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Two childhood friends get together to dissect, mutilate, dismember & butcher all of your favorite and NOT so favorite cult and horror movies. Every week Joe and Sean will visit horror or cult films from the past, present, and future with their own unique comedic style.

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THS #262: Jennifer's Body

September 21st, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

Another highly requested movie this week for our back-to-school spectacular. We tackle the high school Succubus movie Jennifer's …

THS #261: Black Roses

September 14th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

Are you ready to mildly and very gently ROCK?! I SAID... You get the picture. This week we're talking about Black Roses a movie that decided to not draw inspiration from any actual metal groups from …

THS #260: Jennifer (1978)

September 7th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads, 

Good luck trying to find this bad boy. Jennifer is a 1978 clone of Carrie but instead of telekinetic abilities, she can... CONTROL SNAKES... also telekinetically. Enjoy!

THS #259: I Know What You Did Last Summer

August 31st, 2021


Hello Horror Heads, 

We finally did it. We finally figured out why Ryan Phillippe's clothes are so humongous in this movie.

THS #258: The Hill Have Eyes Part 2 (1985)

August 24th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

Slight audible! We had to bale on the Legend of Boggy Creek and instead went with desert summer vibe to round out august with The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, which is shockingly written and directed by …

THS #257: Anaconda

August 17th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

The summer vibes continue which means another creature movie. This week it's 1997's Anaconda. Eric Stoltz is a main character …

THS #256: Aquanoids

August 3rd, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

We tried to do an all remote episode with Paul which turns out about as great as you'd expect. I'm sorry in advance. But we do …

THS #255: Piranha 2 (1981)

July 27th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

James Cameron made a horror movie about flying piranha and we are HERE FOR IT. We also talk about our favorite commercial jingles. Enjoy! 

THS #254: Piranha (1978)

July 20th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

We're going swimming this week with Piranha from 1978. It's not bad but it doesn't make a lot of sense... so we both loved it.

THS #253: Mosquito

July 13th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads!

The first part of our summer spectacular is underway and we kick it off with an epic B Movie, Mosquito! 

THS #252: It's the 4th of July so finally... Uncle Sam

July 6th, 2021


Helllllllo horror heads! This week we are finally doing the highly requested Uncle Sam to celebrate the 4th of July. We also grade every movie ever …

THS #251: DvM The Final Round! - Tough to Kill vs. Strike Commando

June 22nd, 2021


Hello whatever heads watch these fucking piece of shit. 

It's finally the end of D'Amato vs Mattei and we will crown a winner no matter what. Who has earned the top spot of... whatever it is this was all about.

THS #250: DvM Round 5 - Endgame vs. Robowar

June 15th, 2021


Hello horror heads! 

Round 5 is here and it's do or die for Mattei. This week we venture out of horror to see these two take their best stab at true action flicks. Who you got coming out on top? 

THS #249: DvM Round 4 - Zombie 3 vs. Beyond The Darkness

June 8th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

We have some controversy in the match this week. Who will come out on top? Mattei? D'Amato? Fulci?! Tune in to find out who …

THS #248: DvM Round 3 - Killing Birds (Zombi 5?) vs. Rats

June 1st, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

Ring the damn bell! D'Amato is up 2 rounds on Mattei going into this week. Will Mattei come out swinging with Rats or will Killing Birds lock D'Amato up as the GOAT. The GOAT of what? I don't know …

THS #247: DvM Round 2 - Antropophagus vs. Hell of the Living Dead

May 25th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

Sorry for the delay but we are back and ready for round two of the battle no one asked for. D'Amato vs. Mattei continues with Video Nasty week when we see Antropophagus step into the ring with Hell …

THS #246: DvM Round 1 - Absurd vs. Shocking Dark

May 11th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads, 

Get ready for the start of a knockout dragout match between two heavyweights. For the next five weeks we will be pitting Joe D'Amato against Bruno Mattei. Originally we thought this was to find out …

THS #245: Head of the Family

May 4th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

The video game thing broke us. So instead of continuing that mess we tried watching Head of the Family. On paper, the greatest movie ever. On film, the worst. Enjoy! 

THS #244: Super Mario Bros. Live Show!

April 27th, 2021


Hello Goomba Heads! 

This weekend we had our live show that was at best chaotic. What came out of it was this episode. Hope you enjoy it and we will never try to do two movies in a single night ever again. 

THS #243: Boog's Bloody Birthday

April 20th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

It's the Boog's birthday and this year we celebrate with the surprisingly great Bloody Birthday from 1981. Nothing beats killer kids and these are the most killingest of kids. 

THS #242: Mortal Kombat(s)

April 13th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads!

This week we're diving into the horror adjacent, video game, fighting movies Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. There are monsters, blood, and terrible CGI. All the makings of a TRUE …

THS #241: Let's Celebrate Easter With the Worlds Biggest Egg Hunt in Godzilla (1998)

April 6th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

We're celebrating the Easter season and Godzilla vs. Kong season by talking about the infamous American Godzilla remake from 1998. It has eggs... That's all. 

The Hangover Show - Episode 1

March 30th, 2021


Hello Hangover Heads, 

After a 5 hour live show, we are shot. But not shot enough to do a new feature that we call The Hangover Show. Enjoy! 

THS #240: Rawhead Rex Was His Aramaic Name

March 23rd, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

We are backkkk and we are traveling to the land of our forefathers, Ireland, to talk about Rawhead Rex. Written by Clive Barker and intended to be about a 9 foot tall walking penis, Rawhead …

THS #239: The Muck of the Irish

March 16th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads, 

It's the day before St. Patrick's Day so what better way to celebrate than with one of the all-time best St Patty's themed movies EVER. Muck. Oh, you haven't heard of Muck? It's the second movie in …

Update from The Horror Show!

March 9th, 2021


Sorry guys no new episode again this week but we will be back for sure next week. Peace and love, peace and love. 

THS #238: The Guns P.O.D.C.A.S.T.

February 23rd, 2021


Hello Horror (and Action) Heads! 

This week we go back to the action well for a minute to check a movie called Guns by the legendary (?) Andy …

THS #237: A Valentine For Our Valentines (That would be you guys)

February 16th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

Well it isn't the Boz that's for sure. But we do get that guy that played Bones playing some bozo. It's the least mysterious mystery, the least slashery slasher, and the least diverse cast maybe …

THS #236: The BozFest Episode - Stone Cold (1991)

February 9th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

This week we take a little break from horror to celebrate the Super Bowl by watching a movie starring ex-NFLer Brian Bosworth. We fucking love this movie and we don't even finish the first 3 minutes …

THS #235: Patreon Bonus - Star Wars Holiday Special

February 2nd, 2021


Hey Horror Heads,

We're taking the week off. But as to not leave you empty handed you all get to hear the Patreon bonus episode on the Star Wars …

THS #234: Parents

January 26th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads and welcome back! 

This week we finally found the movie that breaks our new run streak and the problem is... it's just not that bad... but also not so great. We talk a lot about Randy Quaid and a …

THS #233: Xtro

January 19th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! I think this is an episode about Xtro? We don't really discuss it until about 20 minutes in but I swear at some point we talk about this bizarre alien movie. Enjoy!

THS #232: Project Metalbeast

January 12th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! 

