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37: Liam Fitzgerald on getting up Little Cottonwood Canyon Road Safely

April 5th, 2018

Episode description

Liam Fitzgerald’s former job sets the bar for stressful job.  He was the lead avalanche forecaster for the Utah Department of Transportation (and the Little Cottonwood Canyon Highway - you know, the road that leads up to Alta and Snowbird). Every day, he decides whether it’s safe enough for the public to drive up the highway.   

Curious what it’s like to do that job? What goes into keeping us safe as we drive highways through mountains without giving it a second thought? Then listen on because I’m excited to have Liam with us today. You’ll find articles on Liam in New York TimesPowder Magazine, puts him in the category of iconic figures who defined skiing.

He has a fascinating life story how he sort of happened into this industry, and kept getting jobs he wasn’t qualified for but worked himself into it. (not the UDOT job, don’t worry.)


Hope you have fun listening to the many stories.

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