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This is Kodak’s podcast where we talk to creative people about their contributions to film, art and analog culture. We dig deep with our guests and find out what it really takes to bring a creative vision to life. Listen to these inspiring conversations.

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The Life and Work of Harold Feinstein with Carrie Scott and Andy Dunn

November 12th, 2019


This week we're talking with filmmaker Andy Dunn and curator Carrie Scott about a phenomenal photographer that you might not know about: Harold …

Rubberband directors Jason Filmore Sondock and Simon Davis

October 29th, 2019


This week we’re joined by Jason Filmore Sondock and Simon Davis- two directors that work together under the name Rubberband. Their collective …

The Little Theatre with Scott Pukos

October 15th, 2019


This week we’re joined by Scott Pukos, PR and Social Media Coordinator for The Little Theatre. This five screen theater has been showing independent films in the Rochester, NY community for 90 years. In this special, …

The Rescued Film Project with Levi Bettwieser

October 1st, 2019


This week we’re happy to welcome Levi Bettwieser, founder of The Rescued Film Project. Levi takes undeveloped rolls of film that either he finds, or …

Filmmaker Britton Caillouette

August 28th, 2019


In this episode we’re talking to filmmaker Britton Caillouette. He’s worked with a great list of clients like Patagonia, Ford, Coors and most …

CineStill with Brian and Brandon Wright

August 7th, 2019


While shooting their own photography work, Brian and Brandon Wright discovered that they loved the look that motion picture film offered and set off to be able to get that look in their still photography. So, since they …

Filmmaker Jess Kohl

July 23rd, 2019


We’re talking with filmmaker Jess Kohl this week. Jess recently directed a documentary series highlighting three artists and their individual creative processes in a campaign called "Make it Anyway" for a company called …

The Mahoning Drive-In Theater with Virgil Cardamone

July 10th, 2019


This week we’re pleased to introduce Virgil Cardamone, co-owner of The Mahoning Drive-In Theater in Lehighton, PA. The Mahoning is proud to be the only drive-In to play exclusively 35mm film, and does so on the original …

Photographer Stephen Schaub

June 25th, 2019


This week, Stephen Schaub joined us in The Kodakery. Stephen is an inventive photographer who doesn’t let existing cameras or processes hinder his expression. He tinkers, modifies, tweaks until he’s able to express …

Winemaker Charles Bieler

June 11th, 2019


Here on the The Kodakery, almost every guest we talk to works on a craft passionately, whether it’s photography, cinematography, directing or typeface artistry. And this week’s guest, Charles Bieler, is no exception – …

Photographer Justin Chung

May 29th, 2019


Joining us this week is LA based photographer Justin Chung. We talk about his book series, Faculty Department, how he got his start and why film is a …

Photographer and Maker Cole Rise

May 14th, 2019


Cole Rise is our guest this week. Cole is a photographer so naturally we wanted to talk with him, but more than that he is a maker who has dabbled in …

Director Salomon Ligthelm

April 30th, 2019


This week we're joined by Salomon Ligthelm. Salomon is a multi-disciplinary director who has shot music videos for Young Fathers, The Weeknd, …

Writer, Director Alex Ross Perry on "Her Smell"

April 16th, 2019


Joining us this week is Alex Ross Perry, a director and writer who is so steadily himself, it’s refreshing. We spent a good amount of time discussing his latest film, Her Smell and all of its intricacies. This was …

Photographer and Artist Nick Brandreth

April 2nd, 2019


This week we are joined by photographer and historic process specialist, Nick Brandreth. Nick has an incredible wealth of knowledge related to photography. He gives us a history lesson on photography and he breaks down …

Filmmaker Mark Jenkin on "Bait"

March 27th, 2019


Joining us this week is filmmaker Mark Jenkin. In his latest film, Bait, two Cornish fisherman grapple with the influx of tourism in their own ways …

Standards Manual with Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed

March 5th, 2019


This week we talk with Hamish Smyth and Jesse Reed, the founders of Standards Manual. Graphic designers by trade, Hamish and Jesse ventured into the world of independent publishing with their release of the iconic NYC …