This week we look at the infamous 1995 action/horror movie Project Metalbeast. There is no action or horror in this movie, however, if you want to see people talk and discuss the ethical/moral …

THS #231: He's Castle Freak-ay (2020)

January 5th, 2021


Hello Horror Heads! We're going back to the castle well with the Castle Freak reboot from 2020. Does the new Castle Freak have a butthole? Will Sweat …

THS #230: End of Days

December 29th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads!

Fresh off our virtual live show for December we're hungover as hell, a fitting way to celebrate the week of New Years. Equally fitting is the movie End of Days where the end times is set to begin at …

THS #229: Dial Code Santa

December 22nd, 2020


Hello Horror Heads. Happy holidays and a soon to be Merry Christmas. We literally never mention Christmas once in this Christmas episode but …

THS #228: Better Watch Out

December 15th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads. We did it. We tried to do a modern movie that's actually good. We did Better Watch Out, the Christmas home invasion movie that Joe and I have both loved. So if you want to hear us try and figure out …

THS #227: Black Christmas (2006)

December 8th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads! We're back on our bullshit in a movie hand crafted for The Horror Show. This week we talk about the FIRST attempt at remaking …

THS #226: Grave Misdemeanors aka Night Life

December 1st, 2020


Hello Horror Heads, 

We chose Grave Misdemeanors this week because it sounded like a zany and fun zomb-com. It's none of those things. As a matter of fact, I don't even know what its two titles have to do with anything …

THS #225: Blood Rage

November 24th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads! We are celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday with a Thanksgiving-themed movie... I think? There's a lot of talk about …

THS #224: Trovember Returns! - Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.

November 17th, 2020


Hello Troma Heads and welcome back to Trovember! This week we have a little better luck with our movie selection when we watch Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D. This movie is infamous but I'm not sure if it's because it goes …

THS #223: Trovember Returns! - Rabid Grannies

November 10th, 2020


I didn't think I'd see the day but here we are celebrating Trovember again. We're kicking it off with Rabid Grannies. A movie with the greatest title, plot summary, and cover art ever, yet manages to deliver on none of …

THS #222: Halloween (2018)

November 3rd, 2020


Hello Horror Heads, 

We tackle a newer movie but one that has been requested as much, if not more, then many of the classics. This week we are talking about Blumhouse's attempt to give Halloween a soft reboot. It goes …

THS #221: Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever - Halloweentown

October 27th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads, 

We're back with our annual and maybe final Disney Halloween movie. Halloweentown. Much like the movie I have nothing more to say. Happy Halloween! Enjoy!

THS #220: Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever - Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

October 20th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads! 

We're back with a movie we are both insanely excited to talk about. Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. The main take away …

THS #219: Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever - Burnt Offerings

October 13th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads, 

Well, this one was a disaster. Sean's sick, the movie is slow as hell, and Joe's hungover from our watch-along party. We are talking about Burnt Offerings from 1976, a movie where nothing happens …

THS #218: Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever - Blood Diner

October 6th, 2020


Hellooooo Horror Heads, 

It's October so time for our Halloween Extravaganza or Whatever. This week we are discussing the INSANE Blood Diner from …

THS #217: Rad is So Bad It's... Rad?

September 29th, 2020


Hello Thrasher Heads! 

We have another tubular episode of The Horror Show and this week is the 1986 BMX biking classic Rad! 

THS #216: Our First Non-Horror Episode is Thrashin' (1986)

September 22nd, 2020


Hello Horror and Skateboard Heads, 

This is our first (maybe?) non-horror episode. We look at the cult skater movie Thrashin' from 1986 starring a …

THS #215: It's Pinocchio's Revenge Time Because We Hate Ourselves and You

September 15th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads! 

Thanks for sticking around during this awful month. We watched Pinocchio's Revenge. Which has a puppet (that's not Pinocchio) …

THS #214: Witchboard 2: The Devils BOREway, Ammiright?!

September 8th, 2020


Hey everyone we are back an with more (different) technical issues so that's cool. Hopefully, we'll figure them out sometime soon. This week we …

THS #213: Witchboard - It's Witch Trap But Less... Trapping?

September 1st, 2020


Hello Horror Heads! 

The quality of this episode is super weird and I am super sorry. Some equipment issues have happened the last couple of weeks but maybe someday they will get around to fixing them. 

While Sean and …

THS #212: WAP (Witch Ass Podcast) - The Witchtrap Episode.

August 25th, 2020


Hello Horror Heads! This week we are discussing the "box office blockbuster" Witchtrap from 1989. There are no witches, there is a trap, and there's YUCKS galore. Enjoy!

THS #211: The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

August 18th, 2020



We are back for good and this week we are discussing 1996's Island of Dr. Moreau, we probably discuss the insanity that occurred behind the scenes more but who cares it's all incredible. …

THS #210: Q

April 2nd, 2019


Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading our last episode ever... maybe? Who knows. We're talking about Larry Cohen's Q. 

THS #209: Leprechaun Returns

March 19th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads. We decided to celebrate St Patrick's Day and watch the SyFy original, semi-reboot, Leprechaun Returns. This was a stupid decision but here we are. So... enjoy... I gues.

THS #208: Brain Damage

March 12th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads. We're back to horror movies this week and we are watching Frank Henenlotter's 1988 masterpiece Brain Damage. It's about an alien dick leach. It's something else. 

THS #207: A Very Special THS - Lords Of Chaos

March 5th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads and welcome to a brand new episode unrelated to horror at all! This week we're talking about Lords of Chaos a biopic about the Norwegian Black Metal band Mayhem. It has enough gore to be considered a …

THS #206: The Happening is So Bad

February 26th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. Joe is back! So Sean treated him to a welcome back present with The Happening. It's bad... so bad.

THS #205: Disturbing Behavior - A Two Hour Show on a Movie We Hate

February 19th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading again. It's Rachel's last week and boy do we go out with a doozy. We watch the teen horror flick Disturbing Behavior and it somehow takes us 2 hours to work through this …

THS #204: A Very Vinky Valentine's Episode - Are You Afraid of the Dark Double Feature!

February 12th, 2019


Sean and Rachel are celebrating Valentine's Day together with Dr. Vink with a VUH VUH VUH. For the second episode of our Are You Afraid of the Dark double feature, we are looking at the special two-part episode The Tale …

THS #203: Are You Afraid of the Dark Double Feature!

February 5th, 2019


This week Rachel returns and we are watching two episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark! Rachel Chose The Tale of Laughing in the Dark staring Zeebo the Clown and The Tale of the Dangerous Soup staring Dr. Vink! 

Rachel …

THS #202: Maximum Overdrive

January 29th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads and Thank you for downloading. Rachel is back and ready to disect the Stephen King DIRECTED Maximum Overdrive. I'm drunk, Rachels …

THS #201: Hatchet

January 22nd, 2019


Hello Horror Heads and sorry for the missing week! Joe is officially on new Dad duty although the new one isn't here yet he's busy prepping and thinks like that. Meanwhile I'm here watching Hatchet with my best buddy …

THS #200: Troll 2

January 8th, 2019


Hello Horror Heads! We went 199 episodes without having to watch Troll 2... 

