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43: Anne Galyean Busting Stereotypes and Taking the Path of Least Resistance

May 17th, 2018

Episode description

Not that long ago, Anne Galyean was a full-time professional mountain bike racer and a full-time scientist and she had to make a choice, like being torn between two lovers. We are going to talk about that today.  

Anne did her graduate school research at a government research lab in Maryland. “You can imagine the people. A lot of pocket protectors,” she said. Meanwhile, she was sporting tattoos and a mohawk, and people would sort part ways when she walked down the hall, like the sea dividing. She has been called a punk to which she responds, “That’s Dr Punk to you, sir.” 


That’s because Anne has a Ph.D in analytical chemistry, is a former pro mountain bike racer for Yeti Fox National Enduro Team. She won the Big Mountain Enduro Series, Scott Enduro Cup Series, and was the fastest U.S. woman at the Aspen Enduro World Series event. She is so smart, at times, I found myself not really knowing how to respond to her. You’ll notice those moments, trust me. 


We’re going to talk about breaking stereotypes and the greater impact it has on society. also

  • The importance of good teachers
  • Her tattoo of the molecular structure of adrenaline


With that, let’s listen in and gear up for whats next. 


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