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12: A Seemingly Fearless Mountaineer on How To Be More Brave

June 29th, 2017

Episode description

Today’s episode will change the way you think about tackling something that scares you, not just in the outdoors but also at work.

Brian Harder, a seemingly fearless mountaineer and former Exum Mountain Guide is the perfect guy to talk to about this because he does stuff I see on instagram and say NFW. Scaling rock, climbing chutes, skiing in the No Fall Zone… so how does he deal with fear? Does he even feel fear?


Whether it’s an outdoor pursuit or our own professional pursuits, i think you’ll find this thought provoking. We discuss exposure to risk, uncertainty, how different people view risk and reward, (like him and I), and the best way to  not only get better at something, but to increase your threshold for fear.

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