Painting memories with Kristin Texeira

February 26th, 2019


We're joined this week by Kristin Texeira. Kristin takes her skills as a trained painter to preserve her memories in the form of abstract painting. She tells us about how she gets from experience to a final piece and …

"All of Us" with documentary photographer Richard Beaven

February 19th, 2019


This week we’re talking with documentary photographer Richard Beaven, who visited us in the studio to talk about his latest project, "All of Us," a …

"Mr. Malcolm’s List" with Director Emma Holly Jones

February 14th, 2019


Joining us this week is director and filmmaker, Emma Holly Jones. She’s recently put out a short film, “Mr. Malcolm’s List” so we grabbed some time …

Photographer Jeff Johnson

January 15th, 2019


Joining us this week is Jeff Johnson, a photographer whose compass points at the intersection of outdoor adventure and storytelling. Jeff shares with us about how he got his start, how he became the first staff …

Third Man Photo Studio with Nicole Taylor

January 8th, 2019


Joining us this week is Nicole Taylor, the darkroom operator at Third Man Photo Studio, in Nashville, TN. Hidden behind the walls of the Blue Room at …

Harlem Candle Company with Teri Johnson

December 18th, 2018


This week we talk to Teri Johnson, founder and owner of Harlem Candle Company. Teri joins us to talk about a recent collaboration with Kodak, the …

Photographing Champion Trees with Brian Kelley

December 4th, 2018


This week you're in for a treat as we talk with photographer Brian Kelley about his work photographing champion trees of North America. You'll learn what a champion tree is, why he shoots them on large format and what …

Shooting Widelux with Jeff Bridges

November 14th, 2018


Our guest this week is the honorable, Jeff Bridges. What you might not know about Jeff, is that aside from being a great actor he is also a photographer. Jeff talks with us about his photography work using a Widelux …

"Out of Season" with photographer Mark Havens

November 6th, 2018


Our guest this week is Mark Havens. Mark became a still photographer out of necessity; he wanted to capture and preserve the motels of Wildwood, NJ that he had been visiting every summer with his family, which were …

Photographer James Joiner

October 30th, 2018


This week we’re joined by photographer James Joiner. James is a fun, down to earth photographer who seems to rarely be without a camera and always down for an adventure. He tells us how he became a photographer, about …

Seamus McGarvey, BSC, ASC: "Bad Times at the El Royale"

October 16th, 2018


Honoring us this week is our guest Seamus McGarvey, ASC, BSC. You have undoubtedly seen his masterful camera work as director of photography in a …

"An Illustrated History of Filmmaking" with Adam Allsuch Boardman

October 10th, 2018


We are joined this week by Adam Allsuch Boardman, an illustrator who recently made a book entitled “An Illustrated History of Filmmaking.” The book …

"The Old Man & the Gun" director David Lowery

October 2nd, 2018


Director David Lowery joins us this week. He spends time discussing the intricacies of his latest film, "The Old Man & the Gun" a film based off of a New Yorker article that was brought to him by Robert Redford. We …

BlacKkKlansman cinematographer Chayse Irvin, CSC

September 25th, 2018


Our guest this week, Chayse Irvin, CSC, is a phenomenal young cinematographer who most recently worked on Spike Lee’s latest film, Blackkklansman. His insight into the choices he took as DP on this film are really …

Warren Elgort: Filmmaker and Photographer

September 18th, 2018


This week's guest is Warren Elgort. Warren joined us to talk to us about his work as a director and photographer and most recently his involvement in …

Echo Park Film Center

September 11th, 2018


This week we’re featuring the Echo Park Film Center. Paolo Davanzo joined us to represent the film center and give us some insight into this …

Photographer, actor, musican and director Adam Goldberg

August 28th, 2018


This week we have a man of many talents across a broad spectrum of creative disciplines: Photographer, actor, musician and director Adam Goldberg. …

Sam Calagione: founder and president of Dogfish Head Craft Brewing

August 21st, 2018


Sam Calagione, founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewing joined us this week. Sam’s excitement for the craft of brewing was contagious and we had a great time talking with him about the parallels between the craft beer and … Educating the photographic community

