, and also the author of Business Mechanics & Mindset - How Your Thoughts Create or Sabotage Your Business Success.  In a previous …

EXPERIENCE 41 | Linguist, Integrator, Innovator, and Warehouse Business Accelerator with Allison Seabeck

September 17th, 2021


Allison Seabeck is a bit of an enigma - and a most enjoyable enigma to be around.  She’s a linguist by education, met her husband while both were …

SHORTS 21 | Fatherhood Is The Mother of Invention with Heather & Eric Stenner, Co-Owners of Porch Box

September 10th, 2021


A warm summer afternoon, Eric was looking for something to do while their son was napping. He and their 4-year-old daughter found some old scraps of …

EXPERIENCE 40 | From Brazil With a Purpose with Betina Pflug, Founder of Wity Coaching

September 8th, 2021


Betina Pflug is a difference-maker and has made amazing impacts at every station. Betina made her way to Fort Collins from her native Sao Paulo, …

EXPERIENCE 39 | Talking Bourbon and Business with Mike Root, Founder of Copper Sky Distillery

August 23rd, 2021


Mike Root is the Founder of Copper Sky Distillery, Axiom Consulting Group, and the non-profit Kingdom Advancement Project - all based in Longmont, …

SHORTS 20 | Valued Employee Takes Over with Amanda Frost of ProCopy Business Center

August 16th, 2021


Amanda Frost of ProCopy Business Center in Longmont Colorado loved her job so much that the original owner of this thirty-three-year-old company …

EXPERIENCE 38 | Building an Icon into a Brand with Louann DeCoursey of Panhandler's Pizza

August 9th, 2021


Louann DeCoursey worked at iconic Fort Collins restaurant Panhandler's Pizza in Fort Collins as a youth, later spent time as a manger and then GM, …

EXPERIENCE 37 | Healthcare pioneer Jason Rogers, Founder of Starlight Health

August 3rd, 2021


Jason Rogers is the founder of a Direct Primary Care practice called Starlight Health, based in Fort Collins, Colorado.  DPC represents a change in …

EXPERINECE 36 | Stronger Together - Jerri Schmitz, Founder of The Matthews House in Fort Collins

July 20th, 2021


Jerri Schmitz is a hero of mine, and an amazing example of putting faith in action to create lasting community change.  Jerri founded The Matthews House in 2005, a non-profit organization that now ranks (per CSU …

SHORTS 19 | Creating Emotional Intimacy In The Workplace With Kris Boesch, CEO and Founder of Choose People

July 12th, 2021


Kris Boesch is the CEO and Founder of Choose People and author of Culture Works: How to Create Happiness in the Workplace. Emotional health and …

EXPERIENCE 35 | The Wild West of Small Businesses with Marchel Morningstar of Consolidated Resource and L&L Fabrication

July 7th, 2021


Marchel Morningstar is the Owner/Operator of Consolidated Resource in Greeley, Colorado, and L & L Fabrication in Douglas, Wyoming, and he's …

SHORTS 18 | Normal Is Boring with Jane Brewer

June 25th, 2021


Dr. Jane Brewer is now in her 6th year of owning Precision Chiropractic who focuses on NeuroStructural Correction. Jane believes that this area of the neck is one of the most important things to take care of as it …

EXPERIENCE 34 | For Such a Time as This - G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice with Founder Sosamma Samuel-Burnett

June 24th, 2021


Sosamma Samuel-Burnett is the Founder and President of G.L.O.B.A.L. Justice - an NGO based in Loveland, Colorado but impacting organizations and …

SHORTS 17 | Andrew (AJ) Lyle, Owner/Partner of Solar Sandbox

June 23rd, 2021


AJ is a CSU engineering grad who went from working in bars and custom car restoration to a draft engineer to starting a solar company. Understanding …

EXPERIENCE 33 | Blake Craig - Helping Laborjacks (and Jills!) Find Their Match!

