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Approaching Logistics from a Blockchain Software Perspective


Episode description

Here’s a different perspective on the shipping and logistics industry. 

Shipping and logistics is a hard and antiquated business. Paper, physical document transfers via courier, photocopies, phone calls. From what a number of people in the industry have said, the industry just moved towards email in the last few years.

Needless to say it’s a slow moving industry, much like those massive Ocean Freighters that cross the world.

This makes it ripe for opportunity from a variety of different angles. If you haven’t seen the episode with Smart Containers - you should take a listen - as they’re approaching the exact same industry, but from a completely different angle. The hardware side of things.

What Cargo Coin is looking to do - is tackle the hard document components first. They’ve come at things from a software perspective - aiming to solve document transfers, tracking, checkpoints and more - all via the blockchain.

Join me Cahill (sounds like K-hill) as I chat with Bogomil Alexandrov, Founder and CEO of CargoCoin.

In Part 1 of the Interview we cover the standard questions - although Bogomil dives in and directly answers a couple of my questions for Part 2.

We cover:

- why the shipping industry is ripe for software disruption

- the most challenging part about tackling an antiquated industry

- how and why blockchain based software needs to be broken up to be adopted here

- how the shipping industry will progress with different solutions available

- why Bogomil and his partner are taking charge in this industry

- and much much more…

In Part 2 of the Interview I dive a little deeper. Owning my own eCommerce companies, dealing with the logistics industry, and having read the white paper - I wanted to know more. We cover:

- shipping areas they’re directly targeting to start and why you can’t target the entire world to start

- partnerships in more depth (like IBM)

- why the LOC (Letter of Credit) is so critical in the logistics industry - and why they’re looking to remove it with a blockchain solution first

- how they plan to overcome potential outside influence

- the development schedule (and why you won’t find anything on github just yet)

- when the initial launch is coming

- and much more…

Hope you enjoy the interview! 


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Cahill (sounds like K-hill) is an advisor, investor, entrepreneur and author. He is the founder of Byte Media Group, a strategic marketing agency focused on helping blockchain & tech companies with branding, marketing strategy & PR.


He has worked with venture and angel backed startups, ICO’s, blockchain companies, and Fortune 500 companies alike. With entrepreneurial experience coming from launching his own temporary staffing agency, eCommerce companies (that have been featured on Tim Ferriss’ site), launching Toronto Men’s Fashion Week, and more – he brings interesting insight and experience to the podcast.


His insights and reports have been published in dozens of media outlets: News BTC, Coin Journal, Startup Nation and Huffington Post to name a few.


He aims to help give potential investors additional insight into the ICO’s they’re considering investing in on The Know Your ICO Show, and showcase the wide range of projects on the market.

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