THS #199: New Years Evil

January 1st, 2019


Hello Horror Heads, we're keeping up with themes and watching a New Years Eve movie for New Years day. Pretty unique and neat right. Deal with it. It's New Years Evil! 

THS #198: It's Christmas So... Elves

December 25th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! It's Christmas and we decided to watch Elves which despite all it's advertising is BARELY a Christmas movie. Enjoy!

THS #197: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation

December 18th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! We were so excited after loving Part 5 of Silent Night, Deadly Night we decided to finish the series by watching the fourth installment. It is terrible. But Clint Howard …

THS #196: Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker

December 11th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading another thrilling episode of The Horror Show. This week's movie is Silent Night, Deadly Night 5. Starring a man who boycotted the first Silent Night, Deadly Night. It's …

THS #195: Neon Maniacs - A Story About a Movie With No Story

December 4th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! We are back and the sound is back and it's great. What's not great is this giant piece of shit we watched. It's called Neon Maniacs and I'd argue it's not a real movie. Enjoy.

THS #194.5: James and Sean Tide You Over Til Next Week

November 28th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! No Joe this week due to Thanksgiving and him being sick so I bring on James to chat for a minute about a bunch of horror related events! 

THS #194: The Midnight Hour

November 20th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! This week we talk about the made for tv movie The Midnight Hour from 1985. It's almost as bad as the quality of Joe's  recording this episode. Almost.

THS #193: Silent Rage

November 13th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! If you love horror you've tuned into the wrong episode. Chuck Norris fights a guy and makes a ton of love in Silent Rage. 

THS #192: It's the week after Halloween so.... Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

November 6th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and welcome back! We've almost got the sound completely fixed for our remote setup and then it started raining deal with it. This week we talk about the sixth installment to Halloween, Halloween: The …

THS #191: The Annual Disney Halloween Episode IV - The Phantom of the Megaplex

October 30th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads!  We do it every year so this year is no exception, we take a look back at a Disney Halloween movie to celebrate the season. This year it's the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Phantom of the …

THS #190: Cursed is a Bad Movie

October 23rd, 2018


Hello horror heads! This week we are taking a look at Cursed! The Wes Craven werewolf flick from 2005 where a werewolf flips someone off. 

THS #189: Silver Bullet and an Interview with Linnea Quigley

October 16th, 2018


Sean and Joe are back to normal as they discuss the 1985 Stephen King werewolf flick Silver Bullet! But before they discuss the movie Linnea Quigley …

THS #188: Live at Salem Horror Fest

October 9th, 2018


This week Sean and Joe are back together to discuss Tremors and My Bloody Valentine live at the Salem Horror Fest!

THS #187: Sean talks to a 5 Year Old about Halloween

October 2nd, 2018


With Joe preoccupied with life Sean turns to his Son James to discuss Halloween and a variety of other topics. 

THS #186: Manos The Hands of Fate Live in Orlando!

September 25th, 2018


Live from the Falcon Bar in Orlando, Florida we cover the movie we probably should have done first, Manos The Hands of Fate!

THS #185: Ghost House (1988)

September 18th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads. This week we dive into the world of strange italian rip off cinema with Ghost House which in Italy is the Evil Dead 3. Fun fact, …

THS #184: Killjoy - A Joyless Movie

September 11th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads this week we finally watch Killjoy, a movie that has evaded us for some time. I wish it stayed that way. A demonic clown …

THS #183: Iced - The Most Absurd Movie Ever Made

September 4th, 2018


Horror Heads, sometimes there comes a movie so fucking terrible you have to share it with everyone you've ever met. That movie is Iced. 

THS #181: Dolly Dearest

August 21st, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! Well, we're back on that bullshit again this week. After talking about a beloved franchise and then a solid movie in Motel Hell …

THS #180: Motel Hell

August 14th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads this week we are talking about an extremely requested movie. MOTEL HELL! The weird horror comedy about eating people and planting them? 

THS #179: Serial Killer IV - Black Me Out

August 7th, 2018


Horror Heads it is finally here. The end of the Friday the 13th Serial Killer series. This week we will look at Jason X, Freddy vs Jason and Friday the 13th Reboot from 2009. 

THS #178: Serial Killer III - Changes

July 31st, 2018


Hello Horror Heads. We are on the penultimate installment of Serial Killer. This week we look at Friday the 13th Part VII The New Blood, Part VIII …

THS #177: Serial Killer II - Character Assassination

July 24th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and welcome back to Serial Killer - The Friday The 13th Franchise. This week we are on Part II of our show which focuses on Part 4: The Final Chapter, Part 5: A New Beginning, and Part 6: Jason Lives. 

THS #176: Serial Killer I - Friday the 13th

July 13th, 2018


Hello horror heads! Serial Killer is back. This week we discuss the first 3 movies of the Friday the 13th series. 

THS #175: Lake Placid

July 10th, 2018


What do Airbud, The Hooneymooners, Most Valuable Primate, and Jim Varney have in common? Nothing except that we talk about all of them extensively instead of discussing Lake Placid. Enjoy!

THS #174: The Faculty

July 3rd, 2018


I can't really call this 90's Sucked anymore because we've liked literally every movie we've done. So here's The Faculty.

THS #173.5: No Episode Due To Lack Of Hustle (And Lots of Hennessy)

June 26th, 2018


Hey everyone no new episode this week but a BIG announcement! 

THS #173: 90's Sucked - Demon Knight

June 19th, 2018


Well we're on week two of 90's  Sucked. Which means another good movie because we have no sense. We look at Tales From the Crypt's first movie Demon Knight which we've discussed a lot but never covered. Enjoy! 

THS #172: 90's Sucked - There's Nothing out There

June 12th, 2018


Kicking off 90's sucked month with a movie from the 90's that most definitely didn't suck and completely defeating the purpose of the entire 4 weeks worth of programing was a terrible idea. This week we're watching the …

THS #170: BoreCore II - An Episode about Alone in the Dark

June 5th, 2018


BoreCore II: As Boring As They Want to Be. This week Sean and Joe proclaim a King of BoreCore, who is the Cock and Ball Torture of horror movies and much more. Enjoy! 

This episode of The Horror Show is brought to you …

THS #170: BoreCore - An Episode about Death Spa

May 29th, 2018


This week we're watching a movie so absurd it must be good right? RIGHT? HOW CAN YOU SCREW UP A MOVIE CALLED DEATH SPA?! Well they did and of course we watched it because we have no brains.

THS #169: Todd's Plan - The Candyman

May 22nd, 2018


She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly"
I only love my hook and my momma, I'm sorry

This week we talk about a possible five-star movie which I'm not entirely sure we've done before. Candyman is finally …

THS #168: Guess Who's Bats, Bats Again.

May 15th, 2018


Joe is Bats... I mean back. For a brand new episode breaking down the movie Bats that should have and looks like it was made in 1992 but was actually …

THS #167: The Sea Sawyers in Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre

May 8th, 2018


Paul and Sean are back before Joe''s return this week. They are watching Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre also known as Harpoon Whale Watching …

THS #166: A Very Special Episode of THS (oh and Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyon)

May 1st, 2018


This week Sean is joined by Paul while Joe is in Chicago. This begins with a very special episode discussing Paul's recent medical emergency. They …

THS #165: Killdozer!

