15: Science of the Mind: Training our Brains For Better Physical Performance

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Today is part 2 in our mini series on longevity, aging and wisdom. It’s the continuation of my conversation with Dave Leffmann, physical therapist, soon to be published author, and good friend and mountain playmate - today - we talk about our mind - the fastest and most adaptable tissue in the body - our nervous system and how our thoughts and outlook on life, scientifically translate to our physical abilities.


We have the power to use our mind to do better not just mentally, but physically and it’s interesting because for many, the mind is likely the most overlooked piece of gear we own.


I don’t want to get morbid on you, but often we fail to appreciate the important things in our lives until after they are gone. Dave and I have this conversation through the lens of a loved one(s) with terminal illnesses living out their last days to the fullest, and the positive outcomes from that, the work that it has led him to do. Hopefully we all walk away from this promising ourselves to focus more on our nervous system and to live our own lives more optimistically and fully.



Links and Resources

Joan Borysenko - psychoneuroimmunology 


Where to find Dave:

Dave isn’t really an online kind of guy. He’s an outside, offline one. Having said that, here his YouTube channel and information about his upcoming book:


Caregiving 101 YouTube Channel


Book will be coming out this fall via Summertime Publications and called: Caregiving 101: A Practical Guide to Caring for a Loved One

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