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51: Lindsey Richter: Mountain Biking is Life

July 12th, 2018

Episode description

Lindsey Richter is the director of inspiration (and co-creator) of Liv Ladies Allride, Her company is a by-product of a very difficult time in her own life after she was on Season 3 of Survivor. If nothing else, this episode will give you a new perspective on reality shows. Basically, Survivor creates a recipe to bring out the worst in people. That’s how they get the drama, and the eyeballs. Well, it caused a great deal of angst for Lindsey but of course, she turned that around for the better. 

The way you handle the stresses of mountain biking (or, even any outdoor adventure now that I think of it) translates to how you handle the stresses of life. Today, it’s going to get a little emotional and a little personal. The day I did this interview, I personally was having a difficult day and she helped turn that around pretty fast. We talk about low self-esteem, depression, and divorce.

Now, she wants to teach women to mountain bike so they can get better at life too.


With that, let’s listen in and gear up for what’s next. 



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