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41: Eric Grace on Solving The World’s Problems with Access to Nature

May 3rd, 2018

Episode description

In 2003, when I was in ski resort marketing, the snow reporters and I made a video called Powder for Peace. We had just invaded Iraq and we made a short movie where we took Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il and George Bush, along with Henry Kissinger out skiing. We showed them how awesome it is to ski powder and they loved it so much, they all became friends and the war came to an end.

So maybe Eric Grace is on to something here with his approach to land conservation. He and his team at Kaniksu Land Trust are developing innovative programming that has much broader impact to the entire population because land conservation, to be successfully implemented, must be relevant to a majority.

Eric is a good friend of mine and also the Executive Director of the Kaniksu Land Trust.

He’s going to share with us what a land trust is, what it does and how it benefits the public. He’ll discuss how access to the outdoors can be a huge solution to many societal issues and how we must do this work to leave a legacy for generations to come. You know, we take these things for granted right now - that we have access to land - that’s not guaranteed for future generations if land trusts and people like Eric Grace aren’t working to guarantee it.


Resources Mentioned:

Land Trust Alliance

Kaniksu Land Trust

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