April 24th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! We're back with another thrilling hour and sixteen minute movie. This time a TV movie that aired on ABC in the 70's so... put that together. It's called Killdozer! And despite the amazing name, not a …

THS #164: Microwave Massacre, Maybe the Worst Movie Ever

April 17th, 2018


This week Joe and Sean take a look at the 80's horror (it's not) comedy (it's not) classic (it's not). Is it good? It's not.

THS #163: The Solo Sean Show 5 - The Dream Child

April 10th, 2018


Hey everyone, due to some circumstances out of our control we had to can our normal episode for another Solo Sean episode! Catch ya back next week! 

THS #162: The Stuff Shall Set You Free

April 3rd, 2018


This episode of The Horror Show is brought you by HelloFresh! For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, visit and enter promo code HorrorShow30!

Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading as …

THS #161: The House on Sorority Row

March 27th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you as always for downloading another episode of The Horror Show. This week we're taking a look at The House on Sorority Row and King Diamond.

THS #160: Basket Case 2

March 20th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading another super amazing episode of The Horror Show. This week we discuss another disgusting little mutant blob with Basket Case 2.

THS #159: TerrorVision

March 13th, 2018


Welcome back Horror Heads and thank you as always for downloading and supporting the show. The next two weeks Joe and Sean look at disgusting blob humanoids when they watch TerrorVision and Basket Case 2. TerrorVision …

THS #158: Return of the Living Dead Part II

March 6th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. We've covered Return of the Living Dead in one of our previous episodes and loved it. So OF COURSE we need to do the sequel, surely it will build on the amazing …

THS #157: Society, Society, You Show Us No Mercy

February 27th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads. This week we take a look at a movie LONG overdue for the show, Society. You know that gif you see on horror twitter every week …

THS #156: Dreamcatcher

February 20th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week Joe and Sean take a look at another often requested movie, Dreamcatcher. Stephen King's movie about aliens that transform into other aliens to make humans feel …

THS #155: X-Ray

February 13th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. To celebrate Valentine's Day Sean and Joe take a look at the 1981 slasher that doesn't have much to do with Valentine's Day, X-Ray! 

THS #154: 976-Evil 2

February 6th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads! Finishing off the 976-Evil series is the ultimate bad movie, 976-Evil 2: The Astral Factor. It has less to do with phones and …

THS #153: 976-Evil

January 30th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you so much for downloading. This week we find the underdog of horror movie in 976-Evil! A movie so bad that Sean and Joe can't help but love. 

THS #152: Ravenous - The Non-Wendigo Wendigo Movie

January 23rd, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week we take a look at the insanely popular non-wendigo, wendigo movie RAVENOUS! 

THS #151: Detention

January 16th, 2018


Hello Horror Heads and thank you again for downloading. This week we look at the frantic, fast paced, teen time-traveling, horror comedy DETENTION. If that description doesn't make sense to you well... then it's fitting …

THS #150: Cellar Dweller

January 9th, 2018


This week Sean and Joe discuss a tale as old as time when they look at the movie Cellar Dweller. A story of are students fighting and then monsters …

THS #149: Saw

January 2nd, 2018


Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading! This week Sean and Joe take a look at the iconic film that started the even more massive franchise. SAW. 


THS #148: It's The Day After Christmas So.... Gremlins

December 26th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Thanks for downloading, this week to celebrate the holidays we decided to watch Gremlins! Nothing says Christmas like shoving a …

THS #147: Death Bed: The Bed That Eats Is A Real Movie That We Watched

December 19th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thank you as always for downloading. This week we find the PERFECT Horror Show movie when we sit down to discuss Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. 

THS #146: Holy Cow! House of Wax Is A Good Movie!

December 12th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thanks for downloading. This week Joe and Sean talk about the very overlooked "House of Wax" remake from 2005 staring none other than Paris Hilton! It sounds like a nightmare but we promise... …

THS #145: Final Exam

December 5th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Thank you for downloading The Horror Show! This week we're almost back to normal as we discuss the 1981 "slasher" Final Exam! 

THS #144: Idle Hands Live in Chicago!

November 28th, 2017


For our final act in Chicago we bust out the most famous 1999 American stoner black comedy body horror film directed by Rodman Flender EVER! This …

THS #143: Wishmaster Live in Chicago!

November 21st, 2017


Sean and Joe travel to the windy city of Chicago to discuss the incredibly bad WISHMASTER flick from 1997. 

THS #142: Re-Animator

November 14th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! We're back and actually watching a good movie! This week we talk about the 80's zombie classic RE-ANIMATOR! 

THS #141: Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County

November 7th, 2017


Helllllo Horror Heads! Thank you for downloading. This week we're finally looking at a "HORROR RELATED EVENT!" Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County is a made for TV movie that came out in 1998. It has a fascinating …

THS #140: It's Halloween so... Boo! A Madea Halloween

October 31st, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Thank you all so much for coming back for some more Horror Show. Well this week we watched what we thought would be a Halloween …

THS #139: The Annual Disney Halloween Episode III - Bride of Boogedy

October 24th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! And we back... and we back and we back and we back and we... are back together again. Joe is back on this weeks episode of The Horror Show to cover our annual Disney Halloween movie, this year we are …

THS #138: Salem Horror Fest Live Show! Plus interview with Kevin Lynch

October 17th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week is the final week without Joe. You get to listen to the Live show from the Salem Horror …

THS #137: Paul Returns for Psycho Cop Returns

October 10th, 2017


Hellllllo Horror Heads and thank you as always for downloading. Joe is still MIA but I brought in fan favorite PAUL to talk about the bizarre flick Psycho Cop Returns! 

THS #136: Solo Sean Show - The Final Chapter

October 3rd, 2017


While Joe tends to his new baby Sean takes the reigns for viewer mail in another Solo Sean Show. It's awkward and bad but I love you.

THS #135: The Mutilator

September 26th, 2017


Welcome back Horror Heads. This week we take a look at the 80's slasher that loves sitcom music, breaking the rules of horror, and the most insane …

THS #134: Ghoulies II is NOT the Best Ghoulies Movie

September 19th, 2017


Hello  Horror Heads and welcome back! This week we finally learn if Ghoulies II is the good Ghoulies movie we were hoping for or if it's just... a …

THS #133: Don't Breathe

September 12th, 2017


Horror Heads, Joe and Sean are on a dangerous and exciting adventure into the year 2016 as they look at a recent movie that actually received a theatrical release. This week they discuss Don't Breathe! 