June 18th, 2021


Blake Craig is the Co-Founder and Chief Labor Officer at Laborjack, LLC. Probably best understood as the Uber of Labor, Laborjack matches a flexible …

EXPERIENCE 32 | Navigating Change & Transition with Award-Winning Author and Consultant Cheryl Benedict

June 14th, 2021


In this episode Curt sits down with Cheryl Benedict - owner of MORF Consulting and the author of The Wisdom of Transition, released in January 2020 …

EXPERIENCE 30 | Craig & Molly Secher - No Child Forgotten at Realities for Children

June 9th, 2021


Craig and Molly Secher founded Realities for Children in 1995, which serves the otherwise unmet needs of thousands of abused, neglected, or at-risk …

EXPERIENCE 31 | Jim Rohrer - Win-Win-Win Leadership (Before it was Trendy)

June 9th, 2021


Jim Rohrer began his career as a young man in the Sears organization, and quickly rose through the ranks as an innovative thinker, new programs leader, and turnaround specialist for underperforming divisions.  Among his …

EXPERIENCE 29 | Jeff Beyle - Co-Founder & CEO of Sticker Control

May 24th, 2021


In this episode of the LoCo Experience podcast, Curt sits down with Jeff Beyle, CEO and Co-Founder of Sticker Control.  

Sticker Control makes …

EXPERIENCE 28 | Getting Real with RealWare Founder & CEO Ali Davachi

May 21st, 2021


What I’m thinking after interviewing Ali Davachi, is that this man needs to be a LoCo Facilitator for a future Longmont / Boulder County chapter of …

EXPERIENCE 27 | God's Business - Planting and Growing a Church with Pastors Aaron Santini & Daniel Smith

May 11th, 2021


In today's episode, I'm joined by Pastors Aaron Santini and Daniel Smith of The Crossing Church in Fort Collins.  The Crossing was planted as a life …

EXPERIENCE 26 | Finding Your Path & Building Your Tribe with Jeff Willy & Noah Kline - Loveland Laser Tag, Laserforce International & Time Emporium Escape Rooms

May 6th, 2021


Jeff and Noah are "business neighbors" to LoCo Think Tank, and operate the Time Emporium Escape Rooms in Fort Collins and Loveland.  

Jeff acquired …

EXPERIENCE 25 | Every Business is the People Business with Peter Melby of Greystone Technology

April 27th, 2021


In this episode, Curt enjoys time with Peter Melby, CEO of Greystone Technology, only one week removed from their 20th birthday!  Peter shares …

EXPERIENCE 24 | The Business of Politics with Jacob Leis of Wintermind Group

April 22nd, 2021


Jacob Leis and his partner Brian Oaks are "a couple of farm kids from Eastern Colorado" who've been involved in political marketing almost since …

SHORTS 16 | Eric Coet, Getting Real with Business Strategy

April 21st, 2021


Do you know how to grow your business past yourself? Eric Coet, Owner of 44 N and Strategic Practice Leader at Peak Solutions, shares his business …

EXPERIENCE 23 | Making an Insurance Business Journey Cool with Brandon Avery

April 20th, 2021


Brandon Avery is a VP Risk Advisor for IMA Financial Group, heading the Commercial Insurance Division.  Sounds pretty boring, and Brandon would tell …


April 15th, 2021


Gavin Kaszynski (ka-shin-ski) and Todd Welter joined me on the LoCo Experience podcast to share their respective business journeys, and especially to discuss the challenges and their suggested fixes for the health …

SHORTS 15 | Ben West, Creating Your Dream Company & Great Culture

April 14th, 2021


In this LoCo Shorts episode Ben West, Owner & Operator at Radial Development Group, shares his journey to creating a company he always wanted to …

EXPERIENCE 21 | Examining a Life of Purpose with Zach Mercurio

April 13th, 2021


Zach Mercurio is the author of The Invisible Leader, Founder of ZM Consulting, and Affiliate Professor for Colorado State University at the Center …

SHORTS 14 | Ann Baron, Creating Community in Northern Colorado

April 7th, 2021


Do you remember the moment when you made your passion your business? Ann Baron, Founder of Northern Colorado Community shares her business journey of …

EXPERIENCE 19 | Katie Straubel, Founder and Queen Bee of Clean Bees, LoCo Success Story and new LoCo Facilitator!