August 14th, 2018


This week we talk with the mysterious EM, the mastermind behind the on-line photographic community The site is a haven for analog …

"Christopher Robin" cinematographer Matthias Koenigswieser

August 7th, 2018


This week we were joined by cinematographer Matthias Koenigswieser. He joined us to talk about his work as the DP on the film "Christopher Robin." The film was shot with a blend of 65mm, 35mm, and digital to craft the …

Straight 8 with Ed Sayers and Will Cummock

July 24th, 2018


Ed and Will have joined us to talk about their work in the Super 8 film project, Straight 8. Utilizing one cartridge of super 8 film, participants are tasked with shooting a film short without the ability to edit the …

The 100th Episode!

July 17th, 2018


Join us for our 100th Episode! In celebration of this milestone we offer a little history behind the meaning of the word Kodakery and some other interesting facts you might not have known. You'll hear some bloopers and …

Filmmaker Parker Hill

July 10th, 2018


Parker Hill is an emerging filmmaker who has created several incredible award-winning short films, including a documentary on Jason Lee’s latest book A Plain View. We talk with Parker about her storytelling and falling …

Director Ben Chappell: shooting the Arctic Monkeys and more

June 26th, 2018


Ben Chappell has a long-standing creative collaboration with the band Arctic Monkeys and has directed many videos including their latest, “Four out …

John Cleese: A lifetime of creativity

June 20th, 2018


Today on the Kodakery, we were honored to talk with John Cleese. As one of the founding members of Monty Python, his contributions to cinema are timeless and enjoyed by generations of fans around the globe. He talks …

"Ninety-Six Dreams, Two Thousand Memories " with Greg Hunt

June 12th, 2018


This week we were joined by the multi-talented Greg Hunt, a cinematographer and photographer who discovered the craft of celluloid during his days as …

Filmmaker Skyler Lawson

June 6th, 2018


This week we talked with Skyler Lawson, a young passionate filmmaker in the early stages his career. Using short films as a way to enter the field, he has certainly proven his ability to write and direct some incredible …

Photographer Lola Paprocka

May 29th, 2018


This week we were joined by photographer Lola Paprocka. We talk about how her book "Blokovi: Novi Beograd" came together, why brutalist architecture …

Typeface designer Riley Cran

May 15th, 2018


Printed letters, digital fonts: we look at them every day, but do you ever stop to think about who designed them? Why do you not notice them? Is that on purpose? This week we are joined by Riley Cran, a typeface …

NOSFERATU (The Undead) with Javier Téllez, Jonathan Binstock and John Hanhardt

May 8th, 2018


This week we sat down with Javier Téllez, the artist responsible for the creation of "NOSFERATU(The Undead"), a commissioned work for the Memorial Art Gallery. Also joining us is Jonathan Binstock, the Mary W. and …

Photographer and filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini

May 1st, 2018


This week we were fortunate enough to get some time with Francesco Carrozzini; filmmaker, photographer and all around creative genius. Raised in a creative lifestyle, surrounded by some of the best image makers in the …

"Designed for Hi Fi Living: The Vinyl LP in Mid-century America" with Janet & Jonathan

April 24th, 2018


This week we are talking with Janet Borgerson and Jonathan Schroeder. These avid vinyl collectors eventually realized that they were seeing themes …

Director Mark Raso on the film "Kodachrome"

April 18th, 2018


This week we talked to Mark Raso director of the new film, Kodachrome. A story about the last photo lab to process Kodachrome, this film was aptly shot on 35mm. We talked to Mark about directing his second feature, …

Director Russ Harbaugh and DP Chris Teague discuss "Love After Love"

April 10th, 2018


To discuss the film Love After Love, this week Russ Harbaugh (writer and director) and Chris Teague (cinematographer), joined us. Love After Love began as a short which premiered at Sundance in 2012 and has now found …

Cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen on "A Quiet Place"