THS #132: Plan 9 from Outer Space

September 5th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week we are talking about a movie that most people probably just assumed we already covered. Plan 9 from Outer Space. Our first Ed Wood movie and also our first Tor …

THS #131: Contamination (1980)

August 29th, 2017


Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading as always. This week Sean and Joe find a hidden gem that slowly turns to dust when the watch the 1980's Italian/West German alien egg classic, Contamination! They also …

THS #130: The Abominable Dr. Phibes

August 22nd, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Thank you all for downloading... AGAIN. This week is an interesting episode. It's just Joe and I again, but we weren't even sure …

THS #129: The Nightmare That is Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

August 15th, 2017


Hello horror heads! We are back for a brand new episode and this time we bring along TWO friends. As Paul and Mike join the show to discuss the 80's …

THS #128: Dawn of the Dead (1978)

August 8th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! We're doing Dawn of the Dead this week. There's not much else to say about it. That's it. Make sure to stay tuned after the end …

THS #127: When Corey Taylor Tells You To Watch Trick Or Treat You Watch Trick Or Treat

August 1st, 2017


Helllllllo  Horror heads. A super special episode this week as we bring Corey Taylor onto the show and discuss HIS favorite and not so favorite horror movies. After that we watch his favorite bad movie Trick or Treat …

THS #126: Bad Taste

July 25th, 2017


Welcome back Horror Heads. Thank you so much for joining us again. This week we have another THS certified CLASSIC. Bad Taste. Peter Jackson's first attempt at a feature film is exactly what Joe and Sean were looking …

THS #125: Street Trash or Frodo Trashbaggins the Tire Shire

July 18th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Welcome back again. We lose Paul but the Summer of Splatter rolls on with Street Trash. I don't know if we've EVER loved a movie …

THS #124: Tourist Trap

July 11th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Summer of Splatter is back with Tourist Trap. A movie a lot of our of fans love and a lot also hate. The good news is we barely …

THS #24.5: The Decision (or announcement... whatever)

July 6th, 2017


Just a quick mini episode for you all. This week Sean tries to do his best Lebron Jame's impression when the guys reveal our huge announcement. Starting this September The Horror Show will be joining the Fangoria …

THS #123: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

July 4th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and welcome back! This week we start our Summer of Splatter (or whatever) by taking a look at the ridiculously titled Sorority …

THS #122: Lumberjack Man

June 27th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! This week we travel to uhhhh I don't know where. Somewhere that Lumberjacks live I guess to discuss Lumberjack Man! It's a comedy …

THS #121: Ghost Ship? More Like... Eh Forget It

June 20th, 2017


Welcome back Horror Heads. This week we take a 40 year tour and check out 2002's Ghost Ship. A movie people... LOVE?! Yes, yes they do. We don't... but people do. This movie is more confusion then ghost but join us as …

THS #120: Wizard of Gore (2007)

June 13th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Even if you haven't seen the original Wizard of Gore from the 70's, you've probably heard the title before. Well there was a …

THS #119: Night of the Creeps A.K.A. Slugs Redux

June 6th, 2017


Hey Horror Heads, sorry to bother you. I know you're still re-cooperating from S.I.C.K. but I've got some really great news, this week's movie is a really great, genuinely enjoyable movie from 1986 called Night of the …

THS #118: Let's Get Sick Over S.I.C.K. - Serial Insane Clown Killer

May 30th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! We've watched some bad movies in the last two and half years but we have found a new contender for the WORST. S.I.C.K. is the name of the movie... or is it Serial Insane Clown Killer. I don't …

THS #117: Ain't No Party Like A Murder Party

May 23rd, 2017


Welcome back Horror Heads. This week we are diving into a more recent movie as we discuss the 2007 independent low-budget flick Murder Party. Murder Party is a pretty good movie, which means we don't have much to say, …

THS #116: Monstervision Week - The Fly

May 16th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week we wrap up our Monstervision tributes with the Cronenberg classic remake The Fly and of course wrap it up with our Drive-In Totals game! Thank you all SO much …

THS #115: Monstervision Week - Waxwork

May 9th, 2017


Welcome back Horror Heads! We're celebrating our love for the classic TV show Monstervision again this year with couple of movies. This week we watch …

THS #114: Intruder - A Grocery Store Tale

May 2nd, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! We're back talking about Intruder starring Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. Fun fact this movie does not STAR Bruce Campbell or Sam Raimi. We loved it anyway so hey... watch it and check out the …

THS #113: Puppet Master II

April 25th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thank you as always for downloading. This week we jump into the Full Moon Puppet Master franchise with Puppet Master II. A …

THS #112: Something Wicker This Way Comes or the Time We Watched The Wicker Man (2006)

April 18th, 2017


Hellllllo Horror Heads. This weeks episode is about the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man staring the polarizing Nicolas Cage. Theres also about 30 …

THS #111: The Return of the Living Dead

April 11th, 2017


Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading the show! This week we're hitting you with probably one of the BEST movies we have ever discussed on the show, Return of the Living Dead. Trash, Suicide, and Spider come …

THS #110: The Don't Get Fired Episode - V/H/S/2

April 4th, 2017


Hey Horror Heads, this episode we try not to get fired as we discuss the Bloody-Disgusting produced V/H/S/2. A classic series in the arena of found footage. We break this down segment by segment and provide a couple of …

THS #109: A Holiday Themed Episode Kind of on Time - April Fool's Day

March 28th, 2017


Hey Horror Heads, you may have noticed over the last 109 episodes we don't usually acknowledge holidays and when we do they're usually way to late or …

THS #108: Cloyning Around with Clown

March 21st, 2017


Hello horror heads! We are back and this time with a VERY recent movie Clown. More importantly we answer the question anyone that has seen this movie wants to knows: If the clown in the movie was replaced by Ronald …

THS #107: Trip-ception (or That Time We Watched Shrooms)

March 14th, 2017


Hey Horror Heads thank you all for coming back after another notorious Solo Sean Show. This week we are watching the 2007 classic Shrooms. Now just a …

THS #106: The Solo Sean Show 3D

March 7th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. Due to some scheduling issues we had to delay Shrooms a week. In it's place is Sean babbling for an …

THS #105: Serial Killer Episode IV - Accident Prone

February 28th, 2017


Hey Horror Heads, thank you for downloading the final episode of Serial Killer. We've covered all of the core films in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise but there are still two more outliers to discuss. Freddy vs. …

THS #104: Serial Killer Episode III - Love in War

February 21st, 2017


Thanks for downloading Horror Heads. We're nearing the end of our journey through the Nightmare On Elm Street Franchise, and this week we are closing out what we consider to be the core Freddy story. We are discussing …

THS #103: Serial Killer Episode II - Freddy Reborn (Again)

February 14th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads! Small deviation from the plans but this week we are discussing Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4 and Part 5. Next week we will be covering Freddy's Dead and we will be doing a 4th episode covering the …

THS #102: Serial Killer Episode I - The Nightmare is Born

February 7th, 2017


Welcome back Horror Heads! This week Serial Killer returns. A series that explores a specific topic or person in the world of horror by watching …

THS #101: Patreon Preview

January 31st, 2017


Hey Horror Heads! Sean and Joe are preparing for Serial Killer and had to skip this weeks episode. In it's place is Sean rambling for 10 minutes and one of our Patreon Bonus Episodes for you to get a taste of what we do …

THS #100: The Stannys II 2 - Still Stannin'

January 24th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and welcome to episode 100! Thank you all so much for supporting us for all 100 episodes. It means so much to us. This episode we wrap up The Stannys and do listener's mailbag. 

THS #99: The 2nd Annual Stanny Awards - Pt. 1

January 17th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads and welcome to the most anticipated event of the year, The Stanny Awards! We have a great show this year. We get about 3/4 through the awards in this episode and wrap them up in episode 100. The …

THS #98: The Road To The Stannys II - Electric Boogaloo

January 10th, 2017


Hello Horror Heads, in this weeks episode our heroes do literally nothing! We discuss the winners of the Letterboxd Challenge, what we've been watching and wrap it up with a critical examination of Sean's Letterboxd …

THS #97: Popcorn? More like POOPCORN! Ammiright?!

