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34: Brian Harder on Training Principles for Your Next Big Leap

March 15th, 2018

Episode description

I invited my friend Brian Harder back to the show to share his training advice he had for me in preparing for that 7-day backcountry ski trip I told you about in last week’s episode. Along the way we also talked about what happens when you suddenly find yourself on a career track and you wonder what else there is in life. (So, maybe you ditch it for a different lifestyle, one that makes you happier even though it might mean you have to live in a car.)

You’ll also learn about skimo racing - ski mountaineer racing. Maybe it’s time for a new sport for you? If nothing else, it could become an Olympic sport and I think it will be fascinating to watch.

Brian is a board-certified physician assistant working mainly in orthopaedics. He has a B.S. in exercise science and completed a year of graduate work before going to PA school. He is basically, a geek about all things exercise related and has competed in bicycle racing and skimo racing. He’s climbed and skied all over the old and is a former Exum climbing guide - he’s guided in the Tetons, Alaska, Himalaya, and South America. 


Listen on and let’s gear up for what’s next. 


Training principles:

  • How to get in shape for your next big event.
  • Get in shape means, “enough to have fun, not suffer. “
  • Hours of training needed to improve your performance.


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