March 30th, 2021


Katie Straubel is the Founder, Owner, and Queen Bee at Clean Bees, a residential and commercial cleaning service business she founded as a …

EXPERIENCE 18 | Fort Collins Mayoral Candidates Jeni James Arndt & Gerry Horak

March 24th, 2021


The City of Fort Collins Mayoral race features three candidates on the ballot, and April 6, 2021 is Election Day.  LoCo Experience Episode 16

Experience 17 | Exploring Digital Marketing and the Journey of Life with Tyler Brooks of Analytive

March 22nd, 2021


Tyler Brooks founded Analytive in 2015 as a digital marketing agency focused on driving meaningful revenue growth for clients through strategic and …

SHORTS 13 | Balancing Business As A Solopreneur with Erik Cox of Wise Ape

March 10th, 2021


The ideal client is one you can drink beer and eat pizza with, right? Erik Cox, Owner of Wise Ape Design Marketing, shares his business journey of …

EXPERIENCE 16 | The Business of Governance with Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell & Mayoral Candidate Molly Skold

March 9th, 2021


In this episode, Curt dialogues with City of Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell, and his lifelong friend Molly Skold, one of three candidates in the

EXPERIENCE 15 | Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries - Riding a Lifelong Passion for BMX and Mountain Biking into an International Enterprise

March 2nd, 2021


Darren Murphy is the Founder and President of PUSH Industries, the manufacturer of the best mountain bike suspension in the world!  PUSH suspension systems are 100% American made, manufactured at their Loveland, …

SHORTS 12 | Candyce Edelen, Owner of Propel Growth: Growing revenue through marketing and sales

March 1st, 2021


Did you set ants on fire with a magnifying glass when you were little? In this Shorts episode with Candyce Edelen, President/CEO at Propel Growth, she shares many elements of business growth through sales and marketing, …

EXPERIENCE 14 | Happy Birthday LoCo! A look back at the LoCo Journey with Founder, Curt Bear

February 23rd, 2021


In this special Experience episode, guest host and LoCo teammate, Rory Schaar interviews Curt Bear, LoCo Think Tank Founder. This month marks the 7th year of LoCo being in business! Curt looks back on his business …

EXPERIENCE 13 | Rina Jean Bindi with Tipping Point Digital

February 18th, 2021


Rina Jean Bindi is the Founder and CEO of Tipping Point Digital - a Digital Marketing Strategy firm based in Loveland, Colorado.  Tipping point helps …

SHORTS 10 | Community Impact with Nick Armstrong with WTF Marketing, Fort Collins Startup Week & Comic Con

February 11th, 2021


How do you see new opportunities as an entrepreneur? Nick Armstrong, Geek in Chief at WTF Marketing (and lead organizer of Fort Collins Startup Week …

EXPERIENCE 11 | Abbie Stout with the Edwards House Inn, Luz en el Cielo, and Cedar & Sage Mercantile

February 9th, 2021


Abbie Stout is the owner/proprietor of the Edwards House Inn, a boutique hotel, conference, and special event center in Old Town Fort Collins, Luz en …

EXPERIENCE 10 | John Shaw with DaVinci Sign Systems

February 2nd, 2021


John Shaw is the Founder and the Conductor of the Orchestra at DaVinci Sign Systems located in Windsor, Colorado.  DaVinci specializes in the …

SHORTS 9 | Mallory Garneau with the FOCO Cafe

January 28th, 2021


How do you feed a community during a pandemic? FOCO Cafe's Executive Director, Mallory Garneau, shares her bigs wins and key challenges 2020 brought for their non-profit. Learn about the creative adjustments Mallory and …

EXPERIENCE 9 | Becky Lauridsen with IOME

January 26th, 2021


Becky Lauridsen is the Founder of IOME - Guilt Free Self Care.  IOME is a membership organization that provides access to a supportive community in …

SHORTS 8 | Teresa Funke, Award Winning Author & Blogger

January 21st, 2021


Historical fiction writer, award-winning author of eight books, and speaker + blogger, Teresa Funke, shares the business life of a creative. Through the trying times of the pandemic, she shares the importance (and …

EXPERIENCE 8 | Greg & Drew Yancey - The Business Journey of Yancey's Food Service and the years beyond

January 20th, 2021


Greg and Drew Yancey represent the 3rd and 4th generations of leadership of Yancey's Food Service - a family-owned Northern Colorado enterprise that …

