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47: What To Pack For Summer Camping

June 14th, 2018

Episode description

I have one more rerun this week and return to original interviews next week starting with Brian Harder on ACL injuries; turning suffering into growth with Christian Little, and some insight into making outdoor adventure films from filmmaker Hilary Oliver so stick with me! But first - today, since, for many of us, summer is just beginning, I want to make sure you have what you need in your backpack.

If you are type A, you are going to love the way Jeff Thompson plans his summer camping trips. 

Jeff is director at Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center,  - he’s been on this show a few times. He is a husband and a dad to a five year old girl. We’ll talk about packing lists, and lists of lists, and refining those lists. He’ll share with us what he carries in his backpack and we even talk about how to get kids stoked to love the outdoors.


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Nalgene Drink Tube and Bite Valve


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Idaho Panhandle Avalanche Center

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