January 3rd, 2017


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Happy New Year Horror Heads! Our first episode of the new year is Popcorn from 1991. This flick ebbs and …

THS #96: The Willies... Woof

December 27th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and welcome back to The People's Court... kind of... until we forget about it. This week we continue our assault on not just our …

THS #95: Bag Head's Big Adventures - The Town That Dreaded Sundown

December 20th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads! This week we enter the People's Court and discuss The Town That Dreaded Sundown from 1976. The hosts talk about Bag Head's antics and the rest of the most boring movie EVER made. 

THS #94: Urban Legend - Goths and Eskimos and Frosted Tips, Oh My!

December 13th, 2016


Hey there Horror Heads. Winter is in the air and you know what they say, when you see frosted tips that means Jack Frost is out! This week we talk about Urban Legend from 1998 and it is SO 1998, it's so 1998 it …

THS #93: Trovember in December - Luther the Geek

December 6th, 2016


Hello again Horror Heads. Trovember returns in spirit as we return with one of our most popular recomendations, LUTHER THE GEEK. It's the story about …

THS #92: The Pit - A Guide to Canada's #1 Movie about Trog Bogs

November 29th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads! Hopefully the tryptophan is wearing off and the bruises and lacerations from fighting off Black Friday shoppers are healing. …

THS #91: A Real TURKEY of an Episode

November 22nd, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and thank you again for downloading. This week we do something a little different as we read some of the winning scripts we got in our Rob Zombie Fan Fiction script contest. We also talk about the …

THS #90: House

November 15th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week we do friend Lorena's Patreon Pick and cover the VERY under appreciated House from 1986. We discuss House as well as wrap up our most recent mailbag questions …

THS #89: Gingerdead Man 2 is NOT a Good Movie

November 8th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads! We leave Halloween behind us but that doesn't mean the nightmare is over! Up next is Gingerdead Man 2: The Passion of the Crust! Boy this was terrible but we persevere and even do a listener …

THS #88: All Trick, No Treat II – RZ’s Halloween 2

November 1st, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! Well it wasn't fun or easy but we are on the last installment of the Rob Zombie Halloween movies. This is the episode where we actually come up with the idea of Rob …

THS #87: All Trick, No Treat - Rob Zombie's Halloween

October 25th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and Happy Halloween! What better way to celebrate the holiday then watch the NOT so classic Halloween remake from 2007. Joe and …

THS #86: The Halloween Treehouse Review II!

October 18th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads! We're back again this year with another Halloween Treehouse Review. This year we are discussing The Simpsons Halloween Specials #7 and #20. We also have our interviews from Rock and Shock this past …

THS #85: The Annual Disney Episode - Mr. Boogedy

October 11th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and welcome back! First we are proud to announce that we are now part of the Podcast Network. On to the show though, this week we are doing our second annual Disney episode. We …

THS #84: The Halloween Movie Playlist and Toshiro Mifune Episode

October 4th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads! It's FINALLY October and we couldn't be more excited. We're already chugging along with our Halloween Movie Playlists and in this …

THS #83: Texas Chainsaw 3D is a WORSE movie

September 27th, 2016


Hey Horror Heads! We'll be gone 'til November, we'll be gone 'til November... well not really but this is our final Patreon Pick until November and we go out with one of the worst things we've ever seen Texas Chainsaw …

THS #82: Howling II is a Bad Movie

September 20th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads! It's been a minute but were back with another... gem. This week we are discussing Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf …

THS #81: Amityville II: The Possession

September 13th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads. The air is getting a little chillier, the days are getting shorter and what signifies the spookiest season of the year better than a movie about incest and domestic abuse... oh and I guess …

THS #80: Gothika

September 6th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and thank you once again for downloading. This week we approach more modern times as we revisit the 2003 possession movie Gothika staring Halle Berry. While we do our normal critique of this movie we …

THS #79: Maniac Cop

August 30th, 2016


Hello Horror Heads and thank you for downloading another episode of The Horror Show. This week friend and Patreon member of The Horror Show Matty D …

THS #78: The Gate

August 23rd, 2016


Thanks for downloading Horror Heads. This week we're heading up to the great white north with baby Stephen Dorff for the 80's childhood classic The Gate! This was one of our most requested episodes so we were really …

THS #77: Dr. Giggles

August 16th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week we are talking about the Larry Drake lead Dr. Giggles from 1992. What did Joe and Sean think about this gory mess? Did Dr. Giggles TICKLE the hosts or …

THS #76: Pieces

August 9th, 2016


Welcome back horror heads. This week we kick off our Patreon Picks. If you donate to our Patreon page we are giving you the opportunity to choose a movie for us to discuss on the show. Patreon member's submitted three …

THS #75: It's Summer So... The Burning

August 2nd, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads, we're a little late kicking off summer but that's where we are... SO DEAL WITH IT! This week we start celebrating summer with the hidden/not so hidden gem The Burning. The 80's summer clamp …

THS #74: Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out!

July 26th, 2016


Well Horror Heads this is it, the final nail in the coffin. We wrap up this entire Part 3 series by adding insult to injury when we watch Silent …

THS #73: Horror’s Best Worst Part 3’s - The Final Chapter

July 19th, 2016


Horror heads, I have never been more excited to end something in my whole life then our Part 3 special. This is it. The final two episodes. This week …

THS #72: Horror’s Best Worst Part 3’s - House 3/The Horror Show

July 12th, 2016


Hey Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. These are probably the longest titles in show history so I apologize. This week we discuss House 3 …

THS #71: Horror’s Best Worst Part 3’s - The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

July 5th, 2016


Thank you for downloading Horror Heads. First just a heads up that we had to do some last minute changes to our recording schedule so there are some …

THS #70: Horror’s Worst Part 3’s - Ghoulies: Ghoulies Go To College

June 28th, 2016


Welcome back horror heads and thanks for downloading. Last week we discussed the worst part 3's, but before we start talking about the best were …

THS #69: Horror's Worst Part 3's Roundtable

June 21st, 2016


Welcome back horror heads! This week long time friend of the show Paul joins us to discuss the worst part 3's in horror movies. In two weeks we will …

THS #68: Dolls IS a Good Movie

June 14th, 2016


Welcome back horror heads! We partnered Dolls up with Ghoulies expecting one to be bad and one to be good. We were suprised to find out that Dolls …

THS #67: Ghoulies is Not a Good Movie

June 7th, 2016


Thank you for downloading Horror Heads! This week we decided to watch a movie we always thought was a classic, but guess what? IT'S NOT! We watch the 1984 movie about little monsters that somehow hide in plain sight and …

THS #66: Monstervision Tribute – Phantasm II

May 31st, 2016


Thank you for downloading Horror Heads! This week we wrap up our Monstervision Tribute by discussing the Joe Bob Nair Witch Project episode of Monstervision that featured both Phantasm I and II. Just a warning while the …

THS #65: Monstervision Tribute – Night of the Lepus

May 24th, 2016


Thank you for downloading Horror Heads. Our Monstervision Tribute rolls on. This week Joe Bob introduces us the killer rabbit classic, Night of the …

THS #64: Monstervision Tribute – Ice Cream Man

May 17th, 2016


Hellllllllooooooo Horror Heads! Thank you as always for downloading. We continue our Monstervision tribute this week with Ice Cream Man staring the …