April 4th, 2018


Kicking off another round of episodes is cinematographer Charlotte Bruus Christensen. Charlotte has worked as DP on Fences, Girl on the Train, and most recently A Quiet Place. This was our first opportunity to talk with …

Northeast Historic Film: preserving and exposing New England amateur films

February 28th, 2018


This week Karan Sheldon and Martha McNamara joined us to talk about their book Amateur Movie Making: Aesthetics of the Everyday in New England Film, …

Samuel J. Butt slows down with film to capture the best moments

February 20th, 2018


This week we are featuring Samuel J Butt, an up and coming film photographer with great focus and attention in his work to each moment that he captures. Choosing to work with film, Samuel talks with us about why this …

Unearthing an Indian Cinema Treasure with Deb Stoiber

February 14th, 2018


The George Eastman Museum recently acquired a film collection of 775 Indian films that were desperately seeking a proper home. Deborah Stoiber, …

Film photographer Andre Wagner finding beauty in the every day

February 6th, 2018


Film photographer Andre Wagner joined us this week. Andre has an impressive portfolio of street photography and portrait work and he talks with us …

Writer and director Josh Safdie on "Good Time"

January 30th, 2018


Writer and director Josh Safdie joined us this week. Josh walked us through he and his brother’s latest film Good Time from concept to screen, giving us a glimpse into the passion and intelligence that is woven into his …

Vans Snowboarding film "Landline" with Harry Hagan, Tanner Pendleton and Jake Price

January 23rd, 2018


Harry Hagan, Jake Price and Tanner Pendleton joined us this week to talk about the new Vans snowboarding film, "Landline." Shot on Kodak 16 mm and Super 8 film these gentlemen captured the Vans snowboarding team during …

Cinematography legend Ed Lachman, ASC on Wonderstruck

January 16th, 2018


We were so fortunate to be able to speak with cinematography legend, Ed Lachman, ASC this week. Ed has a long career of beautiful work and he joined …

Filming the Super 8 Short Film "Ghostfish" with Will Mayo, Ian Scott McGregor and Annie Golden

January 2nd, 2018


It was great fun this week to talk with filmmakers Will Mayo and Ian Scott McGregor about their latest short film, Ghostfish. The lead actress from …

Karolyn “Zuzu” Grimes and Jimmy “Tommy” Hawkins from "It’s a Wonderful Life"

December 19th, 2017


This week we have a special holiday treat for you. Karolyn Grimes and Jimmy Hawkins, the actors who played Zuzu and Tommy Bailey from "It’s a …

Cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC

December 12th, 2017


While in town to receive the High Falls Film Festival's Susan B. Anthony “Failure is Impossible” award in November, we were lucky enough to have Nancy Schreiber, ASC join us in the Kodakery studio. We talked about being …

Writer, director, Sean Baker of "The Florida Project"

December 5th, 2017


This week’s guest is Sean Baker, director of the recently debuted “The Florida Project,” a beautiful film about a young mother in Kissimmee, FL, …

Noel Wells and Dagmar Weaver-Madsen on "Mr. Roosevelt"

November 21st, 2017


Noel Wells (SNL, Master of None) and Dagmar Weaver-Madsen joined us this week to talk about “Mr. Roosevelt,” a film written, directed and starred in by Noel herself. Shot on film, Dagmar, the cinematographer for the …

Update from our film factory on Kodak Ektachrome Film

November 14th, 2017


In January of 2017, we announced that Kodak Ektachrome film would be coming back to the market. The process is coming along well. We’ve been busy …

Jason Wise, documentary filmmaker discusses "Wait For Your Laugh"

November 7th, 2017


This week we were joined by Director, Jason Wise. Jason talked with us about his recently debuted documentary, "Wait for Your Laugh," a film about …

Haris Zambarloukos, BSC - Shooting "Murder on the Orient Express"

October 31st, 2017


Seasoned cinematographer Haris Zambarloukos joined us this week to discuss his latest film, Murder on the Orient Express. It was awesome learning about how they achieved the look of this book adaptation and some of the …

Creative director of Monster Children, Campbell Milligan

October 24th, 2017


Coming in around 120 pages each, Monster Children magazine is a substantial, beautifully curated quarterly lifestyle publication that digs deeper …