SHORTS 7 | Mitch Holmes with MitchCraft Tiny Homes

January 19th, 2021


Turning your craft into a business isn’t always smooth sailing, but as Mitch Holmes, owner of MitchCraft Tiny Homes experienced, build it and they …

EXPERIENCE 7 | Karen Fournier, Owner and Founder of Starstream Productions and Impact Storyteller

January 14th, 2021


Karen Fournier is the Founder and Owner of Starstream Productions in Loveland, Colorado.  Her entrepreneurial journey began with a volunteer …

SHORTS 6 | Jeremy Lasman, Quantum Leader and Pioneer of Imagination Technology™

January 12th, 2021


Learn how working for a visionary, like Elon Musk, can prep you for business entrepreneurship! On this LoCo Shorts episode, we dig in deep with Jeremy Lasman, Co-Founder of Star Systems, Conscious Leadership Network, …

EXPERIENCE 6| Camron Lente and Ben Gates - Founder/CEO/Janitor and President/Class Clown at NG Companies

January 12th, 2021


Camron Lente founded NG Companies in 2009 at the age of 20, leaving a six-figure oilfield industry job to sort through dumpsters at rig sites looking for recyclable materials to help his clients reduce waste and save …

SHORTS 5 | Melanie Ulle, CEO/FOUNDER at Philanthropy Expert

January 11th, 2021


How does being a philanthropist relate to being a business owner? In Mel Ulle’s case, owner of Philanthropy Expert, it’s all about having a plan, passion& impact, leaving a legacy, and having the right team (and …

EXPERIENCE 5 | Mike Gugliotto former President / CEO of Pioneer News Group and current LoCo Thinker Facilitator

December 29th, 2020


Mike Gugliotto was a gifted writer since his youth, and attended Colorado State University as a Journalism major.   Constant curiosity and an …

SHORTS 4 | Nathan Morimatsu with H2 Manufacturing Solutions

December 16th, 2020


Think back to March 2020. How did your organization react to the COVID outbreak and shutdown? Nathan Morimitsu, Director Of Operations at H2 …

EXPERIENCE 4 | Mike Labate with Rocky Mountain Westy, Mr. Mechanic, and Van Cafe

December 15th, 2020


Mike Labate and his twin brother Greg started Rocky Mountain Westy in their garage in Fort Collins in 2002, and purchased their first commercial …

SHORTS 3 | Ali Abouzalam with Bee-Nails

December 3rd, 2020


Listen in as Ali Abouzalam shares the details of his founding story behind Bee-Nails. This LoCo Shorts episode uncovers the small steps and …

EXPERIENCE 3 | Adventures in Business, Life, & Real Estate with Aaron Everitt

December 3rd, 2020


Aaron Everitt has traveled a distinctive business journey.  From growing up in a locally-famous real estate family to finding his love for business as part of a traveling music group, through stints in the …

SHORTS 2 | Lauren Storeby with Snack Attack!

December 3rd, 2020


Ever considered taking one of your favorite things and making it a business? That’s what Lauren Storeby and her husband, Shawn, did to share their love of good, healthy food with the community through Snack Attack! …

EXPERIENCE 2: Lance Cayko - F9 Productions - Principles of Success in Life & Business

December 2nd, 2020


Lance Cayko (pronounced psycho!) is a founder and partner of F9 Productions, a residential and commercial architecture firm in Longmont, Colorado, …

SHORTS 1 | Madeline Kent with Sante Health & Wellness

December 2nd, 2020


Has a key moment in your life led you to a passion? Madeline Kent, owner of Sante Health and Wellness shares her health and business journey in this …

EXPERIENCE 1: Erik & Kim Whitin - Tri-State Concrete - Starting Over After a Wildfire!

December 1st, 2020


Erik & Kim Whitin are the founders and owners of Tri-State Concrete in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Kim is a member of LoCo Think Tank!  The Whitins …

Trailer | Digging Into the LoCo Experience & Shorts Episode

November 2nd, 2020


Welcome to the LoCo Experience Podcast! We have many business stories to tell - some long, some short - so we're giving you the audio rundown of what to expect when listening to the LoCo Experience and LoCo Shorts …

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