THS #63: Monstervision Tribute - It's Alive

May 10th, 2016


Hey horror heads and thank you for downloading! This week we start our tribute to Joe Bob Briggs and the show that probably had the biggest impact on Sean and Joe,  Monstervision! This week we talk about one of the …

THS #62: Guilty Pleasures – Brainscan

May 3rd, 2016


Hello horror heads and thank you for downloading! Last week wetackled one of Joe's favorite guilty pleasure horror movies andthis week we take on Sean's favorite guilty pleasure, Brainscan! Wetalk about Trickster... a …

THS #61: Guilty Pleasures - Killer Klowns from Outer Space

April 26th, 2016


Welcome back horror heads and thank you for downloading! This week and next week we are diving into our favorite guilty pleasures movie. This week we discuss Joe's favorite Killer Klowns from Outerspace. We also discuss …

THS #60: See No Evil

April 19th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! Joe and Sean celebrate Wrestlemania about 3 weeks to late and pop in the WWE Films horror movie See No Evil.  Joe also answers your mailbag questions from the …

THS #59: A Movie We Don't Hate - The Loved Ones

April 12th, 2016


Welcome back Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! Joe and Sean return to talk about a movie that didn't suck and a movie both guys actually liked! SO WEIRD! They talk about The Loved One and the various crimes of …

THS #58: The Solo Sean Show 2: Dead by Sean

April 6th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads! I caved! We were originally going to skip a week of episodes but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging. Thanks to all the listeners we were able to put together a last minute mail bag episode. …

THS #57: Uncle Rumple's Wild Road Trip... or Rumpelstiltskin

March 29th, 2016


Thanks for downloading Horror Heads. Hey, great news. WE AREN'T TALKING ABOUT LEPRECHAUN! Hey, bad news. WE'RE TALKING ABOUT RUMPELSTILTSKIN. This movie was one of Sean's favorites growing up. Can he dig deep enough to …

THS #56: Yes. We're Still Talking About Leprechaun Movies... Part 3

March 22nd, 2016


Thanks for downloading Horror Heads! We continue to fight the good fight and finally wrap up talking about the Leprechaun franchise. In this episode …

THS #55: Leprechaun Special Part 2 or uh Part 4... In Space?

March 15th, 2016


March rolls on Horror Heads! This is part two of our deep dive into EVERY. SINGLE. LEPRECHAUN. EVER. This week we discuss Leprechaun 4: In Space. …

THS #54: It's March Again So... Leprechauns... Again...

March 10th, 2016


It's March Horror Heads! Get out the green dye, break our your favorite Bing Crosby record, and put the corned beef and cabbage on, WE'RE WATCHING EVERY SINGLE LEPRECHAUN! This will actually be three episodes long, …

THS #53: He's Castle Freak-ay

March 1st, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! Joe and Sean are back this week for one of our most absurd episodes yet. We discuss Castle Freak. This episode's got everything you can want from our podcast, The Spice …

THS #52: The Sean Erin Super Emergency Show Spectacular!

February 23rd, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! We ran into an issue with our recording schedule so I decided to go ahead and release a special …

THS #51: 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Special - Chopping Mall

February 16th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! See ya later Tobe Hooper, time to honor one of our favorite ladies of horror. Every year for Valentine's Day and Women in Horror Month Joe and Sean pick a lady in horror …

THS #50: Serial Killer Episode IV – Beginning in an Ending

February 11th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! We have reached the conclusion of Tobe Hoopers career... for now. In the final installment of our Serial Killer series we discuss the final projects of Tobe's 40 year …

THS #49: Serial Killer Episode III – The 90's, Mr. Englund, and a Laundry Machine

February 2nd, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! We are nearing the end of Serial Killer as Tobe Hooper enters the 90's with little more than a fizzle. Having been "demoted" to mainly working on TV he'll get one more …

THS #48: Serial Killer Episode II – The Tobe Excess

January 28th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! Sorry for the delays due to stupid winter storm Jonas or whatever that things name was. We bring to you episode 2 of our 4 part special "Serial Killer" investigating the …

THS #47: Serial Killer Episode I - The Rise of Tobe Hooper

January 19th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! We start a really exciting four week journey that will cover the entire career of Tobe Hooper in …

THS #46: Joe’s Best of 2015

January 12th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! We dissect Joe's list in part two of our two part special. We go through Joe's list, discuss our listeners lists, and the standard banter you've grown to love(?).

THS #45: Sean's Best of 2015

January 5th, 2016


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading and welcome to 2016! Much like the 2015 we open the new year up with our favorite horror movies from 2015! Sean goes first and breaks down his top 10, the guys discuss …

THS #44: The Stannys – Part II

December 29th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! Welcome back to the first annual Stanny Awards! This award show honors all the movies and tv shows we discussed throughout the coarse of the year. This is part two and …

THS #43: The Stannys - Part I

December 22nd, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! Welcome to the first annual Stanny Awards! This award show honors all the movies and tv shows we discussed throughout the coarse of the year. This is part one of a two …

THS #42: The Road to the Stannys is Paved in Trees

December 15th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading! The guys are preparing for the Stannys but had a little time to put together a fun little episode. This week we're talking about two shorter horror events. In honor of …

THS #41: It's December So... Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

December 11th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! Sorry for the delay on this episode as you can hear Joe and Sean were a little under the weather. This week the guys discuss Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2. They …

THS #40: Wrapping Up Trovember with Poultrygeist!

December 1st, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! We celebrate the final week of Trovember by trying to wrap our heads around Poultrygeist. The …

THS #39: Happy Thankskilling!

November 24th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thank you for downloading! This week the guys take a break from Trovember programing to celebrate Thanksgiving by dissecting …

THS #38: Trovember Week 2 - Terror Firmer

November 17th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. This week Joe and Sean try their best to describe and explain one of the most amazing Troma movies ever made... TERROR FIRMER! Remember to check back next week for an …

THS #37: Happy Trovember to the Class of Nuke 'Em High!

November 11th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thank you for downloading. We officially kick off Trovember, our month long tribute to Troma, discussing the AMAZING 1986 Troma flick Class of Nuke 'Em High! Joe and Sean discuss Cretins, which …

THS #36: The Halloween Treehouse Review!

November 5th, 2015


Sorry for the long delays everyone but we are back and ready to go! This week Joe and Sean discuss The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror #5 and #19! We also discuss Trovember, our plans for December, and our Award Show that …

THS #35: It's Not a Halloween Movie, It's Not About Witches... It's Halloween III: Season of the Witch

October 27th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads and thanks for downloading. We are four days from Halloween so why not watch a spooky movie with Mike Myers... wait he's not in this? Okay okay but it says it's the "Season of the Witch", Witches …

THS #34: That Time We Reviewed Disney's Under Wraps

October 20th, 2015


Welcome Horror Heads & thanks for downloading! Week 3 of our October special programming rolls on and this week we step outside of our wheel …

THS #33: Night of the Demons

October 13th, 2015


Thank you for downloading Horror Heads! October rolls on as Sean and Joe talk about one of the most popular Halloween horror movies among listeners …

THS #32: Our Quintessential Halloween Movie Playlists

October 6th, 2015


Thank you for downloading Horror Heads and happy October! October holds a special place in all horror fans' hearts and we wanted to create a super …

THS #31: A Tale of Lloyd, Felissa, and Botulism Dogs

September 29th, 2015


Thanks for downloading horror fans! With a big October planned Joe and Sean take a week off from reviews to discuss Scare-A-Con, debut our AMAZING interviews with Lloyd Kaufman & Felissa Rose, and discuss our super …

THS #30: Peter Rottentail? Peter Rottentail.