The Goodnewspaper with Branden Harvey

October 17th, 2017


Have you ever considered what kind of an effect negative news is having on your day to day well-being? This week’s guest, Branden Harvey has. Branden has been spending most of his life spreading positive stories to the …

The physicality of reality with sculptor Albert Paley

October 10th, 2017


The idea we often talk about of how analog technology cultivates a tactile focus which allows for a fulfilling, meaningful experience applies to more …

Michael Crouser takes Kodak Tri-X to rural Colorado in his latest book, Mountain Ranch

October 3rd, 2017


Shooting film since he was 14 Michael Crouser, this weeks guest, has photography in his bones. His images are honest and beautiful and his latest …

Teaching cinematography with NYU Tisch School professor Anthony Jannelli

September 28th, 2017


Crack open your film, wipe your lenses clean and let the creative juices flow as we go into the classroom with Anthony Janneli, NYU Tisch School of …

Sean Price Williams on "Good Time" and life as a DP in NYC

September 19th, 2017


Cinematographer Sean Price Williams joined us this week to discuss his collaboration with the Safdie brothers on their latest film "Good Time" which …

The Girl Skateboard and Kodak collaboration with Sam Smyth and Nick Green

September 7th, 2017


We got a chance to discuss with some of the key players, the recent collaboration between Girl Skateboard and Kodak. Sam Smyth, talent manager for …

The Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation

August 16th, 2017


With more than 90 miles of film vaults, the Library of Congress is any cinema lovers paradise. This week, Lynanne Schweighofer and Mike Mashon from …

Filmmaker and NYU Tisch film professor Alexandre Rockwell

August 8th, 2017


Alexandre Rockwell, filmmaker and professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts joins us this week. He’s that one professor you had in college that was …

Documenting the Fantasy Life with Tabitha Soren

August 1st, 2017


Former TV host turned photographer Tabitha Soren joins us this week. Tabitha’s roots in journalism subtly direct the subject matter she shoots, elegantly capturing human experience and presenting it to us from her own …

Growing up on Kodak with Daniel Armbruster of Joywave

July 25th, 2017


Daniel Armbruster of the band Joywave joined us this week on the podcast. Joywave was formed in Rochester, NY- the home of Kodak, and grew up surrounded by the brand. We were able to meet up with Dan in his studio to …

The colorful beauty of film with Renell Medrano

July 19th, 2017


This week we were joined by a photographer on the rise, Renell Medrano. Renell began her professional foray into still photography shortly after …

Matt Jensen, ASC: Filming the magic of "Wonder Woman"

July 13th, 2017


Matt Jensen, ASC, cinematographer for "Wonder Woman" is our guest this week. We had a particularly fun time talking with Matt about his career and …

Steering "Baby Driver" into frame with Bill Pope, ASC

June 28th, 2017


Bill Pope, ASC, is our guest this week. Bill is a cinematographer extraordinaire who has crafted some of the most exhilarating action/adventure films in history. Bill most recently worked on "Baby Driver". He shared …

Producing "The Beguiled" with Youree Henley

June 14th, 2017


This week we were joined by Youree Henley, producer for Sofia Coppola’s THE BEGUILED. The producer has such an important role in a film, taking part …

Regent Street Cinema with Shira MacLeod

June 7th, 2017


Shira MacLeod is this week's guest. Shira is the Director of the Regent Street Cinema in London. This repertory cinema initially opened in 1848 and …

"A Plain View" with Jason Lee

May 31st, 2017


Our guest this week has spent time in front of the lens as an actor and professional skateboarder, but his most recent work is done from behind the camera. Intrigued by the cameras on a set, Jason Lee began his foray …

Deadbeat Club Press with Clint Woodside

May 24th, 2017


Clint Woodside joined us this week to talk about the Deadbeat Club Press, a publishing company focusing on photography zines. He discusses how he started Deadbeat Club and the intricacies of curating a zine. Clint also …

Nayib Estefan and The Secret Celluloid Society

May 17th, 2017


Our guest this week is Nayib Estefan, a passionate film fan who turned his reel love into action by creating the Secret Celluloid Society. The SCS …

Independent Filmmaker Alex Ross Perry

May 9th, 2017


This week we are joined by Alex Ross Perry (Color Wheel, Listen Up Phillip, Queen of Earth, Impolex). Alex just completed his fifth film, Golden …

Nitrate Film, Take Two!

