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17: Terry Funk and Troubles with Brutus the Barber Beefcake with Danny Duggan


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We’re coming at you this week with a two-for-one Christmas Eve Genius Cast special with interviews with “Hotshot” Danny Duggan and one of the greatest wrestlers to ever don a pair of tights, Terry Funk!

You may have heard about the recent debacle Danny Duggan had where he called out Brutus the Barber Beefcake last month for being unprofessional and skipping dates on the CWE tour up in Canada. This was all over the wrestling news sites and it prompted a hefty response from Beefcake himself. We’re excited to have Danny on our show where he talks openly about what happened in detail. A lot of dirt is dished and you don't want to miss this portion of the show!

In our conversation with Terry Funk, he updates us on how he is feeling, who he believes is really behind the booking of WWE (it's not who you think), which prominent McMahon is involved in MMA, memories of his feud with Lanny where he stripped him naked in front of a crowd and tried to make him wrestle a woman, the Poffo/Funk family connection, and so much more!

Also discussed in this week’s episode:
- Where in the world is Lanny?
- Why in the world did Lanny travel from warm Florida to the arctic tundra of Nova Scotia, Canada last weekend?
- Turning loss into a positive this Christmas
- Lanny's memories of visiting Germany
- Thoughts on whether or not Miss Elizabeth's will go into the WWE Hall of Fame
- Lanny's dream opponent
- Now that the WWE has the performance center, would Lanny consider coaching? And if Randy were still with us, would he have coached?
- Was Hulk Hogan and Randy really trying to work things out near the end of his life? Or was Hogan seeking attention?
- Memories of Phil Golden's All Star Wrestling in Paducah, Kentucky
- Did Angelo and Judy Poffo have family connections in Kentucky leading them to bring the family there in the 1970s?
- Randy's relationship with the Ultimate Warrior
- Favorite memories of Scott Steiner
- How the money worked back in the earlier days of WWF: How did Lanny decide what to save and what to spend?
- The over-the-top-rope "Leaping" Lanny Botch against Jake Roberts at Madison Square Garden in 1987
...and more!

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