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38: Meredith Terranova on Eating Smarter for Better Performance

April 12th, 2018

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My favorite subject, food! is on the docket for today.


The last time I did a big race which for me is 25k trail mountain run, I posted on instagram (are you following me on instagram by the way?) a photo of my favorite recovery meal - Hammer Nutrition Recoverite drink, strawberry flavored, and cheddar cheese flavored Kettle Chips. Today, we’ll learn why that’s not such an awesome idea, in case you thought it was. Meredith is a sports nutritionist and an ultra athlete, in fact she competes in the Ultra Man in November - essentially a three day double ironman. Day 1 is a 10k swim and 91 mile bike, day 2 is 170 mile bike and day 3 is a double marathon. That’s over 52 miles of running on the last day.


She has a lot of great advice for those of us aspiring to improve performance or simply feel better. Time management for training is a big one. She shares her system that she and her husband have found work well for them. It’s like having a baby and you need to divvy up the chores. Lastly, she walks us through an approach to finding what works for you - throw those fad diets out the door - and how to think about nutrition during different phases of your training.


With that, let’s listen in and gear up for what’s next



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