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45: René Unser on Trail Running, Pushing Through Suffering and Achieving “Elephant Moments”

June 1st, 2018

Episode description

I have a rerun for you this week but we have lots of new listeners since this episode ran originally last year so I think it won’t feel like a rerun to most of you. This was one of the most popular episodes from last summer: Rene Unser, trail runner, coach and founder of Pace Sport Fitness, race director of a fantastically challenging but fun series of Canadian trail races - whose mission is to motivate others to be better runners. 

Sometimes we get pulled into trying something. But we suck at the beginning. we equate sucking with hating the thing. We may give up. Or, we push on because as I said, we are pulled by any number of reasons. In Rene’s example, it might be an encounter with an elephant in Thailand. You’ll have to listen on to know for sure. 

And if you do, you’ll learn more than how she came to be an awesome coach and race director, but also her philosophy on training and some tips for keeping all the body parts in working order. 

Professional trail runner and coach, Rene Unser shares with us her training philosophy and habits and tips she incorporates into her every day life as it relates to rest, recovery, and hydration. Along the way, she shares some pretty moving stories and experiences.


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