September 22nd, 2015


Thanks for downloading horror fans! We wrap up our month long creature feature spectacular by actually sitting through Peter Rottentail and somehow …

THS #29: Son of Creature Feature Round Table

September 15th, 2015


Welcome back horror fans and thank you for downloading. This week we wrap up our Creature Feature Round Table series with a discussion on the WORST creature features and monsters we can come up with. We talk about Peter …

THS #28: Creature Feature Round Table

September 8th, 2015


Welcome horror fans and thank you for downloading! This week we invite our good friend Paul on the show as we tackle the idea of Creature Features …

THS #27: Masters of Horror – Jennifer

September 1st, 2015


Thanks for downloading The Horror Show now on the FANGORIA Podcast Network. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties recording our newest …

THS #26: Tales from the Crypt – Lower Berth

August 25th, 2015


Hello Kiddies, thank you all for downloading! This week we dive into our second ever episode of Tales from the Crypt titles Lower Berth. We're a bit tired, a bit punch drunk, and there was a cat literally jumping from …

THS #25: Essentials of Horror Part II – Joe’s List

August 11th, 2015


Thank you horror fans for downloading The Horror Show! This week we get right into Joe's 10 essential horror films that you would show to someone …

THS #24: Essentials of Horror Part I - Sean's List

July 28th, 2015


Thank you for downloading The Horror Show! We make good on our promise to analyze what movies would make our list of essential horror. The premise is …

THS #23: Frankenhooker

July 14th, 2015


Welcome back horror fans and thank you AGAIN for downloading the show. This week the guys discuss the 90's classic that looks like it was made in the 70's: FRANKENHOOKER! Is this the first movie both guys actually …

THS #22: Zombeavers? Zombeavers!

June 30th, 2015


Welcome back horror fans! This episode started out with the best of intentions to review Zombeavers and goes so far off the beaten path, but hey! It's fun! We talk Zombeavers, Thankskilling (a lot), campiness, and …

THS #21: A Very 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' Special

June 16th, 2015


Thank you Horror fans for downloading! This week is going to be awesome! We finally make due on our threat to give Are You Afraid of the Dark a true …

THS #20: Are You Afraid of the Dark - The Ghastly Grinner

June 2nd, 2015


Thanks horror fans for downloading our show! This week the guys are discussing the classic episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark titled The Ghastly Grinner. This is a setup for our big Are You Afraid of the Dark …

THS #19: It's Mother's Day So... Mother's Day

May 12th, 2015


Hello everyone! This episode was recorded 3 days before Mother's Day and released 2 days after Mother's Day so why not call it a Mother's Day …

THS #18: Favorite Anthology Pt. 3 – The Best of the Rest... Maybe...

April 28th, 2015


Our final installment of our Horror Anthology Series. Joe and Sean discuss some of the horror anthologies they remember fondly... unfortunately it …

THS #17: Favorite Anthology Pt. 2 – Creepshow

April 21st, 2015


The second part of our three part epic podcast event about horror anthologies! This week we do our second favorite horror movie anthology, Creepshow! …

THS #16: Favorite Anthology Pt. 1 - Trick 'R Treat

April 14th, 2015


This is part one of a three part series revolving around Horror Movie Anthologies. This week we discuss Sean's favorite, Trick 'R Treat. The guys …

THS #15: The Passion of the Krites: Critters 2

April 7th, 2015


Happy Easter! To celebrate we talk about a true Easter classic... CRITTERS 2: The Main Course! Things get a little heated as Sean tries to make sense of this movie. They also discuss intentionally bad movies versus …

THS #14: Examining Eli Roth

March 31st, 2015


Thank you all for downloading! This week the guys dive into the career of Eli Roth. What were his best movies? Was he a better producer or director? What did we love and what did we hate? We go in depth into all the …

THS #13: Profondo Rossa (Deep Red)

March 24th, 2015


The guys discuss Profondo Rossa aka Deep Red in the US and fear the reprocusions for not fully loving the Argento classic. They also discuss other …

THS #12: WolfCop

March 17th, 2015


This week Joe and Sean discuss the newly released horror comedy, WolfCop! The guys talk about this underground favorite as well as answer some …

THS #11: Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

March 10th, 2015


Joe and Sean celebrate Friday the 13th by of course watching one of the best Friday the 13th's ever made, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter! The guys also talk about Crispin Glover's onset behavior, Corey Feldman, the …

THS #10: It's March So... Leprechaun!

March 3rd, 2015


Happy March! What horror movie podcast could go through March without acknowledging the classic Leprechaun?! Joe and Sean dive into a childhood cult …

THS #9: Boot or Reboot: Maniac

February 24th, 2015


Thanks for downloading The Horror Show! This week Sean & Joe look at the original (1980) and the reboot (2012) of Maniac. They try to pinpoint which one was better and why. Have an idea for the show? Find us on …

THS #8: Valentine's Day Special!

February 17th, 2015


Sean and Joe are ready to give out their horror movie Valentine and the lucky lady is... JAMIE LEE CURTIS! She never did show up to the show so Joe and Sean discuss Jamie Lee's career and all the horror movies she acted …

THS #7: The Gore Score Proposal

February 10th, 2015


Welcome back and thank you for downloading The Horror Show! This week we discuss the concept of a universal horror movie scoring system we like to call The Gore Score. We also get WAY off topic talking about some of our …

THS #6: It's Snowing So... Jack Frost

February 3rd, 2015


Thanks for downloading! This week Joe and Sean were snowed in so of course they have to discuss Jack Frost. They also talk about Sean's most …

THS #5: Of Tremors and Graboids

January 27th, 2015


Sean and Joe dive in and celebrate Tremors on it's 25th (YES 25 FRIGGIN' YEARS) anniversary. Along the way the guys talk about Rob Zombie, Joe's most anticipates horror movies of 2015, and come up with a great concept …

THS #4: The Solo Sean Show

January 20th, 2015


Welcome back! Unfortunately Joe could not make it to this weeks taping so Sean just recorded a short episode by myself. It doesn't contain all the …

THS #3: Top Horror Movies of 2014

January 13th, 2015


Thank you all so much for downloading the show! This week Sean and Joe breakdown their favorite movies of 2014, play the "Guess the Rating Game", and talk about 90's basketball players in horror? Sure, why not. 

Thank …

THS #2: The Tao of Horror

January 3rd, 2015


Joe and Sean discuss the subjectivity of horror, their favorite remakes, being a "Stan", and some classic Video Store stories. 

Happy New Year everyone! We can't thank you enough for supporting us and here's to an …

THS #1: Tales from the Crypt - And All Through The House

December 29th, 2014


Welcome and thank you for giving our show a shot! This is our very first episode and we are exstatic to bring you our brand of humor overlayed over our favorite genre of anything... HORROR! 

In keeping with the …

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