May 3rd, 2017


This week we are re-releasing our episode on nitrate film, just in time for the George Eastman Museum's third annual Nitrate Picture Show this weekend. We chatted with Jared Case about what's new this year before …

Through the years with Denis Lenoir, ASC, AFC

April 12th, 2017


In France at the age of 13, this week’s guest, Denis Lenoir (Still Alice, Things to Come) was hooked on film, but it took him some time to realize it …

Mandy Walker: Life as a DP- "Hidden Figures" and beyond

March 22nd, 2017


Mandy Walker, ASC, ACS spent some time talking with us for this week’s episode. Mandy is a seasoned cinematographer, shooting from behind the lens on many films like Australia, Tracks, and the recently Oscar Nominated …

"The Last Laugh" with Ferne Pearlstein and Anne Etheridge

March 14th, 2017


When director Ferne Pearlstein set out to make her documentary The Last Laugh, she had a unique and delicate task before her; she wanted to highlight the subject of when and if it's okay to laugh about traumatic events …

Photographer Danny Clinch: Behind the lens with legends

March 7th, 2017


This week we had photographer Danny Clinch join us for a great episode. Danny has captured some of the most famous musicians of our time at their most natural and unguarded. Through his images he is able to share sides …

Michael Goi, ASC and the craft of the camera

February 28th, 2017


This week in The Kodakery we are honored to have with us a true craftsman of cinematography, Michael Goi, ASC. Michael is an award winning film maker with an incredible body of work ranging across film and television. …

Linus Sandgren, FSF: The DP who used film to paint with color on "La La Land"

February 18th, 2017


La La Land is a film of such joy and beauty, it’s almost hard to describe- but let’s try anyway: exquisite, magical, bright, colorful and soaked in a …

Iris Chyi: Why 2.3 billion people still read newspapers

February 14th, 2017


Iris Chyi, this weeks guest, is an Associate Professor and new media researcher at the University of Texas at Austin. Iris’ significant research into newspaper readership makes her a great guest to discuss with us about …

Ted Melfi: Bringing "Hidden Figures" to life

February 7th, 2017


Director Ted Melfi joins us this week to talk about his most recent film HIDDEN FIGURES. This important, inspiring movie is nominated for an Oscar and we discuss with Ted about working with NASA, shooting on film, his …

History in Technicolor: Learn the origins of color film

February 1st, 2017


Everything we see now on television and in the movies is in color. It’s something that can easily be taken for granted but it didn’t come easy. …

Paul Cameron, ASC: Setting the cinematic stage for "Westworld"

January 17th, 2017


Paul Cameron joined us this week to talk about his career as a cinematographer. He gave us some great insight into how you approach the pilot episode …

Jason Lazarus: Working with the Vernacular

January 12th, 2017


This week, we chatted with Jason Lazarus about his love for displaying the ordinary in an extraordinary way. His recent exhibition at the George Eastman Museum had him in town, so we jumped at the opportunity to talk …

Discussing the new Kodak Super 8 Camera live from Kodak Studios at CES

January 8th, 2017


This episode is live from Kodak's booth at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. We talk with Dany Atkins, Steven Overman, J Curtis and …

Greig Fraser, ASC: storytelling from India to a galaxy far, far away

December 20th, 2016


This week, we spend some time with DP, Greig Fraser, discussing the art of cinematography. Greig has an impressive list of accomplishments, most …

Franklin Collective - The Anonymous Arts Collective

December 13th, 2016


What happens when you don't know the artist of a piece of art you are looking at? What changes? This week, we interviewed the Franklin Collective to …

