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19: Boosting Creativity and Trail Running in France

August 17th, 2017

Episode description

Research by Adam Galinsky, a professor at Columbia Business School, found that immersing yourself in a country outside your own can prompt mental change, including increased creativity.


Creativity is related to neural pathways and influenced by daily life, including your habits or surroundings, The Atlantic reports. Experiencing new things can create new connections in the mind.” - Thrive Global, How Travel Can Get You Out of a Creative Rut


It turns out the travel bug is good for you in so many ways and today I have no guest - it’s just me, talking about travel, specifically, international and what I’d call “immersion” travel - the kind where you get off the beaten path, beyond the quote unquote manicured for tourist experience and really get to know a place and it’s people. 


Patrick and I took a month to live in SW France. We were able to work from there on our businesses and explore the area and truly experience the region. We’ve had a lot of questions about the trip and I wanted to share some big lessons of our own, and outcomes of this kind of travel. Now, we were lucky enough to be able to take a month to do this. I’m not suggesting it has to be a long time. You could do this for a week if you wanted!


Some of the things discussed:  


  • It’s kind of a financial commitment. so how did we do it? 
  • How did we pull it off and make this trip happen? 
  • How it came together - how we spent a month in France
  • Planning vs serendipity - We discussed this idea of how stressed I was at not being able to find trails before we left on the trip: 
  • Technology and apps - What types of apps and resources did we use for our trip planning - but first: 
  • Being an american in a foreign country


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Locations mentioned

  • Tarn River Gorge
  • Town of Le Rozier
  • Kayaking in Les Vignes


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