The Metrograph: Alexander Olch and Jake Perlin revive the theater experience

December 6th, 2016


Set on Ludlow Street in the lower east side of Manhattan, The Metrograph is a theater paying homage to the cinemas of the 1920s while also having a fresh, chic newness. Showing 35mm film prints as well as state of the …

Artist Isaac Julien and the MAG discuss the medium of film

November 1st, 2016


Isaac Julien, fine artist and filmmaker came over from London to visit with curator Jonathan Binstock and John Hanhardt, the director of Rochester's …

Shooting "The Walking Dead" with Michael Satrazemis

October 25th, 2016


Ever wonder what it's like to film a zombie? Listen in to this weeks episode and you'll find out. Michael Satrazemis, the cinematographer and director of The Walking Dead joins us this week to discuss his process and …

Tad Carpenter on the Power of Print

October 5th, 2016


This week we're joined by Tad Carpenter, an extremely talented illustrator and designer to discuss the Power of Print. Print remains a unique and vibrant form of expression with an unrivaled ability to communicate on a …

Chloë Sevigny: Talking about directing her first film

September 28th, 2016


You have of course heard of this weeks guest, Chloë Sevigny (Boys Don't Cry, Big Love, American Horror Story- to name a few), but perhaps you didn't know that she has now started her career as a director. Find out why …

Author David Sax talks about the Revenge of Analog

September 21st, 2016


David Sax, journalist and author, came on the podcast to discuss his new book, "The Revenge of Analog: Real Things and Why They Matter," to be released in early November 2016. We discuss the analog renaissance and why …

Taking monumental photos with the RIT Big Shot

September 13th, 2016


This week we met with Michael Peres and Christye Sisson, photography professors at the Rochester Institute of Technology, to talk about their …

Peter Flynn: A talk with the documentarian, film historian and educator

September 7th, 2016


Joining us this week is Peter Flynn. Peter studied film history at the collegiate level and now teaches about film to students at Emerson College. …

AMIA Projection Workshop at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, TX

August 31st, 2016


Following the completion of a three day AMIA Projection Workshop at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, TX, Josh and Meagan sat down for the first …

The History of the Iconic Colorama Display

August 23rd, 2016


This week’s episode explores the Kodak Colorama. A back-lit picture standing 60 feet wide and 18 feet tall in Grand Central Station in New York City, …

Kodak's CEO: Jeff Clarke

August 17th, 2016


Listen in this week for a chance to hear from Kodak's leader and CEO, Jeff Clarke. You'll get to know Jeff and why he decided to come to Kodak, how he approaches the job at hand, his respect for the medium of film and …

Alexi Pappas and Jeremy Teicher: Elite film makers

August 10th, 2016


This episode features the creative duo of Alexi Pappas and Jeremy Teicher: Two film makers whose most recent work Speed Googles, shot on Kodak Super 8 Film, was debuted on the New York Times website as a 5-part series. …

50 Feet of Song: a Super 8 music project with Max McSimov

August 2nd, 2016


This episode with Max McSimov is about his project, 50 Feet of Song. He takes one cartridge of Kodak Super 8 Film to record folk songs from around …

The George Eastman Story: Part II

July 26th, 2016


Join us for part two of our episode on George Eastman. For this episode we talk about George's great philanthropy work and his later years. You'll hear insight from Eastman's biographer Betsy Brayer as well as a couple …

The George Eastman Story: Part 1

July 19th, 2016


In the first of this two part episode we take some time to learn more about Kodak's founder, George Eastman. We went to the George Eastman Museum and sat in his former home to talk with Todd, Kathy and Betsy about …

Michael Keaton live at the George Eastman Museum

June 28th, 2016


This unique episode is a live recording of actor Michael Keaton being given the George Eastman Award at the museum's Dryden Theatre. Michael is …

Embracing the Future of Technology with Kodak's CTO, Terry Taber

June 1st, 2016


This week Kodak's CTO, Terry Taber, joined The Kodakery to talk about the future of Kodak's technology. Science has always been an integral part of …

Paolo Cherchi Usai: Bonus Material

May 26th, 2016


After we finished recording last week's episode with Paolo Cherchi Usai at the George Eastman Museum, the conversation kept going. Fortunately, we …

Paolo Cherchi Usai: Senior Curator of the Motion Picture Department at the George Eastman Museum

May 17th, 2016


You are in for a treat with this weeks episode with Paolo Cherchi Usai, the senior curator of the motion picture department at the George Eastman …

Tokyo Police Club: Keyboardist Graham Wright on TPC and shooting their music video with Super 8

May 10th, 2016


This weeks episode features Graham Wright, the keyboardist from the band Tokyo Police Club- the first band ever on The Kodakery! We talk about their …

Dean Cundey, ASC Part II

May 3rd, 2016


We continue our discussion with Dean Cundey about some of the movies he worked on; Jurassic Park, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Back to the Future (1, 2 and 3!)and The Thing. Listen in to get some insight into how he …

Dean Cundey, ASC Part I: The Art of Cinematography

April 26th, 2016


Join us for part one of our two part Dean Cundey series. You'll hear Dean talk with us about how he became interested in film, about what exactly a cinematographer does, and how his journey lead him to some well known …

Nitrate Picture Show: The George Eastman Museum's upcoming film festival

April 19th, 2016


The Kodakery hit the road and stopped at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, NY to discuss the upcoming Nitrate Picture Show, held at the museum on April 29th- May 1st. Deb Stoiber and Jared Case spend some time …

Buddy Squires

April 12th, 2016


Buddy Squires, ASC, took some time to talk with us about his journey as a well known cinematographer. Listen in to hear about how he approaches his …

Ken Burns

April 5th, 2016


Season Two kicks off with a legendary documentarian: Ken Burns. We were honored to have a chance to speak with Ken about his upcoming documentary about Jackie Robinson which airs April 11-12. Ken also chatted with us …

Art Cosgrove: Kodak and The Lunar Orbiter Mission

February 3rd, 2016


This special episode of The Kodakery is a conversation with Arthur Cosgrove, a Kodak engineer who worked on the Lunar Orbiter Mission in the late 60s that took pictures of the surface of the moon. Art explains Kodak's …

"Outlaws & Angels:" A conversation with the writer/director, producer and DP

January 26th, 2016


This week, we talk with the writer/director, the producer and the cinematographer of the film Outlaws & Angels. It made it's debut last night at the midnight showing of the Sundance Film Festival. Listen in to hear …

Talking about "Carol" with Christine Vachon

January 20th, 2016


This week's Kodakery episode is a discussion with Christine Vachon, producer of the movie Carol. Christine is an award winning producer and co-owner …

VSW: Discussion about film, preservation and education

January 12th, 2016


Rochester, NY, arguably the image capital of the world, is home to the Visual Studies Workshop (VSW) group. Tara and Gordon Nelson sit down with us in the studio to talk about what VSW is doing for artists and the …

CES Day 3: CES Recap and more on the new Super 8 Camera

January 9th, 2016


CES day 3 has commenced. Joining us in the Kodakery is Kodak's Alyson and Matt. We discuss Friday's award happenings, the rest of Kodak's booths products and just a little bit more virtual reality nerd chat.

CES Day 2: The design behind the new Super 8 Camera

January 8th, 2016


We sit down together in the booth and discuss Kodak's second day at CES and what we all saw and experienced.

CES Day 1: The Analogue Renaissance and Why Super 8?

January 7th, 2016


We sit down and discuss how day one went at CES from within the booth.

CES: Launching the new Super 8 Camera!

January 6th, 2016


Join us for a quick chat about the excitement leading up to CES and the new Super 8 camera from Kodak.

Part II - The Making of "The Hateful 8"

January 5th, 2016


In part two of our Hateful Eight episode we talk about the challenges of resurrecting 70mm film projection in theaters across the country. Boston …

Part I - The Making of "The Hateful 8"

December 24th, 2015


It's rare that a single artist can motivate an industry to rally behind a project or artistic vision. In the case of Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful …

Tacita Dean

December 22nd, 2015


Renowned artist Tacita Dean has earned countless awards, accolades and admirers across the globe through her art –and now she’s here to tell us all …

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